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Pretzle eats her daily bread (4th challenge)


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I've been 'lazy'. Not really, but I haven't been able to get the 'actual workouts' in I wanted to do. 


But... crawling around in the attic, being on your stomach to grab something in the far corner of a small space behind the walls and dragging/carrying heavy boxes around - would that count? :P I think I managed the 3 times working out last week if I take that into account.


Haven't worked out so far this week, because I've been tired and I feel like I need the rest. Hope it's true and I'm not really being lazy after all..


Other than that: I've signed up for the boxing workshop my work offers - which will be my second thing 'I've never done before' for my life goal :D And I'm keeping up with the reading and not checking mail on forbidden times.

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Doesn't sound like you've been lazy to me! Boxing sounds exciting! Hope you have fun with it Pretzle :)


Thanks! Well... I've not been lazy, but I've not been taking care of myself as much as I should. Kind of had a mini breakdown yesterday (it wasn't pretty). I can definitely still feel the effects of that today (so. tired. Even though it's barely half past seven... I think I'll have a really early night tonight). I wonder what caused it (I mean, besides the actual, real, normal stress of moving, getting to know a new city etc.). 


I haven't been eating as well as I had been AND I haven't been able to exercise as I usually did (yes, moving does definitely get me moving, too... But it's not quite the same). I think the combination of all those factors got to me. 


I'm quite proud of myself for getting back in the game, though. 


I did a proper BW workout today (decline push-ups, bulgarian split squats, inverted rows, walking lunges etc. :)) today. I finished the last gluten free (but not even nearly sugar free) storebought brownie I still had laying around and I organised a lot of stuff today. 


Stats for this week: 


2/3 exercise (I don't want to count moving things this time. I simply did not really make my goal this week. Not the end of the world - circumstances happen. But I don't want a perfect score at the end of the challenge when I haven't met my goals.)


7/7 15 minute Bible study This HAS been a constant :) I'm so happy with my new habit. Even the evenings when I was really almost-too-tired I still did it, which I think helped me sleep (although I did have one bad night). 


I had to check what my other goal was, because not checking e-mail after 8 just isn't an issue anymore :D I simply don't. 8 pm is the cut off time, no work e-mail after that.

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It's been difficult this past week or so. 


I just did a short workout (sort of based on the angry birds workout but shorter and simpler. Basically I did 50 BW squats, a few push-ups (weird muscle ache on one side which I don't really trust so ... 4 push-ups and no more today!) 10 inverted rows and a 45 sec plank.) 


At least I DID work out hm? Although it wasn't much... 


I feel like I'm not doing well this challenge. I'm trying to tell myself it's ok. I still need a lot of energy to just do my job (new job, and I'm not the most energetic person as it is). I had hoped this good spell (mood mostly) would last (it lasted longer than usual) but I guess that would be too much to hope for. Primal eating and exercise can do a lot, but it can't fix everything. 


I'm hoping I'll be able to turn it around and have some patience with myself. I did work out, I ate 100 % primal today and yesterday (and skipped the chocolate in the teamroom) and now I'll relax for a bit and see how it goes. Tomorrow will be a long, long day at work (not that much work, just long - starting early and a meeting at night) so I hope I'll be able to stay cheerful through that :) 


Keep working hard this challenge!

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Pull up bar should've been here already, it's not.


Soooo I did my 'usual' BW workout. :) 


Thursday = boxing clinic day. I'm excited about it! Who would've thought I'd be excited about trying new, slightly scary forms of exercise? (A while ago definitely not me!). 


Last week before the autumn break, yay.

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Hi Pretzle! I've not checked in on your challenge as much  as I intended too - sorry! I'm glad that it's going quite well, especially well done on the email checking. Have you got your pull up bar yet? Before I got injured I used to play with mine all the time - hanging off it to stretch, doing some sort of leg lift thing that worked out my stomach, etc as well as attempting to get to a pull up. I liked leaving it up somewhere I walked past regularly so I'd do 30 seconds on it 10 times a day. :)

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Hey there, thanks for your comment!


I haven't put my pull up bar up yet (ehh, need my daddy to help me with that ^^; ) so I haven't tried it yet. I did do Stepmania for 30 minutes today, and of course the boxing clinic on Thursday!


It was difficult (it was a combination of team building/reflection/trust exercises and boxing... that's what you get if you join a clinic offered by your job, still, good ;)). I always feel stupid when I do things which are new to me, especially when it's about physical things (mind is one thing, getting my body to actually do what I want it to do? It takes time!). I had a difficult moment but continued and finished the whole clinic, so I'm proud of myself for that :) 


It wasn't very intensive at all, exercise-wise (barely needed a shower afterwards) but it still counts. Both as exercise and as 'trying something I've never done before' :).


So I guess that means it was a good week!

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Sorry I'm late to the party.  I forgot you said you were becoming a druid for this challenge. just caught up on your thread. That is so fantastic that you have developed a habit of reading your Bible before bed! I like the idea of 15 minutes. Right now I am doing a read through the Bible plan, which I like, but sometimes I do find myself rushing. Reading the Bible each morning was one of my first challenge goals, and now it is something I do most days, and I am very glad to have made it a habit

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Hey :) Thanks for your comment.


I have to say the '15 minutes' is slipping a tiny little bit. I should set my alarm again (stopped doing that last week, was fine for the first 4 or so days, but now I'm reading a bit less... still 5+ minutes every day, so that's nice, but not quite the 15 I was going for). Thanks for the reminder to prioritize ;) 


I'm going to my parents tonight and will spend most of the autumn break at their place. I hope I'll get in my BW exercise, but if not I'll make up for it with long walks for sure.

