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Adventurers Report Back

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Chapter 3: summary...

Main Quest: Comfortably complete 100km bike ride. October 20th.

Goal 1: My training.

I have a training plan. The last time I had a plan like this I did sweet FA of it and managed ok. I want to manage better than ok.

Complete 3/4 of first 6 weeks of training plan.

>18 = STR 2 & STA 2 17 = 3 16 = 2.5 15 = 2 14 = 1.5 13 = 1 12 = 0.5

What happened? I got sick. How do I score it now... Hmmm. The rides that were important to me were the build up 25, 50, 75 and getting them in early. To have done a 74km ride fairly easily 9 weeks out has made me happy. Being sick has been a crap balance between keeping going, rest and getting the right antibiotics. So, I did ok when I was feeling well but less when I was crook. I only missed one PT session and they are definitely helping my cycling, strengthening my legs... But I didn't add them into the goal which, on reflection was probably daft. Good theme, poor execution - I'm going with half points 1 STR & 1 STA as the main aim was to get started with semi serious preparation and that I have done. I guess I am looking to the future now. I have 4 weeks to get bike speed in my legs before tapering and am picking up my new bike on Saturday... Exciting things ahead!

Goal 2: My nutrition. CON 4 & WIS 1

Each time I eat something that requires attention, it must get it by answering questions.

100% = CON 4 & WIS 1 90% = CON 4 80% = CON 3 70% = CON 2 60% = CON 1


Ah, message may be getting though! I made notes for most of the challenge and the patterns seemed to appear like looking through a kaleidoscope. Eat gluten, feel physically bad. Feel sooky, eat sweet things. Tired or low energy, make bad choices the prop up crash with caffeine. Sugar has an effect but things are far worse when it is sugar AND gluten is combined no matter how awesome it tastes. The future? Give a gluten free diet a fair crack. Keep watching the sugar. Try small amounts of good looking glutinous stuff and if it is REALLY good, have a small amount or suffer the consequences. I managed this yesterday at a provided lunch and today at morning tea, it worked well. Got to keep it going and embed it fully in my life.

My recovery.

Yoga / Stretch / Foam roll / bath or spa after (immediately or next morning after) most exercise sessions.

>30 = DEX 4 30 = 3 20 = 2 10 = 1

Erm... Well according to my own scoring system, I did better than I thought. It would give me 2 DEX points for 22 recovery events. Most of my recovery was sleep and more sleep, and not exercising... Future? Gotta find something that works. My first challenge, rolling was so painful but I got it done. I'd really like to have a morning routine of stretching or rolling but am not sure I have the oomph for it.


Me time Vs Screen time!

Could be considered as part of recovery as both these lead to rest/sleep.

"School" nights 5/7:

9PM - electronic devices to sleep

11PM - absolute latest for TV

30 = 1 CHA for being well rested.

Well rested I have been. Still felt like crap for a lot of it but I was getting to bed early enough to be waking at dawn each morning. Not sick enough to sleep in but had a few arvo cat naps. Electronic devices was tricky and I developed a habit of waking up by dozily catching up on the webs while the non LOL cat demands breakfast.

READ! 5/7 days

15 minutes minimum outside work for pleasure (newspaper/fiction/NF/comics all acceptable if paper based).

30 = 1 WIS for like smartness ya know? WIN - it probably wasn't that hard but it was good to make a commitment to getting away from the screen.

Mini challenges - not so much, got the first one in... Really wanted to tidy for mini challenge 4. Last week I got it half cleaned, enough to sit and get stuff done but nowhere near complete :(

Mini-challenge 1: Got my goals up and motivation written onto calendars for August +1 WIS

Mini-challenge 1b: Got amongst it and joined the Level Up Down Under acountibilibuddies and made some new friends on both the Adventurers and Newbies guilds. +1 CHA

Levelling up? Tell ya what, I had to shop for new clothes. Thankfully shoulders keep all my tops on but I'm struggling with the dacks! People ask if I have lost weight and I love telling them 'nup, I've put on weight!'. Then I tell them about my awesome muscles and the fat that is disappearing. More than one person has commented on the changes during this challenge. Just like our transformer buddy Optimus Prime, change IS happening slow and steady step by step, and it feels good. There have been lots of awesome changes to my thinking during this challenge and things are sticking. Slow and steady makes me impatient, but I have to remind myself that I am looking for sustainable change. I asked my PT if she reckoned I should keep or get rid of the clothes that are now too big for me. She asked if I intended to go back to that shape. No, no I'm not, this is a life(style) I am changing by experimenting, finding what works and sticking with it because it feels good.

