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End of Challenge! Rebels, Report!

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Overall Challenge Score:  D


 - In summary, I squeaked by, didn't actually give up, but didn't meet most of my goals, either.



Challenge Goals:


1.   Eat a paleo diet consistently with only one cheat item per week.  If this is going out for wings with the guys, that means ONE pint of beer, and not "One night of binge drinking."  Target is to be visually leaner, or to see some decrease in body measurements by the end of the challenge.


RESULT:  2/6 weeks -  F


2.  Do two push-up practice sessions per week.  Target is to be able to do 20 push-ups by the end of the challenge.


RESULT:    2/6 weeks - F


3.  Do one Long-Cycle practice session per week.  Target is to be able to do the max. rep with my 14 kg bell by the end of the challenge.


RESULT:  4/6 weeks - C




Life goal :  Fail

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Final Grade: A


Pretty much nailed the strength training and exercise.

Goal 2, dieting was a little tough to ace because I set pretty high standards for myself, but I still managed to do well. I also changed my strategy/grading in the middle, but I held myself to the prior grading standards for prior errors.


Main Quest: Get in shape by the time I finish my PhD.

                                 Lose 40-50 lbs., get stronger, leaner, and more muscular


Goal 1: I will exercise at least 3 times per week.

This yields a total of 18 workouts. I decided to subtract 2 pts for each workout under 18. Also, minus 1 pt. for each day past two rest days between each workout. I also get a bonus point for any extra workouts.


I had a total of 20 workouts during the challenge, so that gets me 2 bonus points.

Unfortunately, I missed Friday's workout, and didn't get back to the gym until Sunday, that means I had three rest days so -1 pt.


Despite that I still get 101/100 here for working out every other day throughout the challenge.


Grade: A


Goal 2: Regulate and maintain a calorie and protein intake that encourages weight loss and without hindering muscle growth
Grading Goal 2: My grading system emphasizes keeping a consistent calorie intake, while penalizing not keeping track of calories, and not getting enough protein.


I did pretty well here. I nailed my protein every day that I have tracked. There were a few days where I went off the radar and had too many beers, but I penalized myself accordingly. Also, bear in mind that I changed my drinking penalty toward the end. I realized that its impact on my calories was penalty enough.


I set a goal of 2400 calories/day for the first 4 weeks, and 2500 hundred afterward. I increased this to help my strength training routine a bit. I noticed I was getting tired more quickly. Also, it helped me get an extra whey protein shake at the end of the day to increase my protein intake.


I scored my self based on the average number of calories that deviated from my daily goal over every recorded day divided by 20. This translates to -5 points for every 100 calories I was off by. It might not sound like a strong penalty, but believe me, it took quite a bit of bookkeeping to keep it consistent.


I subtract 2 points for each day that is not recorded. 1 point for a low protein day. Drinks I had early on are penalized as one point for each. Then the calorie penalty.


I had 1 day not logged. That day also gets a low protein penalty since I'm not sure if I got enough. My calorie penalty is -7. And my final drink penalty is 9.


My final grade is 100 - 2 - 1 - 7  - 9 =  81, out of 100 pts.


Grade: B


Goal 3: Increase Performance in Weightlifting Routine

I have been sticking to the Strong Lifts 5x5 workout since week two. By just sticking to the program and working out on schedule without stalling I should have hit all my goals.


Exercise                          Current Weight                   Goal Weight                         Lbs. To Go

Squat                                     145 lbs.                                145 lbs.                                0 lbs. +2 pts.

Bench Press                          125                                       115                                      0 lbs. +2

Dumbell Row                         130                                       130                                      0 lbs. +2

Overhead Press                      95                                         95                                      0 lbs. +2

Deadlift                                  155                                       155                                       0 lbs. +2


I will give myself 1 point if I am within 10 lbs of the goal for each exercise and 2 points if I meet or exceed the goal for a total of ten points.


I nearly stalled on the OH Press near the end, but I had an extra workout or two that gave me some flexibility and I hit all my end of challenge goals.




Grade A


Life Goal: Meditate at least 10 min a day -- I'm a (terrible) Zen Buddhist. I remember I did miss a couple of days in there, but really only maybe two or three. I'll give myself a 9/10


Grade: A


Final Grade:


This is calculated as [ 200* (goal 1 score) + 200* (goal 2 score) + 100*(goal 3 score) + 100*(life goal score) ] / 6

= [ 2*100/100 + 2*81/100 + 1*10/10 + 1*9/10 ] / 6

= 92/100 A


Since I completed the challenge I get to level 2 and have 14 total attribute points (10 for starting, and 4 more for each challenge goal). Feel free to step in and tell me if I'm wrong. I'm not sure if I got this right.


I'll distribute the first 10 as follows based on where I started, followed by my goal points:


STR      1    +1  (Goal 3: follow Stronglifts 5x5, hit end of challenge goal weights)

DEX      2

STA       2    +1  (Goal 1: workout 3 times a week)

CON     1    +1   (Goal 2: follow a weight loss diet, high in protein)

WIS       3    +1   (Life Goal: meditate every day, this was actually a side quest as listed on my challenge, I think I misread the rules, but if its okay with  everyone I'll count it as a life goal)

CHA      1


This is about where I might say I started. I felt like all around I was pretty even but I gave myself an DEX point because of my prior Kung Fu studies, STA because most of my workouts from recent years have been mostly cardio. At the very least I can usually walk or ride a bike pretty far (although slowly). I gave myself extra WIS because I'm mostly a brainiac. I also had some good knowledge of how to make myself healthier from the start, even though I wasn't really using it at the time.


