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End of Challenge! Rebels, Report!

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C/P from my thread.


Okay, so my 1st mini goal was to get rid of junk food. Smashing success. I originally had intended to just cut the bad out while slowly transitioning to paleo. But actually, with the exception of being lenient with breaded things on 4 different meals, I've been completely paleo. I noticed right off that my energy went up, but once I started getting regular sleep I was blown away. I felt like a kid bouncing off the walls. More energy than I could get rid of. It started being that even if I didn't get good sleep, I was wide awake at work. I've not touched coffee. I've not needed it. It's been amazing. The water intake was good but not in line with the plan. I've realized that 2.5-3 litres is far too much for me. I just decided to let my body guide me there. If I was thirsty I drank and just watched the color of my pee to see if I needed more. All good. As for soda, I've got to figure out a better way to cut down for the next challenge. I didn't go above my limit, but I met it every day. Even if I didn't want one, I'd have one because I could. Weird logic there.

I'm giving this an A. While I didn't follow my initial plan, I still succeeded by changing what I saw wasn't working and doing what did work.

2nd mini goal was to work out every day. BBWW 3x per week, walk every day, and yoga 5x per week. I threw that plan out when I realized I did not have that many hours in my day. I was getting bad enough sleep as it was, I didn't have the sleep to sacrifice. So, BBWW still 3x per week, pre-C25K 3x per week, cut yoga for after workout stretching. Even with this new plan, I still lost motivation and missed some workouts.

I'm giving myself a C as I could've done better.

3rd mini goal: Switch to e-cigs. Roaring success. I've ditched the smokes and am now completely on vapor. And, I've even cut down on that without intending to. I don't need it so much. I will sometimes forget to use it. I have mini battery that should last about a day. I'm on day 4 without a charge right now and still going strong. My mom and I got new tanks. Same kind, but her's is bigger. She used up an entire tank full in one day. It took me over a week to finish my much smaller one. And even then I had some but I was tired of the flavour so I refilled. I've really cut down.

Definite A


Life goal: find a new job. I had set the goal of 5 applications per week. I didn't do that. But I start my new job on the 19th. So, I'm calling it a qualified win, since I didn't commit to it like I should and didn't really start most of my seeking until the 2nd half of the challenge.


A- on that one.


That leaves me with an over all score of A-. I did it!


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And it's finished! I feel I did well overall in this challenge, I was able to follow through and keep at it despite the traveling and lack of general routine in my life these past 6 weeks. I also learned a lot about what's workable in my life and where I want my goals to be, and my main quest is going to change for that reason. I will post a follow up in my new challenge thread because I'm still thinking through the details, but for now I can just sum up my last week and final grades for this one:

Sunday, 9/8: Final Scores:

Goal 1: I lost count near the end, but I'd estimate 396/420, giving me a solid A. Knowing I had this one already meant I slacked off a bit in the last couple of days (also, come on, how can one not have at least one croissant for breakfast in Paris?). I'm still traveling, though, and we still have nice hotel breakfast buffets; I'm happy to say that this one is sticking. This morning I wasn't tempted to fill up with rolls, cereal or pastries, and my sense of well being is so much improved (at least in the morning). I hereby award myself +1 CON.

Goal 2: 38/60, for a final grade of D. I thought I'd be able to moderate things a bit this tour, but it just wasn't possible. When I was at home this was fairly doable, and I still think I'll be able to set and achieve a slightly more ambitious goal in this department for the next challenge, but for now I chalk this up to another learning experience. Another +1 CON would have been awarded had I aced this, but rather than bother with fractions I think I'll just leave the score a whole number.

Goal 3: 18/18. Sunday was rough - lots of traveling, work in the evening, and barely enough time to scarf down room service, get the workout in, get a quick shower, and catch the bus, but I'm proud to say I cranked it out and earned myself an A! Today would be the next workout if we were still in the challenge, and it's amazing how I can feel my body craving more exercise. I've been tooling around trying to decide what to do next and I think later today I'll try a new workout I saw, just to see if it's for me. I do feel these 6 weeks have made me stronger, though: +1 STR seems appropriate.

Life goal: Overall, I'd say I earned an A- on this one over the past 6 weeks. I'm thinking of doing something similar but ramping up the difficulty for the next challenge -- so much of my time gets wasted staring at screens. For now, I award myself +1 CHA.

So, my overall grade for this challenge would be around a B. Hope to see you all again for the next one!