Feeling brave... I'm off to update my sig, put on my metal helmet and go play with the scouts for the next challenge as I start to go further faster with any luck!

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Main goals:

  • Go to sleep by 11:00 pm every work night: Only made it half of the time, largely due to cooking at eating related to that goal. I need to figure out how to cook more efficiently.
  • Lift three times a week: Made it all but two days in the six weeks.
  • Cook one Paleo meal the first week and then add one meal each week: Totally nailed it, although cooking six meals a week the last week was pretty hard.

Side quest:

  • Stop browsing Reddit: Came very close to not browsing it at all.


Overall, except for the sleep goal, I was pretty successful.


My challenge thread, including before and after pictures, not that there's much difference.

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Shamelessly copied from my thread :)  Link here

Here's also a link to my progress pic posts.  Here & Here



8-Bit Recap!!!

Mission 1: Consumption Checking (7/7)(6/7)(6/7)(6/7)(6/7)(6/7)
  • DONE -> Track all fuel consumed using MyFitnessPal
  • ( B ) -> Stay within allotted daily ranges (37/42)
  • DONE -> Share MyFitnessPal profile on NF for accountability
  • Grade: A-
  • Despite the major weeks of sickness, I was able to grasp hold of this goal and sail it through to the end.  This is truly the key to my weight-loss.  At least, watching what I eat (counting is just a means to keep an eye on it).  This came as second nature and I plan on continuing this through the next challenge.  I gave myself an A minus because while I didn't stick 100% with my goal, life is far from perfect.  I've proven to myself that one day slightly over doesn't hurt if your week is at or under.
Mission 2: Consolidate Conditioning (0/3)(0/3)(2/3)(2/3)(3/3)(3/3)
  • DONE -> Revise workout plan to be simpler with advice from NF Rebels.
  • DONEx2 -> Implement new workout plan and be flexible to change if needed.
  • (F) -> Workout 3x Week (10/18)
  • Grade: C
  • I worked hard to revise and wrap my head around what I needed to do.  I got lots of help from Surge_Supra, Athena, and This_Is_Seth.  Everything was in order, then I got sick... recovered, then had to make a huge decision to cancel my membership and go with an alternative workout plan.  I picked up kettlebells for the first time in my life and began learning to use them.  I've finally got up to speed with 3 workouts a week with little to no issues of pushing to the point of an upset stomach.  I now have to recover from tennis/kettlebell elbow and get back to working out next challenge  :)
Mission 3: Commencing Cardio (1/3)(1/3)(2/3)(0/3)(1/3)(1/3)
  • DONE -> Implement 1/2 hour to an hour of low cardio on non-lift days
  • (F) -> Cardio 3x Week (6/18)
  • DONE -> One full rest day
  • Grade: F
  • I had a plan and then I got sick... once I recovered, it was just hard to implement this on a regular basis.  It helps that my daughter wants to walk, it doesn't help that it's 90+ every night  :(  Not to mention, coupled with the schedule change mentioned earlier.  I think I did well to get in what I have, but I could do better.  I need to get in the habit of doing this and it's not a habit yet.. it's an addon.  
Life Quest: Career Change (fail)(2/5)(passable)(3/5)(Pass)(Passable)
  • DONE -> Clean up & update my resume
  • DONE -> Time to start looking for and applying for jobs I can do or can grow into. I don't need to remain a "soulless support tech".
  • (F) -> Apply for at least 5 jobs a week. (5/30)
  • FAIL -> Create three lists: one shows my current skills. The second shows what I enjoy doing. The third shows what I think would be cool to do.
  • Grade: F
  • I did quite a bit and I think I bit off more than I could chew in regards to my grading here.  If I was just going for jobs I could "do" and not care about WHAT they were, I am certain that I could land 5 a week, but because I decided to really search out and find jobs I could be proud of going for, that pool drastically decreased.  I am glad that I have crafted up two resumes, two cover letters, and applied for and followed up with the jobs I have in my sights.  I COMPLETELY forgot about the lists after the first week... In retrospect, those are really underpants gnomes I think...  I don't need them and since I know what I have a desire to do, then I should be fine.
Overall, this is the LOWEST 'scoring' challenge I've been through and normally I'd be really hard on myself. However, I've had to really wrestle with a lot this challenge and I think I'm much better for it.  The results still speak for themselves, I did something right even though I wasn't perfect and that's a relief.
  • I've had to realize that I'm not superman, that I will get sick and that it's important to listen to my body and GET BETTER. I started sick, recovered, and am now nursing an injury at the end, BUT things happen, recover and move on.
  • I've had to realize that when life throws a curveball in your plans, adapt and overcome.
  • Adapting does NOT happen in one night, it is a learning process.
  • You can 'fail' in your expectations and STILL succeed and be better for it in the end.
  • Kettlebells are deceivingly simple
  • I'm glad I started kettlebells, they are challenging me in ways I never would have previously.
  • You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed.
  • Support is a HUGE factor in making an impact in your life.  Thank you ALL for being here for me.
  • You really can't out-exercise your fork.
  • You have to fail to realize where you are weak and where you need to grow.
  • I've learned to remind myself to be thankful for everything I have, ups and downs included.  It's a blessing to be alive and I need to be mindful to make the most of what I'm given everyday.
  • OH AND TATE reminded me... I actually got my daughter into exercising WITH ME, instead of just taking her to the rec center and letting her play in the kids area.  That's really a huge win and I can't believe I forgot that.


