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Jonny2284's Third Go


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Looking to get back on track after the last challenge kind of went off the rails. 


The Main Quest/Motivation - Drop my weight to a manageable level and improve my fitness


Probably not alone in this one on this site, my long, long, long term goal is to lose a whole lot of weight. I turned 29 during my challenge, in the long, long, long term I want to be significantly lighter by the time I turn 30, considering it's 40 weeks away saying I'd like to be under 275lbs is a long, long, long way away and a very daunting goal but every time before I've tried I've failed far too early, given up and not waited to see things come to fruition, this time will be different, I already lost more in the last challenge  that I had in a long time and that was compounding a decent challenge before that and if I can keep that level or near it up it puts me on good path to the goal, will I make it all the way to the goal in the timescale? Probably not, but I'd rather shoot low and say "a shame I only got to 300lbs" in this instance. I have a monster metabolism just by existing right now thanks to the garganutan gut, might as well take advantage of the only use it is for me. 


Starting Measurements

Weight 342


Chest 49" (No change from previous challenge)

Waist 58" (Down 1 inch from previous challenge WOOT!)

Hips 54" (no change)

Calves 20" (no change)

Upper Arm 18" (no change)

Forearm 14" (No change) 


All in all not a huge amount of movement physically but there's a little movement, it's enough to give me some hope.


Now onto the big stuff



Goal 1 - General Fitness - Winter is coming (Potential 3 Dex, 3 Sta)

Both of my last couple of challenges have been about trying to increase my amount of walking, did I succeed as much as I'd hoped? Hell no, the results as a cold hard figure are pretty shameful, but at the same time they're also probably better than the same figures would have been a year ago. This time it's going to be a little different, melodramatic song of ice and fire quotes aside summer is most definitely over in the UK, now we don't jump straight from sun to freezing, but we don't usually tend to get that nice iconic bit the films keep showing about autumn where it's still nice but the leaves are a little brown, in fact right now, it's 14 degrees and throwing it down, obviously this kind of weather will impede any walking goals a wee bit, with this in mind, I'm adding an extra dimension to this challenge: Use my exercise bike when the number of steps is low/walking isn't really an option. I've worked the bike totals out as 5 minutes being approximately equal to 500 steps (testing it during the last challenge and it about hits the sweet spot between calories burnt and time to fit in)


I'd like to think with the added dimension I'll beat them my previous goals this time but I'll repeat those until such time as I'm breaking them (I worked the bike totals out at 6am on a day I couldn't sleep so if you spot a gap in the calculations feel free to tell me :) )


A = Averaging over 45k Steps per week OR  using the bike 7.5 hours Or some combination in between.

B = Averaging 40k steps per week (5.7k per day) or 6.6 Hours or some combination

C = Averaging 35k steps per week (5k per day) or 5.8 Hours or some combination 

D = Averaging 30k steps per week (4.2k per day) or 5 hours or some combination

E = Averaging 28k steps per week (4k per day) or 4.6 hours or some combination between

F = Anything less


This also my "Do or Die" goal, if I start to flag, thanks to Blaidd for suggesting the concept in my last thread.


Goal 2 - Sleeping (3 Sta)


I've been ignoring this problem for a while and I think it's well past time to see if I can get it in order, long and short of it is my sleep pattern is terrible, my fitbit statistics are really bad in this regard and I'd like to get it in order. I work a 2 week cycle so it's worth noting that when I speak of trying to get to bed on time it will mean: Before 10pm on my week of early shifts (5am start) and before midnight on my late shift. I don't whether it has any scientific merit but I have in the past heard of a theory that sleep works almost like a bank, where if I'm an hour short all week, having a good snooze on Sunday levels it out, for the duration I'll be working to that theory, leveled out over each week.


*I'm currently awaiting a new fitbit band so logging may be spotty to start with. I've glued my original one back together temporarily and while I trust it in the day when I can keep an eye on it, I'm not too keen on sleeping with it on in it's current state.


A =  56 hours sleep (Full 8 hours every day)

B = 49 Hours sleep (7 hours)

C = 42 hours sleep (6 hours)

D = 38.5 hours sleep (5.5 hours)

E = 35 hours sleep (5 hours)

F = Anything less


Yeah I know I made it wonky in the middle but I'm not that bad off, I'm hoping I'll be skirting the upper tiers on this one. Should all be logged through my fitbit in sleep mode, but I'll manually enter any days I miss (I'm a bugger for forgetting to activate it) to catch up.


Goal 3 - Logging everything (2 Con, 1 Wis)


Didn't think I'd have to repeat this one, but the gaping holes in my food log say otherwise. 