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So I am finished with my first challenge! I have seen such improvements with my body and mood. I know I am on the right track and my confidence has increased a lot. 




# 1 - Workouts: A - I kind of changed what I wanted to do for exercise as I got further into the challenge. I completed C25K! And even ran 4 miles. I pretty much walk or bike everywhere and have been doing a lot more stretching/yoga. I can't lay my hands flat on the ground yet. Maybe next challenge! I have been working out most days, and feel a lot stronger.


# 2 - Eating - A-/B+ - I also transitioned the way that I have been eating. I started doing paleo after having a hard time eating enough calories with all the exercise. I absolutely love it so far and have been cooking such delicious food. I was cheating a bit last week, so I got rid of all the small snacky non-paleo food!


#3 - Limiting drinks/ going out to eat - B - I had some rough days but ultimately knew I was making better choices while going out to eat. It's the drinking that has been the problem. It's fun to go out!


Life goal - Get up and moving - A+ - There were very few days I stayed in bed. Snooze has never been hit. I have been getting so much more stuff done in the morning, especially gym time before 9 am. I LOVE having my workouts completed before the time most people are waking up.


I am so happy with the progress that I have made. I did take follow up pics, but it doesn't look like much has changed. I personally can see the difference and I feel great. I feel like I can keep up with my friends and look forward to getting into even better shape.


Next challenge looks like starting weight lifting, lots of stretching to work on flexibility, more delicious paleo (and maybe a couple beers here and there) and more progress toward my goals. 


Height: 5'2  / Finishing    

Weight: 130 lbs / 124.6 lbs

Bust: 31 in / 31 in

 R & L bicep: 11 in / 10.5 in

Hip: 39 in / 37.5 in

R & L thigh: 21.5 in - 20.5 in


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Weight loss target 143#  Grade D   Made it to 144

Clean house up    Grade C  Got the kitchen and Living room pretty good

Keep to a workout schedule  Grade B Much improved here

Clean up the Diet   Grade D See weight loss target :(

Feel better and more energized Grade A I think its the workouts but I'm really feeling better!


Not a huge sucess so I think I will try again!

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1st Challenge Wrap-Up:


Quest 1: Averaged 11 Paleo meals over the 6 weeks - B = +1 CON

Quest 2: Averaged 2 days of walking over the 6 weeks - F

Quest 3: Failed, didn't do it.


Life Quest: This quest wasn't very measurable. I did talk to my husband about exercising and eating better but I still the excuse making win during this challenge. 


There are some pretty awesome people that are apart of this community and that's what is going to bring me back for the next challenge. Hopefully I can add a bit of encouragement behind me this time and do a lot better than for this challenge. I did learn a lot and that's what matters. And I stuck around, even if I wasn't that successful. ^.^

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Mikroftt's Report Card:


1) Workout 3 days a week with Beginner's Body Weight:  GRADE B

     There were a few days that I missed overall completed the workouts.  Also started playing basketball on Tuesday nights so I foresee my stamina increasing over the coming weeks. 


2) Stop Drinking Pop:                                                        GRADE A

     Only drank 1 pop last week and this week I have not had any!  Yesterday at work was a major test for me as I was tired in the afternoon but made it through without drinking a pop!  As a side note on diet, I also have been eating better during this challenge so we can count that as a bonus win!!!


3) Pay off another loan:                                                     GRADE A+++++

     All I got to say here is "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!!"


4) Sleep 8 hours each night:                                              GRADE B

     While I have not gotten 8 every night, I have noticed as a general trend that I have been more alert during the day and have more energy.


5) Being able to do 10 pull-ups                                          GRADE B

     I did this test last night and I was able to complete all 10 without any cheating.  I did however have to rest a couple times in order to complete the reps.  On an overall strength perspective, I added a 10lb weight around my waist (2 - 5lb ankle weights tied together) to the workout halfway through the challenge to give myself more of a workout.  I must say that it is much more challenging with that little change.  


Overall Score                                                                    GRADE A-

I was able to loose 4lbs during this challenge.  After doing some research yesterday I think my ideal weight is down around 170 so I have a bit to go still (@184 now).  I intensified the routine I have been doing and look forward to doing the next challenge.  I feel better about myself and have more confidence now.  Bring on the next challenge!!!

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My overall goal was to start losing my man-boobs and gut. I'd say I am off to a good start. I have lost at least 10 lbs and I have gained muscle. I look better without a shirt, but I still have further to go.



Goal 1 - Reduce calories to 1920 a day or fewer.