There we go: Level 2

STR 2, DEX 1, STA 3, CON 2, WIS 4, CHA 1


Thanks to everyone for their support. Especially, my fellow accountabilibuddies in House Stark for all their advice and encouragement, Gainsdalf and Seth from the warriors guild for introducing me to the stronglifts program and their advice on nutrition and lifting form, and Kiwi for her infectious and encouraging RAWRing throughout.

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Challenge Wrap Up


Well, I made it through the whole challenge, and while I could feel my dedication weaken and had a few bumps, for the most part I am very happy with how well I stuck to my goals, even in the shadow of days that really seemed to punch me in the face...


Overall Grade: C


Goal 1: Strength train at least 3x a week

88% = B


Goal 2: Run at least 2x week

91% = A


Goal 3: Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night

59% = F


Sub-Goal 4: Log everything I eat and do

71% = C


Bring on the next challenge. I've got some pretty basic goals, some new and and some not-so-new to improve on.

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I did GREAT in my first challenge. I am looking forward to the next one in a week! I didn't expect to fit into my size 8 jeans for a few more months, but I was in them by the end of this challenge. I was surprised at the inches I lost, much more than the weight but that's fine I'll take it!


My main quest goal – will go past 6 weeks:

  • To lose weight and fit into a size 8 - A, I did it in 6 weeks, never expected this!

Mission goals

  • Walk at lunch time at work at least 4 out of 5 days.- A, did it
  • Eat Paleo at least 5 days a week - A, did it
  • Track loss by measurements only - B, weighed only once after 5 weeks for doc appointment

Life Quest

  • Work on programming - C, intermittent


 To be healthy, avoid blood pressure medicine and feel comfortable in my skin again

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Ok so I didn't get all I hoped for this time, but that was slightly out of my control, as I managed to injure myself in the 2nd week.  Stupid achillies not coping with my old runners.  Was preventable though, just wildly overestimated my abilities at running :tongue:  oops.  Lesson learned!  :witless:   Anyway, summary as follows:


Missing 1: workout 3 x per week.  Started out with promise to an early stumble, but given that i did spend the time rehabbing my injury - foam rolling, yoga and eccentric calf raises - and am back in the saddle for the last week, i'll still give myself a C- for the spirit of the attempt, if not the actual results (somehow managed to not lose any strength in the downtime as well, not sure how but i'll take it!)


Mission 2: Break the habit - no stress eating/drinking.  Dismal failure.  Absolutely dismal!  to the point of trying a detox cleanse to kick start this halfway through, and having caffiene withdrawals so bad I ended up in bed with a migrane and the shakes.  Much progress to be made here, will likely be the focus of my next challenge. F-


Missiong 3: Improve cardio.  Again little progress here, due to my injury.  Have been walking more consistently as part of the rehab (steady increases to distance/duraction/speed), but nothing taxing which is going to improve where i'm at.  Not really my "fault" as such, but still not a pass.  D


So overall, while I did manage to work with/around a setback (and am probably in a better place because of it), I don't think I can pass myself given that it prevented me from passing one goal, and I pretty well much ignored the other.  Overall a D- for this challenge.  But I get to level 1, and can (and will) try again next time!     :bull_head:


Wow, you went cold turkey from stress eating and caffeine? Sudden changes like that are likely to mess up bodily routines. I know I just have the problem with will power there, but losing the snacking would be hard that suddenly from both the hunger and habit aspects. As for the withdrawal migraines, weaning off using smaller portions or other sources (tea) might help, I think the same thing that caffeine does for headaches is provided by ibuprofen so that might help those without any caffeine intake. 


Are there any non-leg exercises that you tried?


Reporting back on this challenge:

My life goal, learning to read music didn't work out. I didn't have the energy to even try.

Exercising: week 1 was great, week 2 and 3 not good, and the last 3 weeks were good again.

I should have kept to a tighter schedule, but without support from the family it is difficult.

Losing weight: I lost 4 kg (8.8 pounds), I am now at 107 kg (236 pounds), picked up some muscle, and my belt went down to the smallest hole. The two weeks I didn't lose anything I know exactly what I did wrong.

Writing down what I eat helped a lot. My diet is still very clean, I just eat too much on occasion.


1. Three days of 30 minute cardio each week, running if my knee allows it, or using the bicycle.

I did at least 12 days out of a possible 18 days. I was badly caught by my plantar fasciitis flaring up, just after and because of a very succesfull run, so most of these were done on the bicycle. Grade C

2. Three days of bodyweight training, doing my present circuit

This I did 10 out of 18 days, I did get to 10 push-ups, but for some reason has never been able to duplicate that.Grade D

3. Keeping a log of what I eat

17 out of 36 days. Less than half, but I did eat mostly healthy, Grade D

4. And my side quest is learning to read music

I didn't even got around to it, I was overly optimistic that I would have the opportunity to do it, grade F

And my overall grade for this challenge is a D. But not a sad pathetic little D, but a "oh yes, I actually did very well for a first challenge" D

I appreciated the support I got on this forum, and have found that writing every day is a good guarantee to make sure I do some exercise.

Thanks everybody, and see you all for my next challenge in the Adventurers.