I'm not sure what guild I should graduate too now that I'm working with kettlebells.  I suppose I'll stay with the Adventurers unless anyone else has some suggestions. :)

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I know you worked hard on this one and I'm really proud of you for making it sugar free for the whole challenge!  And maybe you didn't do as well on the lifting as you would have liked but I still think you did pretty well.  I will walk and try to lift with you for the next challenge.  Golf, you are still on your own.  Golf makes me twitch. :nightmare:


Love you.


Posted Today, 11:07 AM

joedog, on 24 Jul 2013 - 3:43 PM, said:snapback.png



I also participated in the first 3 guild mini challenges where I earned +1 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 STR


This was hands down my best challenge to date. I'm really proud of my successes. I now feel ready to dive into a bigger diet overhaul which will help my weight loss even further. The other thing I started during the last week of the challenge was something I'm calling my Playbook. I get really overwhelmed by some situations. Drawing on something I read in "The Power of Habit", I started a notebook detailing situations that happen, how I reacted and strategies for how to handle them differently in the future. 


Now for some numbers:


Current measurements (beginning of challenge)


Weight: 306 lbs (315 lbs)

Waist:   56"  (56.5")

Chest:  43.5"  (46")

Hips:     54"   (55.5")


My other measurements stayed the same, these are just the highlights. That 9 lbs seems to be around 1% body fat although I'm still too big for calipers to be effective and measurement calculators are pretty unreliable. 

I've been pretending that my knee was okay but I tweaked it pretty hard last week. Appointment at 2 pm today to start the path of getting it fixed up. I am staying in the Adventurers for at least one more challenge because I want to really attack my diet in the next challenge. 


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Technically my report back should be in the Monks (as that's where i was this challenge), but this is my home so here's my report back for you guys too!

LOVE the shoes.  If I were the type of girl to wear heels ... but I'm not. :playful:


Nice work!  Congrats on your challenge.  Looking forward to my first one.

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Goal 1: Food!


Screwed up big time for a week so I'll be deducting a point.  I'm not really sure what happened.  I was doing fine with the food and then I did an extra cheat meal and somehow that spiraled into me eating cookies and pizza. I think it's because of the horrible news about school- I just felt defeated.  I'm still heartbroken but I'm back on track and have recently started the Whole 30.  It's horrible.  Really horrible. But I'm doing it.


Was +5 Constitution so now it's +4 Constitution


Goal 2: Warhammer!


I only missed one workout.  (the week of the bad eating).  Besides that I've been doing great.  I've fully upgraded all my incline crunches into weighted incline crunches.  I'm going to do a workout during the 'off-week' so make up for it.  I've been having a bad pain in my left shoulder when I do tire-ups now.  It only bothers me when I do that exercise only.  Not sure what to do.  Suggestions welcome.


