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End of Challenge! Rebels, Report!

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And so comes an end to this challenge.


How did you do?


Please grade yourself on a scale of A-F for each goal, as well as give yourself an overall goal challenge.  BE HONEST.


Post a full summary in your thread, as well as a summary here.



Now, if you successfully completed 3 weeks of the challenge, but dropped out after that, you can award yourself a Level Up to Level 1, and can assign yourself 10 starting stat points (distributed to describe your character's current situation)


If you completed the entire challenge, you can get one point for each goal completed, as well as another level up to level 2.


(Remember, the Real life role playing is optional! the most important thing is that you grade yourself honestly on your goals!)


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My Epic quest was to remove excess baggage (literally and figuratively) and that I have accomplished by losing 15 lbs over this 6 weeks and by becoming stronger physically and mentally.


My 3 sub goals were:


1- To learn to distinguish actual hunger and need to eat from eating for others reasons (emotional, fatigue, ect.). And I have done that. So on that I have earned an A.


2- Second was to start a lifting program and I did this by doing the BBWW 3 days a week. I can also award myself an A for this as ALL workouts were completed for the whole 6 weeks!


3- And third was to make a conscious effort to cut excess sugar from my diet. Only allowing a once a week treat. This too I have earned an honest A.


So all in all I completely and successfully fulfilled the goals I set for myself, and earned a A on this challenge!


Whoo Hooo!! :triumphant:


Further summary is on my thread here:




This challenge has taught and given me so much more than the goals I set. And I have found a place of support that is far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed it would be. Thank you. :redface:

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This is a copy and paste from my thread. I'm sorry if that was the wrong thing to do. Anyway.


Well I guess this is it. Challenge is over today. I don't know if I succeeded at it though. I don't like that I have to decide this for myself. I mean, part of my main quest is to follow through with things in my life. To write lists and follow through. And I would say I did well following through. But I don't know how well. Here's what I mean.

1. Follow a 6 week program leading to accomplishing 100 push-ups in a row. Final Grade: D (45). So for the first 4 weeks I followed the App I had. But I really felt like I wasn't making very significant improvements. The program consists of 3 'workouts' a week. The workouts consist of 5 sets of pushups with breaks of 30sec-1:30 in between each set. To get an idea of the number of reps, the last workout I did was 23/28/23/23/33+. They obviously started much lower, but this was the last one I did. I figured this was a pretty good strategy that would build both strength and muscle endurance. But when it came time for the endurance test at the end of week 4, I could only eek out a measly 35 pushups. This frustrated me to no end. I felt that surely, having followed the program so closely I had to be at least halfway. Not. Even. Close. So I was bitter. I stopped following the program. I figured I would just randomly do whatever I could as a max whenever I had a free minute. And so for the last two weeks I have been doing as many pushups as I can at randoms times. And unfortunately, the highest I have made it so far is 45. Now that being said, I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I feel like a made an actual significant improvement. And I stuck with it (kind of). The 100 pushup challenge is still on my 30x30 list so I will continue to try to nail this one down. I am wondering if it is just something that needs more time? Any advice?

2. Follow an 8-week Couch to 5k program. Final Grade: A (No missed runs...sorta) I'm giving myself an A on this one. I destroyed this goal. I ran regularly and while I did miss 3 runs, I more than made up for them with some pretty intense hiking. My wife and I went backcountry camping on two separate weekends. The first we covered around 32km in 2 days and the second weekend we went on two separate over night hikes, the first being 22km over two days and the second being 15km with an elevation gain of around 1300m over 6km, which for those of you who those number don't mean anything too, means it was steep as hell. Being that the running goal comes from a desire to improve endurance as well as lose my beer belly, I would say those count. Furthermore, I was originally trying to follow an 8 week 5km plan. While I did follow the number of runs, after the first 3 weeks I really started to deviate from the program. I ran my first consecutive 5km on my first run of week 5. I managed to do it in a respectable 28:43. I skipped the other 2 runs of week 5 in favour of our hiking weekend (which I would post pictures of if I could figure out how to do it on this site). During this final week, I've run 3 5km runs. My best time was 26:20. I want to get it under 25, but all in all I'm incredibly happy with how this goal went. Part of my 30x30 list is to run OR hike a cumulative 500km in the year since my 29th. I've logged just over 200km so far and have about 170 days left. That means I only need to run OR hike around 1.75km a day everyday to reach this. Or do 60 more 5km runs. I'm going to try for 10km by the end of next Challenge.

3. Yoga 2x per week. Final Grade: B(10-11 sessions). I did it all from home. Always in front of my tv. It always felt like I may be doing something wrong. But it did feel good. And I do feel more flexible. Doing this one has inspired me to learn more about Yoga. Or to get better at it. It's pretty crazy how your body actually feels longer. I really think I need to go to some classes though. This is one I am going to try to get my wife in on with me. I figure I will be less worried about feeling awkward if I go with her.

Not that I wrote anything official about it being a goal, but I did manage to confidently cross 2 more things off my 30x30 list; go for 2 or more overnight hikes, and make an excellent pulled pork on my BBQ.

I know I'm supposed to be the judge of whether to call this a success or not, but what do you think? If this were you would it be a pass? Or am I back to the first time challengers again next round?

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Thank you stro! :redface:


MHO, I think what you accomplished was definitely a success. You didn't fail and you accomplished your goals! Awesome work!


