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End of Challenge! Rebels, Report!

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End of Challenge Results (which I totally copied from my thread)



Mission #1: Do the Beginner Body Weight Routine 3x a week


18 workouts total - 13 completed

72% - B


Mission #2: Write down what I eat every day


42 days total - 30 completed

71% - B


Mission #3: Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night


42 days total - 34 completed

80% - B



Grading Scale:

A: 81-100

B: 61-80

C: 41-60

D: 21-40

F: 0-20


I'm still not sure if this was the best way to divide the grading scale, but I think part of me is disappointed that I didn't do better, especially the last two weeks, and therefore I want to be harder on myself. I didn't lose as much weight as I was hoping to and I definitely slid backwards into old habits more times than I thought I would. 


But enough with the negativity! Here's a few things I learned from (plus a few reasons why I rocked) this challenge!


  • Water is my new best friend. I've noticed such a huge difference in my energy levels and alertness from dropping Cokes and switching to water (and tea!). I feel more awake and less sluggish (and sometimes, like I can take on the world!) than I used to and I love it!
  • My emotional eating is a lot better. Yeah, I went overboard more times than I care to admit, but it was easier to limit how much I ate and a lot of times I was looking forward to getting back on track. It's also gotten easier on my not-as-bad emotional days to not stop for ice cream or fast food on the way home from work. 
  • I can do pushups on my knees! Only up to 5 for now, but six weeks ago, I was having to do pushups against a wall, so major victory!!
  • I lost 6 pounds! So I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted. Who cares?! My pants are actually loose on me for the first time in months and I found two more shirts that fit now!
  • Trying new recipes is a lot of fun. Of course, grocery shopping has turned into an adventure because I'm using ingredients I've never used before. The Great Quest for Arugula was quite the adventure (or fiasco, depending on your perspective :tongue: )!
  • I have a better sense of other changes I need to make in my life. I have a lot more Life Quests than I originally thought. First challenge: post more often! ;)

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Sorry for the delay




Choose Squirtle

Ok so most of my empty calories come in the form of drinkable sugary goodness. In January I set the goal of no more energy drinks for 60 days, I nailed it! Since there besides having a sip of my boyfriend's drink once and a while I have continues to be energy drink free. My soft drink consumption has risen since then and I've always preferred juice/iced tea/anything over water - so yeah it's a problem.

By the end of 6 weeks I want to be able to say I only have soft drink/iced tea/juice etc on special occasions and that I drink 8 glasses of water daily.


C: <1.20L of sugary* beverages consumed per week, consume >750mL of water a day.

*Sugary beverages include soft drink, iced tea, non-fresh juice (so if I squeeze it myself or it's done there in front of me at a juice bar it's ok provided I have no more than 1 per week), sports drinks, cordial, etc.


Stair Duchess

Ok stairs, inclines, slopes and me don't get along at all. I super struggled when I was in Europe last month especially in Scotland. How I was able to keep up all the sightseeing I did for 4 straight weeks instead of curling up in a ball crying I don't know. As of Monday 29th July I can go up a flight of stairs and back down them 5 times in 2mins 37.82sec. In 6 weeks time I want to have smashed that record both in reducing the time it takes me and by increasing the amount of "laps" I can do in the original time.


F: 2 min 30sec for 5 laps, complete - Still a reduction but not much


I like to move it, move it.

So in order to do well at "stair duchess" I need to start moving and in order to increase my fitness so I can do more things which is my whole quest in life I need to move it. So yeah lets up the exercise. Current plan: Sundays - Yoga with Nim, Mondays - Park fun (playing ball sports etc) with Nim, Radact and Brentos and Wednesdays - Playground workout with my 3 IRL NF buddies. I feel 3 x workouts each week is a vast improvement on a handful a month (usually these are 30min strolls around my suburb).


D: 3 workout sessions a week including yoga.

*These yoga sessions will be short and basic, just a bit of a stretch with focus on meditation

NB: Yoga fell through but I did at least 3 workouts each week.


Life Goal:

To save $4000! This is to pay for flights and guided tour for my holiday in March, so either I'll have $4000 in my account or I would have book and paid for my flights and tour   :)


A: >$4000 in my holiday savings account or my flights & tour booked and paid for.


So what have I finished with?

Height: 168cm

Weight: 106.3kg (up by 500g from 105.8kg)

Body Fat: 50.9% (up from 50.5%)

Muscles: 29.1% (down from 29.2%)

Waist: 98cm (same)

Hips: 132cm (same)

Bank: Flights & tour paid for


So overall on paper I've gone backwards. Though I've improved aspects of my life these are small gains - still gains though!

