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Rachy87 - The Quest (part 2)


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Rachy87- it sound like you are rockin' this out! Strong work! AND you passed on pizza- that is super strong B) (like Clark Kent)! I don't know about you, but it is difficult to keep a larger perspective when the challenge is really demanding. It sounds like your perspective is really strong and positive. I love the 2 positive idea too- I need some of that in my life. Keep it up!

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Thank you Jefro :)

I'm trying to stay strong and positive but as I'm sure you know some days are harder than others!


I'm going out for dinner tonight, chances are my dish will come with chips (however I haven't sussed out the menu yt so you never know), I'll be happy if I don't eat more than half of them - goal set. To be continued....

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Rachy87 - Going to level up my way, watch this space!

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Ok so last week I fell sick again (I've been sick on and off for the past 4 months) so the doctor has ordered me to up the fruit and veg, up water, up resting and avoid too much physical activity such as exercising. Now I am sick of being sick and I am going to stick to my doctor's advice. So next challenge I'll be focusing on soley improving my diet.


All this being said I have fantastic news. At work we have a concultant that comes in once a fortnight or so and takes measurements and gives advice etc (Some of which clashes with NF advice to then I look into other sources and make a decision).

These are my results since 18th July which I'm really happy with:


Waist: 97cm down to 91cm = -6cm! (2.36 inches)

Hips: 130cm down to 119cm = -11cm! (4.33 inches)


I've been focusing on doing 2 wins towards my health and fitness each day. It's been working well for me, previously if I'm at the pub having a steak sandwich I would be like I've stuffed up anyways - eat all the chips! Now I'm more likely to say hey yeah those chips are bad for you but if you only eat half that is still a win - so I do and I feel good about it.

It's helping me better utilise what willpower I have and improves my outlook on everything. I am even smiling whilst typing this. Yay!!!

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Rachy87 - Going to level up my way, watch this space!

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Main Quest:

By the end of this year I will drop 2 dress sizes to an Australian 14. Oh and I want my fitness level to increase to match as in March 2014 I'm going back to Europe and I want to do more things!


I'm 2-3 cms off a size 16. I'm very excited by this. 2 months til the end of the year I might just reach a 14 yet!



1. Om nom normal.

I feel that I do not have enough will power to go paleo. I admire those of you that have, I'm just not ready. What I want to do is make small changes that will one day lead to that 80% lifestyle. Over these next 6 weeks I am going to focus on junk food from fast food to chocolate to gourmet burgers. I want minimise these things in my life, in fact I want to go back to when I was a child and these things were once in a few week kind of treats. I might have had a chocolate bar once a week, take out was maybe once a month. Currently chocolate is turning into a block every few days and take out happens 2-3 times a week.

I've decided that the best way to monitor/track/etc this mission is to give myself "red marks" when I have fast foods, chocolate that is less than 70% dark chocolate or when I have more than 4 pieces of 70% chocolate per day. chips.

A: No red marks in a week (3 Con)

B: 1 red marks in a week (2.25Con)

C: 2 red marks in a week (1.5 Con)

D: 3 red marks per week (0.75 Con)


This was difficult in the beginning but by the end of these 6 weeks I've got down to 1-2 marks a week. I award myself a B- of 2 Con (I've yet to update my stats, will get to that soon)


2. Evolve Squirtle to Wartortle.

Last challenge one of my missions was to up water and decrease sugary beverages. I feel it was difficult to focus on both things in 1 mission and that I did well enough with the sugary beverages and not enough with the water that this time I am going to focus on water and uping the ante. I was able to comfortably drink 3 glasses of water each day so I need to push past that and get up to 6-8.

A: 2L water each day (3 Con)

B: 1.5L water each day (2.25Con)

C: 1.25L water each day (1.5 Con)

D: 1L water each day (0.75 Con)

(Each day will be graded and then each week will be graded on averages so if I mostly get "C"s then that week will be a "C" then I will grade this mission on averages/progress).


Ok so I struggled to get up pass 1.5L per day. However I find myself turning to water more and more now. I rarely have coke/soft drinks/juices these days which I am very proud of.

C for 1.5 Con


3. Variety is the spice of life.

I need to exercise more and I need to spice it up! Last challenge I focused on getting 3 sessions in each week. Whilst this is like a 2 part mission I feel it's achievable. Each week I must do 1 x yoga session, 1 x body weight session and 1 x other session, I need to do these things if I want to pursue the life of a ranger. On the other days of the week I need to 15mins of some form of moving, even if it's just a walk to the park.

A: 3 workouts & 4 movements (3 Str 2 Dex)

B: 3 workouts & 3 movements (2.25 Str 1.5 Dex)

C: 3 workouts & 2 movements (1.5 Str 1 Dex)

D: 3 workouts & 1 movements (0.75 Str 0.5 Dex)


Ok as per a previous post of mine, I've been stuck in a wonderful cycle of getting sick, getting better, low immunity, pick up the next bug that comes my way, repeat. I've recieved 2 professional opinions that I should give exercising a miss for now until I am back to 100% better. Plus as Steve keeps reminding us, exercise only accounts for 10-20% of weight loss anyways.

That being said before I got really sick again I was working out at least 3 times a week and doing 1-2 "movements". I'm going to give myself a D for 0.75 Str & 0.5 Dex



Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self.

I need to get my demons in check, they hold me back a lot and I've been struggling more and more recently. So I am going to learn how to meditate and win the wars in my mind.

A: Meditate 4 times a week (4 Wis)

B: Meditate 3 times a week (3 Wis)

C: Meditate twice a week (2 Wis)

D: Meditate once a week (1 Wis)


Ok so meditating is something I failed to make a lot of time for, though when I did I found it quite relaxing. I'm going to try and focus more on building a habit to meditate.

I'm giving myself a D for 1 Wis


Mini challenges completed:

#3 = 1 Cha

#5 = 1 Wis



Str: 0.75

Dex: 0.5

Con: 3.5

Cha: 1

Wis: 2

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Rachy87 - Going to level up my way, watch this space!

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Awesome challenge- especially the changes in measurements! It is exciting to see drastic changes. The small changes are strong, but the drastic ones help keep me motivated! Thanks for your support through these challenges.


Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather without the sickness.

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Thanks Jefro :)


I hope to continue to support you good sir. It helps to motivate me as well.


Yeah the warmer weather is great. I will be happier when I stop geting sick.

Starting to build a drivers arm tan already, just waiting for beach weather - it'll be here soon :D

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Rachy87 - Going to level up my way, watch this space!

Not all who wander are lost 

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