Grade: B+



Goal 2 - Exercise on the elliptical and stationary bike twice a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each session.

Grade: A



Goal 3 - Do set set of as many push ups as I can and one set of as many sit ups as a I can 2 - 3 times a week.

Grade: C



Life Quest - Read a book before bed 3 times a week.

Grade: B


Overall grade: B


I made good process and learned about my limitations. I started running into issues with my knees when doing Goal 2. For the next challenge I am planning to take it a little easier on my knees and do a bit more weight training, mainly body weight workouts.

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So, I'm cheating a bit. I started a week late so I'm continuing my challenge through this week, going straight into the next one. Breaks? We don't need no stinkin' breaks!


However, a recap is in order since this is the official end:


Main Quest: To lose 10 pounds and drop from a 40" waistline to a 36" or, preferably, a 34" waistline.

I realized about half way through that the second half of this goal was a bit lofty. Losing 4-6 inches off your waist in 6 weeks is drastic and I only have lost 1.25 so far. But progress is progress, and this will evolve into a continuing goal with a subgoal of losing 2 inches every 4 weeks, which I think is reasonable. On to the grading!


Maintain a 90% paleo diet for 6 weeks. [CON]: A+ I nailed this one.

Drink less than 5 individual alcoholic beverages a week. [WIS]: A - I think I had 6 one week, shame.

Develop and perform an individualized bodyweight workout 3 days a week. [sTR + STAM]: I actually destroyed this goal. My bodyweight workout got too easy too quickly so I joined a gym and started lifting in addition to it. so.. A++


Life Quest: Feel better about myself and more comfortable in my own skin (as opposed to someone else's skin, which I am already quite comfortable in... errrr...). [CHA] I was definitely successful with this one. I feel far more confident, capable and happy lately. Other than my stomach is bothering me today... must be all those babies I ate last night... - A+

Fitness Quest: Get stronger, increase flexibility. [sTR & DEX] Oh yes. Considering I evolved out of my BW routine in just 3 weeks... And the yoga I've been doing as part of my warmup has been great. Definitely an A+ here.


Overall I destroyed my sub quests, life quest and general fitness quest. I'm going to revamp the main quest for the next challenge and press on!

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Misugrrl, reporting in.


These were my 3 main goals for my quest:


  1. Drop roughly 10 lbs in this window of time.  10 lbs is totes doable in 6 weeks I think.
  2. Eat more proteins and healthy fats; trim carbs out of my diet even further. I have PCOS, so this is something I’ve been working on, albeit slowly, for the last few years. I’d like to see a measurable change in this particular aspect of my journey.
  3. Increase the weight levels of my current pathetic strength training.  All heroes need muscles - even short adorable nerdgirls such as myself.



How I did:


I dropped 7 pounds.  But more importantly, the range of poundage in my fluctuations has decreased. I used to have a range of roughly 5 to 8 pounds.  Now, the range is much smaller - between half a pound, and 2 lbs.  I'll give myself a B here.


I'll be honest with food - I started out wonderfully, but as soon as life's stressors kicked into high gear, I did cave and had more carbs than I should have. I have been doing intermittent fasting, which has helped me tremendously and I feel is the main reason why I have been able to successfully drop 7 lbs, but I did not do as well as I had hoped. Though my food choices are better, and I have reduced the processed foods and have focused more on proteins, I could have done better. I'll give myself a C+ for this.


Weight levels on my strength training - I am kicking butt here. Seriously, I am so very proud of myself. With the exception of last week (due to a death in the family), I've been strength training at least 3 times a week, and doing cardio 2 to 3 days a week, with 1 to 2 days of rest.  I've increased the weights as well as the machines I use (thanks to my boyfriend who's done an amazing job being my personal trainer), and I am stronger. I feel so much stronger, and I plan on continuing this aspect of my journey.  Not to toot my own horn, but here, I'm grading myself an A.



Most importantly, life has thrown a ton of stuff at me. And I haven't fallen off the wagon. I have remained focused (tho I did wibble-wobble with the food, sorry) and haven't given up. I've learned that working out is cathartic, and strength training has been a huge stress reliever for me. It's been wonderful. I am seeing myself differently, and I think I have this challenge to thank. It's been wonderful. I cannot wait to start the next challenge, I have a couple of goals in mind already.


I'm going to now go update my 6 week challenge thread.

