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Deadlifting 150% bodyweight

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For the last 4 weeks i have been back on a strength program I was doing about this time last year...


Pretty much 5 sets x 5 reps.


I follow 4 compund movements of


Barbell Back Squat

Seated Close Inward Grip Row

Flat Barbell Bench Press



I remember when I first started doing this last year, i picked up 60kg and I was in agony, my PT was telling me my form was out the window, breaking too quck with my back or knees locking out too quick...


I have left the program once or twice to concentrate of events (14km run) and other things.


This time I have come back better than ever


Just going through my training book now.


On the 12th of August my set of deadlifts were (in kgs) - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 - 110 all for 5 reps

Yesterday I woke up and I had one thing on my mind the 150% deadlift... I did some research before I went to bed last night, just making sure I doing things right... making sure you "Thrust the bar" things like that...


Did a set of squats before I moved onto my deadlift and then pumped out the following sets


110 - 115 - 120 all for 5 reps

125 for 3

130 for 2



Now i weight 90kg...so yeah x 1.5 make its a 135kg lift!!! My PT wasnt with me at the time to check my form, but I am quite confident it was good, i know when i lose form on DL because I hurt straight away.


My biggest issue with DL at the moment now im starting to get it heavy is grip strength, im using decent gloves, but i think i am in need for a new pair.


At this stage, i am not going to try and lift any heavier, i just want to bust out a set of 5 @ 135kg


</end> blowing trumpet


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Nice!  Congratulations.  I'm about 92 Kg, so gives me something to aim for.  My best previously has been 110 kg, so looks like it's achievable.  Any pointers?  

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