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Adventurers Report Back


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We've been up and we've been down

We've been serious and we've been a clown

We've been fast and we've been slow,

but we know the places we will go.


We've made friends and we've had good times,

But at the end of the hour the clock still chimes.

It's time to wrap it up and to close the book,

but not before we give everyone one last look.


Once you've had a think and round up the thoughts in your head

copy and paste your summary below in this thread.

We'll cheer you on or join you to commisserate

But at the end we're all still going to be your mate.




So another challenge draws to a close and we're all excited to see how far we've come and where we're heading to next.


We no longer award a guild champion (as per the new rules), however we are still able to highlight those who have done particularly well this challenge.  So we request that you post a copy of your summary below (with a link to your challenge) and if you're graduating to another guild let us know where you're going that others can join you.


Thanks again for another successful challenge folks.  You're all awesome!!

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dhert Challenge #3


Main Quest: Get down to 10% body fat.


How are you going to achieve that?

  • Double my current amount of body weight workouts (20 Single leg deadlifts, 10 Diamond Pushups, 10 Straight leg reverse crunches, 10 jumps, 20 Dumbbell rows, 15s plank, 20 jumping jacks - 5x), either by more reps or more circuits, per body weight workout day. (3 Str, 2 Dex) 
  • Decrease Interval "rest" time to 1 min 40 sec between bursts (Current at 2 min 30 sec) per interval day (3 Sta)
  • Track my Food intake to ensure I'm staying on Diet. (2 Con, 3 Cha)


Life Quests

  • Put 10 hours towards finishing "Founder's Keepers" website. (This should mean the website is functional enough to pull in the data I want it to and look decent). (2 Wis)




Final Assessment


  • Double my current amount of body weight workouts (20 Single leg deadlifts, 10 Diamond Pushups, 10 Straight leg reverse crunches, 10 jumps, 20 Dumbbell rows, 15s plank, 20 jumping jacks - 5x), either by more reps or more circuits, per body weight workout day. (3 Str, 2 Dex)
    • Ended having doubled my current workout. Intend on maintaining that workout going forward, but I would say I averaged 75-80% throughout, giving myself a B. (2.25 Str, 1.5 Dex)

  • Decrease Interval "rest" time to 1 min 40 sec between bursts (Current at 2 min 30 sec) per interval day (3 Sta)
    • Interval "rest" time decreased to 1min by using my Treadmill (which kicked my butt). Treadmill will be used for Intervals going forward. Overall when doing Intervals I'd say I hit this goal, A. (3 Sta)

  • Track my Food intake to ensure I'm staying on Diet. (2 Con, 3 Cha)
    • Managed to track my food intake everyday (sidenote: No cheats!). A. (2 Con, 3 Cha)

  • Put 10 hours towards finishing "Founder's Keepers" website. (This should mean the website is functional enough to pull in the data I want it to and look decent). (2 Wis)

Body Fat %


Started at 19.43%. Ended at 13.36%. 6% body fat lost. I feel like a lot of this is due to cutting out grains and fatty coffee drinks (lattes).


Final note: I'm contemplating graduating to the Assassin's guild. I think I'm about where I want to be as a "newbie" Assassin.

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I had a pretty good challenge this time! I had 4 whole weeks of Straight A achievements, unfortunately I got sick in week 5 and it meant that everything went down to Bs. I am still happy with that overall I feel impressed with myself for achieving what I did. Big shout outs to Adventurers Assemble and Tateman. Also thanks to everyone else who visited and commented over the challenge. All the support was really helpful and I've enjoyed following all your progress.


Here is a link to my challenge: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/33780-kingleeroys-castle-of-grind/


My main quest is to get down 10% bodyfat, however now the challenge is over I feel like maybe there are more important things I could be tackling than only weight loss. For example I slept really badly all challenge, I'm generally still not happy with where I am in my life, though anti-depressants have helped. I feel I really want to get the quality of my life up. I really enjoy these challenges, I learn so much from them and it really helps put things more into perspective.


I roughly measured myself this morning but I had already eaten and drank but there is a 0.5-1 cm loss and gain here and there. This doesn't surprise me that much but it will make me redouble my efforts on the eating front now I am feeling a bit better. I also will get some calipers for bodyfat measurement for next challenge, though I might change the main quest next time. Anyway, lets get to the scores!


Starting measurements 

Height: 166cm, Hips: 103cm, Waist: 88cm, Neck: 42.5cm, Bicep: 35 cm, Left thigh:71cm, Bodyfat %: 32.66


Post Whole30 measurements: 


Height: 166cm, Hips: 101cm, Waist: 85.5cm, Neck: 40cm, Bicep: 34 cm, Left thigh: 70cm, Bodyfat %: 31.39








1. Get my cravings under control with a Whole 30: CON 5

I completed The Whole 30 yay, go me, however I didn't pay as much attention to the reintroduction phase and seen as I've had no money I resorted to having a slice of toast here and there, cereal now and again. I haven't been stuffing my face but I feel like I made less healthy choices a bit more often than I should have. I giving myself a B3.75 CON


2. Do beginners bodyweight workout 2 times a week and attend my physio class each week. STR3/STA 2

I did really well on getting this done for the first 4 weeks but one week 5 ended up doing only two workouts and week 6 I did some longer walks but no bodyweight stuff. I've been feeling really rough, chest infection type thing and it completely floored me. I did 12+ workouts over the challenge so I get B.2 STR/1.75 STA


3. Walk for 5 minutes in the morning. STA 2

Well I did fairly well on this, though it was hard to do it when I really needed to be getting more sleep. I managed a B on this one, so well done me! 1.5 STA


Life Quest


Spend an 20 minutes at my desk concentrating on drawing three times a week: WIS 3 

It hit week 5 and I really didn't have much energy to put into anything so my work drawing suffered. Again it is a case of doing really well for the first 4 weeks and then losing it a bit in the last two. I get a B for this as well. 2.25 WIS.


Overall I think that this was a massive improvement on my last challenge and if I feel like if I hadn't had outside interruptions regarding money and illness a lot of these would have been A grades. I think I burnt myself out a little bit and next challenge I need to think more about quality over quantity. I am really considering changing my main quest to be more about my overall health and happiness, but I probably won't make any decisions until the end of next week! 


As far as moving on, I think I may stick in adventurers but I am not certain. I am going to have a long think this week.


I also did some of the mini-challenges, I was a bit to ill to find energy for the last one but here we are:

1: Think! +1 WIS

1B: Guildie +1 CHA

2: 1,2,3 4 +1 STR

3. Green eggs and ham +1 CON

4. Cat in the hat  +1 WIS

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Hey all, here's a straight copy of my final post, it was a rough one for me this time. Not sure why I struggled so much this time.


Journey of a Moisture Farmer - Alderaan Arrival [RogueWelkin]


Final Update


1. Rebel Rookiee Exercise 3x a Week: This one has been a bit weird, due to a lot of different reasons. Mini-Quests and other things, and I've done a bit poorly with exercise on the whole towards the end. Still, I managed to pull out enough to get myself a B.