What was your repeatable maximum for push-ups?


I can understand how a log would perhaps motivate one to eat better or eat less; would it be possible to simplify the log to just amount to make it easier to keep up with?


As for music, perhaps a simple tune you already know well from listening would make it easier to learn, and because you know and like the song will be more inclined to learn it? This is assuming that you learn by doing as well or better than by study.


Goal 1- Fitness- Str + 5

I love blogilates (pop pilates, whatever) she's so upbeat and girly

i habe her beginners calender as my desktop backgroud it's 30 minuets 6 days and week and one rest day. i will follow it. I'm going to have to start forcing myself  to get up earlier. for me 9 in early.


Goal 2 - Diet- Dex+ 5

My diet has to help my stomach digest and really the only thing my stomach can digest with no problems is smoothies or liquids.

sadly i found my i get bloated eating eggs (i thought i could handle them but i guess i was lieing to myself) dairy make my stomach distend out a few inches and bread also hurts me, though gluten free is easier to digest for me. i'm very curious about going Vegan/ Vegetarian because the food are soft enough for my stomach. so i will have at least one smoothie or juice a day.


Goal 3 - Life (Save Money) sta +5

Right now i have 2 jobs. It sucks i want to keep the one job that pays better but it's temporary.

But i've been spending money on fast food and stuff to feed myself (and somehow still looseing weight but feel sick all the time)

SO i need to start saving money. i will put 100 dollars a month into saving and start buying groceryies and cooking again. i really need to penny pinch.






wow it's already over...um............i failed. i had 2 jobs, no time for anything. it was just awful these past few months.

next challenge will be better and i will make more progress. might try another guild too.

Assassins :ph34r: maybe


As for why i think i failed and deserve a F.


Goal 1....never happend. i didn't do any blogilates. i slept till i had to get up for work and then went to my other job after that. i've been sleeping till like 11:00 lately or 10 and even noon. it's sad all i do is sleep and i have NO energy at all.


Goal 2 didn't happen either i ate at work both jobs fast food fried stuff and fatty meals and dairy and meat and bread. and it all hurt my stomach and i barely made it through my day without have to poop with cramps.


Goal 3- also didn't happen. i still bought crap food i never cooked and i had to take money out of savings to pay for dishes that got destroyed by certain some one who poured bleach all over them thinking he was sanitizing! but he did pay me back and i can put what i can back in savings. i sitll have no idea how to budget.


i am still losing weight and i've lost inches. but it's only because i was working so much for those 3 months and it really tore me up. i need to get my body back on schedual and nourish it better. i did have a doctors appointment and he want to do an ultra sound on my gallbladder. and i now am on medicaiton. (just Zantac)


i still suck at challenges but i'm going to join every single one anyway.and my goals are pretty much the same everytime as well. i have no idea how many challenges i've done since i've joined and i've failed all of them but 4. but i'm learning as i go. this will take time and i have to realize that. 


i have just the one job now and it's not the best it's just fast food and has nothing to do with my degree but it pay bills and it allows me too focuss on my health. and once i start feeling better, maybe i can go back to college or try using my degree again.

Perhaps suggest to the someone that a hint (a drop or shaking the bottle then rinsing the cap in the water) of bleach in a sink of water is fairly good for sanitizing, but boiling is also useful to the same end and neither is necessary often? 


I think weaker-taste vegetables in a skillet with spices is one of the easiest meals to your specifications. If you mess up and it tastes icky just add tomato sauce. Sometimes stores have more specific and varied sauces. Can you eat rice? That might lower the lost the type of meal I described. As for smoothies, perhaps make your own before work, using ice as the filler (instead of yoghurt) and a container/bottle you take with you and just sip on it all day? For me drinking non-water/sweet beverages staves off hunger, which would help you not buy fast food, or at least not as much.


I like your not-giving-up attitude!


Overall Challenge Score:  D


 - In summary, I squeaked by, didn't actually give up, but didn't meet most of my goals, either.



Challenge Goals:


1.   Eat a paleo diet consistently with only one cheat item per week.  If this is going out for wings with the guys, that means ONE pint of beer, and not "One night of binge drinking."  Target is to be visually leaner, or to see some decrease in body measurements by the end of the challenge.


RESULT:  2/6 weeks -  F


2.  Do two push-up practice sessions per week.  Target is to be able to do 20 push-ups by the end of the challenge.


RESULT:    2/6 weeks - F


3.  Do one Long-Cycle practice session per week.  Target is to be able to do the max. rep with my 14 kg bell by the end of the challenge.


RESULT:  4/6 weeks - C




Life goal :  Fail

It seems that you did get a bit done, just not nearly as much as you set out to do. More specifically, how far did you get? How many push-ups can you do? What did you eat instead of paleo?

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Challenge Finished


Update 09 Sept 13


This last three weeks blew by in a flurry.  My time fled with the summer and I find myself at an end.  My  quest was riddled with challenges, lifestyle changes and shit swaps but I ended further forwards then when I began.


To start off with


Goal 1: Eat Paleo


I went from eating absolute garbage, to at least 70% of my meals being paleo.  I can feel the changes eating healthier has had on my body.  This was not without hiccups.  I spent week 5 on night shift unexpectedly, working 14 hours a day and sleeping 3 or 4 hours.  This meant I didn't have prepared meals available, but had to rely on the garbage the camp provided.  All things being equal I am happy with progress on this goal and look forwards to the progress I made


Overall grade: C+


Goal 2: Workout 5 Days a week


I managed to hit a consistent 3/4 times a week, while having three weeks at my goal.