+5 Strength


Goal 3: Unity!


I did stretching, but missed some so I'lm deducting points.  It was originally +3, but I'm giving only +1


+3 Wisdom


Goal 4: Hardware/Guitar!


I chose hardware and turned my desk into an entertainment center.  I cut, sanded, primed, painted, nailed the boards, drilled holes in the inside, and it's complete.  ....I think I want to add more shelves though.


+2 Stamina





Mini-Challenge 1: Goals      +1 Wisdom

Mini-Challenge 1b: Replies +1 Charisma

Mini-Challenge 2: 1,2,3,4.    +1 Strength


Teros, Level 3 Satyr Adventurer
STR 11  | DEX 5  | STA 8  | CON 11  | WIS 12  | CHA 3


.....Is Evolving!



Teros, Level 4 Satyr Adventurer
STR 17  | DEX 5  | STA 10  | CON 15  | WIS 14  | CHA 4



What I learned from this is that I need to find my actual limits.  I think in previous challenges, I didn't challenge myself as much because I was afraid of failure.  This time, I might have bit off more than I could chew.  I've found out that I can very VERY easily slip back into my old ways and that it can happen without me even knowing.  I'm going to be much more accountable with my food.  From this experience; I'm doing a big food challenge to put a nail in the coffin for food issues.  I've started the Whole 30 and currently I'm on day 4.  Once this is done, I KNOW that I can stay on track and from there I KNOW I will beat a Spartan Race.

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A copy from my challenge thread:

Final report:

My quest: Lose weight!

I´m not terrible overweight but I have always been a the "chubby girl" and don´t want to be that girl anymore so I´m going to change that now. My goal weight 57 kg. Why 57 you ask? well I know BMI isn´t the best mesurement but I would be at "normal weight". My plan is to be at 57 kg by 12 october (if it hapens before well I´m not going to complain).

I'm down to 59kg so I'm on my way. My diet stil neads some work but cuting out candy and other sugary things has helped.

Age: 26

Hight: 1.53 cm

Weight: 62 kg ----> goal weight 57 kg. Now 59kg

Waist: 94 cm (slightly below the bellybuton) Now down to 89 cm

I will do the following:

Bodyweight workout 3 times/week

15/18 bodyweight workouts

No more candy! I´m planing to repet my first challenge and cut out the extra sugar so no candy, cake, cookies and so on. I´m also going to cut the crisp (they are my greatest weknes...). Fore each day I can go without "the extra sugar" I will get one point and 80% of the days will be A, 75% B, 70% C.

This went very well and I got to an A (39 days without candy)

Cardio. I like running (who knew!) and I run 2times/week today but im going to set a goal for just i time/week. With the bodyweight workout it will still be four times/week.

Well I did my runing so A

Life quest: Play the trumpet for 1 hour/week ("band practise" will note be part of that hour).

It dosen´t have to be one full hour at every time i play but it should be one hour in total.

This went bad. I did play some each week but not 1hour/week so D.

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OK, so I kind of have to declare this challenge a wash.


1. Muscles are made in the Kitchen: 80% Paleo five days a week.

B Minus. (Cookies in the office sabotage)


2. Save Myself: Work towards my first pullup.

B minus. Although I did learn that I prefer Dumbell Division to Bodyweight Brigade, so I'm switching over to Rangers for the next challenge.


3. Birdhouse in my Soul: Self-care Ritual.

B Minus. I get home and flop into bed.


Life Goal: Jack of All Trades: Job Hunting Prep

Fail. Stalled at Autobiography and went into a crafting frenzy, which I usually do when I'm avoiding something. I *always* stall at autobiography. Which means I may just force myself to do it this week, because I absolutely hate failing so completely, and I'd like the next challenge to be free of this spectre.


So next challenge - Level 2 Ranger.

Failing this time isn't so awful, because I did three out of four moderately well, and learned a lot about myself, and didn't give up. But I didn't do anywhere near as well as I could have, didn't track, and wandered around unfocused. Not great.


Once again, not giving up. If you can't fully escape the tomb you may as well treasure hunt. Which is my next goal. Digging out the gold of my life from all the crap.