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Challenge Post-Mortem


Overall, I'm very pleased with how well I did this challenge. There is definitely room for improvement, but I felt like I gave it my all and have nothing to be ashamed of. I made huge strides towards my main quest of weighing less and being more fit. This was demonstrated by a "fitness check" run I took this past Saturday after my regular weight lifting routing. I was able to run a bit over 2 miles (with a few hills) rather comfortably, and was actually able to enjoy being outside and the act of running, rather than constantly thinking about how uncomfortable I was.


Over the past 6 weeks, I have officially lost 19.2 pounds, and have gone from wearing 40-inch waist pants to 34-inch waist pants. One downside of all of this is that I'm having to carve out a bunch of money in our budget to buy new clothes  ;). I've gotten many compliments on how fit I look, and everybody is asking me how I'm doing it. It's been really great telling people that there really isn't a secret method, and that all it takes is the focus and discipline to eat what your body needs and cut out the junk it doesn't, and to move your body around every once in a while. 


So, now for the Grades.


3 Weight Training Workouts per Week - B

I successfully worked out 3 times a week for 5 of the 6 weeks. There was a week there in the middle where there was a lot being asked of me at work and home, and my body felt tired and I made the decision to give myself some rest rather than risk injury or (even worse) burn-out. I can definitely feel the difference these workouts make, and I anticipate jumping up to level 3 of the Rebel Workout next week.


2 Cardio Sessions per Week - B

This goes hand in hand with my weight training goals/sessions. Other than the week I took off, I stuck to these as well, and often would end up doing 3 cardio sessions, just for funsies!  :)


95% of meals each week being spiritually Paleo - A

I absolutely killed it on this one. My wonderful wife was the key to this win, as she is the one that primarily takes care of our food, and so she did everything she could to keep every meal strictly Paleo without spending all of our money, and she did it very well. Despite being in a wedding, and making a visit to Amish Country, where all they eat is grains, milk and sugar, I only had 2 or 3 times where I went off the trail, and it was never more than once in any given week.


The Bonus Life Goal.

Read Two Non-Fiction Books - D

Errr.... yeah. This didn't get done. I got halfway through one book, then life got in the way. For what it's worth, I started MBA classes a few weeks ago and have been doing a lot of work relating to that, but there's no way around it, I just didn't get this done. That's alright though, I'll pick it up and try again!


So, where do I go from here?


There is a Thanksgiving Day 10K Race that happens near where we live, so I think that that will be my next victim. I'm working on a training plan to help me break the 1 hour mark for the race, while still sprinkling in strength training because I just love it so darn much.


I hope all of your challenges went well. For the Rebellion!


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My Report Card:

1. Finish up my diet protocol: B+
Managed to stay on track and maintain, any "party days" were followed up by a strict day or 2 "on plan" "phase 1" (part of the Ideal Protein plan I'm coming off of). I took longer to get to "Phase 4" because of the party days, which is why I don't get an A
2. Work out regimen: A+ The only thing I missed was one week of aerial to rest my hands and shoulder, so I did weights that week instead. Plus I did a ton of "extra credit"! Hockey, swimming, yoga, running a 10k all made it in there during the 6 weeks!! (if there is any question why I hardly update on here LOL!)
1, preferably 2 workouts/week at my aerial gym, either aerial fitness or antigravity yoga. 2 20+min. elliptical sessions per week at my gym. 1, preferably 2 targeted weight and flexibility sessions at the gym per week. These are minimums.
3. Get up and on the trapeze with no spotter by the end of the 6 weeks. C+? I can't really "fail" myself here even though I didn't make it. During the 6 weeks, I've progressed a lot in my aerial and antigravity yoga classes, including being able to climb the silk all the way to the ceiling and make it up and on the lyra hoop, plus some pretty cool tricks I couldn't do at the beginning. 
This challenge has been pretty awesome, love getting stronger!! And love challenging myself, it's been a great ride, and it's given me a good idea of what I want to do for the next challenge next week!

Life Side Quests:

Work on my art. D+ Yeah, didn't make time for this AT ALL. The only reason I don't fail myself for this one is because of the weekend I spent making costume accessories for my running outfit (yeah I was Vanellope von Schweetz at the Disneyland 10K!!), which was somewhat artistic in nature :-P

Organize the apartment. C. Got a few things done, nothing stellar.

Main quests, work, classes, and, ahem, FFXIV have occupied much of my time. ;-)


So bring on the next challenge, I'm waiting!!! :)

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So overall I would say I was successful.