Overall grade: B


Goal 3: Eliminate post work comfort food


This goal went well while I had my life under control.  I fell short on my nightshift week, but I emerge more motivated then before.  I hate the way I feel after eating this food.  The momentary high is not worth feeling sick after.


Overall grade: B-


Life Quest


I conquered the summit of Sulphur Ridge in Jasper National Park this summer.  It was an 8/10k moderate/difficult hike. The terrain varied from scaling along a valley, to switchbacks and finally onto a steep push to the summit.  I met some very friendly Marmots on the summit who were after my victory banana and glass of wine.


I found this incredibly rewarding.  I am setting my sights on a overnight hike next summer.


Weight Week 1: 332

Weight Week 3: 227

Weight Week 6: 224


Overall Loss: 8 pounds


I managed this while getting into better shape and adding more muscle.  My cardio has improved as well.


While my demons are not vanquished I have beaten them back. Another step forwards


Keep moving forwards

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Feeling comfortable in my own skin - not letting my weight or level of fitness keep me from doing something, whether it be getting down on the floor to play with my kids, wearing clothing that fits right, or doing some random activity with friends.  If I want to do it, I don't want my self-consciousness keep me from it.  So I need to lose some fat and gain some strength. 

Decidedly worked this way.  Climbed trees with children.  Splashed on beach in swimsuit. Am not wearing shoes, and not feeling self-conscious about doing so, though grocery stores have COLD floors. Lost some fat and gained some strength.  Registered for a half-marathon taking place on May 10, 2014.  


Goal 1:

Run 0.7 miles to my gym for my T/TH kickboxing class and then kick/punch the heck out of the class.

Took 11 kickboxing classes.  Ran/walked (building up my bare-footed-ness) there 10 times (but did extra running the night I missed the run)  22/24  92%   A  +1 STA


Goal 2:

BBWW 3X/week.

Did 1 circuit one day, completed the entire workout the other 17 times.  Increased my reps/weight.  Felt nice to sweat a bit and feel my muscles work.  Greatly improved my jump rope skills for my warm-up. 17.33/18 96% A +1STR


Goal 3:

Tame the sugar monster.

 So for this challenge I will be limiting sugar consumption to:

-85% cocoa chocolate - max 125g/week, no more than 25g in any one day.

-2 servings low GI fruit/day. http://www.marksdail.../#axzz2Zzd0ICNN

-1 serving paleo friendly 'treat'/week.  I bake GF dessert for a shared meal at my church.  I can eat one serving and let other people eat the rest.

Had two really bad ice-cream novelty related days.  A couple of 'not so great' snacks.  Other wise kept to my goals.  To my surprise, saw great improvement in my remaining auto-immune symptoms.  I will be maintaining a low-sugar intake for the foreseeable future.  This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  And the reward was well worth it.  36/42 'clean' days.  86%  B  +1CON



Complete our 'I need a break' corner - a place where any family member can go if they need to take a break from everyone else to calm down etc.  It involves lots of painting, board sawing/hammering. staple-gunning, sewing, etc. 

Probably about 60% finished.  Disappointed because this one = a broken promise to my son.  Had a super busy final week and an unexpected out-of-town visitor that week.  If I it finish before the start of the next challenge, I will award myself a point, but for now this is a D.  




Need to bring snacks/meals if I'm going to be out of the house.

I need to not buy ice cream novelties for my children.  A bucket of ice cream in the freezer is zero temptation to me.  Hand held ice cream is 'evil'.

Walk confidently, and people don't question you.

It's fun to play with my kids.

Not eating sugar/simple carbs isn't as hard as I thought it might me, and my body loves me for doing so.

Barefoot running is so much more fun that running in shoes.  Don't need to go fast, do I.


Will post new photos and measurements in my challenge thread tomorrow.  (My 30-day hard hat challenge is a 'go to bed by 10:30' and my time is up!)

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Challenge Complete!

I gotta say folks, this was awesome. And I kicked some mean lifestyle ass!


Goal 1: Eat primal whenever I'm at home.

Grade: A!

We made meals. No KD, no chocolate bars, no fizzy pops... Whole foods. Real foods. Fruits and veggies and meats, oh my! I didn't cheat even once while at home, and it even made me more mindful of my food choices when I went out. Awesome!


Goal 2: Work out 3x week.

Grade: A+!

Ok guys, I TOTALLY surprised myself on this one. I worked out 3x per week alright. And then I did more. And more. It started with taekwondo class (I belt graded and now I'm halfway to black!). Then I started running with the Zombies, run!5k trainer. That's 3x a week so I was up to six. At one point, I was doing all that AND doing monday morning boot camps (which I'm still doing). So, I became a fitness monster. And I loved it. 


Goal 3: Make the bed, every day. 

Grade: A

No bedlam. No messy beds. Period. If my fiance is in bed still, I make my side. If I come back home and he's mussed it, I remake it. It's amazing what setting an intention, and having a great group of online people to help keep you accountable, can do for you. 


Side quest: Get my work done on time

Grade: B

This side quest was hard. So many factors were out of my control. I tried my best, and I managed to get it all done, so may I should get an A, but the truth is, my heart wasn't in it anymore, and I couldn't wait to be finished. Now, I'm finished. Woohoo!



