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End of Challenge! Rebels, Report!

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After-action Report:


Goal 1: Gym 4x a week (2+krav maga training): 100%

Every week, I managed to make it to the gym 4 times, 2 of which were krav maga classes. Not only do I feel about 10% more dangerous than when this challenge started, I look great. How often does your family ask (unprompted) if you've lost weight? How often do your friends randomly ask about your workout routine because they think you look great? Not often. But this has started happening!!! I'm very excited.

+1 DEX


Goal 2: Get on a semi-regular schedule (get into work by 8:30am 4X a week/7+ hrs of sleep 4X a week): 118.75%

Whew... at first getting into work by 8:30 was a struggle, but once I got the going to bed earlier bit down it became so much easier to get up earlier. Overall, my productivity at work has also gotten better (getting in before everyone else = extra 2 hours of uninterrupted work time) which has improved relations with my adviser.

+1 CON


Goal 3: Get down to 138lbs or 20% BF (from ~145-148lbs/25% BF) (2lbs/ 0% BF to go)

My final weigh in this morning was 140.1lbs which would be a C from my original grading scale. However, this is about 6 stable pounds of weight loss, so I'm really pleased. I ended up amending this goal early on to reflect my changing body composition. Starting from approximately 25% body fat, I'm now down to 19-20%. I look great and feel even better and definitely beat the BF goal, so I'm considering this beaten.

+1 CHA


Burpees: 1687 of 1300 (129.77%)

‘nough said. 

+1 STR


Overall: A

I seriously kicked this challenge's ass! It's time for some much awaited loot!!!

Other stat changes:

Hips: 42in ->40 1/2 in

Thighs: 24 1/2 in ->23 1/2in

Pullups: 3


I think it's also worth noting that I'm ordering my loot in a size smaller than from when I started the challenge. :-)

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BlueKiwi's End of Challenge Report:


Goal 1:  Stick to a Diet with Low Sugar Consumption - Grade:  A

Consume 10-15 grams for sugar and 100 grams for carbohydrates per day.

I think I did pretty well for this goal and also learned a lot about the macro make-up of the food I usually eat and their sugar count.  I would say I am 90% done banishing processed sugar in my diet, including those hidden ones!  There still are some temptations (i.e. cookies, ice cream), but I will keep slaying those sugar monsters!  Rawr!


Goal 2:  Stick to an Exercise Routine with Weightlifting - Grade:  A

Exercise Routine: Circuit Training (3x/wk), 20 min run on elliptical (3x/wk), Weightlifting (4x/wk; alternating with chest/arms & legs/deadlifts)

I did really well on this goal.  My plank time improved from barely 0:05 at the start of the challenge to now 2:15.  My weights have improved from lifting/squating single digit to now double digits.  Rawr!  I learned lots during this challenge about the connection between food and weightlifting.  I will track my macros better as I move forward and continue to level up in weightlifting.  Rawr!


Goal 3:  Lose 10 pounds by September 8 - Grade:  B+

Overall, I have lost 6 pounds and 2.8% body fat since the start of this challenge.  

Half way through the challenge, my weight loss stalled.  I was a bit upset, but realized I continued to get stronger.  I didn't use a tape measure for this challenge and this is definitely something I will do in the future so that it can help me track my progress better.


Life Goal:  Dissertation Proposal Ready for Committee - Grade: B

As for my life goal, I have completed and submitted ch 1 and now waiting feedback from my profs.  I have also completed & submitted detailed chs 2&3 outlines and received general comments on both.  I have completed a rough draft for both chs 2 & 3, and now in the revision stage for both.  I am behind on my timeline to send out my ch 2 to my profs, but this was expected since my profs are still working on my ch 1 and parts of ch 2 cannot be completed on my own without their input. 


BlueKiwi's Overall Grade for This Challenge: B+


Overall Reflection for this Challenge:

During this challenge, I learned that the NF is a place where the community of practice happens.  I learned that this is a place where we come to share our experiences, learn about each other through successes and struggles, and continue to develop individually as well as a group while providing support to each other's growth.  I think I have made friends here and I cherish their every word of encouragement.  Thank you, everyone, for being who you are and helping me during this challenge.  Thank you all for making this a great place to level up!  Rawr!