Main Quest - Get smaller as I get stronger

Status - Work in progress but definitely have seen great improvements down 18lbs and 17"


Goal 1 - Strength training 3x 

Status - A+


Went to every session and I have increased all of my lifts

Squat +20kg

Dead +20kg

Bench +7kg

Press +8kg


Goal 2 - Cardio

Status - A-


Went to every session AND I stopped complaining after week 3 managed to hit 5km last session :)


Goal 3 - Food

Status - B+


Diet still needs a bit of tweaking  but the weekend splurging has been noticeably reduced


Life Goal - Wake up earlier

Status - Passed

Back to work I go and I'm not overly grumpy in the morning so yay.

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Okay so I joined in for the last 3 weeks and my quest is to get to 137lb by my birthday in February. I started at 149 and I'm now at 146 so I'm on my way!


My side goals were:


  • Stop eating bread
  • Exercise 3 times a week (incorporating both weights and cardio)
  • Include vegetables/fruit in every meal

I would give myself a C, C and an A for these goals respectively. Every single meal I ate a portion of fruit or veg (thus the A), and each week I managed to exercise twice (thus the C) and in the last 10 days of this 21 day challenge I managed to eat no bread!


It was so much fun, and I'm looking forward to taking part in the full 6 weeks this time!


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Here's my final challenge summary (copied/edited from my challenge thread):


Gym: A. The goal was to go four times a week. I was by far the most consistent with this goal. Only missed two out of 24 workouts this challenge.


Meditation: C. The goal was to meditate every day. I was only missing one day a week for the first four weeks, then didn't meditate at all week 5. I got back on track for week six, but that still gives me only a C. 


Eating Out: B. The goal was to choose the most paleo option when eating out. I can see a definite improvement with this goal. My first week I got 4/7 and steadily improved until the last week I got 7/7. Hopefully I'll keep this habit going after the challenge.


Protein: B. The goal was to each one serving each of cottage cheese, protein powder, and meat each day in order to get enough protein. This was tricky at times since I travelled a bit and moved apartments during this challenge, so I didn't always succeed, but I didn't do too bad either.


Total: B. So I'd say I definitely passed, but there's definitely room for improvement for the next challenge. 


After doing this challenge, I think I have a better idea of how I have to structure my goals to help me succeed (this doesn't mean my goals will be easier next time! I'll just need to change the focus). Also, I think I need to build in a bit of flexibility into my goals, since a couple of times in the challenge unexpected travels derailed me for a few days and made me lose some motivation. 

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End of challenge report:


My main quest was to figure out what my body needs so I can be at my best.  I feel like I'm pretty well on my way there.  I know what I need to be eating, it's mostly at this point just a matter of doing it.  I need to decide if those times when I want to eat something that will make me feel like crap is worth it.  Sometimes it is,  most times it definitely isn't. 




1. Do yoga 5 out of 7 days a week - Grade A

I definitely did this one, and many days did yoga twice a day.  I finished the 30 day challenge that I was doing, and then went on to find other youtube videos to do.  I think it would be nice to go to a studio for classes with a live human, but I'm not willing to pay the money required, so I will continue to do it at home.  I still have the retreat coming up next week, so that will be nice. 


2. Journal what I'm eating and how I feel each day - Grade C

I only journaled for 27 days.  After awhile journaling felt like a chore, and I didn't want to do it anymore.  Lame excuse, and I should have just pushed through for the six weeks, but after a certain point I felt like I wasn't learning anything new, and was just going through the motions.  Honestly, it really didn't take me long to figure out what I needed to be eating, because I've been working on this for a long time.  Not the journaling part, but paying attention to my eating.  So while I definitely could have done better with the journaling, I feel like I learned what I needed to during this challenge.


3. Read 3 books about achieving a better life - Grade B

I finished two books during the challenge.  First book was French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure .  I liked the ideas in this book, but felt it would have worked better as a series of blog posts, or a magazine article or something.  There really just wasn't enough information here to justify a whole book.  But I definitely liked what the author was saying: go for a lot of walks, eat local, non-processed foods, eat smaller portions.  Those are all good things, and things I've been trying to do.  The second book I read was Poser: My Life in Twenty-three Yoga PosesI liked the author. Her story was mostly interesting, but there were parts of the book where I just felt like I didn't care, and can we move on already?  One quote from the book I liked:  "Uttanasana, also known as good old forward bend. Exhale. You're only here for a moment, so enjoy it. Well, I suppose that's true of every pose in the vinyasa sequence. I suppose some yoga type would say that it's also true of every moment in life. You could think about that, except it's time to move on."