Until next time, fellow adventurers!



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LOVE the shoes.  If I were the type of girl to wear heels ... but I'm not. :playful:


Nice work!  Congrats on your challenge.  Looking forward to my first one.

OMG i love heels :) But like flatties too, i have some pretty epic ones like that too!


We're looking forward to having you on board Maters.

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AverageJoe Outruns his fork!! http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/34126-averagejoe-outruns-his-fork/page-3


Challenge #2: DONE!!


Goal #1: Diet! Diet! Diet!  By week 6 I will be on a 100% paleo diet, specifically each of my 21 meals for the week will be paleo.

          The Plan:  Week 1: 6 paleo meals, each week +3 paleo meals with week 6 = 21

          The Result: ALL 6 weeks AT or ABOVE my goal!!! I'm super excited about this.  The main purpose of this was to find out what level of paleo I can stay at and not self implode.  I surprised myself that I actually think I can handle a predominantly Paleo diet (18+ meals /week).  Bonus: I found some culinarily satisfying recipes!!

          Reward: 6 successful weeks = Con +5, 


Goal #2: Outrun the fork: Distance! Distance! Distance!  By week 6 be able to run 10K without stopping/walking

          The Plan: I found a 10K 8 week training plan. so I'm starting on week 3 

          The Results: Injury be Damned!! I DID IT!!!  Yesterday I ran 10k in 1hr 9 min, (that's just over an 11min/mile pace) MUCH Faster than I ever expected.  My bum hip killed the rest of the day/night but I'm still feeling great about 10K!!!  

          Reward: 10K = +5 Sta


Goal #3: Outrun the fork: Speed! Speed! Speed! By week 6 be able to run one sub 9 minute mile

          The Plan: Take the cross training days from Goal #2 plan and work on leg strength exercises and sprints.

          The Results:  So due to my bum hip I couldn't do any speed work this challenge and was really worried about this goal.  But as I posted at the end of last week I made it!! 1 mile in 8:30 exactly!! Also since I continued running for another mile, I'm giving extra credit and counting it as a sub 8:30

          Reward: Sub 8:30 minute = Str: +2 Dex: +3


Bonus Stats: Start of Challenge #2 weight 240 lbs and a size 42 waist pants.    End of Challenge #2: (drum roll please)  221 lbs!!! and a very loose size 40 waist!!!


This ended so well I have no idea how to top it for Challenge #3.  First though, rest and let my leg heal.  Thanks again for all the support, see Y'all next challenge!!  


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Ok challenge summary time!


My goals were:


1. Go to the gym once a week (E/A/A/A/E)

2. Do home work out twice a week (E/A/A/A/E)

3. Do 10 bent knee press ups everyday to work towards being able to do a proper press up (D/A/A/B/E)


My life quest:


Get up at 6am every day (and go to bed at 11pm each night). (E/D/E/B/A)

(7 or 6 A, 5 or 4 B, 3 or 2 C, 2 or 1 D, None E)


I have grades for 5 weeks, as this last week I have been unable to exercise on medical advice, and the painkillers I was made my very droswy so I have been sleeping a lot because of that and also to recover! On the second last week when I had the nasty cold and didn't get my excercise done it wasn't entirely my fault, so I have let myself round the grade totals up rather than down.


Final grades


1. B (Max 4 STA) + 3 STA

2. B (Max 4 DEX) + 3 DEX

3. B (Max 4 STR) + 3 STR


Life: C (Max 3 CON) + 2 CON


Mini challenges completed: 1B (+1CHA), 2 (+1 STR), 3 (+1CON), 4 (+1 WIS) (stat points added on at the time)


Level up! *insert catchy tune* Level 3 achieved.


I feel that when I put my mind to it this was a very successful challenge. And even with some weeks of illness and a bad first week, I have still done very well! I am especially proud of my getting up in the mornings goal. You can see the improvements in my grades through the weeks, and I worked hard at it to get the final A!!


So happy with that and looking forward to the next challenge!


See you all soon folks.

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OK, so. The challenge is over, and I'm here to report. I'm just gonna wrap this up nice and simple:


#1 Eat clean foods with less carbs

The word I'd like to use to describe this goal is "process". I've learnt a few new recipes with which I've replaced my dairy snacks, and I very rarely eat sweets anymore. I think I have a better picture of what all different foods do to my health than at the beginning of this challenge. I have no record of last week, though, but I'm going to evaluate this on a whole now.

