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RobinStarling probably bites off too much.


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I've fluttered over from the Druids for this challenge. I'm not sure if I'm over here for good or if it I'll start dual classing it back and forth, but I expect to be here for at least a few consecutive challenges.

I'm pushing my self rather hard this challenge. It will be the last time I have buckets of free time for a while and I really want to stuff done/started!

Main Quest:

Get leaner, stronger, fitter, more able. By the end of this challenge I will get my abs visible, I will be stronger, I will be more flexible, and more able at moving my body.

Not the most focused main quest, but I'm trying to chock a lot into this challenge! :P

-Increase number of consecutive pull-ups by one a week. Thus be able to do at least 11 in a row by the end of the challenge.

1STR for every increase of two up to 3STR

-Average caloric intake of 1500. Last challenge I ended up around 1800, so will need to keep a close eye on this one! Eating more on strength training days, and less on others.

1400-1600 A, 1600-1700 B, 1700-1800 C, 1800-1900 D. Worth 3CON

-Exercise every day. Strength training at least three times a week. Basic parkour and stretching on other days. Must be for at least twenty minutes. (This is me just starting parkour, so I will be focusing on mostly the roll and simple vaults).

2STR for strength training three times a week, 1DEX for parkour or stretching on every other day.

Life Side Quest:

I have an idea for a nonfiction book I want to write.

So for this challenge I'm going to kick my ass in gear.

-For the first two weeks I will research and brain storm a chapter a day, and for the final month I will write for an average of an hour or 1000 words a day.

1WIS for the first two weeks, 2WIS for the last month.

Fitness Side Quest:

Pushing the definition slightly, I'm going to make this about mental fitness and continue my meditation goal that I did very well in last challenge.

-Last challenge I meditated for thirty minutes every day. I will continue that this challenge but with a whole hour at least once a week.


Bonus Quests:

These don't fit into the challenge outline, and so won't gain stat points, but are things I want to accomplish this challenge anyway.

-The first is to take photos of my friends to use as models for painting the major arcana tarot cards. At least 15 photos of different friends.

-The other is to get a blog set up with at least three posts published. This will be a general blog from which to launch my online presence, and will eventually have tabs splitting it into a number of "mini blogs", but for now one blog with three posts will do. Posts can be modified versions for stuff I write for my book goal.


To be stronger, sexier, more able, and to have achieved (started) some projects I have been considering for quite awhile.

Level 4

Wood Elf Assassin

STR: 12| DEX: 2| STA: 2| CON: 7.75| WIS: 9| CHA: 5|

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Since you're a writer, have you ever done NaNoWriMo? If not you should look it up. It really helped me with my motivation to write. Maybe not for this particular project you're doing but maybe yes :) good luck with all your goals!

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You're right, it wouldn't quite work for this project as nano needs to be fictional prose.

But funny that you mention nanowrimo, as I was actually planning on life questing nano in the next challenge since it (almost) lines up!

I'm quite excited to give it a go! I've known about it for a few years, but never gotten around to actually taking part!

Level 4

Wood Elf Assassin

STR: 12| DEX: 2| STA: 2| CON: 7.75| WIS: 9| CHA: 5|

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Hi there!


Awesome Challenge! sure you are going to workout those muscles! Hope you finish the book! I would be nice to read it.


I reply to your comment :D but I will share here as well the link that I will use as a guide for the basic parkour movements ---> Parkour!


Good luck with your challenge!!!

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Hey! That is a really awesome link! So far I've really only played around with the roll a little bit- but if I can get that mostly down this challenge i'll be pretty happy!

So far, my exercise is good! I've done 7 workouts, and only missed off day stretching once.
Calories are a bit high at 1800, and 1700 averages per week. How ever I can have lower weeks in future weeks, and i do seem to be seeing pro-abs as it were, so I'm fairly happy!
Pull ups I'm up to about 20 per a five set session, haven't tested my max reps in a row number yet.
Meditation is good, all day except one, though the hour long hasn't happened yet.
Writing was probably and A in the first week with brain storming, and fail in week two with doing nothing!

I have however set up the blog and have two a "post" and an about page up already. :)

Level 4

Wood Elf Assassin

STR: 12| DEX: 2| STA: 2| CON: 7.75| WIS: 9| CHA: 5|

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