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My starting stats: 07.28.13


Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 216.6

BF%: 14.7%

Fat Mass: 31.9

Lean Mass: 184.7

Waist Flexed: 37.25"


My primary goals are these:

- follow specific nutritional plan and hit my macros every day

- add lean mass and get stronger

- drop body fat


My level-up-my-life goal:

I bought a house in March. I basically completely gutted it and ripped out every wall that wasn't load bearing....lol

It has been a crazy project, and it is almost done. So my goal there is to finish it, move into it and get settled into some semblance of a normal life.


What I hope to achieve (my targets)

- Drop approximately 5 pounds of scale weight

- Drop approximately 9 pounds of bodyfat

- Add approximately 4 pounds of lean mass (muscle)

- Add either a rep or more weight to every exercise every week. (Example: I get x lbs for 6, 5, 5, 3 reps on bench....I better get at least 20 reps next week)




This week:

Weight: 207.0

BF%: 10.04% ---> Aaaahhh!!! I wanted that to say 9.99% *really* badly!! :playful:

Fat Mass: 20.78 lbs

Lean Mass: 186.22 lbs

Waist: 35.0"


6-week changes


Height....I am still 6'5" :)


Weight: -9.6 lbs

BF%: -4.66%

Fat Mass: -11.12

Lean Mass: +1.52

Waist: -2.25"


- Here is a picture so you can see the physical changes I made: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9h5CPiNDry5RXZ4cjAwcjRiQlk/edit?usp=sharing

- My progress chart is in my signature




- Lost quite a bit more fat mass than I thought I would

- That week 5 hit on the lean mass put me well short on lean mass addition

- Not beating myself up on that one too much though....4 pounds of lean mass in 6 weeks would have been nuts to pull off while approaching 10%....

- That, and I have vowed to not overreact to my measurements anymore....and it paid off....week 6 proved to be my ideal...



- Recomp: A- not an A because I took a lean mass hit in week 5....but I certainly lost fat mass and added some lean mass which was the true goal

- Sleep: B got my 7 hours the vast majority of the time.....but definitely had a few 4's and 5' sprinkled in there

- Move in: A- definitely got moved in and settled....got too much accomplished to list....but there are just a couple things left to do

- Nutrition: A+ I did not miss a single meal, did not have a single unplanned cheat meal and hit my macros within +/- 5 every day. On the money.


As a whole, I am extremely pleased with what I accomplished. Going to take the 2 level ups for successfully completing the 6 week challenge and 4 character points for doing well on my 4 primary and tertiary goals.



See you all in the next challenge!


Now that I have earned my way in, I will be in the Warrior's guild for the next challenge. :)


Just saw the official points rules in here:



Going to take the 15 max points allowed since I hit all my goals.

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Main Quest: To get healthy again. B Clearly I'm not completely healthy in 6 weeks. I've established habits that will help me get to that point, though, and have a good baseline to work from. I'll be honest that it was a struggle to even keep going, but I had some serious cheerleaders in my accountabilibuddies group, and they kept me going. I'm looking forward to the next challenge and actually doing some serious leveling up. 


1) Give up soda B- I actually was able to go 3 full weeks without having a single soda. However, once school started up, the stress got to me and I slipped. I'm still taking this as a win because I've gone from having 1 or 2 sodas a day, every day, to 1 or 2 sodas a week, and none at all when my stress is a manageable level.


2) Work out in some capacity 5x a week B- I have been pretty active for the last six weeks. Even if I didn't have time to squeeze in an honest-to-goodness workout, I have plenty to keep me on my feet and moving. A move, unpacking, and a 3 month old baby all kept me hopping. Mostly.


3) Eat out only 1x a week (if that). B++ This was incredibly difficult because I used to eat out 5-7 times a week. I struggled during the time period when I was actually packing up and moving because who has time to cook during all that? However, I'm going to give myself a win for that one, too because now I only go out to eat 2 or 3 times a week. Again, not an A+ effort, but a damn sight better than I was doing. 

Life Quest: To get moved and be unpacked (completely) by the end of the 6 weeks. I still have boxes that I haven't touched from the last time I moved 2 years ago. A- This one make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I am about 95% unpacked, and I did it while caring for a 3 (now 4) month old, heading back to graduate school, and working full time. All that's left is 3 boxes for my linen closet and 3 boxes of books for the bookshelf. In my defense, the bookshelf got broken during the move and so I haven't been able to unpack those boxes. Next challenge - The storage unit!

