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End of Week 2 Day 1


Should have kept in mind my revelation from yesterday regarding audiobooks >tv for biking to. Watched the new episode of breaking bad while trying to bike thinking "yeah 45 minutes or so, this'll be great". Too many "OMG WTF?" moments where I stopped to watch TV :( 



Time : 00:29:44

Distance 10.55

Calories: 242.9


Also starting to suspect that during week 1 when I thought I had my bike on 2 and a half turns resistence (in theory the middle) I had it on 3 1/2 turns. Not really buying this sudden increase in form as much as I was yesterday without there being another factor.

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Hmm, I thought I replied to here already, but I don't see it.


Pretty good week 1 still.  You did have quite a lot to deal with too, and you still came though it.


I have yet to watch the 2013 episodes of Breaking Bad.  Though I might watch them all right before the last one so I can watch it live. :)

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I'd recommend a netflix marathon of them (if you find some uk DNS settings), there's not going to be a lot of avoiding spoilers come Sunday Night/Monday morning anyway. Might as well be there :)


End of Day 2.


No biking today, finished work late, so Ill see if I can get a longer session in tomorrow , even if its just an extra 5-10 minutes to lose the gap a bit.


Wheels are in motion on the tire front, but since I'm dealing with one individual in a chain of a few depots, it might take time, basically its got to be a job done on site so I can get it. Sods law is going to apply if I start down this road, but I might get a part used car tire in the meantime.


Stopped on the way to work at the gym I was referred to by the quack. Not impressed, its not a membership to the gym at a cut rate at all, its a series of sponsored classes (two spin classes, one zumba and a couple of other bits) that are set out at such times that I'd be missing one week in two anyway, as I said when I brought it up first time, I wasnt particularly impressed by this places setup anyway, one it's the far side of town (half an hours drive) from me anyway and I didn't think much of the facilities anyway, I Figured it was worth a look, I was wrong.Plenty of other gyms near me to investigate (proper memberships this is) but I'm honestly of the opinion right now that I'd rather lose some weight at home and get my fitness level up at least a little before I go back a mess of myself in a gym. It's not like I'm quite as bad as Homer Simpson when he asked "what's a gime?" but it's not much better.

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I have the episodes downloaded already, just need to watch them :)


I have had a gym membership at Planet Fitness since January.  I never have been in to work out haha.  I might try too though.  I have been working on plenty of body weight workouts and things at home.  So it's not liek I really neede dit yet.  I am tempted to get some weight work in there just to see what all is there.

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Ok, been off the grid for a couple of days (mainly because work has been dragging on for the last few days, you take 8 warehouses, close one and compress the stock into 7 without giving the remaining ones any extra manning or time and you end up having to work late every night, whudda thunk it?), made the choice when I got home between bike and dicking around on the internet, hopefully I chose wisely by going with the bike.


Day 2 - As I said there was no biking

Day 3 - 20 minutes, 7.54 of whatever distance unit it's supposed to be and done. Not the epic I was hoping for, but that twang in my leg convinced me that was it for the day before I ended up like last challenge where pushing too hard one day meant 3 days where every step was agony.

Day 4 - 31 minutes, 11.2 distance 

Day 5 - 33 minutes 10.62 distance, not as good as I'd liked but the flip side is out of my 6000 odd steps today 3500 of them came from 19:00-20:00, then biking at 21:00.


Quite excited on the last couple of figures, if I can stay around that pace (and hopefully start getting past it) I'm about equal to my 2012 figures, there's a spot from February last year where every day for a week on the same resistance I use now I did 40 minutes and hit little over 16 distance each time, quietly making this my goal for week 6. Still haven't figured what the hell was up with the figures last week though.