I still find it scary to try new foods, but I've made a huge progress during the challenge. I even bought two avocados and I've eaten them without much anxiety. I also drank some tea that I was afraid to try a few days ago, so that's a big step. This has been a very educational challenge, and I'm going to give it a B.

That means 2,25 points to CON. I'm pleased with this and I will keep working on my diet!  :)


#2 Exercise!

OK, this is the part of my challenge that rocked. At the beginning I felt like I couldn't run because my knees, but in the past few weeks I've ran four times, and at least 20 minutes straight each time. I'm also seeing awesome progress with kettlebell: yesterday I actually swinged my 32 lbs bell for two minutes in total, I only had a small break between each minute. I could barely swing 40 seconds at the beginning of the challenge.

I'm rating this A+ 2 points to STR, +2 points to STA.


#3 Mindfulness

I've calmed down a lot during this challenge. I found a very good instructed yoga video a couple of weeks ago and I'm following it about every two days. I remember a point during this challenge when I actually tasted the food I was eating! So eating is no longer a scary necessity, it's just... well, eating.

I'm rating this A+ 3 points to WIS, + 2 points to DEX.


#4 Start a website (life goal)

This one didn't quite go according to plan!  :D I found out that I can't really make my own HTML pages on Webs, so I just created a dA account. I'll find another way to learn HTML later... I uploaded three drawings on my dA account. Can't be helped, I'll do better next time.

I'm rating this D for effort  :D


I want to thank everyone for your support, I probably wouldn't have followed this challenge through without you! I still have much to learn, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time to take part in the next challenge. My studies are taking a huge part of my time for now, and after my last winter of being sick I want to concentrate on rocking mah grades. Nevertheless, I will lurk here and keep tracking my progress in my daily battle log  :)


Rebel on!



What I said six weeks ago: "Also, I want to run in the forests again as I used to."

Well, I'm pleased to inform you that I have went for a run in the forests a couple of times now. Hard work pays off, let's never forget that.

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#4 Start a website (life goal)

This one didn't quite go according to plan!  :D I found out that I can't really make my own HTML pages on Webs, so I just created a dA account. I'll find another way to learn HTML later... I uploaded three drawings on my dA account. Can't be helped, I'll do better next time.

I'm rating this D for effort  :D


I am also looking tolearn html and stuff for fun..... I found a site called codeacademy.com that looks promising.

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Taken directly from my challenge thread - I didn't do too well, but I learned a bunch about how I deal with stress!



Main Quest

Lose weight and increase strength in order to look awesome in costumes! (and perform better in Aikido, but really, it's all about the costumes)


1. Average 5K steps/day over the 6 weeks. This is a 25% increase in my step average for the past 6 months.

I barely skated over this, but I DID IT. (thank you Dragon Con, and your 14k+ step days). 5,723K steps average over 6 weeks. +1 CON


2. Exercise at least 4x/week. The following count: Aikido class, Zombies to 5K practice, an actual 5K, weight lifting

Not good. I averaged about 1-3 days/week.  :tongue: This is a C, so no bonus.


3. Eat at or slightly under my approved number of calories at least 5 days/week, revised for activity per fitbit+myfitnesspal tracking.

I didn't even successfully track every day. F. I'll try again next time!


Side Quest


I'm a Diet Coke fiend, but I've been able to cut it out in the past. This time, I'm going to work on my moderation!


1. Only 1 caffeinated soda/week - most likely as part of the weekly Moe's trip.   :)

Oh hey, I did pretty good on this! That's a plus.

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A. MAIN QUEST: Clothes size 8 - 10 UK.
DONE. I can fit in size 10 loosely, size 8 perfectly in some clothes, and sometimes size 6.
1. Exercise min 3x/week (A)
6x/week using Blogilates monthly calendar and I never missed any single day. Many huge improvements! I can do regular push ups and 80% of advanced moves.
2. Stretching for flexibility ( B )
Sometimes I just go to bed straightaway without doing any stretching.
3. Logging all my food as accurate as possible (A-)
I tracked everyday, but I found something interesting. I tend to avoid logging on Bad Bread Day, because I'm scared of seeing the huge amount of calories. Not good.

