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WEEK 5 CHALLENGE: You tired? Just go ahead and lay down a spell...


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And now that I have your attention:



We did some wrestler's stuff. Then we did some striker's stuff. Now it's time to go back to wrasslin'.


Learning to sprawl is not just a fighting technique. If you're training alone, it's an awesome conditioner. You bring your hips all the way down to the ground before you spring back up and get back on your feet.


Now, I'm posting this really late at night, so we'll have a little less time to get this done than I would like. To tell you the truth, I almost think of this as a burpee, of sorts, or like an applied squat-thrust.


I think 500 is a nice, round number to shoot for. Totally doable. Obviously, if you want to do more, do more. If not, that's okay too. The goal is to be up and moving with good form.


Any questions, feel free to post 'em here. Otherwise, let's get to work.

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Would there be any difference between a sprawl and a burpee, for the purposes of this challenge? Couldn't quite tell what you were envisaging from your description, but seems similar enough that I can do burpees (including the pushup, and maybe jumps until I get too tired) I presume?


Hehe, this one's gonna get the heart going, I'm looking forward to it.

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Combine a burpee with a jumping jack: arms in tight to simulate grabbing your opponent, legs way out to provide the most stable frame possible. 

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There was aggression on both sides. 

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Sorry I was late to the party for this one so I won't be in, but I did forward the video to one of my junior instructors so that he can consider adding it to our training once classes start up next week.

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