And fully plan to continue on this path, lol! :playful:

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(also copy and pasted from my thread)

BBWW               Exceeds Expectations (A)
3 X 30min          Exceeds Expectations (A)
Crisps               Dreadful                        (Fail)
Life: Nieces      Outstanding                  (A+)
Therefore this challenge has been successful :D
3 X 30min Walk STA +1
Crisps CON 0 (Fail)
Reconstructed goals when needed WIS +1
Succesful completion of challenge CHA +1
# Clocked 3 circuits of BBWW in the last week - Yesss!!!
# Lost 1-2 inches all over, an overall of 9 inches wooohooo!
# Met some really supportive people who have genuinely really helped me through my challenge.
# Have learned alot about myself
* Hypo stuff almost messed up my challenge due to energy levels, brain fog & other symptoms
* I put weight on: 9 lbs / 4kg
This challenge has had some big high's and lows for me, but mostly its been a learning curve. I now know physically what I'm capable of and how to improve on it but more important than any of that is that I have learnt that I need to eat more in general, drink more water, and to eat protein. 
Putting weight on really hurt especially after all my efforts in this challenge but overall, I'm happy with my progress because I know that this challenge has taught me how to do the next one better. 
I'm trying to continue with the workout habits of BBWW & YOGA once a week, WALKING minimum of 3miles everyday, and use my ROWING machine 3 x a week, but not focusing on fitness too much until I've built a solid foundation in Nutrition and Mental Health.
For now, I'm working on eating more, and sorting my Hypo stuff out. Been feeling alot more energised but waiting for blood test to confirm levels are going in the right direction.

Can't wait for my next challenge! :D

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Short term Goals.


1) Maintain food intake at 2,500 Kcal per day + / - 200kcal using a modified Paleo diet.  I will also consume over 180g of protein per day.  Caloric consumption will be restricted in time but I am hungry enough right now.

The rules:  Carbs in the form of a cup of oats in the morning.  Carbs also are allowed pre workout and milk / whey protein is allowed post workout.  Aside from this, strictly meat, veggies, and one small serving of fruits and / or nuts is allowed per day. 

A I nailed all my food goals and I actually had to raise my calories to to keep from losing weight too fast.  I even set PRs on Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, and Barbell Rows.  I became a little more loose on my diet later on adding more refeeds, cheat meals, and some nuts / fruits, but this was necessary to fulfill the 'bullseye' part of my challenge, which involves controlling the rate of fat loss to avoid catabolizing lean bodymass.  

2) Exercise (Weightlift) regularly.  I'll say 3 times per week schedule permitting but usually I get 4 - 5 sessions a week.  This is not a problem.


A This was not a problem.


3) Track measurements weekly and take photos monthly.  For the purpose of the contest I'll take a 'before' and 'after' photo although I do not expect a drastic result.  More on this later.

A Result was not drastic but more dramatic than I expected.  I'm going to keep pushing into this goal in the next challenge.

4) Aim to lose approx 1lb of bodyfat per week.  
Since this is difficult to determine, my goal will be to lose 1 inch off of my waist each month.  I will measure my waist at the beginning of the contest and expect that it will have shrunk a full 1 1/2 inches by the end.  Since I have already shifted my diet, I should have dropped most of my water by the start date.  

The main villian in this quest is Mr Negative.   

Mr Negative likes to criticize me.  He likes to tell me what I am doing is not working and is not good enough.  There is really two possible outcomes from his nefarious schemes.  

i.  I don't bother trying in the first place.  

ii. I put all my time and energy into one thing to prove him wrong and I end up burning out because what I am doing is not sustainable.  All the while, he tells me that I'm accomplishing nothing and that all my efforts will be for nothing anyway.  This time I have a sure strategy to defeat him.

A Slow and steady wins the race.  Recording food, workout logs, and taking pictures really helped keep me motivated.  Visit my challenge thread for the details.  http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/33587-the-tortoise-wins-the-race/

My approach:

1) Create small measurable goals.  I am going to have easily achievable fat loss goals that I can keep on track with long term.  This will ensure that I do not burn out prematurely. 

I still feel fresh and motivated to keep going.  I am going to take a 1 week partial layoff to recover from my lifting, and then I'll decide how to proceed for the next challenge.


2) Record progress so there is a record of it.

Done.  My challenge thread has all the details.


3) Take photographs that I can feed to Mr Negative to keep him quiet.

Done.  Maybe people can see the shirtless ones someday.

4) I am going to adopt the philosophy of target practice, not a javelin toss.  Most people would think 1lb of fat loss is insignificant, 2 is ok, 3 is better, 4 is awesome, 5 is amazing.  If I lose 30lbs in six weeks, that would make me a champion, right?  Hold on, I am not trying to shock my body here.  If I lose more than 1 - 2 lbs of fat per week, I will raise my calories to compensate.  The purpose of this challenge is to maintain slow and steady progress long term which will help solidify healthy habits and put an end to the blerch forever.  http://theoatmeal.com/comics/running

In this case, the purpose of my program is to nail my targets.  The closer I am to the measurements I want, the better my performance is.   

This was psychologically tough to do at first since I never really felt hungry and I didn't have that massive water drop I usually get.  With the carb cycling my water was all over the place so I ended up looking bloated one day and very dry the next.  But, my workouts were almost all great with tonnes of energy and the progress has been slow and steady.  When I had reached my waist size goal, I upped the calories to maintain that and focused on lifting hard to build lean bodymass as well as remove fat.   I pretty much nailed the bullseye and I feel better for it, not grouchy and depleted.  I'll be good for months to come if I continue like this. 

Overall, adjusting nutrition based on how I feel each week has been the best.  Trying to stick to one nutritional level over time is ineffective and doesn't give the results I want.  I usually cut into my calories too much which results in premature burnout.