A little bit disheartened on the weight front, after much hype I finally got my wifi scale, which despite supposedly being a 350lb limit tells me "**** off fatty" (of course not in those words) when my other scale the same morning when fasted made me 341.2lbs (which would be a new record light) and in the evening before switching the scales around 344. Maybe it's because the damn thing is small and I'm a size 13 foot that I'm not balancing on it properly to get a decent read (the first day when I stood on it, I got 340.9, every day since the above, so maybe I managed to hit the balance sweet spot on the day). On the one hand, whatever my actual weight I can't ignore the downward trend my trusty old scales have shown, but now I'm got this kind of discrepancy out there is going to annoy me I need to find a tiebreak pair so I know which one is right, I suspect even trying to look towards the positive if it is my old scales that are wrong, it will hurt.


No progress on the tire, it's in the lap of the gods now so to speak.


One plus side though, I tallied up my totals for the week thus far on my spreadsheet, and biking included I'm only 3000 steps/half an hours biking shy of where I finished last week, so in real terms it's gonna be a B grade this week as long as I get out of bed, hopefully should hit and A as long as I can get either a nice walk or some biking in.

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I'll second Tateman.  I was making some progress, but I think whole 30 kicked it in overdrive. 


As for Breaking Bad, I've been interested in it the past 2 seasons but just never bothered.  I have it on my netflix instant queue so I know I'll get around to it eventually.  But.....the walking dead is coming back. 

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To be honest it's not the matter of the weight loss, I agree that will come, it's now more the issue of knowing where I stand and the mentality, if my old scale has been giving me false readings for the past couple of months I'd like to know now and adjust my goals appropriately. I feel better about myself, clothes are fitting better, I'm walking more and with less problems (5 miles yesterday) so I'm fairly sure I've lost weight it's more a matter of the figures (can't help it, it's how my mind works I'm all about the figures) and that if it's not as much as I thought (or that my starting weight was a misread and it's higher than I thought), I'd rather find out sooner rather than later and get my inevitable "oh woe is me" crap out of the way and get back on track. Should have used the one at the supermarket while I was there this morning actually but the idea didn't occur to me till just now, admittedly they probably won't want me stripping down to me kecks in the local tesco, but if I take stock of my fully clothed weight on both scales (assuming the bad one will give me a weight) and check it against the one there I should have an idea of where I stand and at least an inclining of which one to trust. 


Something for later in the week.


On the plus side, absolute merked my walking yesterday, hit 10,000 steps (trying to think back quite honestly it's probably the best walking day I've had in many, many years), no biking (I was up to 8000 steps and a bit sore by 11 am, figured it was a good time to back off a bit and just finish the day naturally. It does mean I have a grade A on my walking challenge regardless of todays result.


I'll do a full update in the morning when I have tonights sleep figures.

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Ok proper end of week 2 update


Goal 1.


Much better week this time, even hit 10k steps on Saturday (while I feel a lot stronger and the recovery time is a lot less than last time I tried a big walking day I still don't think I'm quite ready to be doing that daily), tried to think back to last challenge (before it went to hell) and the little things I was doing to get the figure up and tried to follow that. 


Actual steps - 38816 (not fantastic I admit, but a lot stronger than last week)

114 minutes biking


Combine the 2 and we have an A for the week.


Goal 2 


51:43 sleep. Getting close to the goal, it's still tanked by that quick turnaround (the night where instead of 7-9 hours I got 4), I should be able to get 6 hours on those instances but I never seem to be able to get to sleep quite right those nights.


Goal 3 


Everything logged, admittedly I've been a bit guilty of logging after the fact, need to work towards planning my meals and inputting them in advance.


The list.


Another couple of items knocked off


All in all not a bad week, certainly better than week 1. Managed to not weigh in yesterday morning so I'll have to do that in the morning (using the old scale so at least I have consistency until I can sort the other issue)

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Might as well do an update now, it's not gonna be a good week.


Started off alright for the first couple of days (If I'd kept Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday type figures up then it was another A week physically) but then Thursday BANG! flu, went from feeling alright to crap over the course of 3 hours. Did the stupid thing and went to work as normal Friday (given everything my opposite number has done over the past couple of months when I've needed time on short notice I didn't want to drop another day on him; probably the right call personally, wrong call physically), limping through the day absolutely knocked me out. Struggled through a family get together Friday afternoon (by this point I realised I shouldn't be doing anything, but the relatives in question live in Florida they come across maybe once every 3 years and I missed both of their previous visits this trip due to work so I felt obliged to go), crawled into bed pretty much as soon as I got home and outside of an occasional trip to the fridge downstairs to scavenge a small bit of food I've been in bed since. Did consider trying to limp through some biking but the soreness all over has put a stop to this idea, it's a bad week, but unless I concentrate on getting better this'll drag into next week as well.


