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Hi sicil, nice of you to drop by. I mainly practice at home actually - and I enjoy it a lot. However there has been little going on lately. Hoping to improve a lot after my last day at work tomorrow.


That's cool! I love a home practice, as you've got no excuses. ;) Hope you get back into it tomorrow!


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Woohoo!  I'm jealous of your 1 hour yoga practice - I want to get to where I feel like I *need* my daily exercise like that.


Congrats on finishing up step one of this process. Tomorrow will be a big day, but I know you can totally do it!

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Thank you justoneanna. I do need my yoga but haven't done it once this week (yet) :-(

I will tonight though after I arrive!


Today is the big day and I'm writing this on the train heading south..feeling excited and happy!

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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So my friends, a very late summary for last week. 

Aaaah, I feel like I am out of the tunnel and it feels great. I'll enjoy it while it lasts  :pride:



Once 60 minutes, once 45 and a short restorative one. Hmm, things can only get better!



Twice, including the 15 k. Very pleased about that!



Did once, read the whole monthly national journal for my specialty. 


Keeping sane; copied from above

16/9 Clearing and emptying my room at work. Most of it will be finished today. Then the lump in my stomach will hopefully 
17/9 Packed the remaining three boxes. Now there is only dust left. 
18/9. Sent email to the person in charge of planning the work schedule. Had meeting with financial adviser, which needed to be done before the move. 
19/9 Planned for a "going away" gathering with people from work, to take place next week. Had my last session with my psychologist. 
20/9 Prepared documents that need to be finished before leaving the workplace. Continued the "goodbye chats"
21/9 Preparing for winter in the summer house. Putting away furniture, fertilizing, etc. 
22/9 Cleaned and organized the garage, so we can put stuff that needed moving from the basement after a waterleak, plus some of the boxes from my office. A lot of work.


I am pleased, it's better than nothing and I KNEW it would be difficult.

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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 Summary of second week.

It's Monday and tomorrow I start my new job...!!


And I'VE MOVED. It feels amazing, and I managed, and I'm not (completely) insane  :redface-new:





I choose to write that I managed twice instead of "only did twice".

It was one helluva intense week.



Yesterday I read a scientific article in our Nordic scientific journal (and enjoyed it)



Twice, and not 15 k. Couldn't fit it in.


Keeping sane (copy paste from above)

23/9 Loads of laundry for the move and trip. Ordered and picked up a guidebook for the trip. Sent an email to all colleagues re: me leaving.
24/9 Went to a bizarre and unpleasant lunch with my boss......She had invited me, I should have said no. More laundry. Went through finances with my partner. Paid bills
25/9 Farewell night out with a few friends from work. Feeling sentimental!
26/9 Baking cookies for last day at work tomorrow. Packning for the move
27/9 Managed last day at work. Handed in key. Now final packing!!
(this is when I move)
Trainride south with two heavy bags. My new landlord offered to pick me up and I gratefully accepted. Went shopping to start up the household, unpacked and collapsed in bed.
29/9 First day at new place. I checked out tickets for local transport and bought commuter tickets to the airport. Planned and bought tickets for commuting by train and plane this fall (this took a looong time)


Now I feel that I can go back to "normal" routine and as many of you know, that takes some discipline  :pirate:

I'll start by patting myself on the back, and then visiting you guys, I've been neglecting you!

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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So I did, thank you Eilyd for your warm encouragement!


The week has started in a good way, getting back into daily yoga, and I also went running today.

Focusing very hard to make the best of the introductory period at work, and taking care of my lonesome self (cooking proper food, getting to bed on time, etc).

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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Now here's something I almost never do, an early summary of the week  :nightmare:


I am going to a scientific meeting (in Paris, with my partner, poor me !), and I will be working on my challenge but am not sure about how often I'll update.


Yoga this week so far has been 3 occasions (full sessions). A lot better than the last couple of weeks but still needs improvement!

The mat is traveling to Paris too



YES, today I mastered another 15 k. It wasn't my fastest ever but I got out of bed and did it, and that's more than I did last week. Beautiful surroundings with leaves of all changing colors. So twice this week so far


Keeping sane

Copy paste

30/9 Did some bike reconnaissance regarding how to get to work tomorrow, etc. Decided the last details with my landlord. Researched and booked more tickets for my commute back home (I will do planes and trains)
1/10 First day at new job. A LOT of info and new people, logins, and email, and introductions....Focused on taking breaks to be able to concentrate, and focused on making a good first impression. Remained efficient.
2/10 Second day a work, a little bit less confused. Continued staying focused and efficient. Started planning for the next schedule (Dec-Feb). Got updated on their health policy.
3/10 Another packed introduction day, I got organized with my locker, went and visited their gym, started researching their database.
4/10 I had a long meeting with my new boss, planned for the next scheduled work period, signed my contract, started careful planning for some research.



Well I am going to a scientific congress so that will pretty much get covered ......


Have a great weekend!