Moving forward for the next challenge, I can already see areas that need improvement. In addition, I have some worrying joint pain, probably with all the added exercise, and I've been meaning to see the doc about it. Mostly in my hip joints. We'll see what he says and here's hoping I'll be ready for the next challenge! Thanks fellow newbies!

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Yep.  Totally got a C-. 


Lose weight:  I lost 3 lbs.  D. 

Exercise 3x a week.  I did okay in the beginning, but was sick for two weeks and slacked off.  I give myself a C on that one. 

Lift weights:  Nope.  Half hearted kettlebell once in a while, but nope.  D. 


Wake up in the mornings:  This I did do.  I get a B.  


Not my most triumphant moment ever.  But I am going to hit it again next time for sure. 

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Challenge Complete!



Strength Train using a bodyweight routine at least 4x/week: 22/24  > Grade: A

           -Made some good progressions during this challenge and looking to kick it up some more notches for the next one before starting a cut sometime this winter.


Eat at a caloric goal everday in order to see gains by the end of the challenge:  42/42 > Grade: A

           - Definitely a learning experience, but ended up about +3 lbs at the end of the challenge.


Complete two good pullups by the end of the challenge: Complete > Grade: A

           - Seemed out of reach at first, but once I nailed down a good caloric intake this one came around easier than expected.



Already working on ideas for the next challenge, and looking forward to it.

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Challenge Goals:

  • Eat paleo everyday and cook a new meal or two each week. +2 CON
    Though I cheated, I spent too much time alone last weekend, could not help myself and eat chips/mr freezes. while watching Fringe. *_*

RESULT:  6/6 weeks  B+ / +3 CON

  • Complete the last 4 weeks of "Zombies, run! 5K" and then get into season 1. +5 STA
    I did not complete it yet, I still have the last week to do. I had to stop for almost 2 weeks because of a minor injury.
    Though I really enjoyed myself and I will finish it. ;) Check the conclusion for more details.

RESULT:    5/6 weeks  B+ / +4 STA

  • Start Convict Conditioning and add it to my workout days. +3 STR, +2 CON
    Seriously, I can't enjoy that thing, it's so monotonous! I did it for a while and then I just stopped. Though I still work on the handstand!

RESULT:  3/6 weeks  C+ +1 STR


  • Wander through that evil civilized bureaucracy and get my driver license back. +3 WIS
    I did all the necessary things to get that moving, I'll have to pay 1600$ by montly payments... so it's gonna take a while but it's on!
    I had a price on my head (yup.) and it’s now gone. So hey, I think I got that right!


  • Start spanish lessons. +3 CHA
    I was not as constant as I should have been; but I did well. ;)
    I really like duolingo!


TLDR: +3CON, +4STA, +2WIS, +1CHA

So now I can run 7km without stopping, at first I could'nt run for 2 minutes!
I also eat paleo all day erryday! :)
I got a whole lot of things under control concerning my driving license and I can understand spanish a lot more easily now. :)

I'll be joining the warrior for now; change of plans!

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Well here I am - stuck it out! This is Radio Rowan, submitting my final report! 


Strength Workouts: 13/18 completed. 72%


Have lowered my incline pushups from a waist-high block to a knee-high or sometimes mid-calf one! Woot!


Deadlift has increased from 45 lbs with two sets of five, to 55lbs with 4 sets of five.  Double Woot!


Have replaced the squats in my bodyweight circuit with box jumps, and am learning how to squat the bar.


Bench press increased from 20 lb, 3X(5 reps) to 25 lbs 5X (3 reps).  Wasnt really working much on this though...


Have lowered the rings by two marks on my bodyweight rows!


RUNNING: 8/12 66%


Cheated a bit here, but with good reason, as my job takes a MASSIVE toll on my feet and knees, and so I had to substitute yoga classes for some of these runs.  Seeing good improvements in speed and especially stamina though!


EATING: 23/42 54%


This was rough.  The score above only counts the days I was in-bounds with my sugar intake.  Adding in all the dozens of other restrictions I put on myself would probably leave me with one day of acceptable eating.  This level is going to have to be my focus for the next challenge!


Life Quest (chanting): 12/42  28%


Bombed it pretty hard.  I think the key here is to make it painfully, blindingly simple and easy, so it sticks.  Next time will be better! 


Learned : I love going to the gym.  Once I'm there, it's awesome, and no matter how pissed or tired or low I'm feeling, I'm high as a kite by the end of it.


Food is a danger zone for me.  Specifically, eating at work (stupid fancy food) and "treating myself" with chocolate, cake, a sandwich, cookies, etc.  Also, I consume a hell of a lot of liquid calories in the form of alcohol.  I think if nothing else I'm glad I did this challenge because I realize now how much I'm actually drinking.  I've also got to watch for bad "healthy foods," like whole wheat bread, peanut butter with sugar in it, gigantic diner omelettes with bacon and potatoes, etc.  I don't eat a whole lot of super processed foods though, so that's good.


Need to take better care of my knees and feet if I want to run.  Somehow. 


Nothing works without good sleep, water, and appropriate down time. 


Coffee is messing with me.


SMALL GOALS.  I aimed waaaay too high for this challenge, and I kind of fell on my face.  Next time will be different.  Smaller goals, bigger change, better results. 


