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TerosX Round 4: Whole 30 + Warhammer


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Day 12: Better


Not as many cramps today and I'm not as sleepy.  I think I'm about 5% better than before I started this experience and still have a bit more to go before Tiger's Blood. Days 10+11 are the days that a majority of people quit, but I'm commited to this 100000%.  Let's rock it!


So today was my first workout of the challenge.  I had enough energy when I woke up so I watched 2 youtube vids like the one seen above and I exercised.  I did:


20 x 2 Gravediggers

20 x 2 Churn Butter

20 x 2 Chop Wood

20 x 2 Killswitch

10+10 Tire Pushups

30 Weighted Incline Crunches (I think I will upgrade these again)


Felt pretty good to get back into it.  I made another spaghetti squash, 3 pounds of ground beef, and some whole 30 pasta sauce.  So far I've had a small cup of raisins+cashews, Lara bar (there's 3 or 4 that are whole 30 compliant), and a big bowl of the american chop suey.  Later on I'll have some sweet potato, a chicken cutlet, and probably a can of wax beans or perhaps the purple green beans from the farmer's market.


My left shoulder acted up a bit at the 9-10 rep part of the tire pushups, so I took a short breather and got some water.  Went back and did another 10.  Not sure what's up with that.  I think I'm going to let the 10+10 reps stalemate and instead work on abs and warhammer training.  Next time, I'll try another 5 reps per exercise and maybe the last 5 of my crunches will have double the weight.  We'll see.


Hope everyone is staying strong.

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Ok, quick update.  I held up.  I really wanted chinese and pizza and ice cream and candy and everything pretty much.  Didn't have any of it.  Played some Diablo 2 with my g/f and went to bed early.  Didn't get much sleep last night.


Thre are 3 problems with school:


1) They want 3 letters of recommomendation and none of them can be from a therapist.  Everyone in the class laughed when that was mentioned.  That made sense to me as a reference.  They know you well enough.  I have no clue where to get these references because they want them from Social Workers.  Well....I'm not a social worker, that's WHY I want to go to school to get my masters in social work- so then I can be a therapist.  And guess what?  Therapists are - DUH DUH DUH- social workers!  It's a**-backwards.  You need to get papers from social workers/co-workers.  But in order to get a job to KNOW these people, you need the degree.....so how the hell are you supposed to do this?


The only social-work ish job that I'm qualified for with a Bach. in psychology is possibly a halfway house.  That's it.  So how can I get this stuff?


2) They're elitist.  As the teacher talked and the possible students were talking, the air around them just gave me an uneasy feeling.  The teacher said, "we look in your essay to make sure you're not trying to save the world. That's a bad thing."  Then about an hour later she said, "We expect great things from you.  We want you to change the world."  Well which is it?  I'm not allowed to feel that way, but YOU are?  The questions people were asking throughout the 2 hour lecture just....bothered me.  It's not quite something I can put my finger on, but it just came off as elitist.


3) The hours.  Holy crap.  They want 16-20 hours every week of unpaid labor, in addition to your actual classes and schoolwork.  How can someone do that? 1 day would be fine, but 2-3?  We're supposed to cut down our hours at our jobs.  The teacher was talking about how you might need to give up a lot of stuff- such as coffee.  B***h, I don't spend any damn money on myself.  I bought a 10 pack of socks the other day because I've been wearing socks with holes in them for about a year now.  I'm not running around, wasting my money and suddenly need to 'buckle down'.  I'm already in 'buckle down' mode.  I work at a supermarket for god's sake.  That's the whole reason I want to finish school- so I don't have to live day by day and get a good job where I can help people.  F****ing idiot.


Just writing this royally p****es me off.  *deep breath*  These 12-15 whole 30 days are craving days.  THE WORST POSSIBLE TIMING EVER.




Oh yeah, and this has to be figured out by about halloween in order to get into school for NEXT SEPTEMBER... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-

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Oof, that does sound like a lot of bullshit. Work with what you can get though, I suppose. Can you make what they think their students should do work?

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youch ! But no matter what , you have to keep faith in yourself and your ability to get through adversity. Maybe talk to some of the alumni / graduates from the school and get a feel for how the system works and how they waded through the responsibilities ? Forgive me if I come across as uninformed of your situation, but would checking out other schools be out of the question ?


Annyways, all the best to you , You can do it :) 

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1. What school is this and is it the only option.  If you aren't comfortable with it, or think that you can't make it work and still survive, don't do it.  It's a big investment of time, money (borrowed, granted or your own matters not).  There MUST be other options, including online options such as University of Phoenix or whatever state university programs are local to you.  Because it sounds like what they are asking is unreasonable for you at the moment, and that you might need a slower pace/more flexibility.


2.  Fruit works for cravings.  I found the trick for me was to plan the meals ahead of time, and to keep the fridge stocked and delicious stuff available for eating.  You CAN do this.  Look up recipes for stuff that is new and different.  It helps to have some variety - doesn't feel as restrictive.


3.  Thank you SO much for the inspiring video.  It helped ME today.

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I was going to ask too....is this the only school option?  Really?  There must be something different.  You cannot be the only one who would have trouble getting the letters of recommendation.  I hope you can figure out something that works for you.

And WOO HOO to you for sticking with Whole 30!  Smearing food all over our stress or anxiety does not help in the long run.  You have so much to be proud of in all the work you are doing now. 

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All that going on, and you're still holding true to Whole 30?  Dude, that's AMAZING!


I can't imagine doing more than a few days of it, and I certainly wouldn't have the willpower to hold to it through half the stress you're going through.


I know this will sound uber-corny, but you're a hero to me.

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