2. Remove Grains From Diet: This was okay until the end, when I just began to fail horribly. I think building in the cheats into my A level hurt me, I wasn't striving for none this time and I allowed myself cheats, and that eventually created more and more. In the end I managed somewhere between a B and a C. I think I'll settled on the C.


3. 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge: Killed this one handily, finished the 30 day cold shower challenge. Total A.



4. Follow Cleaning Schedule: This was certainly my worst challenge, and I'm not sure if I even achieved a D rank, so this one is getting an F.


So the total stat bonus I'll be awarding myself are as follows.


1. Exercise - STR: +2.25 STA: +1.5

2. Diet - CON: +2

3. Cold Shower - STA +2 CON +2

4. Cleaning - WIS + 0 CON +0


Totals: STR: +2.25 STA: +2.5 CON +4




So Here's the various measurements, I'll do my starting measurements, and my final measurements. Final will be colored based upon their relation to the starting ones since I didn't get any at the end of week 5.


Weight: 220 lbs 220 lbs

Waist: 43.75" | 42.5"

Hips: 42.25" | 42"

Chest: 42" | 42"

Shoulders: 45" | 43"

Neck: 15.75" | 15.75"

Thigh (Left): 24.5" | 23"

Thigh (Right): 24" | 23.5"

Bicep (Left): 13.25" | 13.5"

Bicep (Right): 13" | 13.75"

BF%: 33% | 31%

Overall these measurements actually look pretty decent, now to see the difference...


Before:                        After:

2013-07-28-small.jpg   2013-09-08-small.jpg


2013-07-28-small.jpg    2013-09-08-small.jpg


2013-07-28-small.jpg    2013-09-08-small.jpg


So there we go, an overall look at how I finished up this challenge. This one certainly proved to be a bit more difficult than the last one, and I'm debating if I want to continue on for the next one or try to focus myself more, as the challenge does seem to almost make me feel as if there's too many different things I'm trying to focus on at once, in addition to other aspects of life outside of the nf challenges. But we'll see.

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Posted Today, 11:07 AM

joedog, on 24 Jul 2013 - 3:43 PM, said:snapback.png

August is when things get crazy at work. Contract deadlines are looming, 24 hour a day paving operations are about to start and my boss is going on vacation. This is normally a season when I have to dig in my feet and try to get through it all. This year I'm going to try to excel and not just get by.

Main Quest 

There are many things I want to do with my life and they all hinge on my ability to lose some weight. During one of the Adventurer's Mini Challenges, I set out some long term goals. I set the goal of weighing 200 lbs by December 2014. That gives me 10 months of maintenance before my 40th birthday. I need to lose around 6 lbs per month between now and then to make that happen. 

Goal 1: This has always been a lifting goal for me. I'm changing that up a bit to a DB/BW routine of my own design that I can do at home. I am focusing on some muscle imbalances I have as well as some flexibility issues. I'm also working around an injured knee right now. (Unofficial side quest: Make a doctor's appointment for my knee) I'm aiming to make this a 3x per week habit. 18 possible workouts during the challenge. +2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 STA


I did 7/18 planned strength work outs. That works out to 39%. I can't lie, I feel like I deserve more than an F because although I didn't meet my goals, I made vast improvements here. So I took an average of days per week. I averaged 1 per week which would be a C. I feel like that is a more fair grade. +1 STR, +1 DEX, +.5 STA

Goal 2: I'm keeping my moving goal from last challenge. 30 minutes, 3x per week of walking, swimming, rowing, biking or other cardio type exercise. Walking is more fun now that I have so many NF friends linked with my Fitbit. 18 possible workouts. +4 STA


I did 11/18 planned walks. Following the same grading, it averages to 2 per week for a B. I feel like I made huge strides (pardon the pun) in my walking. +3 STA

Goal 3: After much consideration my nutrition goal is going to be eliminating all processed sugar from my diet. I wanted to work on moving towards more paleo but I'm afraid that is too much change too quickly and will result in a massive flame out/candy binge. Cutting the sugar will be a good solid first step.  Grading will be based on days sugar free out of a possible 42. +3 CON

I made it 6 weeks 100% sugar free!!! +3 CON 

Life Quest

I've mentioned in previous challenges that I'm a walking living disaster. Steve's Do It Now blog was a life changer but I still have room for improvement. I've created a checklist of things I need to do every morning and every night. I also created a checklist of weekly tasks that I need to do. Each list consists of personal care items, basic chores and prep work that support my Main Quest goals. I will get 1 point for each checklist completed. Scoring will be out of 90 possible points (42 mornings, 42 nights, 6 weeklies). +3 WIS


I ended with 80/90 points on this one. In addition to the tasks I set out for myself at the beginning of the challenge, I also added the habit of cooking ahead for the week. That was a huge help with the sugar free goal. 80/90 = B +2.5 WIS

Side Quest

I drive past the local par 3 golf course twice daily on my work commute. I haven't played golf in a while and dammit, I want to go play. I will play the par 3 once during this 6 week challenge. Reward = I get to go play golf. 

No golf. Maybe next time. 



I also participated in the first 3 guild mini challenges where I earned +1 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 STR


This was hands down my best challenge to date. I'm really proud of my successes. I now feel ready to dive into a bigger diet overhaul which will help my weight loss even further. The other thing I started during the last week of the challenge was something I'm calling my Playbook. I get really overwhelmed by some situations. Drawing on something I read in "The Power of Habit", I started a notebook detailing situations that happen, how I reacted and strategies for how to handle them differently in the future. 


Now for some numbers:


Current measurements (beginning of challenge)


Weight: 306 lbs (315 lbs)

Waist:   56"  (56.5")

Chest:  43.5"  (46")

Hips:     54"   (55.5")


My other measurements stayed the same, these are just the highlights. That 9 lbs seems to be around 1% body fat although I'm still too big for calipers to be effective and measurement calculators are pretty unreliable. 

I've been pretending that my knee was okay but I tweaked it pretty hard last week. Appointment at 2 pm today to start the path of getting it fixed up. I am staying in the Adventurers for at least one more challenge because I want to really attack my diet in the next challenge. 
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My Third Challenge … Run Paul Run!


My main goal is reduce my LDL cholesterol from 156 to 130 by Dec. 31


My side goal is complete a 5K


I had a great time with this challenge. I have never considered myself a runner, but I am enjoying the challenge of Couch to 5K, and I am looking forward to completing a 5K race very soon.


So here’s how I did:


  1. Do C25k 3x per week. (STA 4)

I was perfect on this until yesterday. I caught a cold on Saturday and missed my scheduled Sunday run. Overall, I feel I earned an A here and the full 4 STA points


  1. Stay under 2,000 net calories (food – exercise) 6x per week (measured in Lose It! App) (CON 3)

I did ok on this one, staying under the 2,000 cals level for 28 of 36 opportunities. That gives me a B and 2 CON points


  1. Run/Walk a total of 70 miles over the course of the challenge (CON 2, STA 2)

I killed this one. I reached a total of 76.6 miles and feel great! That is a A and 2 CON and 2 STA for me.


