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BlueKiwi Gets Leaner, Stronger, & More Focused in Slaying Her Procrastination Dragon


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Way to go kiwi!!!


Awesomely proud of you my girl! You have done fantastic! And yes, inches are far more important than that stupid scale. (nodding)


My weight went up & down over the course of 6 weeks. Clothes fitting better is an awesome sign! Whooo Hoooo!!!!


:triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant:


Big Hugs!! :love_heart: :love_heart:

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Side Quest:  Record Fat Loss Progress Using Tape Measurements

The Scale Lies.  Rawr! 


End of 6 weeks:

Neck:                            -0.5 inch

Chest:                           -1.5 inches

Upper Arm (R&L):          +0.5 inch

Waist (at belly button):   -1 inch

Waist (at narrowest):      -0.5 inch

Hips:                            -1 inch

Thigh (R&L):                  -1 inch

Calf (R&L):                    0 inch


Scale said I put on almost 5 pounds, even though I lost some inches and my clothes have been fitting better.  I find the scale is getting a bit discouraging in my quest of fat loss.  Grr.   Damn you, scale.  Lying Bastard.  Overall, I lost inches and I am happy for it!  Rawr!



The scale has us programmed....and its hard to ignore....but I am telling you....


Those numbers are the prototypical definition of a recomp! I mean wow.

- you clearly got stronger

- you lost an inch off your waist

- and you added scale weight


Those three things right there add up to an epic recomp effort.


The scale was going to uptick some just coming off the low-carb diet....and when you add some really nice strength gains....oh yea.

Your muscles are larger and better hydrated which is really going to help upregulate your metabolism....


You are laying the foundation for an incredible body transformation. Just think if you string together a couple more months like this.....please tell me you took pictures at the beginning!!

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