A = Everything logged for the duration

B = Up to 3 meals missed

C = Up to 6 meals missed

D = Up to 9 Meals missed

E = Up to 12 meals missed 

F = Anything more



Life Goal - The List (Remaining 3 Points - Distribution TBC depending on what's knocked off the list.)


I've found I don't have one specific big thing to do, but a huge host of little ones, so I'll post the list here, see how we go on knocking them off and take it from there, stats are little hard to peg on this one so it's the remaining 3 stat points up for grabs, the distribution will depend on quantity and focus of the goals that get done. I know a list of lots of little things is a bit off, but it's a bit of a trick on myself, last time I got totally disconnected from the site, if somebody hadn't asked in my thread how it was going I probably wouldn't have posted in it again until the end, a big list of little goals give me something to come back and update a lot, should hopefully avoid that same fate this time.


  • See about gym membership (was referred to a place by my Doctor that does cut rate membership for NHS referals. It's a bit out of the way, but see what it entails. Might be right for me)
  • Join an accountibilibuddy group. I'd like to think I could have pulled the last challenge back together better if I'd been more involved, I allowed it to become "that thing that I should really get around to updating"
  • Read Nutrition book "Nutrition for dummies" I've been skirting this one for a couple of challenges now and I become more and more aware that Jamie Oliver was right, I was taught **** all about nutrition at school and want to change it.
  • Read Nutrition book "The Optimum Nutrition Bible"
  • Experiment with breakfast smoothie recipes until I have a big enough selection I can have a different one each day (I'm pretty sure the fact I got down to 2 recipes was a factor in them going out the window last time) - MINOR EDIT - No longer just breakfast smoothies - But breakfast in general
  1. Protein shake of choice, 1 Frozen Banana, 500ml almond milk (unsweetened), add extract if required by manky protein powder taste
  2. Protein shake of choice, Frozen Blueberries/Strawberries, 500ml Almond milk,add extract if required by manky protein powder taste
  3. 2 Eggs, 1 fresh banana, pulverise in blender. Stick resulting mix on grill and cook like pancakes.
  • Finally get around to getting my car booked in for that factory recall/get the shock absorbers sorted/replace the back wiper
  • Unplug, unwind and sort spaghetti junction (was part of the life goal last time, I got the hours in to technically complete the challenge but never actually got as far as doing this)
  • Start that excel for beginners guide I was tasked with in my work appraisal in April that I haven't even though about yet.
  • Think about and complete the stat guide for this challenge
  • Get a passport (mine lapsed nearly 10 years ago. I've never renewed it. Subsequently while I get time off work I never really get a holiday. Extra options might help)
  • Play at least 1 game on steam that I currently have 0 hours in. For 5 hours. (I know it's a bit counter intuitive on a fitness site to do this, but video games are my release and between 7 years of Summer and Winter sales, and now humble bundles I've reached a huge amount of games that I've never touched)
  • Investigate this sledgehammer workout program. Seems to tick all the boxes for me
  • Get around to buying new scale that does all that clever uploading mumbo jumbo so I can see the average trend and don't spend forever second guessing myself when a reading is lighter than it should be. (This was supposed to be my reward last challenge if I got comfortably under 350 anyway)
  • Reset up/fix the formulas in my half done bike logging spreadsheet. I'll be using this thread as a placeholder for the information I need until this is sorted.
  • Rework - Bike Formulas before next challenge so distance means more than time
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welcome back jonny.  You have some good goals there, but i would recommend that for your life goal you use a rating of achieving maybe 4 -6 over the challenge so that you don't become too overwhelmed when life happens :)


Good luck :)

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My challenge


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Thanks, I know it looks like I put a lot up but there's a method in my madness, obviously my best case scenario is knocking off the full list, but at the same time these goals will be the first casualties if I do have problems and I'm alright with that, struggling on the other goals will get to me,  struggling on the list not so much, part of putting it all out there whether I get through the entire list or not is just a bit of an exercise in mental housekeeping and a small bit of trickery to make sure I keep coming back even if it's just to update the list to knock one of the trivial items on the list off, stop me becoming disconnected like last time.

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that's great Jonny.  Just thought you you might want to have a way allocating points etc :)  I'm also glad to hear that those would be the goals you drop when struggling.  We hope to see more of you :)

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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Staying on track is tough when you have a life to contend with.  Your goals look super achievable and looks like you are ready to be committed to them.  Way to go, see you on the fit side!

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6-29-2015 a1c: 5.4

I control my diabetes, it does not control me.



Initial Weight: 391     Goal Weight: 225


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Game of Thrones fan?


I'm having the same problem as you with the life goal.  There's lots of little things but I'm not sure what would be a LIFE goal.  Certainly taking out my air conditioner is not a life goal.