  1. Schedule at least 2 networking or personal/professional development events (CHA 2, WIS 2)

I didn’t do very well at this, and for a Chamber of Commerce professional it is extremely disappointing. I urge members to work ON their business as much or more than they work IN their business. So to not hit this one hurts a lot. 8 events of 12 should give me a C, but since this is what I preach and did not live up to it. I am foregoing the points and will add this one to the upcoming challenge so I get another shot at it.


I have a plan for the upcoming challenge that will be a big challenge for me in both cardio and strength training.


I am really seeing results from these challenges both physically and in my work and home life, and can’t wait for the next one to start!


For the challenge, I have leveled up to level 4, and am adding STA 6, and CON 4 to my stats!


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1. Stay small with workout goals until I'm doing them past my goal. Like the BBW, I liked doing it once a week, or more, but some weeks I wouldn't do it. As much as I want to push myself, I need to stick to it at least once a week, and then when I'm doing it like a flash twice/three times a week, I can move on. 


2. Don't focus on calories. I hated this. It didn't help me make good choices and while it did help me gauge things, it also made me feel guilty sometimes which led to overeating other times. Instead I want to focus on the food I'm eating and work in more fruits and vegetables, experiment with new recipes and options, and just make good choices when I can.


3. It's good to have the running goal, but it often gets pushed out. We are definitely going to work on running more, hopefully once we settle into the move, and it cools down into more fall like weather. 


4. I really enjoy reading and want to keep reading one book a week at least. I did like having the goal and really spending time with a book. It's tough when the book doesn't feel right, but I like to have something good going and keep working on those that are a bit slower. 


Overall I'm glad I adjusted my goals when I did and kept working on ones I didn't like so much. I am always most successful with the non-fitness goals, but need to keep learning about how to increase the fitness which was key with the NF workouts. As for food I know it's going to be an obstacle, but I'm working on it and enjoying my meals out, my not so healthy options and learning to enjoy no matter what and adjust when it feels right. 


I probably gave myself too many points, but I'm going to try and be more objective with points and achieving them in the next challenge. 



Goal #1: Bikram then NF workout: 3 of 6, +1 STA, +1 STR

Goal #2: calories: 36 days of 42 days, +1 WIS

Goal #3: Running: 3 of 6, +1 DEX, +1 CON

Goal #4: reading 1 book: 5 of 6, +1 WIS


Total points earned: +2 WIS, +1 STA, +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 CON 

Mini quests: +2 WIS, +1 CHR, +1 STR


Successful challenge despite the slip ups, the lack of effort some weeks, and the eye rolling, I'm glad I did it and learned more about myself. 

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Reposted from my challenge thread:


Ok so at the end of the challenge, this is where I think I am:  


Defeat Ivan Drago -- Attend Crossfit classes at least 2x per week.  

A = 6 weeks = +2 STR, +2 CON, +1 STA


Run from Zombies -- Finish my 5k trainer and start doing distance and interval workouts

A = Run 3x per week all 6 weeks = +2 STA, +2 DEX, +1 CON


Eat like Diamond -- Continue moving towards a primal diet

F = Join the pancake platoon 


Side quest: Level up my classroom -- redo the curriculum for AP Government from the ground up

C = Work on it a few times = +1 WIS


So one of my challenges was a fail, but the other three were passes, and two were definite A's.  My gym is doing a paleo challenge this month that starts tomorrow.  Coincidentally, it's a 7 week challenge, which means that it should dovetail almost perfectly with the next 6 week challenge here.  So hopefully I will be able to get back on the horse and get the diet part of my fitness down.  My next challenge is going to be remarkably similar to this one, as I'm still training for the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder, but I am looking at those as Boss Fights.  


Also, as much as I have loved being a part of the Adventurers, I think at this point that I am going to graduate up to the Rangers!  I'm looking forward to working with a new guild and getting to know that group. Good luck everyone!

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MAIN QUEST: Lose fat and gain muscle. So OVERALL LONG TERM aim -- gain 7.3 lbs muscle -- lose 4.8 lbs fat. 


I was doing great except for persistent back pain after a car accident months ago which got really really bad. Went to the doctor's and BOOM no exercise allowed. Must take large amounts of meds (something I avoid if possible). Need to start physio. So Main Quest 1.0 is on hold for now for Main Quest 2.0: recover from injury. 


SIDE QUEST 1: Strength related workout 3x/week. [4 STR 1 STA]

Pre-doctors appointment Grade A; post-doctors appointment Grade U (or should that be grade A for following the doctor's orders!?) 

SIDE QUEST 2: Eat fruit and veg with every meal. [4 CON]

Pre-doctors appointment Grade A; post doctor's appointment Grade C. 

SIDE QUEST 3: Measure and record! [2 WIS]

Pre-doctor's appointment Grade A; post doctor's appointment ??? I stopped recording workouts, diet and body composition, I started recording medication amounts, dates and times. 

SIDE QUEST LIFE: Complete my current Master's assignment before 31 August [3 WIS]

Grade C. In draft form, editing still to do. 

SIDE QUEST FITNESS: Stretch/flexibility/yoga 1x/week. [1 STA]


Pre-doctors appointment Grade A; post-doctors appointment Grade U (or should that be grade A for following the doctor's orders!?) 


I give myself +2 STR (SQ1), +2 CON (SQ2), +1 WIS (SQ3), +1 WIS (SQ Life), Nothing (SQ Fitness). 


I intended to graduate to the Warriors for some lifting after this but lifting is not allowed for the foreseeable future. I get assessed by the Physio tomorrow and what they say will determine my exact path. But I can say this... Main Quest 2.0: get over injury. Side Quests: do what Physio people tell me. I'll go with whatever guild will take me! Dunno who would want me though  :(

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Roagecia's Round 2 Recap!


Mission 1: Eat all the food= C

This was definitely the biggest challenge of the challenge. I was able to make a lot of my food and stuck to a pretty consistent breakfast schedule. The problem was worse when money was involved, whether too much money or too little money. If I had excess money I would go out and have drinks with friends, if I had too little money, I would eat anything in sight "JUST IN CASE." Food is such a roller coaster for me. I did learn about my triggers and coping mechanisms and am heavily considering the Whole30 even though it scared the bejesus out of me. 

Mission 2: Move the Body= B+

I am proud of the steady exercising I did this challenge. It was by far way better than last challenge. I also did a week of Spartan Abs and felt like a total badass. I also experienced my first fall during a run and my first "I must stop running before I puke" moment. Lessons learned: Do not run the morning after having some beers and watch your step!  

Mission 3: Log it all in= A

I have been logging my food for about 7 weeks into a mini-journal and it feels pretty good. Not only does it help with accountability, but I can also go back and look at what I was eating when I gained or lost weight. Checking into NF more frequently also helped a lot. It felt good to know I wasn't alone in my ruts and that others had not only experienced similar feelings, but were also able to persevere. 

Life Mission: Needs a redo button

Unfortunately this goal did not match up with my expectations. I did learn a lot about saving this challenge though thanks to amazing and enlightening insight from Sicil. I am putting off buying a car till sometime next year or beyond. Right now I am focusing on paying off some debt and hope that I am able to start saving as soon as I possibly can. 


This challenge was pretty awesome. I learned a lot about myself and being more accountable. I look forward to what I can achieve next challenge already. 

