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Well I did 2 BBW circuits, minus the dumbell lifts today with my students and my shoulder seemed to do just fine. I took it easy on the pushups by doing them from my knees. So yay! BBW is still within my capabilities! It must be a different muscle group that was injured this weekend. I'm just going to pay attention to how my body feels and back off as soon as it seems like too much.


On a side note though, when I do lunges right now, on my left quad, it's painful to go more than a little bit into it. The pain is isolated to the vertical center of my quad and travels from the top to my knee. Any stretches to help with this or ideas as to what the cause is?


And watching Once Upon a Time has proven to be a good motivator to do the circuit. As long as the show is on, I am doing the exercises. :)


Yay! That sounds fun to do with students. :)



progress thread


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It was ok, hehe. I did three more rounds of the circuit last night too, and my pecs sure felt it today, haha. Then I walked almost three miles this evening.


Problem is, I ate a horrible dinner. My impulse control when it comes to food needs some serious work. Doing all this exercise isn't going to do much if I'm eating horrible all the time. Sometimes I feel like I need a babysitter when it comes to my eating habits. Yes I have been sticking to the salad/ vegetarian lunch for my goal, but dinner usually cancels it out. If I was planning on eating with/ cooking for someone I would do better, but there's just me.

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Right there with ya on the impulse control. I did good for lunch yesterday...then hit the buffet for dinner WAAY after my feed window was over.


Shrug it off and try to do better tomorrow. Thats all we can do.

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“Supposing you have tried and failed again and again. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down.â€
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I've learned to just not keep any bad food around the house, because if I have it, I'll eat it. When I started doing paleo, I just threw away all of the cereal/bread/etc in the pantry.


Not that this stopped me from buying and eating a package of circus peanuts yesterday, but they're made out of chewy orange Kryptonite. Just gotta not do that very often.

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Thanks guys.


It's not so much the food around the house Meteoric...more the lack of. So I eat out. That's where I really run into trouble.


But I do feel good about the fact that I've been keeping up with my workouts and water drinking. One day this week I was shy by a cup of water, but 6/7 days for my first week I consider a success.

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I'm having a rough couple of days. Between my grandpa being really sick (and ending up in the hospital), my allergies kicking my tail, and being overwhelmed by responsibilities, I just feel like crawling in a hole or running away. Not that I will actually do that, but I really need some mental peace right now.


If you read this and you pray, please pray for my grandfather.

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Sorry about your Grandfather! 



That must be awful and it sounds like you're going through a tough time. I don't really know exactly what to tell you - I guess I could only recommend doing your best. Try not to let anything slip but if it has to remember that that's not the end of the challenge by a long way - it doesn't matter if something goes a little wrong, as long as you keep moving forward! 


We're all here for you, let us know how it goes! 




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Sorry I've been AWOL. Life has been challenging these past couple of weeks and I haven't been keeping up with the program. I'll do what I can for the next few days, but seeing what they have in store for me, I don't think I'll start again in earnest until Tuesday. My life should be more stable again at that point.

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