I would probably pick 5 of those and just assign 1 point each. Or pick 6 and try to bang out one each week.  I think that's doable.


And....HUMBLE BUNDLE!  I found that site a couple weeks ago.  Omg, I love it.  What games did you get?  I might have a few with 0 hours on them too.  If you happened to get the bundle with Amnesia: The Dark Decent.....PLAY IT.  It's so awesome.  Also, McPixel is stupid-fun.

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You can do it man!  Last challenge I finally reached my under 300lbs goal.  Now I am aiming for 275.  I signed up for a Spartan race in December 7th.  I've love to be close to 250 by then, but I think that will be really hard to do it.


Sleeping was in my first challenge, and I am sort of bringing it back in my 3rd.  It really is good to get rest.

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TBH when I get up for work at 04:30am it's a miracle I'm wearing pants by the time I get to work some days so forgetting a bit of fruit isn't the end of the world for me, it just makes for a bit of a bland breakfast, I've yet to find a decent tasting protein shake (chocolate ones always seem to be too muddy, strawberry is very rarely strawberry-esque and the mint ones are more akin to having a glass of milk and then brushing your teeth with a minty toothpaste than a real thing :) ), hence why I always prop them up with some real fruit.

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Ok End of Day 1 (I promise I won't do this everyday, but I need a place to hold some information until I get the spreadsheet sorted, I suddenly became aware that the biking/walking goal is all well and good but I need a central place to collate it so I have it on hand, an adapted version of my old bike logging spreadsheet is on the way but for now this thread will suffice)


Day 1 Bike Figures

Time: 00:32:46

Distance 6.30 (it's pretty bad, 2 years ago after I'd been using it every day for a couple of months I was doing 14 in the same time but I want to keep log see how it goes over the challenge as I build back up). I don't actually know whether the unit is supposed to be miles or kilometers, don't suppose it matters since it'll never tie up against the real thing, just need it as a figure to try and beat tommorow and the day after and so forth.

Calories: 255.5 (Not idea how accurate it is, you do have to plug in all your info to get it, but I'm always dubious of these things)

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End of Day 2.


No progress on the spreadsheet so I'll have to log the bike figures again here today. Had to take my dad to the hospital (scheduled at least this time), long story short it's worse than I'd hoped, better than I'd feared so it's been a pretty heavy day emotionally, on the plus side I didn't retreat to the bottom of a McDonald's bag like I half expected to do, but I did decide to go back to bed all afternoon once he was back and I got home (although at least it's one of my goals, and I always work on the theory that sleep is your brains downtime to process and that you won't sleep unless you need it), when I did get up it was time to get on the bike to make up for the walking I haven't done today.


Time - 30:03

Distance 6.67

Calories: 299

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Replying from my mobile so apologies for any spelling errors, had to miss a couple of days on the bike with work problems, but otherwise I think it's going alright. It might sound a little cold but on the family issue front there's no more I can do besides be there when required (its not as bad as that might look on a first glance, just that it's in the hands of the doctors, I can't help much at this point). But back to the challenge I Might even still be able to get top ranking on the fitness challenge If I can fit in either a good couple of walks or good sessions on the bike

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That's what I'm trying. It's still hanging over me to an extent, but I'm trying not to let it rule over everything, now I'm removed from the disappointment and can look at it a bit clearer I can say whatever else went wrong last challenge I consider  it a success on one level at least for the lesson that there's always be an excuse if I allow it, so you have to push on.


Don't know if it's that I'm coming down with something or it is a response to this business (Probably a bit of both since I won't say I feel awful, but definitely a bit off and I'm still dripping sweat doing nothing even with the AC at 16 before I thought better of it and turned it off)  but I'm sleeping a lot more than I had before for a week of early shifts,although the current average of just shy of 7 hours a night still isn't fantastic, it's better than I was doing before (it used to hover around the 5 hour mark), especially since this is my bad week at work (the week of lates isn't a problem, the earlies is usually when I fall behind so this week is above where I expected to be). Considering I'm beating the sleep average (even if it is being aided by being a bit off) before I get the two weekend sleeps I'm doing pretty well, ,hopefully a couple of ibuprofen and a decent nights sleep will take care of the rest.


Another one of those lessons learned that I should have known and done all along as well, never really got back into the habit of stretching, having a few easy minutes to warm up etc when doing the biking. Lesson learned the hard way when at just shy of 20 minutes in my leg cramped up, so not great figures today I'm afraid. (I was kind of looking towards sticking an audiobook on or something and going for a longer period even if it was backed off a bit in intensity so having to stop at 20 is a bit of a shame).