I am happy that my habits have improved. I am sad that my measurements have not. I'm going to use this to motivate me to do better next time.

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Nice work Rachy87!


And great work to everyone else! :D



Discarding the Holy Water:

I will post a quick summary of the final week after this final report for references sake, but I just achieved an A for the week, so I give myself an A- for this quest.


To Bruise A Demon:

I picked up the weights 4 times during the last week, and maintained my routine. Plus if I didn't do it on the right day I got a bit exasperated, so it feels like habits certainly are building, which is the most import thing. So I am giving myself an A for this challenge.


Running the River Styx:

Again I will post a quick summary after this (also to double check my math again), but it appears that I achieved an A for this, just pipping in over the 9 hours. However due to how I have been doing on this over the course of the challenge, I am labelling it an A-.


Don't Be Indebted to Hades:

Well as we know I achieved this early on, but set the task to apply for some jobs as well to get the A, and albeit last minute, I did apply for a few jobs Sunday night, so I just get the A- methinks!



I think I did well in my challenge. On the outset I thought a couple of the quests were a bit challenging, but by the midpoint some seemed much easier than expected. I feel I could have pushed harder, and personally would like to knuckle down harder. So I feel that maybe on the next challenge I will really set myself up with a monstrous challenge or two, and I will definitely be looking into a side-quest as well I think.

Overall: A     :D

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[Nim-aera] The Paper Bag Princess



[GOAL ONE] Consume no soft drink/make all lunches.

How did I do: I feel like I made a really good effort in this challenge. I definitely think I ate alot healthier, and being gluten free, the options for food out are limited, so it did help when it came to tempting moments. I think the hardest part was giving up soft drink and craving it some days. 
What did I eat? I gave up making lunches for uni half way through and instead opted for coming home and making a lunch. I maybe only brought lunch once or twice, and it was sushi both times. 
How can I improve? I would like to keep a food diary to better grasp my snacking habits, I tend to be a grazer. I just need to make sure Im grazing on the right options, like veggies and nuts and some fruit. I plan to incorporate this in the future. 


[GOAL TWO] More Yoga(urt) 
How did I do: I was doing amazing until the last week, and I did absolutely no yoga. My personal life got in the way and I was so smothered by university that I didn't make time for myself, or forgot until I was already in bed. Its no excuse, but I am disappointed with myself. However, I was making amazing success for 5 weeks, so Im not going to penalise myself too much, but I won't be getting that A I wanted. 
How can I improve? I need to make a little more time for myself, and maybe try to pull myself away from uni work, granted, it is very hard, but I need to plan ahead better.


[GOAL THREE] Going for that exercise...
How did I do: I think I have to pat myself on the back for this. I made it to all except one workout (group one) and I actually found myself wanting to go outside more. I made time to get to uni early, park far away and walk across campus to my classes. I also enjoyed a few unplanned runs and walks. I wish I could go for more though.
How can I improve? BE LESS LAZY. I need to plan better. For me, its all about the planning. I need to make a weekly plan and stick to it, rather than working day by day, as I find the amount of time I commit to university can overpower time I have for other things.

[LIFE QUEST] *hits snooze alarm* Going to uni.
How did I do: I cannot believe myself. I have improved so much since the beginning of this year. I was able to attend all classes minus one I was sick for, and I found it easier and easier to get out of bed for those 6am days. 
How can I improve? I just have to keep positive, and know that I am strong enough to do this.



At the end of the challenge





Height: 159cm
Weight: 76.7kg (77.8kg)
Waist: 86cm (78.5cm)
Hips: 103.5cm (102cm)
Bust: 106cm  (102cm)
Body Fat: 36.7% (37.4%)
Body Muscle: 33.5% (33.3%)


I did much better the week before the last, and I had actually lost a kilo and fat percentage and gained muscle, but not working for that last week tipped me back up.  :(
Overall, I lost centimetres on my hips, waist and boobs, which is what I was aiming for, so Im not going to get bummed on my weight too much! I did good.  :D

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Hmm, challenge is over. I'm a little late since work held me up.


The first goal was to start a strength workout. I scheduled three per week and kept pretty well at it. Averaging probably a C - for missing one or two workouts.


The second goal was to prepare all lunches at home. On average I missed between 2 and 3 lunches. I'll give myself a D+ for this goal since I think I didn't held up very well on this goal.


The third goal was to get to work on pure muscle power. I did that but had to stop several times (red lights and some steep inclines). I also ran my first 5k during the challenge. I'll give myself a B- on this one.