Cheers everyone!

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Tateman in the Challenge Arena for Round 2, FIGHT!


Here is a copy of my Summary post in my thread:


The challenge has been completed!  Hard to think it has been 6 weeks already.  I'll start off my challenge summary with a picture


That's right, I am officially out of the 300 pound range  :D





1)  Do The Whole 30 plan.  A for this goal!

I thought that this was going to be my toughest goal this challenge.  I just came off a challenge where I was trying to eat some Vegetables.  Not to mention trying to give up on breads, corn, and sugars!  I did it though.  It started rough as I truly was not prepared for what I had in store for me.  The goal has made me cook a lot for myself.  With real foods.  Not just microwaving a hot pocket or something.  I had to prep meals on the weekends to make it easier for me during the week.  Once I got that down the challenge was a lot easier.


I was tempted to try to go 60 days like this.  I think instead I will try to stay with in the standards most of the time.  Go with the paleo/primal type life style, but stay as close to whole 30 standards as I can.  I also think I'll let myself have a meal every once in awhile that could stray off the path.  Like Pizza, or a sub sandwich.  No more then once a week.  I figure I need to be able to live out there in the real world.  The program helped open my eyes to the way food is made and served.  So I should be able to make a lot smarter choices in the future.  I know also if I start to feel like I am straying too much, I can jump right back in on the Whole 30 again.  With my weight loss and everything else considered, I have been amazed with my progress so far.


2)  No snacking!  A for the goal!

Aced this one pretty easy.  I had my cravings, but never gave in.  Last challenge I went with no night snacking.  This time it was no snacking at all.  I think for the future I will allow some snacking during the day.  No night snacking still.  I think I will give IF a try next challenge, so I think a few healthy snacks might be good to have.


 3)  Exercise to be done 6 out of the 7 days.  (Workout 3x, 60k weekly steps)  Going with a A- here

I had a hard time getting the step count at first.  Also ran into emotional issues with the anniversary of my Mother's death.  Had a few blisters pop up from time to time as well.  I think one thing I learned with this goal was I should have done it as a build up type of goal.  Going form maybe 2 or 3k steps a day to like 10k is rough.  A smarted goal would have been to build up to doing 10k a day.  In the end, I completed all my workouts.  I even went to a Spartan Workout one weekend.  For total steps, I ended up walking 295,873 steps.  135.78 Miles.  82% of my total goal.  So it coudl be a B grade, or a A grade.  I feel like it's more of a A- type grade.  I feel like I really pushed though especially these last couple of weeks.


4)  Be a better Bowler  Going with a C here

I got there over half the weeks to practice.  One weekend was just bowling no video.  Two weeks I missed completely.  Overall I didn't see much improvement in my style.  So I might have to check out getting a coach to really help me out.  I have been bowling better in leagues though.  So weight loss and practice has helped some I guess  ;)




Before |  After


318lbs  |  298.6lbs - Weight

44cm  |  42cm - Left Bicep

43cm  |  41.5cm - Right Bicep

33.2cm  |  32.8cm - Left Forearm

33.6cm  |  32.8cm - Right Forearm

134.8cm  |  128cm - Chest

144.4cm  |  137.5cm - Waist at belly button

49.1cm  |  48.1cm - Neck

72cm  |  72.5cm - Left Thigh

72cm  |  72.5cm - Right Thigh

50.9cm  |  51cm - Left Calf

48.3cm  |  48.4cm - Right Calf


And now for the part I thought I would never do.  Pictures.  I am going to spoiler tag them, just cause  :)


Challenge#1 picture.  333lbs



Beginning of Challenge #2 318lbs



End of this challenge 298.6lbs



This last weekend I went to try on some clothes.  I now fit into 2xl stuff.  I prefer the tall clothes since my stomach does hang down.  So my workout shirt I have is a 4xt.  I bought a new 2xt that fits nicely  :)  I am currently wearing 42 waist pants.  I was able to button 38 waist pants in the store.  I don't think I could wear them, but I was able to button them  ;)  The 40 waist did fit.  I don't need to buy new pants yet, but it was nice seeing the difference there as well.


Overall thoughts on this challenge:


Last challenge I was pretty happy, but a little disappointed with my progress.  This challenge I am really happy on all aspects really.  I could have tried hard on some things.  I had to sit and listen to my body though too.  I have to make sure not to push too hard.  Finding balance was really important this challenge.  I think I was so unbalanced at the beginning I had to really focus on certain aspects of my goals.  So my walking goal wasn't quite there at first when I had to worry so much about my food.


A few times I had to get out of my comfort zone this challenge.  Getting up and going to do the Spartan Workout was huge for me.  I did it all by myself.  Normally, I wouldn't have even signed up for something like this.  Then even when I knew I would be going at it alone, I still went for it.


Posting pictures is another one.  Still so tempted to go and delete them.  Or swap with the shirt on pictures haha.  Everyone here inspired me so much though.  Lots of you guys were brave enough to post up pictures, so I can be too.


The Whole 30 really got me into a good place with food I think.  It makes me really think about what choices I make.  So I feel i grew a lot with doing this during the challenge.  Hell, it even got me to cook a few things  :)  I think I might try to continue making things for next challenge.  Maybe one new meal or item each week.  Something so I can't just say "Oh look I made chili each week!"


It is really hard for me to think that I lost 20 pounds this challenge.  At my heaviest I was 396lbs.  Now I am just about 100 pounds lighter.  I don't remember the last time I was under 300lbs.  If I remember right, I was 225lbs 6-8th grade.  I was probably close to that 300lb mark in high school.


My next weight goal is 275.  I've still got that Spartan Sprint to train for.  The lighter and stronger I get, the better.  :D


I've made a big list of goals for next challenge.  In the week off, I am going to have to narrow it down.  I think I may still go Adventurer next challenge.  Though maybe Scouts would be good too since I am trying to get into shape for the Spartan race.




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eehh, why not :)



I started this challenge in a second week cause I wasn't feeling ready for it right after coming back from summer vacations. I was even considering dropping it all together but now I am thankful I didn't. Anyways I wasn't sure wheter I took too much again or not but it looks like I finally hit the jackpot :)


Main quest: Healing (cause I have elbow and knee injuries) and Chilling (cause I am generally too deppressed and by-life-overwhelmed)...

Fitness Goals:

1.Staying active: achieved 100% and more - score A. Plus I've done lots of biking these few weeks (as commuting mostly) which adds up to staying active :)

  • swimming at least 1/week
  • yoga at least 1/week

2. Eating a bit healthier: achieved 100% and more - score A - LOTS of help from my babe but still counts :)

  • doing some healthy meals in bulks at least 1x/week: salads, meats, soups, etc…

3. Relaxation for body and mind: achieved 100% and more - score A

  • meditating at least 10mins for at least 4x/week (yoga counts as meditation as well)

Life Goal:

4. Doing what I was good at long time ago. Maybe I could use it somehow to reboot my career path, maybe not…

  • learning math anew at least 3h/week…. achieved 100% - score A


I mean come on - I wasn't expecting such good results! Woo hoo homer-woohoo.jpg

- Swimming and yoga are nice alternatives to tipical strength trainings.