5)  I won't add in ample physical activity above and beyond what I am currently doing.  I can hear people screaming already but come on, what good is something that you can't keep going long term?  Adding walks, runs, bike rides, interval sprints, etc.  It's all fine and dandy if I have some goal I want to hit but there are many things that need to be done.  Besides, my knees want me a bit lighter before I begin pounding the pavement!  I want to do what I can with what I have and let the fork do the talking.  You can't outrun your fork and I am going to put this mantra into practice.  Hopefully I can prove it!  

(I will add in cardio at some point soon but for now, the occasional walks will have to suffice)  

Ya, so I killed this.  My workouts became more intense as my enthusiasm built but I never really added a huge amount of volume or extra curricular fitness activities.  Totally pumped on this and with my kcals so high, I have plenty of room / food groups to remove once to kickstart fat loss once I plateau.

6) Getting to bed instead of playing on the internet like I am right now.  I'll try to be sleeping by 1am every night although with a young family, this is a monstrous feat to achieve.


Reasons:  1) I want to look good again.  I want to see the product of all my hard work in the gym and I can't see it if it is covered up.

B+ I got an average of about 7 1/2 hours a night of sleep which was kinda bad but pretty good.  To train this intensely, my body really needs more sleep and I got quite exhausted near the end of the challenge.


2) There is a risk of heart disease on my dad's side of the family.  I want to be healthy so that I can be a better husband and a dad, and hopefully have a chance at a longer life.  

When I beat the game:

When I have completed the main quest, my next quest will be to add more lean body mass without the fat getting out of control. (But lets not get ahead of ourselves)


Side Quest / Life Goals.
I am currently working on a really cool project for school.  Unfortunately, it is taking up a lot of time and getting in the way of me doing what I love, which is writing and practicing music.  

I want to have my research done when the challenge is finished.

B -   So much left to do =-(

This means all my transcriptions are complete  (I have 31 of them done now) and I am done reading all the sources I need to consult for the paper.  

B -  Getting there.


Bonus:  Have all relevant analysis done as well.  
F.  Haven't done any analyzing yet.

Closing thoughts / observations.  I find recording food logs and journaling about my workouts to be extremely helpful and motivating.  I also was surprised that I was able to RAISE my caloric intake instead of lowering it but by FAR the biggest surprise was hitting PRs while on a restriction!  I thought I had reached near my genetic limit for strength but this is not the case.  It has become obvious to me that I have more potential and the single most limiting factor so far is in my flexibility and by extension, my form.  Nutrition is also extremely important and helps out immensely.  I can't imagine what would happen while on a healthy calorie surplus diet.  I hate to think how much food that would be!!!  
Aside from my disappointing bonus options, my biggest limiting factor has to be how difficult it is to get the sleep I need.  I am going to attempt to restructure my days to be as efficient with my time as possible, even if that means adding naps in the afternoon for maximum rest.  

I already know what my next challenge will be.  In addition to losing a second 1 1/2 inches off of my waist, I will be focusing on flexibility in the hips, ankles, shoulders, and neck, as well as core / lower back / hip flexor / rotator cuff strength.  I will also be doing remedial work on squat and deadlift form.  This will be work that I should have probably done years ago but the only way I can achieve new PRs safely will be to work on these details first.  I fixed a terrible muscle strength imbalance in my mid back in a year and now I'm enjoying the benefits of this.  I have also mobilized my hips after 33 years of bending from the waist and wondering why my lower back would ache all the time.  This will be an extension of this journey and will help me out immensely in achieving my long term lifting goals.  In the short term, I am going to keep focusing on slowly melting off fat!


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My full detailed challenge summary is in my thread here!


This is a quick recap:


Main Quest - Build strength!

Mission One - Progress

+1 STR

Make some noticeable progress on lifts every workout AND add at least 10kg (22lbs) to each of my squat and deadlift over 6 weeks

Challenge Grade: A+

I added 10kg to my squat and 17.5kg to my deadlift. I also made progress in weight or form in every single one of my workouts.


Mission Two - Habit

+1 STA

Make it to the gym at least three times a week every week of the challenge

 Challenge Grade: A+

In every week of the challenge i worked out at least 3 times (there were a few times this needed to be done from home). I definitely created a habit of going regularly which was my intention, and in addition I sucked it up and joined a strength & Conditioning gym instead of just the commercial gym i had been going to.


Mission Two - Fuel

+1 CON

Meet protein goal of 30% at least three days per week, and take 1 pre-packed lunch to work each week

 Challenge Grade: A+

With the help of protein powder i made my 30% on at least three days every single week despite not tracking on the weekends. I a now eating much more protein then before my challenge and have reassessed calorie intakes to better suit my lifestyle.



Life Quest

+1 WIS

All Assignments handed in on time, with no extensions

 Challenge Grade: A

This was pretty straightforward, but has definitely improved on my motivation for not asking for constant extensions on my work due to sickness and work commitments. Not long to go now and I will be finished my degree!



Overall Challenge Grade : 100% (A)



  • Added decent weight to my squat, deadlift and bench
  • Had a form coaching session
  • Joined a strength & Conditioning gym
  • Lost inches off my body while maintaining weight - Lower body fat :)

I am also now considering competing in a girls only powerlifting comp at the end of the year, depending how things go over the next  few months!

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Here's a short summary of my first challenge (more details to be found in my challenge thread):


Main Quest: cleaning up eating habits, especially stop stress eating / getting rid of chocolate addiction, if possible. Also, getting stronger.


First steps: Establish a healthy (fitness) routine I can keep up.


