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Martinpanduh's Getting Down to Business Challenge!

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Holy crap I fell off the bus on this challenge! I just got back from Shanghai for a business trip (WHUTTT) and needless to say, it was insanity! China really is the supermarket of the world.

Will get back on top of things next challenge! I feel like such a lech for not exercising, it's been two weeks! See you all!

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Thanks Samantha! I know, it was insaaane. I wrote about it in my livejournal, check it out there: http://somuchtrouble.livejournal.com

At any rate, challenge's end and I got to put in two final workouts!

Yesterday I had an easing-it-in heavy day:

240lbs + bar Squat 5x5.

130lbs + bar Chest Press 5x5.

240lbs + bar Deadlift 1x3.

Then I was going to run my usual run but I conked out under 15 minutes.

Today I did an easing-it-in light workout, I just planned to get my muscles back in gear and finish the run I didn't finish yesterday.

3x5 Chin Ups.

5x5 80lbs + bar Overhead Press.

5x5 100lbs + bar Bent Over Row.

5x5 50lbs + EZ curl bar Bicep Curl.

Then I ran 25 minutes at 10kph with a final sprint of 12kph for the final two minutes. Great workout! I'm going to recap my challenge in the main thread, see you guys next challenge!

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