I have built a solid habit of logging my food and my workouts.  I have been doing this for a while, but this challenge really cemented the practice for me.  


This challenge has been amazing, and I am exited to ramp it up even higher the next time around. This website and this community is helping me change my life in ways that I have struggled with for my whole life.  Thank you all, and KEEP IT AWESOME!

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I already poste my results in my challenge page but here it is again!

My overall grade = A-

I succeeded in three of my four goals and feel really good about my progress.

My Main Goals:

1. Complete 15 pull-up’s in one set (+1 Str) A

2. Learn front handspring and back handspring:(1 Dex) C

3. Lose 15 lbs (+1 Con) A+


4. Pay off 500$ of debt (+1 WIS) A

I completed three of my goals and even surpassed one of them. My diet change really worked well. I’m 20 pounds lighter and feel so much better. I’m more awake in the mornings and I have so much more energy at work. I’m definitely going to stick with it and eat paleo as much as possible!

The one goal I failed was my agility goal. I learned a back handspring halfway through the challenge but then life happened and I just didn’t get enough time to spend in the gym training.

Overall I’m really happy and proud of my results. I look and feel stronger and healthier every day!

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Didn't do as well as I had hoped for this challenge.  Hit a rough patch after spending the day at the NY State Fair to see a crazy concert (at least I didn't fall and break my leg like a guy behind me), but I was a little under the weather after that, probably a result of dehydration (ironic, since we stood in the pouring rain for 2 hours during the concert and then slogged through half a foot of water to get to the car afterwards).  So obviously, I didn't meet my goals.



1. Complete 5 days of intense cardio/lifting (at least 1 hour), 2 days of tai chi. Every week.

Final grade: B.  I did pretty good with this, though I didn't always go for a full hour, depending on what workout I was doing.  I may have missed a day or two, but did a pretty good job making up for it later.

2. Drink at least 3 large cups of water per day.

Final grade: C.  Got really dehydrated a couple times during these three weeks.  I got so focused on work I forgot to have water throughout the day.  Started off well when I was thinking about it, but started slacking off towards the end.

3. Consume 90% of diet within requirements of the Paleo Diet.

Final grade: D.  It is rough going cold turkey on some of these things.  Started out well enough, eating salads, fish, and venison a lot, but then I had parties, and fair food, and Amish baked goods...and it got away from me pretty quickly.  


Life Quest: Start a blog.

Final Grade: B.  I started a blog, but only have one post done so far.  Trying to write short stories to gauge what people like and don't like about my writing, but it's difficult writing shorts stories all the time.  

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So I completed the first challenge and here are my results!!


Main Quest: Become the Dragonslayer

o  Trial 1: To beat the dragon, you must eat like the dragon (Paleo challenge) = A!

  • I would have to go with an A on this one. I did the 30 day reset and continued on!

Trial 2: Achieve epic stamina! = A!

  • This one was also an A! There was one week were it was a B, but the rest were all A's!

Trial 3: Mental prowess conquers all! = A!

  • Dominated this one!! A's across the board!


Life Quest: Look deep within the mines of Moria =A

The powers that be have proclaimed that this will be done by inner exploration to seek out the confidence that has been hidden away deep in the mines and to epically quest with a renewed gusto and skip in their step!

  • I did start to find my confidence and made some really tough life decisions. A!

Fitness Quest: Become Medium armor proficient! = A

·      Complete Steve's BBWW at least 3 times a week= dominated!! A!


All in all.... I earned the Dragonslayer title!


I wanted to extend a thank you to the many different people on the NF forums. You really helped me find the support and motivation that I was struggling to find on my own! Thank you for helping me change my life in different ways and for the better!! Really excited for the next challenge!

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This challenge has been really good for me on a fitness level, but even more as a platform from which I now know how I can challenge myself. I started strong in the first week, and the middle bit was hard. But in the last two weeks, I managed to keep up my goals and get stronger. 


As far as goals go:


Take up a running regimen: I run out of habit now, and though I didn't get quite as many runs as I wanted in the first half, I've noticed a definite change in my body and mindset pertaining to running. At the beginning I moderately disliked it, now I depend on it to decompress and to get that extra bit of exercise in. B+


Core workouts: I started weakly with this one, but in this last third it's really ramped up. I've also seen it in my appearance, and, a tad bit unfortunately, I have shrunk sizes which means that I have to get new clothes. B


X-training: Possibly my worst stat. Really, I just get so bored doing anything but erging. For the first four weeks, I was super strong in this, but in the last two weeks, when my summer rowing ended, I kind of let it fall aside, though I've been getting a good deal of erging in. B+


Overall Quest: To get stronger and build endurance. 

Success. I am ready for the coming crew season at a superior degree than most of the rest of varsity. Over the summer I broke my personal 5k erging record by 20 seconds.  B+


Life goal: Write everyday. I surprised myself by mostly keeping to this, there was a bit in the middle where I just lost it, but, I got back to it.


Ending measurements:

Weight: 147 lbs (-8)

BMI: 25.23 (-1.37)

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Repost from my thread.


My three missions will be.


1. Drink only water or coffee

2. Three times a week eat something I have never had before

3. Using the 80/20 rule make sure that %80 of my meals are made with no processed ingredients.


I will post more about these as the challenege goes on, and post about why I picked them, but for right now this will get me started.