1. Adding 1 "sugar free" day per week of the challenge, ending with 6 out of 7 days sans added sugar

2. Do body weight exercises 3x / week

3. Go to yoga class at least once a week


Side quest: Open my mind, get over past frustration and give the Feldenkrais Method another chance by doing one lesson per week.


Grades: Straight As for every single goal! Yay!


BUT. Since I've tried to do something like this before, and failed, several times, I decided to take baby steps this time. I feel it was the right decision for me. Even so, if it hadn't been for my fellow rebels, I would probably have given up during week #4. That was the hardest time for me. No energy, no willpower, just blah all around. Not good.

But being supported by some truly amazing people, and reading about other amazing people's struggles - and successes! - made all the difference!


Losing a couple of pounds and inches along the way was an added bonus I wouldn't have thought possible, since I had struggled with that for the past 10 years or so. :)


Now that I have made it this far, I am much more confident that I can reach further goals on my way to a healthier and stronger life, as well. :encouragement:


So a  big THANK YOU to this awesome community. You guys (and gals!) rock, and I wouldn't have made it without you!

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Shamelessly copying from my challenge thread :)


Awesome things

  • You guys! Seriously, you rock. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. Most people think I'm mad (heh see what I did there) when I tell them about my goals and ambitions. I just love that everyone here encourages each other to pursue their dreams, no matter how crazy. 
  • Being inspired by people on NF, every day .
  • I ended a very negative streak in life and started living again, in a brand new country at that!
  • Pushed myself hard out of my comfort zone and made a friend!
  • Stopped ignoring my eating habits and started the fixing process.
  • Started lots of fun activities, contortion, aerial and burlesque!
  • Soo close to push ups now, I can either do negatives or real push-ups but not hitting depth.
  • Had fun and learnt a lot!


Not so awesome things

  • I'm flaky and easily distracted. I missed a few strength sessions and social things because of lack of planning or being late.
  • I didn't take the challenge too seriously in the sense that I didn't push through when I could, and should have. It's something that I have to learn. Life has always played in my favor and I just never developed that trait.
  • Inconsistency. Had I focused my strength training I'm sure I could have done push ups by now.
  • Week 5, felt a bit poorly and reverted to some old patterns that I don't like.
  • It took me a long time to recover after my setback in week 5, actually today is the first day that I feel completely back on track. Shame it's the last day.


Things to fix for the next challenge

  • Better goals with a clear grading system.
  • Complete focus on the challenge!
  • Post cumulative progress reports. Now I had to trawl through pages and pages of random conversations (which is awesome so don't stop haha) before I could find weekly updates, and those were not particularly helpful anyway.

Goal by goal break down:


Move everyday (DEX +1)

This goal was bad from the beginning. First it was too easy (move an hour everyday). Then I made it too hard (walk for an hour every day + move for at least 10 minutes) when I realized that the walking wasn't enough of a priority. Then I stopped tracking it properly. It's probably worth a B though, as I've moved pretty much everyday except in my "break". Live and learn. B


Strength train 3x/week (STR +1) 

I started out without a gym and no classes, then suddenly I was doing loads and wasn't sure how to plan my strength sessions and how much recovery time I needed. I think I've done approximately 13/18=72% sessions depending on how I count. But specific sessions for basic strength? Not enough. I give myself a C.  


Eat like a sane person + tracking (WIS +1)

I tracked for 36/42 days = 86%. Which is ok. Except that I have ugly holes in my spreadsheet and I don't have enough data to prepare fully the next challenge. 6 missed days can do a lot for the averages. 

The eating was pretty good in the beginning, but when I stop moving I eat more. Had some bad days. Overall it feels much better than it did before, but it can get a lot better still. Hmm B


Social 3x/week (CHA +1)

I really pushed myself on this goal, except towards the end of the challenge when I got a bit disorganized. But I'm going to disregard that as I feel like I've done really well on this! I got one friend that I can call to do fun things now, which I think compensates for not completing this goal perfectly.  :tongue: A-


Overall challenge grade - B

All in all I'm happy, I didn't get a perfect score, but hey I'm not in school anymore   ;) And yaaay, I'm level 2 now! Woohoo!

I can't wait for the next challenge, I already have some fun things planned! It's going to be good.  :D

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Mission goals:

  • eat vegan 5+ days a week. This will hopefully replace calorie counting! It has the added advantage of not making me feel guilty when I eat. Hopefully prevent more gaining too. I binge on non-vegan food mostly. (im already vegetarian)   i deserve an a+++++ i even managed to divert mental eat-anything-ever binges to vegetables/vegan things, i feel proud!!!!! i didnt even bother with the cheat days i allowed after week 2.
  • get to bed by 11pm. As opposed to 3am, then wonder why I cant wake up in time in the mornings and have no energy to do things. Get off the net! Maybe I’ll even do those before-bed affirmations I wanted. XD c-b, generally asleep before 12 by the end. had a few 3ams in the middle but ive had sleeping problems since i was a kid, so not too bad. 
  • have an exercise session (almost)every day(as long as body is willing- not sick or dizzy or injured) i think i actually got an a for this :o i did completely random things, from walking 10km at midday to doing headstands and vhs exercises in the living room. i missed a few days, but not from lazyness
Life quest

  • rededicate to Hathor(and weekly priestess duties). i achieved the bare minimun to pass, with 1-2 days per week of spiritual type stuff. c.

overall thats 2a's a c and a b-c so thats a high b YAY I WON LIFE :D

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Level 1 The Sewers: Points Summary


Giant Rats: Gym 3 times a week with a plan of action! Final Grade B.