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SO! This challenge was awesome and would have been regardless because of the amazing people encouraging each other to stay moving and keep trying.


My biggest quest was my life quest: to quit smoking again. AND I NAILED IT. I only had cigarettes one day, the first day, and the rest of the time - no smoking and I'm done with the patch, too! A+


My next quest was to 1. Find a challenging weight lifting program/workout 5 days a week 

I started out with the rebel fitness guide but couldn't seem to stay as focused to I went back to Livefit and had a great three weeks. I was active for the last three weeks but not with the routine I was going for. I'm going with a B- on this though because I did lose another 9 inches, some of which were stubborn places I assumed would never change.


Part of that quest was to get back in the habit of brining my own lunches to work with me - I'm going with B+/A- because while I was a lot better about this some of the things I brought were of questionable healthiness. 


Over all I feel really good about this challenge and I have a better idea of how to approach the next one. I had though to jump right to the warriors for the next challenge but think I'm going to continue on as an explorer of sorts - I love heavy lifting but I also adore the group of people in my accountabilibuddies group and think it would be great to stay on with them through the next round.


Starting - Finishing = loss

Weight: 205lbs - 206 lbs = +1lb

Waist: 38" - 36.75" = 1.25"

Hip: 45.75" - 45" = .75"

Right Thigh: 24.5" - 23.5" = 1"

Left Thigh: 25.5" - 23.5" = 1"

Right Bicep: 13" - 12.5" = .5"

Left Bicep: 13" - 12.5" = .5"

Under Bust: 40" - 38" = 2"

Bust: 46" - no change

Calves: 15.5" - 14.5" = 1" each

Shoulders: 49" - no change

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Woooo! You all did it! Your first 6 week challenge is over and now is a good time to reflect on how you did.

Use this thread to post summaries of how you did on your goals and anything you learned along the way. Others may learn some good insights from your feedback :D

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(From my thread)


I have fullfilled all of the goals I have set for myself on this quest. I've learned to eat when I'm hungry and fuel my body in a healthy way. I have begun my beloved lifting (even if it is JUST begun), and I have cut excess sugar out pretty much entirely. Now it is simply a treat when I choose.


I am proud of what I have done. Beyond those goals there is far more I have accomplished. My kids are slowly getting involved, both my baby girls actually use the word exercise in their vocabulary now, lol. I am stronger mentally and physically. I know what I want and I am going to make it happen.


BUT, I couldn't have done it without NF. I needed you and you came through for me.


And I KNOW that I will succeed in my next quest if I have you there.


From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! ^_^

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SUMMARY (More detailed summary here)

Mainquest: Go bowhunting
INCOMPLETE (Though I anticipated this, I am not ready, phys or gear wise for this season. But next season for sure!)

Workout 3x a week: A-
Sleep at 12: C+
Eat before 10: B

Sidequest:  Assemble a B.o.B
Items acquired, not completely packed





Lost 4 lbs

Progressed from 10reps of Wall pushups to 10reps of Incline pushup

Progressed from 10reps of Squats to 10reps of Jump Squats

Cut out Soda almost entirely (I only drank 4 glasses of it during this challenge).


I feel pretty great about it and I'm excited for the next one!

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Congratulations, all!  I'm really impressed with what I've read ^^ in this thread so far.  Great job(s)!


Mission 1: Heal the Shoulder - B

My shoulder definitely feels better now than when the challenge began but I'm still not back to doing heavy push exercises lips overhead press or dips.  Workouts were pain-free, which is good, but the fact that I still need to leave out a whole class of exercises means I'm just not there yet.


Mission 2: Partial Deadlift of 380 - A

My goal for this one was to hit 3 reps of 380 (my old personal record from a couple years back.)  During the challenge I managed 5 reps of 380 and set a new personal record.  Very pleased with how this one went.


Mission 3: Gain a Little Quality Weight - A

This goal required me to hit 160 pounds without gaining too much body fat.  I hit 160.8 this morning, with suprailiac pinch unchanged.  (7mm throughout challenge.)  Total weight gain was 3.8 pounds vs. the targeted 3.