- Healthy cooking and doing it in bulks are great way for me too eat pretty healthy and having more time in the mornings. I also dropped eating breakfasts somewhere in the middle and it feels good so far.

-  meditating reguraly feels awesome. I want more!! I just finished reading great book about it: "Full Catastrophe Living" and for the next challenge (watch out spoilers!) I'm gonna try to follow a full 8 weeks meditation program described in that book. It's pretty hardcore time consuming (like 1,5h 6days a week) so it will be a danger of another overplanning but I want to try it and see what happens...

- aaaah math, good all math. I'm slowly crawling into it. I enjoy every minute of doing it and I constantly can't wait for harder problems to solve. But I must go from basics, either way I might get burned... still long way until I will be knowledgable enough to give lessons, but maybe that's better - I have more time to slowly prepare myself for it mentally :) I still have some issues with doing math regurarly and not leaving most of it for the weekends, but I will work on that during next challenge :)


oh, and "healing and chilling" wise conclusions after this challenge: chilling is going exeptionally well mostly thanks too meditation and not obsessing about my injuries. Plus I started biking to work instead of driving and that is pretty relaxing as well - I will try to keep this up but autumn is coming and that means lots of RAINS :/

HEALING-wise - my knee and elbow pains are minor - but they are still here with me. Tommorow I go to long-awaited doctor visit - hopefully I will get some wise advice how to heal them.


so I guess that's it about that challenge ...

big o' SLUT!


ps. next challenge I am raising my meditation times and continuing the "healing and chilling" main quest  so I am moving to Druids :)

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Main Goal: Lose 60 lbs and get stronger by April 20th


  • I gained 2 pounds.




1. Eat 80% Paleo 5 days/week (+2 STA +2 CON)

  • I ate 80% paleo for a total of 23/ 30 days  77% complete (+1.5 STA, +1.5 CON)

2. Angry Birds Workout 3 x a week( +2 STR +2DEX +1 CON)

  • I did the angry nbirds workout a total of 5 times  5/18 28% completion (+.5 STR +.5 DEX  + 0 CON)

3. Cut out Soda and drink Water only every other day. (consume more water even on soda days)(+3 CON)

  • drank water for most of the month...... 16/21 water days 76% completion (+2 CON)


Life Goal: Finish implementing GTD system. (+3 WIS )

  • Not sure if I am finished implementing it... But, I am using it and it is getting easier day by day (+2.5 WIS based on judgement call)
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We've been serious and we've been a clown

We've been fast and we've been slow,



Lies.  Lies I tell you.  I've never been serious in my life.  Being fast is a bit iffy too.


log and track calorie/macro intake (+4 CON)

oh yes.  down to 203 lbs and was ~14% body fat last time I had it measured.  I expect that to go up a bit next challenge as I'll be doing more running for the first half and bulking for the second half.  Given I want to run a spartan beast in the UK in November, I'm fine with a little extra body fat :)

Here's the last set of proper measurements I had taken.  

Date :24-08-2013

Weight : 91.8kg

Body Density : 1.099659

Body Fat : 13.968541%

Fat Mass : 12.823121kg

Lean Body Mass : 78.976882kg


Here's a starting photo


challenge start

Here's one at the end.  I suck at self photos.  I'm not deliberately twisting on the second one, it just ended up that way.

challenge End

I don't think that's what 14% body fat should look like, however, according to the guy at the gym (that has both a BSc and MSc from a decent University in Sport related subjects) I've got the lowest front thigh measurement he's ever seen, including some professional (national team) football/rugby types.  Sadly, my abdominal measurement is well over and is the one everyone notices..  but at least it means I don't have a great deal of internal fat.  I also am starting to have loose skin, which isn;t great but which will hopefully resolve itself.

- perform 4 workouts/week (+4 STR) 

well, if a spartan sprint counts as a workout, then yes, even the week I had a Spartan Sprint to get done.


- push myself in cardio on the main fast day after cheat day (+4 DEX)


cardio seems to have turned into tire flipping for reps and a lot of sprinting bag carries.  I can't deny it seemed to do the trick on the sprint course though, as the only points I really overtook people at were all in the carrying sections.  I was pretty happy with the time I managed (1:22) and the fact I was able to jog back to the car at the end.

I'm allowed one side quest which I think will be to complete the algorithms course on coursera (+3 WIS).


not even close.  My study buddy bailed and I was tired/sore most of the time (I know, boo hoo...)


So I'm giving that a solid B, given I managed everything except that pesky life one and I've feeling pretty good about things.  Sore all the bloody time, but in a good way :)


Right, at the end of challenge 10 I guess I really should start thinking about moving to another guild... but I'm comfy here :(


Given I have a spartan super and beast (one at the start and one 2 weeks after it finishes) and the program I'm following is going into a muscle building stage at exactly the same time, I guess Ranger is where I should be for the next challenge. 

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Link to my OP.


Basically, the first half of this challenge went really well. Then I seriously injured my neck. Then I started full-time graduate school and TAing on top of working full-time. Oh, and my birthday was in there somewhere, too. So no big shocker that I faltered a bit during the second half of the challenge. That being said, just as this challenge is ending I'm starting to get a grasp on these other things in my life. Furthermore, I've come up with somewhat of a game plan for how to work towards my goals in the future, given my severe lack of 1) time, 2) energy, and 3) physical ability thanks to the injury. So hopefully by the time the next challenge starts I will have some of that implemented and not have to struggle so much. Anyway, my one regret during this challenge is that I didn't get involved with my support group as much as I did last time. Again, this was due to literally not having time. I hope in the future I'll be able to devote more time to that aspect of the challenges. Anyway, here's all my information!


Goal one: Complete strength training workout 3X a week + 1 day of miscellaneous exercise

I’m giving myself a C. The first three weeks went well, and then I suffered an injury. So I completely backed off the strength training for two weeks. This past week I got one workout in, but it only made the injury worse again. I feel like there isn’t a whole lot I could have done, so I’m not going to completely fail myself. So half the points.

1.5 STR + 1 STA


Goal two: Stick to my "diet"

This was a complete failure. Mostly F’s. Somehow I lost weight during this challenge, but I can’t in good conscious give myself any points for this goal.


Goal three: Stretch every day + Yoga 3x a week

This went well. When I injured my neck I couldn’t do yoga for a week, but otherwise, I’m comfortable giving myself an A for this and all the points except for CON.

1 DEX + 1 STA + .5 CON


Life quest: Study Danish for a total of 5 hours a week + Anthropology for 2 hours a week

This was mostly good. I failed to study for Danish one week due to a total lack of time. So 1/3 the points seems fair.

+ 2 WIS


Finally, here are the mini-challenges I completed:

1) Think! Create smart goals (1 WIS)

1b) Join an accountability group + post on 5 threads (1 CHA)

2) 1,2,3,4, and "other" points of contact movements (1 STR)

3) Green Eggs and Ham (+1 CON)

4) The Cat in the Hat (+1 WIS)


Total points:


Previous Stats: LVL 2 || (STR) 6 || (DEX) 4 || (STA) 5 || (CON) 3.5 || (WIS) 9.5 || (CHA) 4.5

Current Stats: LVL 3 || (STR) 8.5 || (DEX) 5 || (STA) 7 || (CON) 5 || (WIS) 12.5 || (CHA) 5.5


Finally, here are my IRL starting and ending stats for this challenge:


Starting / Ending Stats:

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 140.4 lbs / 131.6 lbs

Calf: 14 in. / 13.5 in.

