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CATS !! Gotta love them. This is my first challenge as well and I am looking forward to achieving the goals I have set for my self. I've noticed in the past when I start something new that I fall off the band wagon pretty quick, but in the last few weeks that I have been a member and just getting to know the site without even doing an exercise plan, I have found that all I have read and all of the motivational stories on here that this is the one to really get me through the slump I have been in for the past decade. My main goal is to be healthier so instead of playing video games all day Sundays with my sons (18 and 23) we can go out and do the things they love to do like snowboarding (skiing for me) and mountain biking, and getting back into the martial arts which I really loved doing a decade ago and devoted almost every waking moment to for over 12 years. Any way good luck to all of the first timers we can do it and I will see you throughout and at the finish line.

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