Life Goal: Balcony Project - D

I won't bore you with details or excuses, but I left a lot of unfinished business on this task.


Overall grade?  I dunno, but I passed!  :D  I'm really happy with how this challenge worked out.

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Rawr!  Spezzy made a post here, but not pinned yet.  Do we need to post our summaries here, too?


Good question! Probably the threads should be merged?

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Challenge Wrap-Up!


Goal # 1 - Strength training workout 3 days a week - Total of 18 workouts

A - 17-18 workouts

B - 14-16 workouts - It seems like I tend to use special events as an excuse to not do *anything* (birthday, anniversary, etc.). BUT for the first time ever I actually had a bad day and thought to myself, I can't wait to go work out :) I wrote about that in my journal so next time I am feeling blah I can go back to it for a little reminder of how great it really feels to pick up some heavy crap.

C - 10-13 workouts

F - Less than 10 workouts


Goal #2 - Eat 100 g of protein a day (.8g/lb) - Total of 42 days

A - 38-42 days

B - 30-37 days - I actually hit 37 days on this one so barely out of reach for the A. I noticed that every time I missed a day, it was a weekend day.

C - 20-29 days

F - Less than 20 days


Goal # 3 - Move to plate #9 on assisted pull-up machine - Currently on #12

A - Plate 9 - I can do 2 on #9 :) I will keep training in the 11/10 range to get higher reps but I was pretty happy with this.

B - Plate 10

C - Plate 11

F - Plate 12


Life Goal - My best friend and I have been suffering from a weak relationship lately. We have chosen two very different career paths ( I am in government/nonprofit and she is in high-stress finance) and this has led to quite an income disparity between us. I don't see her often anymore because a lot of times her activity choice is not affordable for me, and sometimes I avoid talking to her because she makes comments about my career that hurt deep. So my life goal this go-around is to call/text/or email at least once a week and to see her 3 times at one of our houses. I will recommend we do things like cook together, watch movies, manicure...(insert girly activity here). I am also going to tell her right away when she says something that hurts my feelings instead of packing it away into my angry box. I really want to work on saving this friendship. A - We hung out twice (another time she canceled because she was sick for a week so I still considered a success). I also contacted her at least once a week for the last 6 weeks, and socialized with other friends at least once a week.



In total, I am giving myself a B+ for the challenge. I feel like the strongest habit i developed during the challenge was regular exercise. I am going to add 1 day of walking or running a week for my next challenge to build on my new habit. I also started doing barbell exercises like squats and deadlifts for the first time in the last two weeks, so I know this is going to be a big benefit for the pull-ups.

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Here's how I did, from my challenge thread:


1. Follow Whole30 Days 13-30 (July 29-August 15) and the Reintroduction Phase (August 16-27)
Cumulative Grade = B (89%) +1 CON


2. Go to bed at 10 pm and sleep at least 7 hours
Cumulative Grade = F (33%)


3. During my commute to/from work, walk to/from the subway station instead of taking the bus (15 minute walk), an average of once per day
Cumulative Grade = A (100%) +1 DEX


Overall grade
Cumulative Grade = C (74%)


Life Side Quest: make a monthly budget… Achieved! +1 WIS


I lost about 10 pounds doing the Whole30, which I'm very excited about. My pants aren't annoyingly tight anymore, and I feel much better. The Whole30 broke my enslavement to sugar and junk food cravings, which is really amazing. It confirmed that excess grains were draining my energy. I look forward to keeping up the good eating momentum, probably going 80% paleo or so (re-introducing dairy, and some grains).


The sleep goal I had set for myself had two components. Going to bed at 10 pm was a real disaster, so I'll have to set new goals in order to get where I want to be, for example: not using electronics after 9 pm, etc. On the plus side, I did often slept for at least 7 hours.


My walking goal was way overachieved. I wanted it to be easily doable to get myself in the mindset for more intense exercise during the next challenge.


Participating in the NF forums, joining an accountabilibuddy group, and doing the challenge with my girlfriend were all huge factors in my success after two failed challenges. Tracking myself in my daily battle log helped keep things focused and honest too. Deo gratias!

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Rawr!  Spezzy made a post here, but not pinned yet.  Do we need to post our summaries here, too?



Good question! Probably the threads should be merged?



My bad. This is what I get for not looking. Merged...

