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Albeus51 Becomes The Winged Wolf

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My challenge is designed to make me an overall healthier, more well-rounded warrior. In addition to being strong and fierce, I also want to be fast and lean. Ahead is the winding path through Westeros I must take... 




1. Speed of a Direwolf

I need to prepare for the Run For Your Lives! Zombie 5k my husband and I are doing in Dec. I’m going to continue the Couch to 5k Program 2 x a week, I’m currently in week 3. Once I’ve hit 5k, I’ll continue to run a 5k once a week, decreasing to 35 min or less run time.

A = 5K <35 min

B = 5K <39 min

C = 5K <43 min

D = 5K <47 min


2. Strength to Climb the Wall

I am on a quest to complete one NON-assisted pull-up. I can currently do 5 pull ups with 76lb assistance (59% of my own body weight). I’ll be using NF “How to do a Pull Up†as a guide.

A = one non-assisted pull up

B = two pull ups with 30lb assistance

C = two pull ups with 45lb assistance

D = two pull ups with 60lb assistance




3. Fit to Be the Mother of Dragons

Tracking body fat last time was tricky, so I’m going to measure inches instead. Specifically lose 3†on my waist and hips, bringing my waist from 33†to 30â€, hips from 44†to 41â€. This would put me VERY close to my old level of fitness during Army days. I will tame the numbers by maintaining 1700 calories a day, 80g protein daily (90 was a bit ambitious for me). And I’ve realized that I am good about avoiding junk food unless I’m drinking, then it starts a cascade effect of bad food decisions. So no more than 2 drinks a week.

A = lose > 3†from waist and hips

B = lose > 2†from waist and hips

C = lose > 1†from waist and hips

D = lose 0-1†from waist and hips


Side Quest: Strength of the Mountain 

I worked hard last challenge making gains on my major lifts, my goal is to not lose any of those strength gains. I will continue to lift heavy 2 x a week, rotating BP, Squats, Press, DLs and a few accessories.I understand that if I lose inches (and probably weight) my numbers might drop, so my goals are based off % of my bodyweight. So deadlifts will remain 100% of BW, Squats 82% of BW, BP 62% of BW, Press 40% of BW. These will be measured at the end of the challenge during a virtual lift meet day with myself.

A = maintain all %

B = any variation on any lift more than 5%

C = variation more than 10%

D = variation more than 15%




Life Goal: Outwit Varys and Littlefinger

While school is going well so far, I’m about to have a month of non stop quizzes and exams. I have to devote appropriate amounts of time to each of my classes.

PASS / FAIL (we’ll see what my grades are)

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky." - Michael Scott.

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Great specific and measurable goals.  I really appreciate mixing the running and the lifting. 


You will be fabulous this challenge.

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Day One complete! My workout details are (as always) in my Daily Log What About Macaroni... Let Me Finish... Salad?

Time management forced me to cut my workout short, but going was an accomplishment! I hit a new PR on pull-ups, 3 reps w/70lb assistance, aka 62% of my body weight. I'm planning to go running tomorrow unless it rains again. I was logging my food for the evening and realized I had only eaten a measly 48g of protein! Determined not to start day one off on the wrong foot, I quickly made a protein shake and boiled 3 eggs. I can rest easy tonight knowing I hit 87g.

Also I had my first quiz in Physical Chemistry today and I aced it!


I totally conquered today.



"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky." - Michael Scott.

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great goals! love the avatar ;)

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Yesterday evening I jogged/walked a round the lake with a friend. We went about 4.2 miles total, probably 50/50 walking and jogging. And 3 short all-out sprints mixed in. My abs are sore today! Is that normal after running? It's been a while... Getting ready to go to the gym with my husband, I'm gonna try those Warrior Bear Complexes!

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky." - Michael Scott.

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So those Warrior Bear Complexes are no joke. I did 3x45lb, 3x50lb, 2x55lb, 2x65lb, 2x70lb. It was mainly to complete a warrior side challenge, but I really enjoyed that the movement was dynamic so I'm adding them to the rotation. Then I did the stepper and raced my husband to the top of 20 floors. It only took 10 minutes but that was exhausting. And coming in at 97g protein for the day. Also I'm ahead of schedule on studying for exams next week. 


I've been thinking about to which house I would belong, and given my pharmacy/chemistry background, I'd have to go with House Whyte.



"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky." - Michael Scott.

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Thursday night we went to this place called Jump Street, which is a big trampoline park. We played trampoline dodgeball and jumped off ropes into giant pits. It was pretty fun. Friday night we went to an old school pinball arcade with some friends. Joe is getting really good at those games, he murdered my score on the Twilight Zone. Been doing good at hitting 80g of protein a day, but I've been letting my carbs creep up I gotta tighten that up. I've noticed I'm hungry quite a bit, so I'm thinking about upping my calories from 1700 to 1800, and doing a better job of planning my meals in advance so I'm not grabbing whatever is convenient. 


This morning I went to the gym and possibly over did it. Oh well. Details here. I'm thinking 4 mile run around the lake tomorrow.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky." - Michael Scott.

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4.2 miles! Awesome :) I grumble when I have to get in my car and drive 4.2 miles, so I imagine running that would probably be the death of me.


But great for you. Keep up the awesome work!

I used to hate running, but now that I'm not in the Army and I'm doing it at my own time and my own pace I'm starting to enjoy it again! I don't think I would ever go much further than that though. I'm not interested in any marathons.


Today I deadlifted 190lb! That is officially 5lb MORE than my body weight!

I also discovered a new cool down exercise - Foam Rollers FTW!

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky." - Michael Scott.

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