There were weeks when I made the gym 3 times, there were weeks where I added a BW workout instead of a gym trip. Also by the end I've changed my goal a bit. I just wanna be active 3 times a week. I can't make the gym a priority 3 times a week and think some of my other activities count. To the letter? No. Pretty much/much better handle on things now? Hell yeah!

Kobold: Run 3km. Grade A. Finished this in 5 weeks despite messing around with barefoot at the same time. The thing I like is days when I'm just not that into running I'm like eh I'll just do a mile. Just ...do...a MILE? WTF!


Gnoll: Improve DL to 135kg; Squat to 100kg: Final Grade B

Deadlift down! Boom, blown away. I thought the 300 challenge included 50 135kg deadlifts so I wanted to do one! Nope, 50 135lb deadlifts that I was doing 25 a session of anyway! My squat form fell apart though. I got to 90kg and something odd is going on with my right knee. I've dropped right down to like 50kg. It's horrible, I miss squatting heavy. The knee still isn't right with that. So I increased both, almost hit squat goal but not quite.

Life Quest, I chinned(decided against) for an archery related quest. Final Grade B.

So I achieved the second (and thus third class) badges. I didn't find the time to go get my first class score simple as. My Handicap is quite a few points lower than the other archers of my discipline and some of those have first. It really was just a matter of getting shooting time. It's not like I haven't tried either but you have to have someone else to shoot with for safety reasons and everytime I've managed to get to the club in the last fortnight I've been sat by myself in glorious sunshine. Most odd.


Overall goal B.


I don't believe in half points else I would have put an A- I think. I'm proud of what I've achieved (including comments of "looking Svelte") in the quests, what I've learned and what I've shown. I didn't carry on thrugh pain to reach 100kg, I'm not upset by not hitting the three gym sessions or turned off by forcing myself into them. I have achieved alot in 6 weeks.


Edit::: Due to the blog thing about three differences for the day I also applied for a promotion (waiting on interview date) and started making better choices at my bad food hurdle; the hotel menu!

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Recap of my goals : 


MAIN QUEST : To lose the excess weight I built up over the 2 years I quit working out.




Side Quest : Do the Beginner Body Weight Circuit Workout 4 days per week. (+4 Str)

(Tho at first it was tough, i managed to follow through and completed my 4 days every week of the Beginner Body Weight Circuit Workout. Took a week for my muscles to get use to the routine, after that it was more fun.)


OVERALL SCORE : A. 4/4 points



Side Quest : No sweets or fast food for the next six weeks. (+3 Con)

(didn't quite do as well as i had hoped to on this one, suddenly quitting cold turkey was difficult for me, so i had a couple slip ups, and im man enough to admit it, I will work harder next time.)


Overall Score : C. 1.5/3 points




Side Quest : Stretch everyday for the next six weeks, and get my flexibility back. (+3 Dex)

(This quest for me personally was the most fun, pushing my body to see how far it can go and flexible I can be, Kept to my goals the entire six weeks, ended up looking forward to my stretches every day more than anything else.)


Overall Score : A 3/3 points


LIFE QUEST : To limit the amount of time i play video games. (+5 Wis)

(This quest was the most challenging due to the fact i'm a HUGE gamer, When im not working out i'm almost always gaming, had to keep my mind busy with other things to make sure i didn't go over my goal of limiting my game-play time from 80 hours every two weeks in half, so under 40 hours every two weeks, or 20 hours a week......Managed to keep it exactly within my goal.)





(Please pardon the language.)


Overall Score : A 5/5 points

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Main quest - Become strong and stay strong


Goal 1 - do StrongLifts workout 3 times every week

15 out of 15 workouts in 5 weeks when I was at home - A


Goal 2 - read "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe

Done - A


Goal 3 - workout during holiday

I did a beginners bodyweight workout 5 times during 10 days holiday. - A



Life quest - show more attention to my wife


Task - reduce computer time

I stayed under the set limits most of the time, with only one serious breach (+3 hours) near the end of challenge, so I'll mark it as A-.

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Short challenge summary:

   (Full Evaluation)


MAIN QUEST: Leaning up (Loose the fat in skinny-fat)


         Goal 1: Intermittent Fasting, twice 24 h a week                                                  A-

         Goal 2: Make 95% of my meals paleo (including dairy though)                          A

         Goal 3: Working on my calisthenics (Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips)                        C-


         Bodyfat reduction by 1-3 points (depending on the measurement method) and waist reduction by 5 cm

Conclusion: The dragon is not slain yet, but I already crippled at least one of his claws very successfully!


LIFE SIDE QUEST: MA thesis (work at least 4 hours a day on it for 6 days a week)    F


I'm content overall, but ready to improve where I'm not in the next challenge!


Also: Well done, everyone who made it, is a hero in their own right!

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The goals:


1: Reach the level of 3 sets of 25 flat frog raises and 3 sets of 30 kneeling push-ups.

2: 2 sets of 20 body weight rows.

3: Walk 70,000 steps per week for all 6 weeks.

4. Life quest: get a new job.


The write-up:


30, 20, 25 for kneeling push-ups however, independently I can now, when really pushing myself, do a set of 10 proper push-ups without any stopping.  At the beginning of the challenge I was doing 3 sets of 40 incline push-ups and then 4 kneeling push-ups so although I’ve not reached 3 sets of 30, I’m pretty happy with my progress to the extent that from now on I’m going to start focusing on upping my rep numbers for full press-ups and just doing kneeling as part of my warm up. I’ll give myself a B+; I didn’t reach full ‘A’ standard but I was close.


