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Thanks Ash.  Happy New Year to you as well!   I went AWOL, yes.  I was traveling and then just the holidays and whatnot got caught up in some family fun.  I have definitely not been eating well the past several days and especially yesterday I drank quite a bit of alcohol.  Tomorrow I go back to work and my gym opens again and I plan to be fully on the bandwagon again.  All in all I haven't gone super crazy eating crap all day every day.  My calories have been over a bit, mostly from alcohol.  More updates soon.

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Just sooooooo glad to see you back my friend! :D


Looking forward to taking down another challenge together!


Now, I am going to vibe Brigade leader for a minute......uh hum.......


Get busy mister! I expect to see some awesomeness happening!!  :tyrannosaurus:  ;) 


:triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant:

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Thanks Swamps!  Happy New Year to you too!


Back on track today.


Gym max reps(sets):

Squat 225 3(1) 215 5(1) 4(1), really surprised I needed to go down so much after my break in the action.  My knees were caving so I thought the lower weight was appropriate.

Wide-grip pull-ups 5(3) a bit of kipping in here, wide-grip is tougher than I thought, I think I will start alternating my pull-ups now between narrow and wide grips

OHP 100 5(3) a little push press on the last set so will stay. 

BB Bi-curls 75 5(3) a little back arch on the last set so will stay.


Yesterday my calories were back down, but missed on my protein a bit as I had two cocktails.  I am definitely back on the one cocktail a day limit now.  2,037 calories (over by 37), fat under, protein 148 (under 45).


My weight has ticked up a few pounds because of my bad behavior of late.  Today I returned to work and to the gym and to my routine.  I hope to start of this next challenge right back on track.  I still have some reflecting to do on my goals.  I know my workout routine and my macros will be two of my goals, not sure on the third goal or the life goal yet though.  Maybe sleep? Water?  Mediation time?  Not sure yet.  


Monday is groggy, but back on her game.

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[cross post]


I am super DOMS-y today after having been out of the gym for a week and a half.  Biceps especially, which is strange for me.

Yesterday's macros were good, 2,212 calories, 55 fat, 189 pro.


Read to kids, was in bed at new curfew, read, and was asleep on time.  I still feel I have a bit of deficit from New Year's and whatnot, so didn't run today, I will do it on Sunday.


Friday is so pretty-I love her.  Not trying to gloat or anything, but it is 71 today, super amazing!

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Sounds like a successful day (well, DOMS are usually good, means you have muscles that can be sore... ;) )!


But I *am* a little jealous of those 71 (if you're talking about outside temperature in Fahrenheit, that is).


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