Mission 1 gets an A-.  I will admit this one was not that difficult.  I gave up soda a few years back and have never really been sugary drink person.  I have, however, had a few missteps with bottled iced tea.  It really does hit the spot on a hot day.  It would usually be one and that will be it for some time.  I will also add that I had a few kombuchas along the way as well.  I made sure to pick ones that didn't have sugar so I don't really count these againt my health but there were not listed on my mission.  I will make sure to ammend that for next time.


Solid B on mission 2.  I did venture out as often as I could on what I ate.  Had a few weeks were I only ate 1 thing off my normal menu but I still looked at that as being a mini accomplishment.  I think next time I will focus more on types of food rather than single items.  I do have a CSA so I got various veggies to eat that I had never had before, or prepare things in a different way, but it might be more engaging for me to pick a type of food, like morocan or chineese, to use.


C- for mission 3.  I would go really strong for several days then have a misstep and binge for a day or two.  In terms of my overall health it proboaly didn't hurt me any but it still happened.  My biggest problem was always preparation.  Being hungry, and not prepared, was always what lead me to eat something I should not have.


Overall I would say it was a win for me.  I didn't do as well as I wanted to on my missions but I think I learned a lot about myself and what I will need to do in the fiture.  I also know what I need to continue to do to stay the course of improving myself.


A good experience and something I can build off.

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Success! I lost 16.2 pounds eating Paleo for 6 weeks. I have gained a little upper-body muscle tone although the pictures don't really support it like I had hoped. I also need to get better at taking pictures of myself  :playful: .


Main Challenge:  Gain upper-body muscle tone and loose 10 pounds.


My Level-up Goals:

1) 6 weeks of Paleo eating - logged daily in a food journal

2) Beginner Bodyweight workout three times a week - weekly photos and measurements

3) wash dishes every other day - one less excuse to eat what I shouldn't (out)


Leveling Up:

Eating Paleo was pretty great having this challenge to help hold me to it. I am pleased with the physical progress. I am not sure it is exactly what I want to do forever. I've come across a lot of information in the past 6 weeks that is leading me to try some other strategies. I am always up for adapting or changing an approach- but I need to have boundaries and Paleo is GREAT for that.

I get an A for my nutrition goal!


I also had a great time working through the Beginner Bodyweight Circuit. It was initially a challenge and I really benefited from having a regular workout I could do in my living room. That was a low barrier and just what I needed. I think I missed 1 workout.


I get an A for my workout goal!


I get an C for my dish washing goal  :pig: 

Washing dishes was a much harder goal that I had imagined!  :nightmare:  It took me 3 weeks to get in front of that one. I didn't eat out as an excuse for a messy kitchen, but the habit didn't exist- or the anti habit was huge! Things are GREAT there now and it makes me FEEL better being in the kitchen when the counter is clear and the sink is clean! It took too long to get there though. Maybe that was the biggest growth?


I dropped 16.2 pounds this challenge. I am stronger now- but I still have plenty of "insulation" covering up the muscles. I am not so impressed with the pictures, but I am impressed with the experience. I wasn't sure that doing an online challenge would really be motivational. It was just what I needed!


Here are the post challenge pictures- just because I said I would. I appreciate this community and the opportunity to participate!

post-20379-0-14096800-1378926061_thumb.j post-20379-0-22120100-1378926085_thumb.j

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I get a C-.


I kept up with running at least 2 times a week but never pushed myself beyond 2km. My tits are gone and my weight has stabilized at 215lbs. Next Saturday is the dirt run I promised i'd do and i intend on doing it, no matter the cost.


My minor goal, painting my 40k force has been accomplished. Studying for my technical certification has not.


All in all i'm very disappointined in myself.


My knees hurt from too much sitting and despite doing good work, I feel nothing from any compliments. At home or at work.


I want to go forward but I don't really get any encouragement beyond "you look like you lost weight."


I want to try again. I want to push myself. I want to get over  "i'm home from work and i had a shitty day. That means no working out and time to smoke weed and sit hunched over something."


I'm not sure where to go from here other than to tackle the dirt run anyway.

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Challenge Results


Sorry for the belatedness, I was on vacation.  I barely had phone service, let alone internet!  It was awful, I had to just hang out at the beach interacting with my loved ones with nothing to distract me.


Main Quest:  Become a more active, functionally fit, person.  Strive for consistency, perseverance and stick-to-it-iveness overall, even if a specific activity doesn’t end up grabbing me.  Embrace a more dynamic, engaged mindset both physically and mentally.  Get out of analysis paralysis and just move forward!


I feel good about my main quest- I can still do a lot better regarding acting vs. just thinking but I accomplished my goals and I'm starting to hit a really good stride being more active overall.  I'm finally to the point where I'm becoming physically fit enough to actually start tackling my long-term goals, which is really exciting.


-I will consistently follow a Paleo diet with strict focus on eliminating sugar and less-strict focus on eating less dairy.


A for diet- Even on vacation I didn't go completely off the rails and it's starting to feel a lot more second nature than previously.  Only worry is that I shared a food diary I'd kept a few days with my trainer and she says I'm eating too little.  So unsurprisingly, there's always a new challenge to which I can look forward.


-I will engage in some cardio activity at least twice a week for at least 20 minutes.


C for the cardio.  I've worked a lot more aerobic activity into my routines and feel like I have more stamina but my path didn't follow my expectation really at all.  I think I ran like twice, but added in swimming, walking, playing with the the dog, etc.  But I can still do a lot better here.