Thigh: 22.25 in. / 22.25 in.

Hips: 39.5 in. / 38.5

Waist (at belly button): 34 in. / 32 in.

Waist (at narrowest point): 29.75 in. / 28 in.

Chest (over nipples): 34 in. / 33.5 in.

Chest (under breast): 31.75 in. / 30.5 in.

Bicep: 9.75 in. / 9.25 in.

Neck: 12.75 in. / 12.24 in.

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MINI QUESTS SUMMARY - Jonesy's 6th Challenge
#1 - Meal Planning - (A) EARNED ALL STATS + 3 CON & + 2 WIS 
I blew this one up and exceeded my expectations by a lot. My goal was to follow 30%(first 3 weeks) then 40%(last 3 weeks) of the meal plans that I came up with on Sundays. My lowest % followed was week 5 at 57% and my highest % followed were both weeks 2 & 3 with 76.5%. Overall I averaged 68% followed for the whole challenge. I really did not expect to do this well. Even when I meal plan I tend to end up eating what I want when I want to. This goal will be a nice segue into my next challenges food goal, tackling the whole30!
#2 - Building a Healthy Routine - (B ) EARNED +2 WIS out of the possible 3 WIS
This has 3 parts to it. I wanted to work on making my lunches ahead of time, getting to bed before 10pm and cleaning for 10 mins a day. I staggered the week goals to build on the weeks before. While I rocked at preparing lunch the night before and cleaning for 10 mins a day, getting to bed before 10pm was difficult. I ended up at 90% complete for preparing lunch the night before, 57% complete for bed before 10pm and 100% complete for cleaning. I expected the to do fairly well with cleaning but was not expecting to do well with preparing lunch. As for going to bed before 10pm, I feel like the times that I did stay up later, it was only by 20-30 mins. The reasons for staying up past 10pm are so varied that I might keep pushing for 10pm but if I can get in bed before 10:30pm I’ll be happy. 
#3 - Exercises - ( C ) EARNED + 2 STA + 1 DEX out of the possible 2 DEX + 2 STA + 1 STR
Going over the week by week, I didn't do as bad as I had thought. Like always, I start off strong and each week do progressively worse but I still did something every week. I’m impressed that I at least did that. Most of my challenges are 110% the first 2-3 weeks then I have a horrible week and do NOTHING. This challenge I stuck with it and got something on the “books†each week. I averaged 78% complete for this goal. Since I did more walking and Tai Chi I am going with the STA & DEX stat reward. I also feel that every time I attempted to do my early morning workout, it was the one day where there was a thunder storm. Not cool mother nature, not cool. Not going to lie though, getting up at 4:30am is a bitch, even if it is nice. On top of everything, I was extremely exhausted. I’m not sure where that came from or why but I was worse than lazy. Overall I was happy that I at least stuck with it but not enough to give myself a B.

Life Quest - Pay off $100 towards my credit card - (A) EARNED ALL STATS + 2 WIS

]Ended up paying off $125 dollars instead of just $100! I did a much better job budgeting this last month and a half so that really helped. 
Bonus Quests - Participate in Mini Challenges as much as possible & with the NerdFitness community.
I didn't participate in all Mini challenges but here are the rundown for those. 
MC - 1 +1 WIS
MC - 2 +1 STR
MC - 4 +.5 WIS
STARTING STATS:                          ENDING STATS:
]Weight: 292                                    Weight: 292
Pant Size: 26                                    Pant Size: 26
Chest: 55in                                       Chest: 54in
Waist: 55.5in                                    Waist: 53.75in
Hips: 57.5in                                       Hips: 57in


I’m not excited about how I did but I’m not disappointed. Some goals were a struggle, and I knew they would be. Some progress surprised the hell out of me and I’m happy that I got in some exercise every week. Also, cool that I stayed the same weight but I lost some inches. Yes, my pants were not AS tight but the measurements were a surprise.


I will be sticking with the Adventurers! 

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MAIN QUEST: Avoid that whole "Bound to a rock by son's entrails while a snake drips acid venom on forehead until escaping and starting Ragnarok" thing. I'm going to interpret this metaphor as "control and surmount self-damaging impulses so I don't end up tormented until I can no longer take it and cause the end of the world"


RESULTS: Well, world hasn't ended yet, but that's not to say it won't soon. Still have a lot of work to do.



1) Pants Off Dance Off REDUX

Drop one pants size

Points: CON 2 (improved health from diet), CHA 2 (looking better)


RESULTS: Started off very strong, then backslid slowly to more of a maintence diet than weight loss--the maintence was still enough to lose weight, just not enough. Then, at one point I hit a really rough patch of self-hatred and went off the diet for a few days entirely. I recovered though and ended strong. Still need to work on drinking more though, and near the end I was only eating enough through concious decisions--the impulses to skip meals, fast, and undereat were pretty strong.


For the size loss, I'm not sure how to judge. The jeans I used last time are cut in such a way that they just weren't flattering or fitting right, even in the proper size. When shopping for new pants, what fit was pretty scattershot. The pants that I ended up looking best in were, indeed, a size smaller, but not all pants of that size fit. I honstly don't know how to grade this.




2) 100 Miles to Asgard

Log 100 miles. These miles will come from any combination of running, treadmills, elliptical, biking, exercise bikes, walking, skipping, swimming.

Grade based on how many miles logged (90-100+ is A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D)

Points: STA 4


RESULTS: 101.5/100 miles! I got it, just barely! I would have preferred if more of the miles had been from things other than walking, but I met the requirement as laid out. I hadn't realized how badly my cardiovascular health and endurance had suffered from the injury and then post-baby lack of exercise. I think my next plan is to prepare for couch to 5 k or a similar program. Full points awarded.



3) Scale Hrimthrus’s Wall

This is a flat out reverse of my jumping challenge from last time. I will climb up my front yard retaining wall rather than walking up the stairs like a normal person.

Grade based on where I climb from; 5 stairs, so each one will be a different grade A-F.

Points: STR 2, DEX 2


RESULTS: Overwhelming success. Only a week or two in, I had to revise this challenge entirely and started climbing stone walls instead. I still rely too much on lower body strength for climbing, but have drastically improved and not only climbed everything I tried to for the challenge, but also trees, rocks, and random things when nobody was looking. More than that though, I move so much better. I'm more graceful, more coordinated, and have a much better idea of what my body can do. I wasn't giving myself enough credit and had been stuck in bad mental habits of assuming I couldn't do anything and therefore shouldn't try. This challenge broke me of it. Full points awarded.


Life Goal) Modesty’s for Mortals!

Respond to compliments with “thank you†instead of nonsense deflections and self-insults. Additionally, I must acknowledge one thing about myself that I like each day. Haha, self-hatred that that!