Time :00:19:45

Distance 4.02

Calories 170.6


Gonna try talking to local hauliers on site where I work about useless punctured tires from their fleet on Monday, I know at least one has to pay to get them taken away by the tire fitter when he comes to fit the replacement, gonna see if I can take that burden off his hands and get me a big lorry sized tire, not quite the mental tractor tire size like Teros has in his topic, but I reckon it's close to twice the size a standard car tire, I'm intrigued by this sledgehammer workout idea, and quite frankly I have some aggressions to work out right now that don't really get sated just by pushing a bit harder on a bike or going for a walk, it'd be nice to have an outlet.

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Somedays you just know the world is against you.


Actually had a pretty good day (until the events explained from here on out), was trying to catch up on homeland on the old htpc while simultaneously getting that nice long ride I mentioned in my last post, all was going well until about the 59 minute mark until it all locks up and the burning smell starts, on the (minor) plus side it did lock with my figures displayed so I had time to jot them down.


Time 00:59:14

Distance 12.23

Didn't get the calories burnt part, I'd assume somewhere around 500 given that this is about in line with my previous figures. 


But there are plus sides, dragging my old gaming PC out of the cupboard, getting it into position, setting up all the wires and getting it working seems to be a pretty demanding workout, especially when it's after a 10 minute wtf cooldown post biking, and at the time I last upgraded there was no such thing as big picture mode, so the PC was just cast aside until a rainy day. Shall open the old one up tomorrow to see what's what, but I know that smell, I wasted enough money overclocking in my youth, that was cooling failure followed by burn out.

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burn out.  Damn.


What happened on the tire front?  I had to call a few places and the place that said they had none----had- 12+ oldl tractor tires just laying around.  Always see if you can check out thier junkyard.  I got Brutus and then spray painted him red:



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Nothing yet, the idea didn't strike until late Friday after work (my weekend off), if I can get time to slip away from my desk and get to the right people it's gonna be a job for the new week. Now admittedly tire blow out is probably tied as the #1 haulage excuse for why people are late (along with broken airline), but at least some of them have to be genuine and result in some dead tires, not like a puncture is going to be issue as long as it wasn't a total blow out for my purposes.


Opened up the computer in the daylight, pretty much as I expected, think the RAM and graphics card (such as it is, it was only a HTPC, might at least be able to use it as a PhysX card) survived but the CPU is done. What a burden it is to have an excuse just before payday to spend some cash on getting the old gaming PC back up to speed for living room HTPC/gaming use :) 

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I have an old old alienware that I wiped out and put a bunch of retro games (diablo 1/sims/starcraft etc) and hooked that up to the big tv.  Also got a nice wireless keyboard+mouse, and I made a partial keyboard cover so the mouse can be used in a small space- with frigging legos.  works like a charm.  Hope u get the pc up.

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I'll finish a proper weekly report in the morning when all the figures (sleep, distance etc) are finalised.


Just one last quick note before I put a little time into the spreadsheet at last (mental note, audiobooks > tv when on bike, the figures are much better, getting close to some of the 2012 figures. Hadn't considered that focusing on tv was killing the figures I was just figuring that I was out of shape and out of practice, of course I am still out of shape :) )


Time: 00:33:26

Distance: 13.32

Calories: 321.5

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Ok - End of Week One


Goal 1 - Walking/Biking


Actual Steps taken - 22564

Time Biking - 2.9 Hours

Now using mystical mumbo jumbo so I could make this challenge gradeable (as explained in the first post) my bike distances would count as approximately another 17000 steps (working on 500-Steps being the same as 5 minutes biking) - By my calculations that leaves me at around 39564, disappointingly a C for the week, when the B was so close, shall have to make sure about walking about more at work, and start refining the biking stuff for next time (I don't like changing the rules mid challenge but I've clearly left a gap in things when yesterdays ride counts as less than Saturdays when I did more distance in half the time, shall have to make distance more prominent in how I work it next time)


Grade C- Will have to see how it averages out over the rest of the challenge


Goal 2 - Sleeping

According to the fitbit logs, 42 hours


Not the end of the world, as I said a few posts ago, I work rotating earlies/lates and week 1 was earlies, I didn't realise how big a problem getting 5-6 hours on earlies was when even at the weekend I'm only getting 7-9 hours. I believe this weeks figures should be more positive.


Grade C 


Goal 3 - Logging


Everything logged


Grade A


Life Goal - The List


A couple of items off it, a pity I have new ideas almost as fast as I clear old ones. 


A little bugged by the result on goal 1, as I really thought I was further along than I was there, but not that bad, will have to try and smash the figures this week,

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