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Despite my sometimes less than optimal food choices I think this challenge went really well, so here are my results.

Main quest:

2 consecutive pull-ups (I'm still working on that one but I'm getting closer)

5 real push-ups (I'm up to five in a row as of my last BBWW)

Supportive goals:

BBWW at least three times a week

- I didn't miss a single workout! -> A

Some kind of cardio at least 2 times a week

- I didn't miss a single cardio sessio! -> A

Paleo diet

- My diet was mostly paleo I'd say about 90% but I ate lots of paleo junk -> C

Life goal:

Spend more time with my kids

- I think I did okay on that one. Some days were definitely better than others but I think it's a start. -> B

I'd say I get n overall B. no glue what that means attribute points wise. I'll have to think about that one and it's late my brain wants to go watch some TV.

I rewarded myself with some books!

As for the future...

I plan on taking a break BBWW wise this week and just do a little bit of cardio each day (like ten min on the elliptical). The next challenge starts this coming Monday and I plan to participate! This one was just the beginning I have a long way to go! and taking part in a challenge is a great way to stick with my new habits.

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Final Wrap Up 

So overall, I am very happy with my first ever 6 week challenge. I was able to complete every single goal with an A or B rating and even more importantly stuck with the program for the whole 6 weeks. I look good, feel good, and can't wait for the next challenge to begin!


Final Grades

  1. Complete 10 Push-Ups in one workout. Still working on improving my form and increasing my overall strength.
  2. Ride 50 miles on my bike in one day. A+ This was definitely a crowning moment for the challenge. My husband and I were totally exhausted afterwards, but it was a sweet victory.
  3. Eat dinner at home on average 5 times per week. B We finished at an average of 4.6 times, which is a huge improvement over our typical meal planning.
  4. Clean and organize 8 rooms of the house. My house is so much more organized (though the clean part is of course an on-going battle.) I never realized how much stress it was causing until I walked into my house one day and felt a huge sense of relief. 

Much love to Dr. Who's Sidekicks! Time to gear up for the next challenge ladies!

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My full challenge can be found here. I realize I didn't check in at 3 weeks. I just have all the threads I check subscribed, so I pretty much never went to the full forum page. I just jumped around to my subscribed threads. Sorry about that!


These are my overall grades


Food 83.3% B  (+1 Wis, +1 Con)

My food challenge was to eat home-cooked paleo meal 6 nights a week, and every week I had to make one new recipe that I had never made before. 


Exercise 75% C  (+1 Con, +2 Dex, +1 Stam, +2 Str)

I have a workout routine that I was supposed to follow. Tues/Thurs/Sat was doing the beginner's bodyweight circuit. Sun/Fri was running C25k with a friend, and Wed was doing sprints. 


Woodrow 82.5% B  (+1 Wis, +2 Cha, +1 Stam)

Woodrow is my dog. This was my life challenge. I promised to walk him every day and also do other play and grooming activities with him daily. This one had a bit of a wrench thrown in it because for one week I was on vacation, so he was with the dog sitter, and this last week of the challenge he got really sick so I wasn't able to walk him or do most of the other activities. 


Diabetes 80% B   (+1 Wis, +1 Con)

This was my third health challenge. I was tracking my insulin use every day to see if it decreased as I got healthier. 


OK, so I plotted the amount of insulin used every day and got an equation for the line. It had a very, very slightly negative slope (-.02), so I'm inclined to call that "no change" and give myself a B. 


However, if you take this last week (week 6) out of things, I actually showed a rather marked improvement over the first few weeks. My weekly totals for the first two weeks were 60 and 70, while the totals for weeks 4 and 5 were 57 and 55. So I feel pretty good about that. 


For measurements, I started the challenge at 155.8 pounds and ended at 153.8. Not a lot of weight to lose in 6 weeks. However, I also lost inches in a lot of places. 


Inches lost:

Calves 2"

Thighs over 2"

Hips 3"

Waist almost 2"

Rib Cage 1.5"

Upper arms 2"


So overall, even with a weeklong vacation thrown in the middle, and life doing its best to get me off course at the end, I'd still call this challenge a success!