Grade is based on percentage of days I give a compliment (90-100+ is A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D) 

Points: WIS 3


RESULTS: This one was mixed and was by far the hardest part of the challenge. On one hand, I gave myself a compliment every day but one: 97.6%. Additionally, I now habitually say thank you without thinking, instead of deflecting compliments or using them as excuses to say terrible things about myself. But, it took me a good way through the challenge before that habit was cemented, and I still think a lot of terrible things about myself unprovoked. So, I don't know if I should award partial or full points, 2 or 3.


Points earned:

STR - 2

DEX - 2

STA - 4

CON - ?

WIS - ?

CHA - ?


Stats at beginning and end:

Gender/Age/Height: F/mid-twenties/5'8"

Chest: 51" - 49" (-2)

Underbust: 37" - 37" (0)

Waist: 35" - 34" (-1)

Hips: 52" - 50" (-2)


Inches lost: 5"


Stats at beginning of first challenge and now:

Chest: 52" - 49" (-3)

Underbust: 39" - 37" (-2)

Waist: 38" - 34" (-4)

Hips: 54" - 50" (-4) 


Inches lost since first challenge: 13"


Despite what the numbers say, I still feel like I've lost nothing, to be honest.
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Technically my report back should be in the Monks (as that's where i was this challenge), but this is my home so here's my report back for you guys too!


(i've even loaded some pics this time round) - it's long so here's a link and a summary:


Challenge Wrap Up

This has been one hell of a challenge.  Part way in I had a "mini meltdown" and needed to re-evaluate my quests in order to actually meet some of my goals.  It's been a bit up and down, but at the end of the day i made it to the end without too much hassle.  I have even started Whole30 and am quite enjoying it (i really like to cook, so it's awesome).


I think i'm starting to learn a little more self-discipline but I need more.  I'm learning!!

1. Beat the Laziness Demon, by putting boxing gloves on the Discipline Angel.

Quest Complete: Sign up for classes with a trainer, get the necessary equipment and attend a minimum of 7 sessions

Achieved: Signed up for boxing class = attended 2 classes

Rating: F


Reward: No reward, although i did get my hair done


2. Nurture the Discipline Angel back to health by +50gr daily protein intake and -30gr daily carb intake by 9 Sept.

Quest Complete: Reached weekly goal for at least 4 full different meals.

Achieved: Week 1 = B, Week 2 = A, Week 3 = B, Week 4 = C, Week 5 = C, Week 6 = A

Rating: B

Reward: No Reward


3. Weaken the Laziness Demon by reaching and maintaining a 90-100% snack free day.

Quest Complete: 90 - 100% snack free daily.

Achieved: 93.81% snack free

Rating: A+

Reward: A Pair of Designer Heels

here are said shoes :)



Life Quest: Get the Discipline Angel ready to fight by following a set routine

Quest Complete: 85 - 100% routines completed daily.

Achieved: 74%

Rating: C

Reward: Nothing


Final Measurements:

Weight: 126.40kg (-1.1)

Neck: 38cm (-1)

Bicep: 36cm (+1)

Breast: 130cm (-1)

Underbust: 103cm (-1)

Waist: 114cm (+4)

Hip: 144cm (+3)

Thigh: 73.5cm (+0.5)


Pics (green top = before, orange top = after):




Not sure how much difference there is, but there's a difference (i'm sure of it).


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EmCarter Challenge Number 2: The Path to True Grit


Long Term Goal: Compete the Adelaide (South Australia) True Grit event in 2014. True Grit is a military inspired obstacle course set out over 12km.


Mission 1: 12km

Goal: 12km with 8 min/km pace

Score: A (+4 STA)

I wasn't sure I was going to make the A until Saturday's run. I went running with a friend - a practice run for the 12km city to bay this weekend. Her pace is a lot faster but she'd only ever got up to 8km. So we smashed out 12km with an average pace of 7:42. Booyeah.


Mission 2: Pullup

Goal: Lift 50% of my bodyweight (starting from from 40.2%)

Score: C (+2.5 STR)

Although I did get up to 47.5% at one time, I ended on about 46% (94kg, 50kg counter weight), due to some weight loss. I'm still happy with that result. A little bit of a win, a little bit of a loss  :)

I feel like 50% isn't to far away. I can do 45kg counter weight some days for a set. I also upped my dumbbell rows to 17.5kg on Saturday. The (extremely) slow, steady weight loss will help too.


Mission 3: Sleep

Goal: 8 hours a night

Score: F

I lost track when I accepted I wasn't trying  :(

I do need to try harder to manage sleep in the future.


Side Quest: Shed

Goal: Start putting together my home gym/shed space.

Score: C (+1 WIS)

I got the punching bag up, the tool peg board up, and my dad helped me fix the light fitting.


What's next?

In terms of running, I am competing in the City 2 Bay 12km fun run this weekend coming, I'll also need to put in a bit of effort to keep up the 12km over our nasty Adelaide summer. I got a taste of summer about a week ago, it was killer.

I've also got to start training specifically for some of the obstacles in the True Grit event. Things like wall and rope climbs I've never done before, so I'm going to need to practice.

I think the next challenge may involve a recon task to find places where I can practice some of this stuff!

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As I said on my thread, this challenge really went off track from the original plan and morphed into something else following the death of my Grandfather.  That being said, I did not succeed on my original  plan.  I did ~okay~ on some of them, but also didn't track things while I was dealing with things, so I have no way to actually score myself.


However, I am very proud of the things I've accomplished over the last month.  I've completed a ton of lingering house projects and general purging/decluttering and still have the motivation to do more!  I've started stretching every morning again and doing body-weight exercises regularly (bought a doorway pull-up bar yesterday!) I've been cooking simple, nutritious meals more frequently.  My husband and I decided that we want to visit every county park and hike every trail in each, although there's not really a deadline on that goal.  I did print all the maps, though, so we can mark them off as we do them.  I'm setting up a walking challenge with my sister.  Things are going really freaking good.


And my ultimate top secret goal?  Well, I'm not there yet, but I'm getting closer.  One month to the deadline, and I know I can do it. :)


Oh, yeah--staying in the adventurers for next time!

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  1. Stay Strong.  Three strength/week for at least 5 of the 6 weeks.  [sTR: 2/DEX: 2].   I missed a couple of strength workouts due to a knee injury, but none due to inertia; so I am giving myself an A anyway.
  2. Build Endurance.  At least 63,000 fitbit steps for at least 5 of the 6 weeks.  [CON: 2/STA: 2]  Success!  A
  3. Stay Flexible.  At least one yoga or whole-body cardio per week. [CON: 2/STA: 2]  Again, I missed 1 workout due to my knee, but made all of the rest, so yes I'm giving myself an A


SIDE QUEST:  Schedule my remaining annual physicals/checkups (Physical, pap, audiology).  [WIS: 3]  I completed the physical and have appointments for the other two, so this is done.  Yay!!


MINI CHALLENGES:  I completed 1A/1B.


A lot of personal things going on, but kept my momentum, so I'm very pleased with my challenge.


I am debating...stay in the adventurer's one more time or hop to the rangers? 

