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My local walking track is inefficient.  Supposedly, four and a half laps equal one mile.  Well, once I've done four and a half laps, of course I want to go on and finish so that it's five laps.  Makes sense to me.  I'm trying to figure out exactly how far this is, and I have no head for math at all.  Is it a mile and one eighth?  It can't be a mile and a quarter...


Help, please, for logging purposes, and so I can figure out time to distance ratios, etc.

SW (this time) -- 260 lbs
GW (June 1) -- 220 lbs

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If the track is truly 4.5 laps = 1 mile, then the track distance on one lap is 2/9 of a mile.  so five full laps would be 1 and 1/9 mile, or roughly 1.11 miles.


are you sure it's 4.5 laps? usually it's 4 laps to a mile. i agree with you that it's inefficient if it's truly 4.5 laps. (and kinda silly!)


also, if you have a smart phone, there are apps you can use to track your distance. (tho i'm guessing if you had a smart phone, you would have thought of that already!)

this person really wants to delete their account but can't because it's not allowed.


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I have a smart phone, I just don't have any apps to track my distance.  I've been using my horribly outdated iPod Nano (4Gen!  Because I'm poor and it still works, so why replace it?) to track my steps, though.  Which is why I wondered, because it's tracking my steps at almost 1 and a quarter miles.  Today was 2496, which if 2000 steps is a mile, makes it a mile and a quarter.  Or I'm just weird.  (Probably the latter.)


And yes, horribly inefficient and really kinda "durrrr" but that's what they have posted there.  That's the paved track.  The dirt track which goes around the playground they have posted as six laps = one mile, which is what I'll be using when I start the Zombies, Run! C25K in a couple of weeks.


Thank you!

SW (this time) -- 260 lbs
GW (June 1) -- 220 lbs

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