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So at the end of my first 6 week adventure:


Goal 1: Made it to Krav class every week ( with the exception of Labor day...no classes held that day) so A+ for that goal


Goal 2: 3x5 Lifting...going to have to give myself a B- for this. I made all my sessions on Thursdays but the past 3 Saturday's I 've had to teach and making extra $$ takes priority to lifting. 


Goal 3: Improved diet (Increasing greens into the diet), meh C+ or B-.  I'm still doing very good with keeping general junk out of the diet (chips, soda, candy etc) still need working on the greens.


Main Quest: Should have known better than to pick such a generic goal...on the plus side I did drop 8 LBS and the minus side that was 4 short of my goal...however...I've added


25LBS to Squats

20LBS to Bench press

15LBS to Over head press

20LBS to Babrbell row

40LBS to Deadlift

Started doing 2 dips, now can do 6

Up to 1.5 un assisted chin ups


Shorts that fit at the beginning of summer and challenge now need cinched down with a belt or they fall off...


So for my overall 6 week goal I'm going to say a grade of B

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Hey all,

Here are the results of my first challenge!


Main Quest (6 weeks):

Add 5 lbs to my 5RM for Deadlift, Squat, and Bench Press.

I passed this with flying colors and actually added 10 lbs to my 5RM on Bench and 15 lbs to my 5RM on Squat and Deadlift!

As an added bonus, I actually managed to add 0.5 inches to my chest, 1/8 of an inch to my arms, and 1.5 inches to my quads! I think this is because I had taken a layoff from squatting and jumped into a program with a high volume and frequency for squats. 

I would give myself an "A" for my main quest.


Side Quest 1:

Complete two cycles of Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 powerlifting program, modified for hypertrophy by adding volume and frequency.

This side quest was the method by which I achieved success on the first quest, so I also need to give myself an "A."


Side Quest 2:

One long, slow run per week (5-8 miles).

One interval run per week.

One ruck per week (35 lbs, 5-7 miles, must keep pace between 10-12 min per mile).


So this one did not work out as well. I have been having a hard time fitting everything into my day: law school, all the reading AFTER law school, my kids, my wife, my strength training, my cardio, dishes, tidying up after the kids, etc.

That being said, I still managed to do 1-2 cardio sessions per week. I will give myself a "B-" on this side quest.


Side Quest 3:

Stick to new family diet. All natural foods. Not quite paleo because I don't believe in cutting out dairy and carbohydrates when you're trying to gain weight. We're going to follow the spirit of the paleo diet, if not the letter of it. We'll only eat foods you can find in nature.


This goal has gone incredibly well! We have stuck to the new diet as a family and I actually credit this for why I've been able to get a little bit of hypertrophy while keeping the fat off. Giving myself an "A."


Life Goal:

Do three fun activities with the kids outside of the house. I wrestle and play with them and give them tons of attention, but I need to get better about actually going out and finding fun things to do.


This goal went very well, but I didn't hit my goal of three activities per week. It was more like two per week on average. I'm going to give myself a "C."


Overall Grade:


449/5=89.8 ... so we'll round it to 90 and I'll give myself an "A-"


Guild I am joining:

Since I have been to the real Ranger school and my goal is getting bigger and stronger while maintaining a solid base of fitness in all areas, the obvious choice is the Rangers. I toyed with the idea of going Warrior, but I need to have a broad fitness base and it would hurt me too much to specialize.

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Well, this isn't really the end of my challenge, but since a new six week period is coming up, I'll post my results so far.


(EDIT:  Derp.  Forgot to include my main goal :P)


Main Goal:  Weigh in at 199 pounds.  


Grade:  Incomplete.  


There was no way I was hitting that goal in half a challenge.  I doubt I'll even be there after this next challenge, but hopefully sometime before Christmas I'll get there.  I started out at 265 and weighed in today at 244.  Progress ftw!


Goal A:  One hour of elliptical 4-5 days a week.


Grade:  A.  I set the bar way too low here.  I was closer to 2 hours most days, and I was on the elliptical 5-6 days a week for the first two weeks.  I'll be making this more difficult for the next phase of my challenge.


Goal B:  Keep snacking impulses down to once a day.


