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This is my 3rd challenge.

Main Quest: To look and feel really fit by Christmas for the next family get together (yes, I want to show off).  So, what's looking fit?  I want to look like an athlete, have a nice body that turns heads, and maybe have someone ask "what's your secret."  Is this some sort of vanity thing?  You bet!  Along with the fit body comes the knowledge of food, exercise, organization, determination, and how to put it all together.  So a little more than vanity :)


Here's the real challenge.  I have to do all of this with real life tugging me in every direction.  Sure, we all deal with real life so I'm no different.  My main obstacles (err, I mean the best things that ever happened to me) are my three young kids, 2, 4, and 6.  They take up a lot of my time.  My family and my work. 


Goal One: Workout 5 sessions per week including at least one running/sprinting session.  I could do split AM/PM workouts if needed.


Goal Two: I tried tracking calories last challenge and I learned something from it.  I don't like it and for now, will not do it.  BUT I will have a very tough goal on the food and diet front - no cheese but one meal a week.  One meal so I can still eat what my wife cooks without upsetting her.  I'm that guy who nearly invested in an aging fridge for home cheese making.  One meal... oh boy.  Pass/fail weekly.


Goal Three: No pulling routine this challenge until my forearm is completely healed.  My goal is to allow my arm to finally heal.  I'll grade this on a pass/fail weekly basis.  Sounds funny to have this as a goal but I have a very hard time not doing pull ups and chins.  I love doing them because the results come quick in size/muscle.  My arm has been sore for many many months.  I feel that without pull ups, I'll have a hard time achieving my main quest but without my arm, I'll have a hard time doing anything else in real life.


With regards to my workout routine, I usually do Angry Birds and multiple rounds of the Advanced Bodyweight Workout from Steve.  At the end of last challenge, I started performing routines from the Mad Barz site.  I'll continue on this path but will remove any pulling routines.  I'll adapt.


I had a great time last challenge.  Let's get this show on the road, Rangers!  Time for change.

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haha, thanks for the comments and well wishes.  Made my day :) 


The kids are sick and the oldest pretty bad.  I have a touch of it myself and I think it's turning worse.  No exercise for me but the diet has been rock solid.  Let's hope I can keep it in me.  Bad start for the challenge but I'm keeping a good attitude.  Who knows, maybe I'll work out tomorrow.  Go week 1!  I will get those 5 workout sessions in.

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I'm still alive!  Don't bury me yet  :onthego:


Wow, did I have a week.  We suffered two colds/bugs in our household and I caught both.  Sorry for the big break.  I never felt like working out but I did try to psych myself up to do one, just never happened.  I did take the family on a hike Saturday where I performed push ups and dips every so often on logs on the path.  So I'll count that as one session for week one :)


Now for week two, I didn't do anything crazy but I did put in a mile walk/run with the kids on bikes and strollers.  Then I did a bunch of stuff indoors like inch worms, crab walks, bear walks, planks, horsey rides, and horsey planks (little one didn't like horsey planks).  Thanks smurray for the idea.  Then I played tag, which is pretty tough with a 4 and 6 year old.  They're fast!  All in all, it was something I can call a workout out even if the intensity was lacking.  I'm hoping to wake up early and get in a Mad Barz workout.


Other news, my wife is now coaching basketball for our oldest and they have games Tuesdays.  So no volleyball for me until Thursdays for a while.  My wife is also helping out with the college volleyball team and she's organizing/help run her club volleyball.  My nights out are getting thin.  That means early morning workouts for me.  I'll see how it goes.


Now for the most important news this year... season 7 of DrWho is on Hulu!!!  I didn't know this!!!  I'm so excited!!!  Got to go  :playful:

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Glad to hear you're getting in what workouts you can.  And that you're still with us.  :D  Hopefully you'll be able to stay on track even with busy evenings.


YAY Dr. Who!  I'm super excited they'll be showing new episodes on Hulu too.  We've been watching online the last few seasons, but this will be a lot more convenient!

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Glad to help with the workout idea.  I am dreading the next time I get sick.  The past two or three times I had gotten motivated to really improve my health, it was being sick that derailed me and could recover until after I had fallen off the wagon.  I am going to make sure I handle it different this time.  Good to see you back and i am sure you will be back at full speed in no time.

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