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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A challenge within the challenge : I always though that if my yoga mat fits in the room I will be able to do my yoga...

Well, the room at the hotel isn't big (actually the hotel itself is quite small) so it probably looked really funny yesterday when I did my session.....but I did it and it felt good. spending the day at a congress is quite straining so I needed to compose myself :redface-new:

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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So, finally time to get and visit some of your threads. Very inspiring I must say!! Updated the list of things I do to keep sane regarding my move and start a new workplace and commute weekly back home.......


So, what about last week.


Well Paris was just wonderful.......



Twice, and once in Bois de Boulogne  :redface-new:

No 15 k.....

But a tremendous amount of walking in the city of romance holding hands



Well now, only once! My excuse: the room was too small  :mushroom:

Did some breathing exercises and sun salutations...



Three days of lectures, and I realized that my brain is working again. FANTASTIC


Keeping sane

Copy paste:


5/10 Sent an email with the planning for the next period at work to my coordinator at work (Dec to Feb)
6/10 Kept sane by enjoying that I got so far in my challenge that I am in Paris....Rested
7/10 A while ago I received an email that my boss had interrupted a planned series of consultations with a psychologist (for me) 

            I decided to question whether she actually had the right to do that, and I won!
8/10    Continued planning my work schedule via email
9/10    Had some time to catch up with my partner and discuss how he sees the future and what our different options are.

           Planned for a course I am going to in November
10/10  Making sure that emails don't pile up even though I am on a combined work and recreational trip  
11/10  A day of leisure after three days of lectures!
12/10  Traveled back home, spent most of the time digesting and going through notes and pictures of slides 
(coming back)
13/10  Planned all the trips to between work and hometown until Christmas


Now for making this week a great week (already did yoga today and yesterday)

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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Another summary, it's getting better.


I ran three times last week and again managed my fifteen k. Boy am I glad I just tried to maintain this challenge :nightmare:


Yoga 4 times out of seven. Slowly improving - not beating myself up but just welcoming myself back to the practice. It's wonderful to feel energy levels build up.


Studying: we had a lecture at work on Tuesday afternoon that I went to. I pretty much feel that I have filled my goal with the scientific meeting I attended. The material will also be processed further.


Staying sane.

Copy and paste form above. Also - I consciously monitor myself for signs of getting too much speed. I just started working full time again, and I intend to last!!!!


14/10  Back at work, doing more clinical work after a week of introduction. Dead tired at night
15/10  Used my yoga session today as away of avoiding getting hyper. To do list is growing and I need to keep very active not   

            adding "unnecessary" things
16/10  Things are gaining a momentum and speed is increasing. That is ok as long as it is a conscious choice. Busy day at work,  

           a lot of people are sick (flu season) and I developed a headache that didn't go away. Decided to REST

17/10  This is about something I work on every day. Since I live alone on weekdays it would be so easy to stay up late, not cook

           proper food, be a slob.....I try to (and succeed ok) keep a good discipline, cook at least three out of four evenings, go to

           bed on time (I'm really good at that)
18/10 Long trainride home, managed a lot of emails that needed answering a started writing a certificate I was asked to

          write a long time ago

19/10 Continued catching up on email

20/10 Prepared for work next day, I am rotating between wards on my introduction.


Making it work.

I am truly doing that. Trusting my own priorities and taking good care of my body and soul.......I weighed myself and am keeping the weight in spite of not counting calories anymore (or at the moment, who knows when I need to again  :rapture:  )

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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Summary of my challenge onwards and upwards


It’s been a very intense sixweek period and as I wrote, I was considering not participating at all. But I did and I am pleased about it.

My goal this time was to maintain, and I did - at least in some ways.


About a month ago I started work at my new workplace, about 600 kilometers away. 

So many things are different and I realize that I am only starting this journey of change and growth.It is fun, painful, scary and so many other things.....

I don’t know where this will end but I have a feeling that the change has only begun...


So, summary of the challenge



7 times a shorter round and three times 15 kilometers


Could have been better obviously but we did a lot of walking in Paris, and I haven't stopped running although my energy levels have been low.



16 times

F. ouch - that hurts!

But again, a lot more than nothing and yoga (if only for a few deep conscious breaths) is a constant part of my life now.



Keeping sane

Working to make my move smooth and not to forget any important parts, and also starting my new life at my new place in a god way.

Every day I did something to keep sane, some days it included a well needed rest. I didn't allow myself to "forget" any of the more strenuous or difficult parts.

Grading myself an A - and taking part in the challenge really helped my to maintain structure and keep making progress.



I have started developing quite a stabile habit of studying. Still need to improve but I managed to attend a scientific meeting for three days without freaking out.

Grading myself an A because I managed three solid days with lectures.



So, I really don't like failing. But, if we didn't fail it wouldn't be challenging.


Now I am continuing from this new place where I am at. It is hard (especially the commute and all the feelings connected to that) but I will continue. Upwards.

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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