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Better Conditioning

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I didn't know where to post this (still new here) and I was afraid to threadjack someone else's conditioning post...


I've been doing the Rebel Strength barbell weight training routine and am switching over to a hybrid of level 2 and SL5x5, however I wanted to also better improve my conditioning.  I'm not attempting to bulk up at all so I'm not too worried about but I was worried that my possible warm up conditioning would effect my strength workouts...


I planned on starting and ending my workouts with:

1 Minute Jump Rope

20 KBS @ 30lbs

20 24in box jumps

20 Burpees

400M Row


Does this seem like way too much before attempting to lift "heavy"?


I'll be attempting it tomorrow so I'll better be able to judge, but wanted whatever input



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I prefer to do any significant conditioning after my strength training. I warm-up, but it's mainly about getting my heart rate up a bit, warming up my muscles and moving through all my working motions without much weight. Then before each lift I do a few warm-up sets at increasing weights, focusing on form and range of motion. After I lift, I do my conditioning, which may range from 5-20 minutes. This general format fits with the crossfit workouts I do on other days. Some people prefer to separate out conditioning and strength into separate days. If I go too hard in warm-up (I've had to learn this the hard way), my lifting suffers.


But hey- try it and see. I don't know what sort of shape you're in so what you wrote out might be enough to exhaust you or it might be a true warm-up. Run through it and then try a few sets and see how they feel. Don't like it? Flip it around and see how that works. Still don't like it? Split them into separate days if possible.

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Yeah, like Vintage said, I'd do most of that afterward so it doesn't hurt your lifts. I would however pick 1 or two to use as a warm up beforehand, depending on what the day's workout is. For squat and bench day, KB swings and burpees would be great.


I know a lot of the elite guys do conditioning in the off days in the form of sprints and sled pulls for 10-20 minutes. I haven't tried this myself any time recently.

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So I tried it out this morning.  I wasn't completely gassed my the end of it to the point were it effected my lifts.  But had it not been a reset week, I could see how it might.  I might play around with it a little more to see what works and what doesnt.  I'll likely just do two or three rounds of it on an off day though to incorporate better conditioning into my program.



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