Life Quest: Use Duolingo to continue learning French - Grade F

I did horrible at this.  I did it for a few days here and there, but there was no consistency, and no motivation to do it.  I think I made a mistake of adding it onto my challenge.  I just kind of tacked it on, even though it wasn't something that I really felt seriously about, or really strongly cared about.  Should have left it off and just concentrated on the three goals that I had. 


So overall challenge grade: B


I know the life quest should take that grade down, but I'm not really counting it.  I always looked at it as a side quest to do when I had time for, and not part of my challenge.  I feel like overall I really learned a lot of things about myself during this challenge.  I learned to stop worrying about other people's expectations, or what I thought were other's expectations.  I learned to do what feels right for me, and forget about everything else.  I learned to focus on what I like and what I care about.  So all in all, this was a great first challenge for me, because I feel like I really got the basics down.

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Here’s the abridged version of my final post for this challenge.

Main Quest: Gain 5+ pounds of muscle by 3/12/14

Lift weights 4x per week: A+

I managed to hit my goals every week, no excuses.  Sure, I backed down for my week of vacation, so maybe I don’t deserve the “+’, but even though I really didn’t want to lift while I was off work I made myself commit to those 2 sessions and I made good on that commitment.  For me, that’s much more important than the lifting itself.

Eat 3000 calories per day: C+

I just didn’t feel good on 3000 calories - too full, almost bloated - but I stuck it out and tried as well as I could, just to see if I could get used to it.  If I didn’t track like a total OCD patient, though, I couldn’t even pass 2500.  

Sleep 7 hours per night: B-

I’ve trained myself into an average of about 6.5 (not counting weekends, because it doesn’t take any special effort to get 8+ when there’s no need for an alarm clock).  I feel good about that; it’s probably still not enough, but it’s a start, and it gives me enough energy to function and enough time at night to get some things accomplished.

Life Goal: Improve japanese reading skills : F

Failed to even start this one.  I should have planned it out better, made it more specific and given myself something to track.  Squishy goals like this one can’t stand up on their own, so I’m calling this a lesson well-learned.

Final Grade: B-

This was a great learning experience, and I’m sorry I didn’t join a NF challenge sooner.  I was really ready for this mentally, and the challenge scenario and Real Life Roleplaying game really did a lot to get me out of the thinking and into the doing.

Am I any bigger yet?  No, I don’t think so (I haven’t gotten on a scale since I started, though).  Looking in the mirror I can only see one noticeable change in my body - posture - and man, is it a doozy.  I think I’m about two inches taller now, just for straightening out the slouch in my shoulders.  When I see my reflection in windows and things, I’m impressed by the change in my bearing, and with my shoulders pulled back where they belong my pecs look like they’ve doubled in size.

I feel stronger and . . . harder, I guess.  I don’t mind being skinny, I just hate being weak, so it feels good to me to be a little wiry.  I’ll keep working on that extra mass going forward, though.  I’m already stoked about the next challenge!  

Thanks, Rebels - this was the kick in the ass I needed!

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Ring Toss, Anyone? -- Post-Challenge Summary


 Mission 1:  I will practice daily gratitude meditations and set my intentions every morning.


Daily journal entry/meditation – A

Journal/meditation 5x/week – B

Journal/meditation 3x/week – C

Journal/meditation 2x/week – D

Anything less than 2x/week – F


M1 - After a B+ my first week, I rolled through the rest of the challenge with straight As.  Gave myself an A- for the challenge.  +1WIS


Mission 2:  I will continue my effort to eliminate all grain and processed foods from my kitchen and my life and focus on eating whole, clean foods based on the primal lifestyle.  This means putting in the work ahead of time to take healthy homemade meals to work without exception.


Eat grain/crap no more than 1x/week – A

Grain/crap no more than 2x/week – B

Grain/crap no more than 3x/week – C

Grain/crap 4-5x/week – D

Anything more than 5x/week – F


M2 - Got off to a rocky start, but showed steady improvement.  C - B+ - B+ - A - A – A.  Gave myself a B+ for this goal for the challenge.  +1 CON


Mission 3:  I will continue my habit of working out every weekday morning in a combination of interval and strength training.

Complete workouts 5x/week for entire Challenge – A

Miss 1-2 workouts for entire Challenge – B

Miss 3-4 workouts for entire Challenge – C

Miss 5 workouts for entire Challenge – D

Miss 6+ workouts (one per week) for Challenge – F


M3 - Owned.  Straight As.  I obviously underestimated my commitment to working out (or set the bar too low).  It's an A!  +1 STR



Jodi V leveling up!  Ready for the next challenge!