A bit disappointed that unless I wake up feeling great in the morning this week is a dud (if I feel at least up to a bit of time on the bike I might be able to dust it up to a C, mainly through the figures on my healthy days already being stronger than week 1), but these things happen, at least if I quarantine myself, take the medicine and try and sleep it off I hopefully won't infect anyone else and can hit Monday as a fresh start, and on the plus side at least my sleep total should be alright this week :) 

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End of Week 3 (Or there abouts)


Obviously as mentioned above we've got some factors standing in my way this week, but I'm trying to stay positive about it. Felt strong enough to take a little walk and do some biking, so should be hitting next week at near full strength. 


Now the other thing I should point out is that I reread this thread yesterday, and I noticed that in a couple of places when I've followed email links in to the new post I've seen posts that I haven't seen before and totally ignored peoples posts, so I'll be keeping that in mind in future and scanning back from the latest post and I apologise if I've ignored you at some point.


Goal 1 - Walking


As it stands right now (and realistically it's not going to change too much in the remaining time today) then my actual steps for the week is holding around the 27k mark, obviously not my best week, but couldn't do more. As well as the walking I got just over 2 hours biking done (Realised I haven't posted the figures on that this week I'll put them below), again not my strongest week, but a decent figure when I only biked 3 days.


Biking Figures

Monday: 29 Minutes, 10.35 miles (oh yeah I found the manual for my bike I finally figured out the units are supposed to be miles)

Tuesday: 35 Minutes, 10.87 miles

Sunday: 57 minutes, 18.14 miles (think I might pay for this one in the morning, but I'm a big fan of trying to sweat out the remnants of an illness once you're over the initial weakness)


Walking: 27,000 steps (I'll edit the final figure in the morning but it's around there) 


Total Time: 2 Hours near as damn it. 


I believe putting them together puts me at a C for the week, but on the positive side my rolling average for the first 3 weeks is approximately 42,000 steps. I can still take the A if my remaining weeks are good.


Goal 2 - Sleeping


I suppose I should thank getting ill on this one otherwise I was in for a really bad week here, and even spending a day and a half in bed only really shored up the figures to average. Not a lot of making up for all those early days in the week where I was getting 4-6 hours. Shall have to look at this next time earlies rolls around, even if it's just seeing about something to help me sleep, too much time staring at the ceiling and I'm not really sure how to remedy it right now (it's just one of things when I'm on earlies, I think I have a subconscious fear of sleeping in so my brain decides the answer is just not to sleep at all until my body steps in eventually and puts me to sleep) 


49 1/2 hours sleep total


B Grade for the week


Goal 3 - Logging


Like last week I've been a little late to the party with my logging on a few occasions but it's all gotten logged, naturally a couple of days there hasn't been a lot to log anyway.


A for the week




All in all I'm not that upset for the week, some factors you can't control and quite honestly I think If I'd tried to push through any earlier than today it would have been detrimental rather than helpful, and as of this morning I hit a new low on weigh ins (335.8), now I fully expect this one to be up a little next week as I return to normal, but I'm kind of hoping it'll swing all the way back, at least give me something positive out of this,I did save a fortune on food in the past couple of days :)