Grade:  A-.  For the most part, I eliminated the impulses entirely thanks to snack scheduling.  My problem here is "cheat days."  I record everything I eat and drink...it's the only way I can hold myself accountable is if I have a record and number looking me in the face.  I normally would give myself a day off one every couple of weeks where I would not record anything.  I wouldn't fall off the wagon per se, but I just wouldn't write anything down which meant I normally would eat more than I normally would.  That, in itself, wasn't the problem.  The problem was the next day, getting back into routine.  Those were the hardest days to keep the impulses down.  Still, for a dude who impulsively snacked every day, I can honestly say I only succumbed to impulses twice in three weeks.  I'll be keeping this goal because I know I can do better.


Goal C:  No more than 9 hours of sleep.


Grade:  B.  In retrospect, not the best goal.  What I failed to realize pre-challenge is that as I lose weight and workout, I'm going to have more energy and want to sleep less anyway.  My problem was I wasn't adjusting my mind to what my body was accomplishing.  So I still would go to bed very early and get up at the same time, most days.  The last week of my challenge is when everything started hitting me, and I made adjustments.  I don't think this is going to be an issue going forward so I'll be replacing this goal.


Overall:  B+.


I was most proud that I stuck with it for three weeks.  However, what I've learned about myself (especially this year) is that I really don't like to do anything half assed.  I know I can do better.  It was actually a blessing that I came in late because now I have sort of a dry run for the real thing starting next week.  I'll be updating my goals and I look forward to the challenge starting next Monday.


January 2013

Weight:  340 pounds

Waist:  50 inches


August 13th, 2013 (start of the challenge)

Weight:  265 pounds

Waist:  44 inches


September 9th, 2013

Weight:  244 pounds

Waist:  41 inches


The attached pic is me at the preceding three weights going from left to right.


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Overall Goals Score = C


-Work out 3-5x per week - BADAAD = C

-Increase reps by 2/set every two weeks - CBD = (though I did it for all the workouts I did...if I had worked out more I would have gotten an A)

-Go running at least once a week - AAAAAA = A

-Life goal: Do three art projects = F




Not the best scores by any means. Considering I have such trouble committing I think I did ok though. Score for the second goal would have been an A if not for not working out. Also had tons of stress and other stuff come up during the challenge, kind of killed my gung-ho attitude. Great-aunt died, dog died, car got totaled, chemistry summer school, fall semester with two fitness classes on the far end of campus, depression...


I think the real challenge isn't so much sticking to something, it's sticking to something in the face of adversity. Taking all that happened into account I think I did pretty damn well. Weight didn't change much but I can tell from progress pictures I toned up quite a bit.

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End of challenge check in - success!


Mistr, on 30 Jul 2013 - 4:38 PM, said:snapback.png

Main quest

Get more energy.


This is the key to making everything else happen.  I hate feeling tired and unmotivated.  Or overwhelmed and feeling like I won't get ahead regardless of how much work I put in.  I want to feel on top of my life.


My goals

edited to add specifics and grading

1. Get enough sleep.  At least 7 hours a night, preferrably 8.

    A = 8 hours or more

    B = 7.5 hours

    C = 7 hours

    fail = <7 hours


2. Eat veggies every day.  Two good-sized servings (~2c) or more

    A = 2+ cups

    B = 1-2 cups

    C = <1 cup

    fail = no veggies


3. Do some exercise every day.  Minimum 15 minutes walking

   Pass/fail grading


The habit I am working on here is consistency.  I want to get up refreshed on Saturday morning, not feel like I need to sleep in half the morning just to get caught up from the week.  My household gets CSA veggies every week in the summer.  I just need to make a point of cooking and eating them.  I want to work on something getting better every day.  I am hoping that different areas on different days will work better than my current routine. 


Life quest

For fun I am working on a completely different physical skill.  I just started playing piano again after not playing for 30 years.  I'm taking lessons to learn how to play for dancing.  If my knees get to bad to dance I can still participate as a musician. :)  My goal for this challenge is to play a reel up to tempo with a good bass line.  Maybe that could count toward an improvement in my Dex.


Overall I feel much more energetic and cheerful.  Clearly these goals hit on some of the key areas where I needed to focus.


Sleep: final grade B.  I was much better about getting to bed on time for the last six weeks, but not perfect.  I can tell I'm doing better on sleep because I was waking up before my alarm fairly often in the last couple weeks.  I still have dark circles under my eyes so I'm not done with this one yet.  I have not had any coffee and only a few cups of green tea over the six weeks.  On the the right track for this goal.


