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Minty Keen


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Hi there!


I've been eating fairly strict paleo since January this year. I have tons more energy, I'm less sore overall, I sleep better and overall I'm enjoying life much more.


However, I'm somewhat concerned about my calcium intake. I still eat goat cheese as this particular type of dairy doesn't seem to bother me much, however I don't think I eat enough of it for it to be an adequate source of calcium.


I'm not a huge fan of leafy greens, I'm more into broccoli and asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Collard greens are hard to find for some reason, where I live.


I know fermented things are supposed to be good but I'm not sure where to start.


I'm a girl so I want to make sure I'm getting enough calcium, so as to not ruin myself with osteoporosis in the future. Especially since I also have a fairly low body fat percentage, common in people following a primal lifestyle (low body fat % in women also linked to increased risk of osteoporosis in future).


Any recommendations for yummy, easy snacks packed full of calcium?

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Bone broth. Liver. Fish with bones (sardines, canned salmon).


Also, lift heavy things.


Links: http://whole9life.com/2012/02/what-about-calcium/



Other key point in one of those articles - it's not just about Calcium intake; D3 and K2 help the body utilize calcium effectively to build bone mass.


And yes, strength training(or any kind of weight-bearing/force-generating activity, really) is great for building bone mass.

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Okay, that's great. I still feel as though my calcium intake is a bit low... however it's nice to know that everything else in my diet is making my absorption process optimal.


I do body-weight strength training. Think that's enough? Mostly I do small HIIT sessions, only about a half hour long including stretching time, but I feel it the next day, so take it to recover.


Some days if I really worked it hard I take two days off in a row. I just sort of listen to my body. If it's still screaming 'no' then I skip a day. No regimented 'no pain no gain' mentality.


I sprint... for the bus. More often than I'd like, actually. Think Peter Parker.


I AM interested in starting to 'lift heavy' but I don't really know where to start, nor how I'd go about it. I barely have time to pump out my small HIIT sessions, and they're all I really have space for where I currently live. I don't have a gym membership either, nor is there a gym comfortably close to where I live...


Well this is turning into less a diet and more a fitness discussion. D:


I'm going to start working more sardines into my diet... assuming I like them. I haven't worked up the nerve to try them yet.


Escargot is supposed to be a good calcium source too!

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