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I survived my first challenge!  Here are my grades:


Goal 1 - Limit sugary drinks to 1 per week: B


Goal 2 - Eat a serving of veggies with at least one meal a day: A


Goal 3 - Go to a strength class once a week and do exercises on my own: C


Overall - B


I did great with the vegetables, I dramatically reduced my soda and latte consumption (although I didn't always make the only one per week goal), and although I went to class often I struggled motivating myself to do my own strength exercises.   This was a great experience and I'll definitely do the next challenge! 

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Wooohooo! We made it! Okeedoke, then, here's my final report.


Goal #1: Work out EVERY SINGLE DAY - B+

I was alternating between the BBWW and an alternative workout (usually an exercise video on youtube or going for a walk/jog). I managed to pass, but this goal was too ambitious. I'm definitely an Overeager Beaver and it wasn't a good idea to go from nothing to working out every day. Next time, I'm going to make a less ambition exercise goal and stick to it instead of constantly stressing out and struggling to keep up with an overly ambitious goal.


Goal #2: Food (variable) - B

This goal started off as "eat one fruit and one veggie a day, no cheese." Then I wanted to get more ambitious (and stop eating fruit, which was becoming expensive), so I tried intermittent fasting for a week. Then I decided I'd just count calories. I think a big problem with this goal was that I didn't go all the way. I was still eating junk, just smaller portion sizes of junk so I basically never stopped craving cheese and junk food. Next challenge, I am going to focus much more on overhauling my diet.


Goal #3: Take at least a 15 min. walk every day - A

I did really well here, probably because it was by far the most realistic of my goals. Plus, I apparently love taking a nice night walk and listening to an audiobook or podcast, so that made it easier. Not only did I get in the vast majority of my walks, but they were almost all way longer than 15 minutes. AND I started jogging a little bit. I thought I hated running. Turns out I don't! I don't have like any stamina yet, but I'll keep working on it.


Life Goal: Find my fiance a job closer to home - FAIL

Bleck. My poor fiance has to drive nearly an hour and a half to work every day, so I was supposed to try to find him something closer. This was something that was really about putting effort in, and there were a few weeks where I just didn't. No stat point for this one. We're still trying, though.


Overall Grade: B


In the beginning, I said I'd measure my success by increases in my max reps and hold times for the exercises in the BBWW and Before and After pictures, because I don't own a scale. Well, I did increase my max reps and hold times on every exercise (I went from a 0:40 plank to a 1:32 plank!). And HERE are my B&A pictures. Like I said, I don't own a scale, but I think those pictures speak for themselves! And to think I was convinced I wasn't getting any results. I'm very excited about my progress. And I can't tell you how glad I am to have found NF. I never had any success with losing weight until I stumbled in here. This place rocks.

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Wow! My phone is blowing up with new notifications day and night just from this thread - it's so awesome to see how many of us made it to the end, and everyone seems genuinely happy. :) 

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Reporting back on this challenge:

My life goal, learning to read music didn't work out. I didn't have the energy to even try.

Exercising: week 1 was great, week 2 and 3 not good, and the last 3 weeks were good again.

I should have kept to a tighter schedule, but without support from the family it is difficult.

Losing weight: I lost 4 kg (8.8 pounds), I am now at 107 kg (236 pounds), picked up some muscle, and my belt went down to the smallest hole. The two weeks I didn't lose anything I know exactly what I did wrong.

Writing down what I eat helped a lot. My diet is still very clean, I just eat too much on occasion.

1. Three days of 30 minute cardio each week, running if my knee allows it, or using the bicycle.

I did at least 12 days out of a possible 18 days. I was badly caught by my plantar fasciitis flaring up, just after and because of a very succesfull run, so most of these were done on the bicycle. Grade C

2. Three days of bodyweight training, doing my present circuit

This I did 10 out of 18 days, I did get to 10 push-ups, but for some reason has never been able to duplicate that.Grade D

3. Keeping a log of what I eat

17 out of 36 days. Less than half, but I did eat mostly healthy, Grade D

4. And my side quest is learning to read music

I didn't even got around to it, I was overly optimistic that I would have the opportunity to do it, grade F

And my overall grade for this challenge is a D. But not a sad pathetic little D, but a "oh yes, I actually did very well for a first challenge" D

I appreciated the support I got on this forum, and have found that writing every day is a good guarantee to make sure I do some exercise.

