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Having trouble getting enough fat into my diet

Knight Solaire

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Hey guys I've been on and off primal for about 3 months and am ready for the full commitment but the problem I have is getting enough fat. I have a bacon omelette every morning which is my fattiest meal of the day but after that I just can't seem to get enough ! Lunch is usually chicken breast w/ lettuce onions and peppers and an apple or orange and dinner is cooked by my mum(I still live at home) and varies wildly but whenever she cooks mince she drains the fat, if we have steak I cut the fat off because I don't like the taste or texture and if we have chicken well that's already lean ! We occasionally have fish, maybe once a week but I'm just not a big fat lover ! I hate butter unless its on toast(which I can't have now lol) and I hate cheese.many other suggestions ? And I'd really rather not having to do shots of olive oil or spoonfuls of coconut oil lol

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Switch your lunch time chicken to thighs instead of breast

Make your own salad dressing(/ 1/3 cup vinegar to 1/2 c. olive oil is the ratio I use) and be generous with it on your salad, or dip chicken in it

add fat to your lunch: avocadoes,nuts,chopped egg, olives

for dinner; put a bit of butter or olive oil or coconut oil on your veggies and meat if it is lean, or have a handful of nuts



Side note: One day when you are on your own and have the money, buy grassfed meat and eat the fat. Fat on grassfed meat is so delicious. It is tender  and so nommers. I know you aren't there now, just telling you so that you know to try fat one day, because grass fed is a whole different story.

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I use greek yogurt in a lot, mixed with tuna (along with lemon juice and mustard and onion and celery) to get a great suitable lunch. I also know people sub avacado for or in addition to things. I'm not huge on avacado, got sick off of guac once, but it works too. Greek yogurt everywhere I can is still my favorite.


Also there are usually nuts in my purse, I nom on lots of nuts, especially since I can snack on them whenever, no prep needed. Sorry I don't have more suggestions.

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Hey guys I'm a difficult man to please I don't like coconut flavour or avacodo the two most popular suggestions lol I suppose some avacodo in an omelette or salad would taste too bad though, I don't really use salad "dressing" but I could put some olive oil on there and I like the suggestion about switching from breasts to thighs :) I actually tracked my food macros and kcals today and I wasn't as far off on fat as I thought so hopefully with you guys' suggestions I can bring it up :) thanks for all the suggestions and keep em coming for anyone else who might search the same thing and come across this thread :)

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