For the flat frog raises; well, I hit my target just about mid-way through the challenge and then moved on to flat straight leg raises which I one of my four body-weight exercises main goal challenges. More importantly, I’ve now reached the progression level for these too so not only have I exceeded my 6 week challenge, I’ve smashed one of my Main Goals as well! Definitely an A++.


Pushing myself on Sunday night I just about managed a set of 18 and then a set of 15 body weight rows. As with my push-ups though, the fact that I’ve gone from barely managing 5 at a time do doing almost 20 has shown what a difference 6 weeks can make. Whilst I’m these are still my weakest area, I’m most proud of the small successes I’ve made- not only have I made some progress but it’s through my attempts to improve myself with these that have widened my overall knowledge of working out in general. Because of the obstacle they’ve presented, I’ve dedicated a lot more time reading up on nutrition and exercise than I probably would have otherwise. I’m going to be nice to myself and award myself a B for effort. (Also, I’m now regularly managing 3 chin-ups in a row without stopping!)


The great thing about this goal was that I either hit 70,000 or I didn’t so it’s pretty easy to score:

Week 1: 76,051

Week 2: 71,179

Week 3: 79,258

Week 4: 62,881

Week 5: 73,691

Week 6: 70,320


So, I managed it 5 out of 6 weeks and most weeks I exceeded my target. Another B+ for me then.


Finally, my life goal; I started good, working out a draft of my updated CV in the first week but since then I’ve done practically nothing. I’ve had a look at a few jobs but I’ve not applied for a single thing and I’ve only really now got my CV to the standard where I’d be happy to send it to out. Whilst I’ve been very good at not allowing anything to distract me from my physical goals, I’ve been terrible when it comes to this one. Although I have no love for what I’m currently doing, I just don’t quite have the drive and ambition to push myself away from it.


This has to change and I know it; I’m just kidding myself if I think otherwise. It is my BIG failure for the challenge and I owe it to myself to rectify it. If I can alter myself physically and improve myself intellectually, then I have it within myself to change this one aspect of my life that causes me the most upset and holds me back in so much of my every-day life.


In conclusion:


Goal 1 a mixture of A++ for the leg raises and a B+ for the kneeling push-ups, +1 STR

Goal 2. B, +1STR

Goal 3. B+, +1 CON

Goal 4. F, nothing


It’s been a highly enjoyable experience and sharing it with everyone on these boards and getting and receiving support has definitely made it a lot more fun. Every day I learned something new, either about myself, my fellow NF’ers , or self-improvement in general. People are either highly knowledgeable and gladly willing to share their time and knowledge, or they are just massively supportive- both of which make the challenge a life-affirming experience rather than simple a period of time where you try to get some things done.


One of the biggest lessons I learned was about making sure I don’t stretch myself too thin. I think that I may have had more progress with the first two goals if I hadn’t also been trying to walk 70,000 steps per week as I don’t think I was close to taking in enough calories to fuel myself for both activities hence my weight continuing to drop but my % body fat staying the same or even increasing- my body was burning lean tissue rather than fat and this was detrimental to my attempts at strength gains. Whilst it’s good to get out in the fresh air every so often, from now on I’m going to hold back on the walking so much and, combined with upping my calorie intake, focus on building my muscles and strength more.


I also think I made the right decision about halfway through the challenge to spend a week just on working on my form for the exercises. I stopped worrying about if I was making any progress on my rep numbers and instead I devoted each work-out to a different exercise and really tried to nail my form. This was combined with me studying videos of how they should properly down whilst also reading up as much as possible on each exercise. Consequently I made several radical alterations to what I was doing and immediately saw improvements. For example, by simply shifting how far apart my hands were and making a conscious effort to keep my elbows in, I jumped from doing at most 7 or 8 body-weight rows to quite easily managing 10!


I might not have ’A’d all of my goals but I now know where I might have been going wrong before and what I need to do to improve myself in the future. I’m going to have better focused and non-contradictory goals for the next challenge and I’m looking forward to pushing myself like this again on the next one.

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Yay! Here's my summary


My overall goal was to get fitter - from a total couch potato fast food eating late stayer upper to doing something every, going to bed early and eating paleo. Here's how it went!


1) Be in bed by 10pm:

I've had 2 or 3 days where I couldn't do it. But over the course of the 4 weeks I've been in this challenge, I'd say that still counts up to an A. I've also noticed great changes - I've never been much of a morning person, and tend to stay up super late and then sleep in if I have nothing to do the next day. Going to bed early meant getting up early for me, and I was always energized, so energized that I simply had to do something or I'd be bored, so I went running or to the gym. It's helped me a lot and I definitely want to keep this up. I might not be quite as strict (what bummed me out a bit was the fact that I could never see the end of prime time movies), but I'm definitely not staying out of bed longer than absolutely necessary.

A! (+1 stamina)


2) Eat paleo!

It's the same here as with the going to bed - I've had 2 or 3 meals that weren't paleo, but I've had TONS of paleo meals, so I still give myself an A. I've noticed lots of changes in my body - for the better - and that's why I want to keep this up and will make it part of my next challenge. I have a chronic stomach disease and had lots of issues before I did that. Not all of them went away, of course, but many got better.

A! (+1 constitution)


3) Start training at least 5 days a week!