DONE. I'm using MedPageToday app to update myself with current medical guidelines.

1. Finish New Testament on Bible.
Going for Job and Ruth on Old Testament now.
2. Finish the last 10 chapters of Minna no Nihongo II (Japanese lesson textbook)
FAIL. I don't know why I've lost my motivation to read this. I will keep this goal until I finished it. I must finish it.

DONE. I've studied the metabolism of macronutrients, bioenergy and muscle physiology from my medical textbooks. Perfect foundation for diet and exercise.

I didn't do many of the mini-quests. I have to be more active and participate on at least half of the mini-quests on the next challenge.


I did pretty well, but this was my hardest challenge so far!

After having so much fun in the awesome Adventurer guild, I decided to graduate to the Assassin guild for my next challenge.

Thank you fellow Adventurers for all the support!

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Congratulations everyone! 


I went back and had a look and I would say I blew my Main Quest out of the water. I am so much stronger now! Here's my report: 


Wrap up! 


Once again, the title of my thread holds true. Persistence - keeping up even half-efforts over longer periods of time - is paying greater dividends than going all out for two weeks then crying a lot and comfort eating. 


My before and after pictures show my butt is higher and slimmer less-wide, my stomach is much smaller, my arms are more defined and I have ankles. You know, ones you can see as distinct from my calf or foot. 


Over this challenge I accomplished the following: 


  • Bench Press - Bar (9 kilos) to 34 Kilos (74 pounds)
  • Barbell Deadlift - Bar (9 kilos) to 49 kilos (108 pounds) 
  • Barbell Squat - Bar (9 kilos) to 39 kilos (85 pounds) 
  • Push Press - Bar (9 kilos) to 31.5 kilos (69 pounds) 
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Rows - 2.5 kilos (5 pounds) to 10 kilos (22 pounds) 
  • Fit into a size smaller jeans! 
  • Stopped even considering ways of shortening walking distance when I went anywhere - just naturally. I was walking to the shops one day when I suddenly realised I hadn't spent 5 minutes at the start thinking about which shops were quicker to get to and which route would be less effort. I just started walking. 
  • I had more energy. 
  • I lost about 4 kilos. 
  • My computer room is COMPLETELY CLEAN. Still working on the lounge room and the bedroom, but heaps closer than I was before. 
  • I made up a lot of flex time at work because I was going to bed a little earlier and so was getting to work in time. 


So while I accomplished probably only half the goals I set myself, I had some great accomplishments. On top of that, I picked a path and will be moving to Warriors next challenge! 

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Okay the final reckoning for this challenge:


Main Quest: Lose 12kg/26lbs of extraneous stuff over the next year.


Sub- quest 1: Complete workouts: A/A/A/A/A/A  This has been the easiest to achieve, not really because of the workouts  but because the plan was there; I knew what I was doing each day so there was no decision-making involved on what to do or when , just how to do it with the equipment I had.  I really like the bodyweight and kettlebell exercises in the strength training workouts: the intervals are a necessary evil.


Sub-quest 2 : Keep track of added sugar A/A/A/D/A/A  In the middle of the programme I got more interested in other strategies such as 80% satiety and eating slowly. Eating mindfully has had an unexpected result in that I've been less interested in eating sweet things because when dessert-time rolls around, I'm no longer hungry. No one is more surprised than me.


Somewhere between the exercise and the better eating, I've lost 2.5 kgs. So, result!


Sub-quest 3: Drink 16oz water a day. A/B/A/A/A/B I have nothing to say about this except that I've fallen completely off the wagon since the end of the challenge. Possibly because it's suddenly autumn here and I'm more interested again in coffee. Sigh


Life-quest One renovation/administrative task per week: A/F/A/B/F/B. I'm glad I had this as a challenge because without it I wouldn't have managed get my ass in gear at all. The path to greatness isn't cleared but it's definitely possible to see the path now.


I could get as soppy as G Paltrow at an awards ceremony now. None of this would be possible etcetera... well some of it would have been possible without the support of lovely people here but it wouldn't be a fraction of the fun and not nearly half so sustainable. 


Here's to the next challenge!