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Did a proper BW circuit workout today, but think I neglected the warming up part a bit too much today. (Dog started barking at me while I was doing a few jumping jacks - he's not used to seeing people exercise, haha... I think he was worried about me or something, that... or wanting to join in. I put him in the garden during my workout :P). 


I did some hill sprints on Monday so I'm at 2/3 exercise for the week (and did about 4 long(er) walks by now :) dogs are useful). 


I started timing my 15 minutes again for Bible reading and while I was tired I do really like to actually get those 15 minutes in (and besides, it is a goal!). I've been checking my work e-mail about every other day (during the autumn break) which I think is fair enough: We have a test week coming up starting Monday so some students have a few questions. I don't mind it, it doesn't feel like work and I can make sure people aren't too worried, so it's fine. (But never after 8pm :)). 


So... what shall I do for the next challenge? I'm not feeling very motivated - but even without the hyperness that came with the first and second challenge I'm still sticking to my goals (at least for 90+ % which is definitely a good thing even if it isn't 100 %). I think I'll go back to the assassins. Not sure yet what the focus will be, though :) 

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Yay for pull-up bar! :)

Sorry to hear you'll be leaving the druids... Re next challenge, what kind of thing would you like to achieve or do more of, perhaps?

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I'm really not sure yet. I think I'll join, because I've been doing this for a while now and I feel it's keeping me accountable to make sure I keep exercising... But... I'm not very motivated beyond that. It's a shame really. Maybe I'll set some epic over the top goals to really challenge myself and see what I can do? Sort of 'knowing I'll fail but let's give it a shot anyway' goals. Although that might end up having the opposite effect... 


Who knows :) I'll think about it!

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Just did an epic BW circuit (ok, you know, didn't make THAT much progress compared to last time: added 2 lunges and 1 push-up each round - but it FELT right, and the inverted rows seem to be getting much smoother). Really enjoyed it, too. Guess that means I end this challenge on a high note.


It was far from perfect (and I'll write a summary in a bit) but it definitely wasn't a wasted or failed challenge. I'm glad I continue to learn about myself and that my goals are slowly becoming a bit clearer. I've also realised that I need to find (even) more balance. I tend to overemphasise either food or exercise and lose sight of the fact that both are secondary goals - goals intended to make my life more worthwhile and enjoyable. Guess that means I have some thinking to do about what to focus on next challenge... Maybe food and exercise will take a backseat. ... Hmm... :) I like coming up with new challenges.

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Summary time! (Exactly the same as in the report thread, so don't bother reading if you've seen that one ;)


Main goal: Become/Stay sane & healthy - whatever happens.


Well, with my hubby in England and starting a new job I think I did pretty well at this! I had one sort of breakdown moment, but other than that no real desperation  :tongue: Which is pretty good for me. At the moment I'm experiencing some stomach issues (maybe just a bug) but overall as far as my main goal is concerned: Well done Pretzle!


Goal 1Feed my mind and soul.


* Read and study scripture for 15 minutes a day, before bed.


This one is an A-. There were about 3 nights I didn't make it to the full 15 minutes, but I did read scripture each night. I'm really enjoying this one. I'll try to keep it up without timing it with my alarm, but if I end up only reading 1 chapter I'll get the timer set up again! Full points because I did read every day for at least 5+ minutes. (and the full 15 minutes for all but 3 nights).





Goal 2: Give them what they pay me for.


* No work e-mail after 8 pm, only check once on Saturdays.


I didn't monitor Saturdays as much as the cut-off on Weekdays, so I might have checked a bit more often on Saturdays (honestly can't remember) but I *never* checked my mail after 8 pm  :) Sometimes I'd glance at the clock and realise it was 7.54 so I'd quickly check. Other days I'd see it was already 8.something and I wouldn't check my mail anymore. It's nice. And was very easy to get used to. Definitely a keeper.






Goal 3: Keep up the good work.


* Exercise 3 x a week


I moved during this challenge! Hah. I still did pretty well. Focus has been on walking a bit more than usual, but I've also done some very nice BW workouts (and even went to a boxing class). I made up for 2 workouts by being active moving things around for our new apartment, but there's one time I can't really justify that way... so I missed out on one workout during the challenge. Therefore I'll call this one a B. (Yes, harsh - but really 3 times a week isn't THAT difficult to achieve.)


So after deducting some partial points because it's a B I end up with: 

STR 1.5

STA 1.5

DEX 0.75


Lifequest: Try something new!


* During this challenge do two things I’ve never done before!


Oh I don't know, does moving into our own apartment count?  :D Even if it doesn't - I've been positively EPIC regarding this goal: 

- I wrote a long letter to my grandparents to say thank you and to share good memories with them. I was a bit nervous to give it to them, but they LOVED it. Such a good experience.

- I went boxing! Even worse than a normal class, it was an event for young employees at my work. I wanted to convince a colleague to join me, but in the end I had to go BY MYSELF. Which I did. I always feel awkward and clumsy doing new things in which I have to move my body, I even cried a bit (ugh.) during the first 15 minutes of the class. ... I stayed, continued and ended up finishing the whole class. I'm so proud of myself!


In addition to those 'official' events I did a lot more. I bought a new bike (employer paying for about half of it), I've been living by myself for about a month now. I've cooked a beef heart stew (very tasty!) and stayed primal 95% of the time (still am!  :)). I've talked to lots of strangers in the stores (I'm not that much of a social butterfly, but I'm learning) and I've finished my first term as a qualified teacher. I think I'll keep this 'doing new things' as a life goal  ;) 


No points for this though, just overall epicness.


Final grade: A-


Thanks for having me, dear druids  :)

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