I deserve an A- here. I didn't do it every day, but much of that was because of my knee. I managed to power through even when I wasn't feeling like it. I signed up for a gym membership! I went to classes! I did endurance training. I've done so many things that I'd never have done before and I'm awfully happy about it. I got into totally new types of training, like weightlifting. I'm so, so happy about this and can't wait to keep going and get better during my next challenge. I don't think I've achieved any huge improvement in strength or stamina yet, though, but I feel much more radiant and attractive. I'm attracted to my body, not in a sexual way but in a "look what this body can do, and what it will be able to do once I've kept up with my training" way. I've got a much better feel for what I'm doing, how much is too much and what personally brings me fun and brings me that awesome feeling of tired muscle, so I'm splitting this point up between wisdom and charisma.

A-! (+0.5 charisma +0.5 wisdom)


Side Quest! Go climbing

Tooootal A! I did it. I didn't cry, fall down or pee my pants either. I'm so excited about this! When I stood on top of this thing I just wanted to get right back down, but I got over 10 obstacles and did the whole course - and managed to get my man to do it as well, even though he almost quit when we had to get over this one tightrope. We had to change positions, I had to do it in front of him, and we got through it all. It took a LOT of berserker mode, a lot of courage but I made it and it makes me feel so incredibly great. 

I'm attributing this point to strength, because I don't think I could've done this without having strength to cling to the rope the way I did and it also needed a lot of mental strength.

A! (+1 strength)


I can't waiiiit for the next challenge to start. I already have tons of ideas and I'll use the next week to refine them. 

Thank you guys so much for your support, it really means a lot to me!


Breaking it down:

Being in bed by 10pm: A

Eating paleo: A

Working out: A-

Side Quest - Climbing: A


Overall score CLEAR A! :D 


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1. Continue eating clean.

Based on my original rules at the time of starting the challenge, I failed in the first week. Had a poorly written grading scheme that didn’t take the challenge week by week. Rather than give up, I re-worked the rules for the remaining 5 weeks of challenge, paying special attention to not have rules that could lead me to failing within 2 days. Based on the new rules, I still finished the challenge with a D for this goal. :( Not giving myself the point for this (or the quarter point actually) because my sense of fair play and “you changed the rules after you started†won’t allow it.


What tripped me up: STRESS. I knew I was an emotional eater, but I’ve had my emotions under control for a while so I just didn’t really think about it. Life lulled me into a false sense of security, then punched me in the face, and I didn’t handle it well. Goal for next challenge will be to get a handle on dealing with stress. Until I get my stress under control, I won’t get my eating under control.


I'm Happy That: Water is now my go-to beverage, rather than coca-cola. It feels natural to grab water throughout the day.


Added Sub Quest: Work on eating darker and darker chocolate, having tried at least 90% dark by the end of challenge. I did make it to a 90% cocoa content bar! It was gross!! Lol. I think 85% might be my limit. (Never would have dreamed that another 5% cocoa would be SUCH a difference.) Maybe someday in the future I’ll try 90% again. But 85% is dark enough to have some health benefits. Also, it’s not so dark I don’t enjoy having a piece, but not so light that I feel like I need to eat the whole bar. I’m calling this one a win.


2. Do 30 minutes of cardio and the BBWW once a week.

I made sure to do at least the above every single week. I think there was only one week (maybe two) where that was all I did. Most weeks had more, just like I was hoping. Now with the hard hat challenge, I’m getting in a little exercise every day. Goal grade: A, 1 STR point awarded!


Despite success, I would change: Requiring specific exercise. There were a few days when I knew I needed to do BBWW to meet my goal for the week, and didn’t really want to but wanted to do something else... somehow this led to me not doing anything. I like the idea of “do SOMETHING extra everyday†vs something specific.


3. Save $10 per week.

My savings bucket contains $60 cash. I didn’t take anything out of it during the challenge. Actually most days I even forgot it was there. I’m excited because I have to upgrade my phone if I want to the full version of Zombies Run when I finish the 5K version, and I’ve already got half the money saved! Woot! Goal grade: A, 1 WIS point awarded!


Despite success, I would change: My credit card use! I would put the cash away, but then when I didn’t have enough cash because I was saving it, I would just whip out a credit card. No, no, no! Stop doing that!! That does not help us get out of debt. That does the exact opposite! Next challenge goal: break the habit of using credit when I’m out of cash.



I’ll take it. C is for Christy, and that’s good enough for me. (everybody sing!) :)


{ D (1) + A (4) + A (4) = 9. 9/3 = 3 = C }

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My main goal was to strengthen my core.

I set the grading based on a certain number of reps/duration for 3 activities.

I was able to exceed the set goals.  162 crunches, giving me an A for that.

32 seconds on plank, giving me an A on that.

31 seconds of flutter kick, giving me an A on that.

These are improvements of +62, +12, +11.

The side quest of breaking my potato chip addiction has been successful thus far.

This would give me an "A" grade.


For RL role playing, this will make me level 1, along with 10 starting stat points.  As I joined in late, I only completed 4 weeks.


Beginner challenge completed.  Time to move on.

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Challenge Recap


Task 1:  Weekly 10 mile hike with a full pack.  A

I completed this every week


Task 2: 25 mile shake down hike and completing any to-do list items the hike generates: A

I only did 20 miles, but due to the new shoe inserts I purchased the day before I started this trip, I decided not to push my feet.  I gave myself an A for being smart about the inserts and for completing all my to-do list items the final week of the challenge.  


Task 3: Yoga 3 times a week with one being a studio class: B

My weekly grades for yoga were A (4), C(2), A(4), B(3), D(1), A(4) is 18 points divided by 6 weeks is 3 or a B.  I learned a tremendous amount about where I am when it comes to flexibility and a lot about the different styles of yoga.  I really enjoyed this exploration and will definitely keep this a part of my fitness routine.   


Task 4: No soda:  A

I haven't had a soda in 6 weeks.  Woohoo!!!!!