All in all I feel like I missed probably two weeks out of the challenge. However I am much stronger, I'm leaner (pants start to fall off), I'm faster and I'm feeling much better. I feel like I much more at home with my body.

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Main quest: lose weight and get stronger.

Results: Not sure I lost weight.  I went from the top of my normal weight range to the bottom of my normal weight range.  But I did lose inches in places.  And I definitely got stronger.  So progress, anyway, if not raging success.


My goals were:


1. 3 strength workouts and 3 cardio workouts a week

Results: B+.  I got 4-5 workouts in a week, aside from a crappy week 3, and 4-5 is a totally reasonable number.  (Week 4, it got a lot more automatic, even if I didn't quite get in the workouts I wanted to.)  So I'm pleased with that, even if it wasn't perfect.


2. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day

Results: B-.  I did really well the first few weeks, then slipped to mostly fails and 2 liter days in the last three weeks, with a few days where I showed some signs of dehydration.  So I didn't do too badly, but it's not exactly a solved problem.


3. Sleep 8 hours a night, and make sure I'm in bed before 11:45

Results: C-, tops.  Oh dear.  Again, first three weeks were great.  Then I slipped a bit, then picked it up, then hit a patch of insomnia.  But I did learn some things in the process that I think will be useful for my next challenge, so all is not lost.


Basically, I finished fairly strong on my first goal, and medium to weak on my next two, and also sort of stopped posting regularly, so I can't say I finished super-strong, but I got the basic thing done and got some good preparation for the next challenge.

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This is the 13th letter, reporting!

I apologize for the delay. I blame the gremlins. You know, those who eat the socks you put into your washing machine or dryer. Yeah, those ones!

  1. Eat 3 meals per day without distractions. B- (82%)
  2. Sleep by 12pm, wake up and start work by 10am. F (42%)
  3. Attend martial arts classes 4 times a week. C- (71%)
  4. Write a damn fine Master's thesis. C- (71%)

Overall: D+ (68%)

Writing a thesis during a 6WC messes up your timetable quite bad, and your goals will suffer. I underestimated this. Not gonna repeat that.

Goals #1 and #2 were semi-abandoned mid-way because I realized they were not really in line with what I wanted. See the full report for details.

Overall, I consider this challenge a success, but a weak one. Will do better next time.

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Alright ladies in gentlemen, in preparation for the next challenge I am finally posting my results from my first challenge:



Main mission

Get into a healthy routine of eating right and getting outside for some exercise. I've been on and off diets for basically the past 7 years. I just want to focus on the next 6 weeks and get through that, focusing on one day at at time. Whatever weight loss is welcomed.


Goal 1

Eat only real foods. (Goals in terms of 3 solid meals a day)

B - 20

I hit real meals most of the time, and I'm pretty proud of this. Only a few times I had a falling and ate "fake" foods. But I managed to bounce back at least for the week and I can confidently give myself a B.

+1 Constitution


Goal 2

Get outside 3 times a week, 30-45 minutes at a time (must be for exercise, chores don't count)

C - Outside 1 times for the week

I barely passed this one. Things got real crazy with our child and my wife going back to work, I definitely didn't take those variables into account when planning this goal. But averaging out my weeks, I still come out to 1 time a week, which was a close one. Something creative I had to do was buy a jump rope, and when I couldn't go outside to run when I was watching my baby, I went outside or in the garage and jumped rope...which is killer!

+1 Stamina


Goal 3

Limit restaurants/take out to 2 times per week.


I am so happy about this. Unfortunately, it took losing my second income to realize how much money we spent on going out, but now we only eat take out on Sunday afternoons. Every other time it's real home-cooked food baby!

+1 Constitution


Life Quest

Get out of bed within 5 minutes of waking up. No more snoozing for an hour.

A - 5 days per week

I'm pretty proud of this one. Of course, with my wife working nights, I was the one responsible for waking up, doing my morning routine, and getting our baby fed and ready for day care. And when I'm responsible for all that, and getting to work on time, there is NO way I can afford to oversleep.

+1 Wisdom


End Result

I ended up losing 13 pounds in these 6 weeks. I know I could've lost more if I hadn't had those falling outs, but I'm pretty proud. I'm close to being the lowest weight I can remember from the past 3 years. Here are my level 2 stats as I've assigned them, with 10 base and the 4 awarded above:


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 1

Stamina: 3

Constitution: 3

Wisdom: 3

Charisma: 2


Let's go challenge 2!

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