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Main Quest:


I have certain family members that I only see at major holidays; Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  My main goal is to drop enough weight and gain confidence and stamina and just blow them away at Thanksgiving.  I believe that 40 pounds of weight loss will both Shock and Stun them.


This breaks down to losing 10 pounds of weight every 4 weeks until Thanksgiving.




Goal 1: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -- Laozi

Walk 10,000 steps a day.  I can keep track of this using Excel, and is a very track-able goal. +2 Sta, +2 Str, +1 Con   A-, smashed away the first 5 weeks, only averaged 8900 the 6th week.  I started back to college, I knew this last week would be tough. +2 sta, +1.5 str, +1 Con

Talked with doctor, this is edited to 5K average week one, 6k average week two, etc until 10K average week 6.  Doc says 10K is too lofty a goal to start with given current health.


Goal 2: It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it.  -- George W. Bush

Keep track of daily calories. No matter what: Be open, honest, and accountable. +2 Wis B, Although I didn't have a chance to log every day, i still was very conscious of what went into my body. +1.5 Wis


Goal 3: Mens sana in corpore sano. -- Juvenal

Do the Rookie Level 1 Workout A three times per week. This is a yes or no idea. + 2 Dex, +2 Str, +1 Con A, boom...feel great when I feel sore.




Life Side Quest:


Have I mentioned that I need to work on some other things?  I've stolen this idea from joedog. I've created a checklist of things I need to do every morning before work/school and at night before bed. Chores, personal care, etc. I will get 1 point for each checklist completed. Scoring will be out of 90 possible points (42 mornings, 42 nights, 6 weeklies). +2 Wis, +1 Cha A++++ I have a clean house, an organized kitchen, a rearranged and functional study space. +2 Wis, +1 Con


Overall I had a 9 lb weight loss, but I can see and feel my body change.  See you all in the next challenge!

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My main quest was to be able to fit in to a size 14 I'm almost there but not quite. I think my goal was a little overzealous but still I think my results are awesome.


The past week has been way crazier than I thought it could be. Monday I helped pull weeds and couldn't properly sit down for the next three days. Then trying to get the students to where they should be, and dealing with their personalities has been an adventure.  Friday was just a horrible day and I had mexican food and a margarita to destress. I haven't really been able to sleep much and when I do sleep I have nightmares about the metric system and being crushed by papers. I think the next challenge I may skip or figure out a way for everything to be more manageable.


Last Week:


Other exercise-7 A

Paleo and log what I eat. C mainly because I didn't eat paleo for the whole week like I had planned.


Life goal

Organize- A I got way more in order than before.


Overall for this challenge:


I'm still debating how to rate myself for this challenge for one main reason. I lost almost 20 lbs, but I feel like my goals were only 50/50 so it's hard to figure out my exact grade.


Starting/ Ending


Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 245 lbs/227 lbs


Bust:42.5 in/40.5

Hips: 49.5 in/43.5

Waist: 36 in/32.5

Waist at belly button: 42.5 in/39


Left Arm: 16.5in/13.5

Right Arm: 15.5 in/14.5


Left upper thigh: 30.5in/ 27

Right upper thigh:29.5 in/26.5


Left Calf: 19.5 in/18

Right Calf: 19 in/17.5


I went from a size 20 pant to my old size 16 pants that I haven't been able to wear since high school. Overall since the beginning I went some about a size 22 to a 16 now. I'm proud of myself for being able to come as far as I've come. I look at this challenge overall and I was bigger than I thought I started at a bit above a size 18 and managed to get to a loose 16 it's awesome but frustrating because now almost nothing fits. I'm still working on burning off the last bit of my belly. I want to continue this progress, and eventually get down to a 12. I think overall for this last challenge my grade would be a B.


Overall Break down

BBWW-C kept this up for the most part till the end

Other exercise-A

Logging Food and staying paleo- B-


Life goal-

B almost everything is where it should be and how it should be.

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Final Report

1. Exercise 5 times a week.  (STR 3 / STA 2)

Results: Totally creamed this! I had a week of vacation where I didn't quite hit 5 days but made up for by going to the gym twice a day several times. Based on fitbit records I exercised 36 times out of 30 (5 times a week) so that's a solid 100%
2. Average 1000-yard swim in 30 minutes.  (DEX 3 / STA 2)

Results: Didn't make it... I hurt my shoulder from over use early in the challenge and had to switch to running and swimming to give myself time to heal. I'm currently at 900-950. I did make it three to 1000 times though and I'm now running 3-3.5min and walking for 1.5-2min for 5K so I'm actually okay with the progress I've made.
3. Record everything. (WIS 3)

Results: Nailed it! Missed one dinner, but frankly recording everything but one party I'm still calling a complete success!


Life Quest:
I've gotten to the point in my career where I don't know what to do next. I've still got at least a year of work in my current position but what should I do next? Well while I figure that out I know at least one step I can do and that's to pass the first part of the Geology licensing test in October. It has a disturbingly low pass rate (70%) and since it's been 8 years since I've gotten my degree I'm pretty nervous about it. I need to devote some real time to studying for it. So for my first step I'm committing to at least 7 hours a week through this challenge. (WIS 2)


Results: I tried to make this goal, but only didn't quite make it... Averaged about half this time.


Between the gym and the books I didn't find much time to be online... so I didn't get to any of the weekly challenges.


As for results:

                    Starting:       End:
Weight:        288.6            280.1
Body Fat%: 54%             53.6%
Chest:          55"               55"
Waist:           52"               51"
Stomach:     55.5"            54.5"
Hips:            56"               55.5"


Also... I've done a lot of thinking and I've decided this will be my last challenge as an adventurer, next time I'm off to the Scouts Guild!

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Here's the link to my challenge thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/33418-ladywitch-the-saga-continues/page-8


But here are the main points:


1/ Eat Paleo 85%: I've had ups and downs on this over the last six weeks. A holiday away where I wasn't in control of food meant I had gluten free bread and pasta, and I also had rice one night. There's been the odd doughnut incident, and maybe an alcoholic beverage as well. But, for the most part I stuck to primal, if not paleo. I'm going to score myself a C for this, didn't do terribly, but definitely room for improvement. 

2/ BBW x 3 a week: although I've not been as consistent with this as in the previous challenge, when I have missed a session I've found something else to replace it with. I've double the number of push ups I can do, and managed my first ever chin up! I'm going to give myself an B as I feel I could've worked harder. 

3/ One sprint session a week: complete fail. Due to the increase in the amount of dancing I've been doing, I've not had the energy for running, and my backs been playing up on and off too. But, I HAVE been doing more dancing, that alternates standing still with quick intense movements, so that's kinda sprint like... Will give myself a D for this, as at least I did something, even if it wasn't what I originally planned. 

Life Quest: make one 'shiney' a week:
Hmmm let's see, I've made four Steampunk broaches, two baskets, a cup, two bowls, a bolero, a skirt, and multiple 'clip-things' for skirt and bolero as well. Think it's safe to say I've passed this with flying colours! A+ to me! I am glad I had this as a challenge though, as its made me actually sit down and DO something with my spare time. I had plenty of other spare time that I could've used, but I'm trying to find a balance between craft, exercise, and me time. 

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