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because we're not in fourth grade anymore

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Greetings, fellow travelers!


I joined this site because:

a) I am a flabby desk warrior who wants to get fit

B) gyms freak me out

c) I have accepted my need for accountability


As the person who, in third grade, lost our class' baseball game because I was on third base and everyone was screaming "GO HOOOME! GO HOOOME!" and I WALKED OFF THE FIELD, because my family was so nerdy I didn't know the basics of baseball...this is a big deal. I've been picked last for every team, come in last when we had to run a mile for the President's Physical Fitness test, and had dodgeballs aimed at my head. Also won prizes for reading the most books ever over the summer.


But that was all a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away.


And now it's time to change some stuff. No one is going to get me fit besides myself. No one cares more about it than I do.


A fellow nerd and I are going to our first Zumba class tonight. We hear it will be fun. We expect to want to die as well as to have a lot of fun. Further adventures as I have them. Looking forward to the next Challenge!



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Yep, your status isn't determined by how good you are at sports anymore.  Eventually your status will be because you survived long enough to be old.

I have conditions that affect my social awareness.  If I am rude, tell me what I could do better.

5'8" & 220 260 pounds | Miles Walked: X

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