So I say this challenge is definitely a success-- A.  The purpose of this challenge was to prepare me for the week long backpacking trip that I am starting this coming Saturday with my brother.  That will be the true test of whether I did enough.  


I learned a tremendous amount from this challenge.  First, the format of the challenge is a great tool for me as I like to get As and it helps keep me accountable.  There are several times that I would have skipped my weekly hike and I definitely would have left my to-do list until the last possible moment, because I am one of the world's biggest procrastinators.  So, thank you NF!!!!  I feel like I've made (and unfortunately lost as they disappeared from their challenge  :( ) several friends here at NF during this challenge.  I enjoyed following the other challengers and I learned so much from them.  They helped motivate me and keep me going on my challenge.  So thank you all very much!  I look forward to seeing all of you during the next challenge!!!

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Summary of the challenge


My main Quest is to fit a size 40 and weight 72 kg.


Eating only 1 serving of processed carbs/week A+

  • (actually I ate 1 per week and some weeks I had NONE)
    • I planned my groceries and my meals and always had in the fridge an emergency protein!
    • I spent hours on paleo and cooking blogs discovering new recipes !
    • I managed not to think about eating processed carbs.
  • Worked out 6 times a week :  A++
    • I have been consistent,
    • Signed up in a crossfit box and really enjoyed it all the time. I keep on training strength my own way.
    • Started to use bike as a transport system ( 14km to go and come from work, keeping the work outs)
  • Went on the scale only 3 times during the challenge  A++  
    • This one has been difficult at the beginning and then, I never thought of it. I have to admit that even thought I DO KNOW that weight doesn't say it all, I have been disappointed to see that from the 19 August and this morning there was a + 400g  on the scale. Even if I 've done amazingly all those days.


Life Goal

  • Read 3 books in the month A
    • Read 3 books and I haven't finished the 4th one

I think we can call it a successful challenge :)

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Overall I missed my quest by a wide margin, but...


3 Goals:

1) Paleo all the time, some intermittent fasting, no off days or cheat days--A, I had only one meal in 6 weeks that had added sugar or grains and did get in some IF.


2) 3 days cardio/interval training, 3 days strength each week--A, missed 1 workout in 6 weeks.


3) sleep 7 hrs per night-A, met 7 hour goal 39 of 42 nights and definitely feel better for it.


Overall I say A I guess.  I'll say +1 Stamina, +1 Strength, and +1 Wisdom.


PS This post would have been a lot easier to find if it was pinned.

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So, my main quest is pretty much to drop my excess body fat. I don't know percentages or anything like that, But I've dropped another pant size, at least, during this challenge. So, that's pretty cool.


As far as my goals and my score doing them, here's the break down.


I do the BBWW 3 times a week: Going to give myself an A. I missed one workout which is something like 17/18 workouts, 94%? And that was the first workout I've missed since June.


I walk 10 miles a week: I'm giving myself a B. I had 2 weeks where I missed my goal by less than 2 miles and I had one week where I didn't walk at all. However I had a couple weeks where I walked 11 or 12 miles. I think a B is fair, but if you don't agree, that's cool too, I'm willing to hear you out.


One day I week I eat Paleo: This one I'm going to give myself an A- on this one considering this was my goal that was most outside of my comfort zone and I only missed one week. Eating paleo was pretty hard for me because I really love sandwiches and I come from a family that eats a lot of starches during their meals, hot dishes with rice or pasta, spaghetti, etc. I've taught myself to limit my sandwich intake, but it's really difficult to deny a PB&J when you feel like you're starving. 5 weeks, I managed, it helped that my folks were pretty accommodating as long as I let them know when I intended to have my paleo day. The one week I missed, well, I could have not missed by being better prepared and doing my paleo day earlier in the week instead of at the end when having something mess up your day means more.


I study Russian twice a week: This was easily my worst. I'm giving myself a C, considering I've been awful and I haven't done it for around two weeks now, but before those two weeks, I was hitting my goal. So, C. I didn't fail completely at it, I just didn't do a very good job. I know more Russian than I ever did in the past though, so that counts for something.


I'm gonna say, Real Life Roleplaying points +Str +Sta +Con for my 3 fitness goals and no additional points for my Life goal, which would have been Cha. Again, if you think otherwise, lemme know.

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My summary


1) barbell lifts 3 days/week

I was good about this. I missed two workouts. One due to some personal crap that I couldn't get out of, one due to the gym being closed for labor day. I'll give myself an A- for this one.



2) track all food consumption, aiming for 2300 kcals per day (at my size that should put me 600-700 under maintenance.)


I was religious about this. On days that I forgot or couldn't log in tot he site I was using, I always tracked consumption and put it in later. Calorie consumption was pretty spot on. A few days a but over, a few days a bit under. no major binges.A


3) at least once a week, cook and freeze food for quick lunches/dinners that week.


Not so much. I made sure to cook weekly (almost) but I didn't always make in bulk. When I did cook in bulk, I made a LOT, so i always did have homecooked food available. I made sure I always had healthy food at work, so I never ate out. I'll call this one a C.


Side quest

I play in a band but I'm a huge slacker on practicing at home. I want to practice by myself at least 4 nights a week, even if it's just to pick up my instrument and run through a few songs.


I increased my amount of practice significantly, but nowhere close to 4x per week. However, the practice made a difference. We went to record this past week and I was able to do all my parts in just a few takes, even sections that I've struggled with previously. F but what I did do was totally worth it. Now I can just imagine what my skills would be like if I got really disciplined about this.




I'll call this a success for sure, with an overall grade of B.

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