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I've actually been not too bad the last couple of days, Sunday I was, I don't want to say better but I was at least up and about, and this week while there's still some lingering soreness and coughing up junk I'm at least getting stuff done. Today was the first day I've actually felt a pang of hunger so my appetite is recovering, not that it wasn't helpful long term to have a couple of days where I felt nothing in that regard and just had the liquid complan lunches (I dread my doctor telling me I have to do such a thing as a long term job, but I'll admit I do keep a few of them on hand for emergencies, sickness and those days I quite honestly don't have time for anything else). The main thing was quarantining myself, you said it yourself since your kid and wife are sick you're bound to get sick, I'm trying to not infect anyone: the house mates, well they can get sick actually for all the sympathy I got :) ,  my dad will be having an operation next week so I'm dreading passing anything onto him or my mum that could spread and make them cancel after he finally got his blood pressure to a point where they're going to do it, I can't let my opposite number at work get ill because I need him to cover the time off I'm going to need because of said operation. It might sound like a bit of a manchild response to have spent 3 days in bed ignoring the world but it was in a good cause since doing anything else was causing a problem somewhere.


While I'm here actually I might as well do a little update.


2 decent if not great days walking (both over 6000 steps), No biking yesterday because of another late finish at work, only did a little biking today, don't know what it was, but it's one of those days where I just couldn't get into it: 26 minutes, 8.72 miles. Far from a spectacular session.


Don't have the figures to hand but sleep has been alright since I'm back on late shift at work, might as well enjoy it now since my schedule is about to go to **** (I've already noted the pattern where earlies are bad, lates are good sleep wise, and in the aftermath of the operation my dads having, I'm going to have to do an additional week of earlies on what should be my late shift ie 3 sets on the trot since lates are totally incompatible with the visiting hours and I'll be acting as taxi). I'll be trying to get decent sleep during this period but I think realistically I can kiss that goal goodbye until I've sussed how I can get a better nights sleep on such shifts.


Everything's logged.


No progress on the big list other than toying with figures for my biking next time around, instead of using raw time I'm looking towards 1 mile equalling 275 steps (for my final weekly calculation I add the cycling times as effective steps to the total). I'm gonna keep toying with it until the end of the challenge to find the balance point but I think that's the sweet spot (it's not like I'm gonna play with it to the point where I decide 282.3 is the sweet spot, but I'll reassess it later with various other round figures in the area), it makes some of the biking sessions where I haven't been with it or coasted a bit worth slightly less, but it means those special days where it all clicks, I'm in the zone and I can get a really good time are worth a lot more than working on flat time like I am now, kick my own arse into avoiding distractions and just getting on with it as it were.

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Hmm, somewhere along the way I did exactly what I said I wasn't going to do any become disconnected. Also a little concerned because I vaguley remember writing an update for Week 4, maybe I got it half written up at work and never posted it, I don't know, but I specifically remember a few of the comments I made in it, and it seems to be gone, ah well. too much time passed now for me to do anything but recount the figures tbh so....


Week 4:


Goal 1  - Activity


46728 steps, only one half hour session on the bike, but the walking alone was enough for an A grade


Goal 2 - Sleeping


49 hours (there's a missing nights log but I really can't remember how much sleep I got there so I'll take the figure as is:


Goal 3 - Logging Everything


Everything was logged



Wasn't a great week there apart from walking, but it was far from my worst week as well, more importantly onto week 5. I will preface this by saying as mentioned in the above post Tuesday of Week 5 my dad went into hospital, so I spent a lot of last week running backwards and forwards and in theory activty became the do or die goal. Didn't quite work out that way, but as you can probably imagine under such circumstances blowing a week of the challenge was far from my mind. On the plus side, we brought him home Sunday, all clear, the big C is gone.


Anyway onto the figures


Week 5


Goal 1 - Activity


33170 Steps, 1 Session on the bike of approimately half an hour, I beleive that leaves me at a high C not clipping the B for the week. I didn't really pay much mind to the figures during the course of the week I was just doing whatever was needed, and to be honest I thought I'd done more than I had.