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I will not be leveling for this challenged. I learned a lot about what my priories and in turn what my main quest is. Currently it is not the FBI. If you check out my Life Goal and my madness about the PhD that should have given me a clue. Anywhoo, 


Goal #1 - Failed

Goal #2 - Failed. 

Goal #3 - B! I went a total of 30 days without coke. OMFG. YES!!!!

Goal #4 - - Read 1 book, I took 1 GRE test, I started my internship, saved $132 for my transcripts, I signed up and started!! my Russian classes, I visited with my former professor. 

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 My main quest is simply to get back to a dress size of 6. I am currently in a 10, so I expect this to take at least a year, but if I can achieve it sooner, you won't see me crying!


I would call this challenge a success!  :)  I only missed one day of workout due to time/laziness. The rest that were missed (4) were due to injuries. I give this section a B  (STR +1)


I only missed 3 days of drinking the amount of water I had intended: A (CHA +1)


And I completely avoided fast food. A+ (CON +1)


Level up: Level 2

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Bit late but...


(Copied from my thread, please find the link in my signature)


End of challenge:


6 weeks have passed and it is time for thought. First of all, I've found this challenge to be more difficult than the previous one, even if the goals were less ambitious. The "summer break" and lost of routine really made it difficult for me, as is did switching from gym training to doing my workouts at home. Trips, vacations, incredibly hot and humid weather, social events and everything that happens in summer promotes laziness, at least in me. However, I thing I have done fairly OK, even tough I am disappointed with the overall result. This was a "maintenance" challenge, and as that it was a success... but maintenance mode is just not for me.



1) I wanted to get stronger: (1.5 STR, 0.75 CHA)


I'll give myself an B here, as even if most of the weeks I managed to get the 3 workouts done, I skipped a pair BW workouts.

I see how this have helped me stay active during summer, but the increase in strength just did not happen, or was very subtle. Sure, I can do more push-ups than before, but it really depends on the day.


2) I wanted to keep running (2.25 STA)


I'm happy with this one. Had not been for the ankle injury I would have aced the running part. Sadly, I had to rest for aprox. one week and a half and thus did not keep the level of activity I aimed for. Again, a B



3) Perfect eating. (2.25 CON, 1.25 CHA)


Nah, didn't happen. I started very motivated but by the end of the challenge I realised that I had eaten way more ice-creams than I wanted to. However, I did resist very tempting dishes, desserts and drinks. My friend's wedding and our city's holidays were days I let myself lower the standards, but I do not regret it. So, for this goal it'll be a B) 90 % Paleo.


As for the reference measurements I took at the beginning of the challenge:


Height: 169 cm (5'6") 

Weight: 62.4 Kg (- 0.5)

Neck: 32 cm (12.6")

Shoulders99.5 cm (+ 0.5) 

Bust: 91.5 cm (-1.5)

Waist: 79 cm (-2)

Hips: 99 cm (-4!!!)

Tigh: 58 cm (+1)

BMI: 22

Body Fat (Crappy scale at home): 22.4%


Quite good, but crappy scale at home says I haven't lost any fat and it could be that I was loosing muscle or water (most probably) during this challenge. However, my returning to a normal schedule promises a bright future. See you next challenge!

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Sorry for getting this in late.  Here is the link to my challenge thread. 






Challenge Goals

1) Beginner body weight workout - 3/6 Completed - Grade C

2) No Added sugar - 6/6 - Completed - Grade A

3) No Take Away - 5/6 - Completed - Grade B


Overall Grade - B


Ending stats:  


Age: 32

Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Weight: 17 Stone 4 Pounds (242 Lbs)


Despite working quite hard on the body weight workouts It looks like I didn't manage to achieve as much as I had hoped.  I only managed to attain the goal on 3 out of the six weeks.  On the three weeks that I failed I managed to do three BBWW I did try to do other physical activity to make up for it. 


I achieved a lot though. I Hiked Ben Nevis, swam a mile and really increased my physical activity.  I saw huge improvements from the exercise and from really cutting down the sugar.


I am a little disappointed that I didn't lose much weight but my focus was more about gaining strength this time around.  I do feel a lot more healthy.  


This 6 week challenge really helped to get me focused and improve my health.  I'm looking forward to the next one.

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