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The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

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A cool-water question: Is there any disadvantage to just using an energy drink as my pre-workout drink? After several trials, on-and-off, with different periods of on and off, there's really no doubt looking at my numbers that I set PRs for reps when I have an energy drink about 20 minutes before lifting, even when I'm on a new weight. I figure I'm burning all the guarine and taurine and chlorine out of my system during the workout that leaves me seriously achey and sweaty, and I do really enjoy the sugar-free stuff so I'm not worried about sugar overloading.


What's everyone's opinions? I can get a 4-pack for 6 bucks at the restaurant supply store in town, so this will only cost me 25 bucks a month, roughly. Works for me! :D


If you know the ingredients that are helping you out, whether it be caffeine or whatever, there are healthier options than the energy drinks. 

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you can probs front squat more than me any day, now. but, you know, check that form ;)


Well, duh. that's what I meant :) It's pretty good, but I need a bit more ankle flexibility to stop the tiny butt wink I have when I am sitting on my ankles. :P 


she's saying she has a nicer ass than you



I've seen it. It's true. I'm not ashamed. I can recognize when I've been beat. 

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