Goal 2 - Sleeping


Approximately 50 hours (there's a missing log for Sunday while I charged the fitbit, but I do know it was a good night since it was only chance to sleep in) - B for the week


Goal 3 - Logging everything


Horrible week in this regard, everything was logged after the fact, and I don't mean I ate at 12 and logged in that evening, I mean like on Thursday I filled in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays records, today I caught up the rest of the week. While I have the main meals in place I know I'm missing snacks, so I'm generously assuming I missed enough stuff over the week that I got a B



Again not a great week, but as you might be able to appreciate, it was far from the front on my mind, don't get me wrong it was nice to get on the scale yesterday morning and see loss, but the whole thing was just something in the background last week. Now as I do vividly remember typing out in what should have been the week 4 update, I've already picked out a new (well returning) challenge for the next one, no fast food. I don't care if I go and cook an equally offensive burger on my own grill, it's more about breaking the idea that these places are for everyday meals again. Once I'm back in the habit of cooking at home I can work on reshaping what I cook, for now it's just getting back to that. Second challenge will be the current activity one, using the different formula alluded to in my last post and goal posts a bit higher (the rolling average puts me on course for a B, realistically last week sunk the potential for an A for the challenge, I'd need a 10,000 step day every day for the rest of the week when I usually hit between 4k and 6k) so whatever I end up with will become the next C grade stat and I'll pick out a couple of higher tiers. The important bit of course is that the family issues are pretty much resolved and I should be able to refocus towards my challenges.

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Ok, end of the challenge (or close enough that I can post about it and in a place where over a 6 week average I can't do enough to change the final figures) 


First off, might as well get the cold hard facts for week 6 out of the way:


Goal 1 - Walking


Not a great week, consistent but not great, around 4-5k steps everyday.By the end of it it's only going to be a D this week. Hadn't really considered that getting my dad home didn't mean he was 100%, he's lost an ear, so he's off balance, not cleared to drive yet, has trouble walking because of the patch of skin missing from the thigh, overall it meant I spent most of my time running errands or at work, now I wouldn't change this situation just for the sake of this challenge but it is a little frustrating to limp over the finish line like this.


Little over 30k steps


Goal 2 - Sleeping


Again not a great week, but by this point I expect as much when I'm on earlies. Managed to miss logging Mondays sleep (think my fitbit was on charge) but if I assume a similar figure of 5 and half hours that I got on the Tuesday/Wednesday it puts me at just shy of 43 hours for the week.


Goal 3 - Logging


Everything logged. Still a little guilty of after the fact logging, but not as bad as last week.


The list


No progress this week.


Now with it also being the end of challenge, onto the final figures.


End of Challenge Stuff


Didn't get a chance to redo my measurements (need to find the tape measure again, hopefully should have the new figures and comparision at the start of the next challenge) but todays weigh in was 334.8 so 7.2lbs lost over this challenge.


Goal 1 - Activity


My rolling average over the course of the six weeks (once todays figure is finalised is little over 40k steps per week. Obviously had my ups and downs with this challenge but still my best and most consistent walking figures to date. Next challenge the biking will be swapped over to a slightly different formula that emphasises activity over time and I'll drop everything down a grade. Outside of a couple of days with a bit of knee trouble I haven't really had any trouble either, so hopefully I'm getting stronger all the time.


Final Grade B - 2.5 Dex 2.5 Sta


Goal 2 - Sleeping


Now the goalposts on this one moved a bit halfway through the challenge (with the family stuff meaning I had to take extra early shifts to keep visiting hours) so I didn't do as well as I'd like, and quite honestly the information hasn't really told me anything I didn't already know, I sleep well on lates, badly on earlies, and as a two week cycle I probably end up about right, unfortunately when that cycle gets broken I don't do so well. At some point I want to repeat this challenge, but given I spent the bulk of this challenge going to bed at the right times, but still ended up staring at the ceiling in the short term it's a little pointless until I have ideas, info, some way to get around it. 


