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#ZAP - Zombie Apocalypse Preparation (Cross Guild)

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The Errand Pile
A Progress Report:


1.     Start my retirement account: Completed First Step

2.     Get my car smog-checked: Done!
        (My car failed the visual check the first time, and I decided to try replacing the torn air intake hose myself.
         I’ve never worked on a car before. It was a bitch, but I managed to replace the part. My car is running better
         than it has in a while. There should be an achievement for that!)

3.     Recycle my old electronics: Not yet…

4.     Open and destroy old hard drives: Not yet…

5.     Evaluate my wardrobe: Done!

a.     Donate clothes that no longer fit: Done!

b.    Get shirts fitted: Not yet - when I have more money…

6.     Call a donation center to have some things picked up: Done!
             (Ended up donating around 40 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, sheets, towels, and much more.)

7.     Call to get my very late state tax refund: Done! (will take up to 5 weeks after I fill out and send in the form.)

8.     Get my books out of storage (out of town) and move them up here: Done! (My favorite hard covers are where they should be now, in my room on my bookshelves)
9.     NEW** Register my car Done!
10.   NEW** Reserve accommodations in San Francisco for Thanksgiving Done!

11.   Read more: Done++!

a.    I have finished the following books during this challenge: Horns, by Joe Hill; Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson; The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon;
      The Wolves of Midwinter, by Anne Rice; and Insurgent, by Veronica Roth (re-read)

b.    In addition, I have also read several more pages of The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene; half of The Secret Root, by D.S. Cahr; and 20% of Allegiant, by Veronica Roth

EVALUATION: It feels really great to have accomplished so many of the errands and tasks I set out for myself. I had felt like I was really slacking on my pleasure-reading, and it appears as if I more than made up for that :0P I am especially pleased about #1, where I fixed my own car with nothing but a screwdriver, pliers, and WD40! I had never worked on my car before, and now I have a new-found respect for mechanics. I'll be adding extra WISDOM for that task. Re-evaluating my wardrobe was also a great idea: I've been taking more pride in how I present myself (as a consequence of all the fitness training), dressing more professionally at work, wearing clothes that actually fit, and receiving compliments and questions.

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I have been working on my health for the past 24 weeks, now labeled as Phase 1.  I went from size 48 or 50 pants to 42's.  I lost, so far, from 314 to 239 as of Friday before last.  Last weigh in for Phase 1 tomorrow morning.  I have lifted weights, albeit haphazardly; and am stronger.  I have run innumerable sprints, so my endurance is greater than it has been in years.  More importantly, I can do things with my kids that I couldn't before.  Most of my past goals have been weight loss based, but I am learning' with the help of nerd fitness, that goals have to be more than that.  I say all that to say that I have managed to keep things fresh by setting goals and then rewarding myself in tangible ways.  Find something that you want, whatever it is, and set goals to obtain.  Stay focused and make it happen!  (Nothing you guys aren't already aware of, but my 2 cents worth of wisdom)

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This is a small woot I am only sharing with my fellow zombie slayers.  (I have been wooting a lot lately, don't want to overdo it)  I reached the 80 lb mark this morning!  I have not been 234lbs since I don't know when.  I will be down to 214 lbs by the end of the next challenge.  Go ahead and mark it down.  :pride:   Did you guys like the "How to Survive if You are Stuck in a Horror Movie" article?  I loved it!  He brought all the things I ask those people on the screen, like, "Why are you not running?!"  Or "Why don't you get up?!"

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