Thanks everybody, and see you all for my next challenge in the Adventurers.

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Goal 1- Fitness- Str + 5

I love blogilates (pop pilates, whatever) she's so upbeat and girly

i habe her beginners calender as my desktop backgroud it's 30 minuets 6 days and week and one rest day. i will follow it. I'm going to have to start forcing myself  to get up earlier. for me 9 in early.


Goal 2 - Diet- Dex+ 5

My diet has to help my stomach digest and really the only thing my stomach can digest with no problems is smoothies or liquids.

sadly i found my i get bloated eating eggs (i thought i could handle them but i guess i was lieing to myself) dairy make my stomach distend out a few inches and bread also hurts me, though gluten free is easier to digest for me. i'm very curious about going Vegan/ Vegetarian because the food are soft enough for my stomach. so i will have at least one smoothie or juice a day.


Goal 3 - Life (Save Money) sta +5

Right now i have 2 jobs. It sucks i want to keep the one job that pays better but it's temporary.

But i've been spending money on fast food and stuff to feed myself (and somehow still looseing weight but feel sick all the time)

SO i need to start saving money. i will put 100 dollars a month into saving and start buying groceryies and cooking again. i really need to penny pinch.






wow it's already over...um............i failed. i had 2 jobs, no time for anything. it was just awful these past few months.

next challenge will be better and i will make more progress. might try another guild too.

Assassins :ph34r: maybe


As for why i think i failed and deserve a F.


Goal 1....never happend. i didn't do any blogilates. i slept till i had to get up for work and then went to my other job after that. i've been sleeping till like 11:00 lately or 10 and even noon. it's sad all i do is sleep and i have NO energy at all.


Goal 2 didn't happen either i ate at work both jobs fast food fried stuff and fatty meals and dairy and meat and bread. and it all hurt my stomach and i barely made it through my day without have to poop with cramps.


Goal 3- also didn't happen. i still bought crap food i never cooked and i had to take money out of savings to pay for dishes that got destroyed by certain some one who poured bleach all over them thinking he was sanitizing! but he did pay me back and i can put what i can back in savings. i sitll have no idea how to budget.


i am still losing weight and i've lost inches. but it's only because i was working so much for those 3 months and it really tore me up. i need to get my body back on schedual and nourish it better. i did have a doctors appointment and he want to do an ultra sound on my gallbladder. and i now am on medicaiton. (just Zantac)


i still suck at challenges but i'm going to join every single one anyway.and my goals are pretty much the same everytime as well. i have no idea how many challenges i've done since i've joined and i've failed all of them but 4. but i'm learning as i go. this will take time and i have to realize that. 


i have just the one job now and it's not the best it's just fast food and has nothing to do with my degree but it pay bills and it allows me too focuss on my health. and once i start feeling better, maybe i can go back to college or try using my degree again.

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Overall Grade-C

Goal 1 (swim 2 days a week)- D

Goal 2 (strength training)-B

Goal 3 (run a mile)-B


Well for me I did my best to complete the challenge. I went all the way to the end of the six weeks thinking of doing it, and doing my best. Unfortunately these last two weeks have been a bust. While I have worked out. (I joined a dance group and we practice a min. of 4 hours a week.) It was not one of my goals. 


I did almost make my one mile swimming mark, I just fell 1,430 feet from a mile. :( 


So in the end I did kinda follow and complete the challenge. My goals were to swim 2 days a week (I made that one for about 3 weeks), do some form of strength training (dancing counts right?) and to walk at least a mile once a week (well I am just now in my freshman year of college, and believe me, with the amount of walking I do it is about 2 miles everyday.) 


Overall I am extremely disappointed in myself (I know I could have done a whole lot better), and will have to do much better next challenge!

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So, here is my final statement of the first challenge.


stats of 09.09.2013: weight: 93.7 kg, body fat 22.4%, water 51.2%, muscles 38.5%


1. Gain muscles by working out at least 3 times a week - grad B (passed)

Workouts done: week 2/3 (total 17/18)


2. Increase share of water by drinking at least 2.5 l water or tea per day - grad A (passed)

Water intake: week 7/7 (total 42/42)


3. Stretching at least 3 times a week - grad C (passed)

Stretching: week 2/3 (total 15/18)


4. Improvement of English skill - grad C (passed)

Training of vocabularies: week 2/3 (total 17/18)

Added words: 52/60


Although there were some misses in the last week, I'm happy with how my first challenge went. Now it's time to plan some new goals for my upcoming second challenge.

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