Eat veggies: final grade A.  There was only one day when I failed and only a few days when I ate less than 2 cups of veggies.  I learned a lot about my eating habits.  Also that it is really hard to find anything fast that has veggies other than salad.  I am spoiled by having fresh organic veggies in the summer.  I cooked a lot and still could not keep up with the abundance of produce.  I am going to keep doing this but it no longer needs to be its own goal.


Exercise: final grade A.  I missed two days in six weeks.  I learned a lot - this will be its own post.


Life goal: B-.  I have gotten better on playing jigs and reels but am not yet ready for prime time.  I can play at tempo or avoid mistakes but not both.  More practice time would have made a difference.


I'm not clear on how to assign partial stat point for this challenge.  If it was 10 points total and I got 80%, that would be 8 points.  How does it work when it is only one point per goal?  [My apolgies if you have already answered this question.  I did not read all the replies in the thread]

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Ok, this is a copy and paste job done from my challenge thread:




Strength - A/B/A/A/A/A - A (right? I think?)


This surprised me. I expected to be doing the BBWW for the duration, not modifying it to make it harder and then going and doing my own thing with funny gymnastic rings... Am I happy though? Yep. Do I have a better idea of my body's capabilities and what works best for it? Quite a bit.


Flexibility - A/A/A/A/A/A - A


Unexpected resounding success describes this one quite well, I reckon. I will definitely be taking this further and exploring more poses and styles.


Diet - A/B/A/A/A/A - A (again, I only think so, it averages out to that, right?)


The balancing act was tricky to figure out, though I think I've got it. It's going to take a while to fine tune, that's for sure, but hopefully once I start getting some income I'll be able to do that better than I have for this past week.


Lifestyle - A/A/A/A/A/A - A


Easy stuff. Heh, finished my first goal in three weeks and had to start a second one. 'nuff said.


What I also forgot were stats. Since I completed all my goals, that means I get all the points! That's a plus one to STR, DEX, CON, & WIS. Now I gotta start planning for next time around.


So I think I just aced this... Can't say I'm upset with that at all. I owe a lot of it to the awesome people I've met on here, I seriously doubt I could have done it without everyone. So thanks guys  :D Not so sure what else I should be saying here, I feel like I should be making an epic speech or something. That may come later.



I honestly have no idea what to do now that the challenge is over...



So there you have it! I'm surprised, really. I haven't lost all that much weight, but I've lost an inch here and there. Definitely a success :D

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Main Quest: Lift More In the Snatch and Clean & Jerk


My main challenge goal was to improve my Snatch and Clean and Jerk, with grading scaled from F (no increase or very small increase) to A (7.5kg+ to Snatch, 10kg+ to Clean & Jerk).
As it happens, I put 7.5kg on to my Snatch (65kg to 72.5kg) and 10.5kg on to my Clean & Jerk (77kg to 87.5kg), both with far, far better form than I had achieved previously.
Grade: A


Mission #1 - Lift more weight In the Squat


Kinda bombed on this. I put 5kg on my squat but after that went away for a week, took a deload and started a squat program so I haven't had a chance to max again recently.


Grade: D


Mission #2 - Do mobility work at least 5 days per week (foam roll, band stretches, lacrosse ball)


Smashed this. I did at least 5 sessions a week and sometimes more. 


Grade: A


Mission #3 - Take video of my lifts at every training session and post my training log on my blog 


Started well but dropped off a couple of weeks ago when I started working with a coach and didn't film for a few sessions. I also stopped blogging my training as it was getting annoying to do and am now keeping a log on the forum.


Grade: C


Life Quest - Reclaim my free time from the procrastination/inefficiency monster


I finished Bioshock Infinite and am now two-thirds of the way through The Last Of Us. Compared to my track record for the rest of the year, that's good going!


Grade: B

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My recap:


               1. Eat Paleo for dinner at least FIVE nights a week. on this one! It was a struggle at times, but we're enjoying it now.


               2. Take a walk or bike ride as a whole family at least THREE nights a week. F it was just the wrong time of the year for this. Rainy season.


               3.  Do an outdoor activity together every weekend. This was a bit easier, if we got out early before the rain and the heat. Lots of pool time and a few trips to the playground.

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