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The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler


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Can we get a "Shit Warriors Eat" sticky? I need to post pictures of the monotonous meals I eat.

i love this idea


The fact that you had to ask let's me know you're not ready.




Monster soccer calves

Looks in the mirror, fat shame

Kipping pull-ups now

hahahaha this is amazing


Not at all. Though, you can't make fun of me if you can do a kipping pull up.

that's not true, i can laugh at you all I want.


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The fact that you had to ask let's me know you're not ready.




Monster soccer calves

Looks in the mirror, fat shame

Kipping pull-ups now


Love it.


Where do you guys come up with these pictures, gifs and stuff (and no, I don't really want to know, I just need to sub to the thread)




There's a difference between being able to do a kipping pull-up and resorting to doing them. 




I'm still confused. :confused:


Seth is a ranger, and he's telling us or trying to tell us that we can't make fun if him if we can do pull-ups the wrong way that people who do crossfit try to do pull-ups that normal people are trying not to do pull-ups...


Hold on, did he really go ranger?



You would make the perfect wife to carry. Light and compact while bendy and strong enough to do most of the worrying of staying on while hubby runs and jumps over crap.

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I really do work at the best job with the best group of people. 


Boss: Does this look like a 1 to you?

Me: It looks like a spin up electron 

Boss: The 1S orbital.... is that right?

Me: Yes exactly. Way to guess an orbital

Boss: Thank you Hydrogen for being so simple! Why can't be all be protons with a charge? 


why indeed?


* this conversation should have had nothing to do with chemistry, we were looking for SN on some equipment

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My sister trash picked a book off the sidewalk and gave it to me as a gift. It's turning out to be quite a gem. Inside Outer Space: New Poems of the Space Age, An Anthology Edited by Robert Vas Dias, 1970. Before the introduction is this quote, which I like a lot and I think a few of you will also. 


"I prefer to distinguish art and science as polarities of creativeness, because, 'the source of the art is the discrepancy between physical fact and psychic effect.'" Josef Albers, Selected Writings

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You mean to tell me, there is no body that can match that? Am I the only one who thinks its awesome to eat meat with your hands, gnawing it off the bone? 

You said you were holding it, not eating it. I've held lots of things while driving...not eaten many of them.

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