Weekly figures are 42, 52, 49.5,49,50 & 43 hours. Averaged out of the challenge that's 47.48 or a C grade


Final Grade C - 2 Sta


Goal 3 - Logging


Mixed bag on the challenge, everything was logged bar the one bad week, but a little too much for my liking was logged after the fact. Going forward will be trying to keep things logged as/slightly after I eat them, only problem will be at work when my phone connecting it piss poor and the browser is not always available, but hopefully the habit of logging is re-established) 


Other problem is I didn't really set this up properly in terms of being grading, but with a bit of magic on the rounding:


Final Grade B - 1.5 Con 0.75 Wis


Life Goal - The List


Again a bit of a mixed bag and ultimately the list didn't serve the purpose I wanted it to, I still ended up getting a little disjointed towards the end of the challenge, fortunately this time the challenge itself didn't suffer for it, just the participating here. Final score on the list is as follows:


Completed Items:

  • See about gym membership (was referred to a place by my Doctor that does cut rate membership for NHS referals. It's a bit out of the way, but see what it entails. Might be right for me)
  • Join an accountibilibuddy group. I'd like to think I could have pulled the last challenge back together better if I'd been more involved, I allowed it to become "that thing that I should really get around to updating"
  • Unplug, unwind and sort spaghetti junction (was part of the life goal last time, I got the hours in to technically complete the challenge but never actually got as far as doing this)
  • Start that excel for beginners guide I was tasked with in my work appraisal in April that I haven't even though about yet.
  • Think about and complete the stat guide for this challenge
  • Play at least 1 game on steam that I currently have 0 hours in. For 5 hours. (I know it's a bit counter intuitive on a fitness site to do this, but video games are my release and between 7 years of Summer and Winter sales, and now humble bundles I've reached a huge amount of games that I've never touched)
  • Investigate this sledgehammer workout program. Seems to tick all the boxes for me
  • Get around to buying new scale that does all that clever uploading mumbo jumbo so I can see the average trend and don't spend forever second guessing myself when a reading is lighter than it should be. (This was supposed to be my reward last challenge if I got comfortably under 350 anyway)
  • Reset up/fix the formulas in my half done bike logging spreadsheet. I'll be using this thread as a placeholder for the information I need until this is sorted.
  • Rework - Bike Formulas before next challenge so distance means more than time


Uncompleted Items:

  • Read Nutrition book "Nutrition for dummies" I've been skirting this one for a couple of challenges now and I become more and more aware that Jamie Oliver was right, I was taught **** all about nutrition at school and want to change it.
  • Read Nutrition book "The Optimum Nutrition Bible"
  • Experiment with breakfast smoothie recipes until I have a big enough selection I can have a different one each day (I'm pretty sure the fact I got down to 2 recipes was a factor in them going out the window last time) - MINOR EDIT - No longer just breakfast smoothies - But breakfast in general. - Got 3/5,
  • Finally get around to getting my car booked in for that factory recall/get the shock absorbers sorted/replace the back wiper
  • Get a passport (mine lapsed nearly 10 years ago. I've never renewed it. Subsequently while I get time off work I never really get a holiday. Extra options might help)

10/15 Completed, now out of the 10 I'd categorise the completed ones as nearly all being clearing of my headspace in one way or another, now not all things on that list are equal and quite honestly, all I really got around too were the 'easy' ones, I never did get around to those two books for instance which would have been a massive Wis boost (both in real terms and in terms of stats), so for a final score, I'd call this one 1 Wis.



Overall despite a couple of setbacks I'm quite pleased with how this challenge went, I knew there was going to be a couple of bad weeks going in and compared to last time where the challenge broke at that point and never recovered I'd consider them weeks being just okay, quite positive. Can't argue with the weight loss, certainly can't argue with clothes fitting better, now I could take my usual mindset and go in heavy on myself for the gaps, but it's part of the reason I'm posting this today while I'm still stoked from the reading on the scale this morning, and I can approach from a happy angle. I have a week (or is it two again this time) to be negative while I consider the next challenge. Already got 2 challenges set in stone in my mind, need to consider the third and the life goal. 

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Hmm, somewhere along the way I did exactly what I said I wasn't going to do any become disconnected.

Hey, I'm remaking the RPG Fanatics over the weekend in preparation for the next challenge.  The more you post in the RPG thread, the better since it's a good way to keep in contact with each other.  You might not have gotten all A's, but I think you did pretty damn good.  Congrats man.  Hopefully I'll see you in the next challenge. :)

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