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Just how bad is this bump on the head anyway?

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So, I know that this is no replacement for heading (heh) to the doctor, and as soon as my schedule frees up, I'm going to, but I figure I can get some thoughts in the meantime.

Last weekend, I was doing some work on my car under the dash. I sat up too quickly and banged my head into the E-brake. I hit right square in my temple.

Since then, I've had a slight headache that just kind of comes and goes.

Granted there are plenty of other reasons why I'm having a headache. For instance, the school year just started, so my sleep schedule and coffee intake are a little out of whack (though recently, I've been getting around 7 or 8 hours). I also have to work with a room full of teenagers. As you can imagine, things get a little stressful.

So, is this fairly urgent? I don't even think I hit it that hard, though it hurt like all get out at the time and I had a pretty bad headache the rest of the day.

No other neurological symptoms as far as I can tell.

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