-Add a plate to squat, bench press, and deadlift and make time for all three every week.


A for strength- I'm proud.  I went from just 45 lb bar to 115 lbs squat, 85 lbs dead lift, 60 lbs bench press.  None of these are to failure but all I can do 8-10 reps with good form.  For what it's worth (nothing, I know), I can squat 240 lbs on the freemotion machines at my gym, also not to failure.


Life Goal:  Update my resume.  Apply to the management training at work and/or apply for another job. 


B for professional development.  I met the letter, not the spirit of the law.  I could be more proactive about work and my future.  This will be ongoing.


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Ok, I made it to the end of my FIRST Challenge! I'll be updating my personal thread later on. I give myself a solid "C" for this round!


Ultimate Quest: become Small But Deadly (and find some activity that will keep me that way)

 Main Quest: run my November 5k without walking; complete one pull up; be much farther from "Obese" and much much closer to "Healthy" on the BMI scale.


CURRENT QUEST: by the end of this Challenge, fit back into my gray pants.

I fit very well in the hip/waist area, but my thighs are still tight. Let's give it one more Challenge go-round.




This was pass/fail, I totally PASSED! Tried 12 new recipes (6 are 'keepers', one is a 'nope'), we did not eat out at ALL - and celebrated on Tuesday with "Unagi Bowl Tuesday" or as my partner has re-named it, "TUE-NAGI!!!!"

+1 Wisdom for the planning, tracking, and knowledge gained with food choices.



I earned a "C", which is good enough for me in the Challenge (IRL, I am NEVER a C student - but I'm also much more of a comfy person than a Spartan so there's that). Really really enjoyed the BBWW, and saw progress along the way!

+1 Strength - obvs.



Another "C" here, but bumped my running times to 5:00 each 'run' and am making great headway on my November goal :)

+1 Constitution for raising my endurance.



I made minimal progress here - I think I set the bar waaay too high for myself.



General update: lost 4.9# (mostly in the last two weeks, thanks, body!), a total of 7 1/2 inches over my entire body, better digestion, better sleep, stuck to my budget (side effect of meal planning) - total success IMO.



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The past two weeks have been very hectic... work was a little more stressful and a whole lot busier....

I was able to stick to my food and water goals but my exercise went out the window. I made sure to use the stairs

and walked around the office a little more than normal to get some exercise... By the time I got home, did my chores

and took care of the puppy... I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep!!! :moon:


But I am proud of myself for my overall accomplishments!!! :joyous:

My final weigh in is 150!!! Whoot Whoot that is a nice 7.5 lbs less :triumphant:

I tried on my dresses and they fit better.... My jeans don't look like they are screaming for me to get out of them!!!


My measurements:

W: 35 to 33

Hips: 42.5 to 41.5

Left Leg: 26 to 25 (due to injury a few years ago, my left side tends to be slightly larger then my right)

Right Leg: 24.5 to 23.5


Overall Grade: B


I am looking forward to the next challenge..... Thank you to all of you that have sent messages and given support!!!

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Summary of goals and progress:

Here are my goals:

1. Run or go to the gym for >60 minutes every day (missing at most 1 day/week)

2. be able to run for 60 minutes at an incline of 6% at 10km/hour by the end of august, and be able to run at an incline of 7% at 10-11km/hour by the end of september

3. Stop overeating!



1. I didn't do to well on this, I would probably give myself a D. I ran/went to the gym most days for sure, but not every day. However, I wouldn't have taken more than 2 days off in a row at any point, so that's not too bad.

2. I can nearly do this - I haven't been to the gym for a while because I've been running outside, but the last time I went I managed 6.5 at 9.5 for 1 hour. this was a little while ago, so I might have improved enough to have reached this goal by now. Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with this progress, so I'd rank myself a B for this one.

3. Haven't been to bad with this. My weakness is peanut butter, and I've been eating a lot of this on toast recently because I am pretty time poor at the moment! So my diet has been pretty reasonable, so maybe I'd give myself a B-C for this :)


Not too good, but not too bad either. I'm looking forward to the next challenge, so I can put more effort in and do better! :)

Thanks everyone and well done for finishing :) :)

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By the numbers, I didn't do particularly well at this challenge (my average grade was a C-).  But, I scored myself pretty harshly (I set the scoring up at the beginning when I still had no idea what I was going to be able to do).  Also, the overall scores don't reflect the huge improvement that I started to have in the last two weeks (and in this past week, since the challenge ended).









Technically, all of the above is a passing grade :D  And really, I did better than I expected.  I never really thought I would stick with this challenge the whole way through.  But I did.  And, best of all, now my collarbone is healed enough that I can go back to karate almost fully (doc says no impact against other people for another month (i.e. no Krav, self defense, or sparring) but pushups, roundoff, and bag work are all allowed) so the next challenge can be epic :)


Basically, I did it!!!!  As bad as my grades are, I still graduated into an actual guild, as a Level Two Monk!!!!!  Whooooo!!  :D :D :D  But, as far as the RPG aspect of the quests go, I think I'll only give myself extra stat points for Mission One.  Which makes no sense, since it's the one I scored the lowest in.  But really, it's the one I feel the most accomplishment for "completing".  And it's the one I did the best in in the last two weeks (I kinda dropped #2, and #4 was kinda a gimme-goal that I actually failed at. xD)  So, that gives me 11 points to divvy up.

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