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Chef Neem's 6th attempt at his 3rd challenge or there abouts.

Chef Neem

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It has been a wild summer and many of the things I have been planning to do fell by the wayside. It was hard to stay motivated for some of my training or work outs with out the 6 week challenge to push me.

Big goal of the challenge is to get my 4th Dan in taekwondo.

1 continue my taekwondo training 3X a week. I have been lucky to find a consistent training partner and we have been meeting and getting each other ready for our tests. STA+2 DEX +2

2 start doing BWW again. 3x a week 1 of these will be part of a class with some guys at my church STR+3 CHA +1

3 keep my stride. Run 2x a week CON +1 STA +1

4 get organized and straightened out. 6 different projects minimum. 1 per week.

To include 1 home "office" area 2 work office 3 flower bed 4 closet 5&6 tbd. CON+2 CHA+2 WIS+1

My motivation is my family. I hope to show them that I can care for all my duties and still take care of my fitness and achieve goals but that it takes sacrifice and planning.

Side goal is to do the Druids mini challenges also as I am thinking of trying some cross pollination and hitting all the other guilds for a challenge. I think I can do that and still tie them into my training for 4th Dan.

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Glad to be back and missed.  Thanks for the welcoming.


Dominated Monday.


Taekwondo all forms for an hour.


Began working on office at work and transitioning to a standing workstation


Started today of great made it to the class work out and have done some more work on work office.

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Great goals and Really Great Motivation! :)



All forms will take about an hour. ;)


What is the highest you do?


I did each one twice. Staring with highest and worked my way down.

Nopae, pyongwon, taebek, kumgang, koryo, palgwe 8-1


I may have to peek in on the druids sometime. Looks like you're off to a great start, way to come back strong.

Got to start strong so when I fade at the end I will at least have accomplished something. ;)

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The Neem is from when I first got my black belt there were some guy that were considerably older than me and I was higher ranking and they were joking about how they would have to address me as mister and the title for 1st degree is JoKyoNeem and one of the guys called Mr. Neem jokingly, and it stuck.

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I can't figure out how to upload the pictures but both my work office and home office area are finished pretty much except for a little spot cleaning. 

I set up a standing work station in my work office and it is kind of freaking some people out.  They are all like where is your desk!?!



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So I was going to blow off my work out tonight but I started reading some challenges like Cheechoe's and I got inspired.

So I did my BWW. I will be honest I only put about 70% effort into it though but that is better than nothing.

Pull ups, hanging leg lifts, plank, push up to side plank, wall sits, rows, butterflies, tricep extensions and some Russian twists. Just about 15 minutes worth but it was nice.

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Glad you found some inspiration here, I like to check in every once in a while myself to see how others are doing and it usually helps motivate me as well. I may not comment much because my cell phone won't let me post for some reason but I should be getting a new one in the near future. Keep up the awesomeness. You got it!

Level 3 Human Monk

STR 8, DEX 4, STA 7, CON 8, WIS 6, CHA 5

Current Challenge


“Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight."

-Johnny Cash

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Pretty good week on most fronts.


except for TKD


TKD 1/3  my partner was sick and I chose to sleep in the other 2 days


BWW 3/3 made the class on Tuesday and did it twice at home.  the ones at home weren't very structured just did random ones focusing on arms and core but I can feel and see results


STRIDE 2/2  did the pound the pavement challenge with my fasted mile to date and then did a leisurely 4 miles


ORGANIZE here is where I really rocked it.  I did 3 things on my list in 1 week. home and work offices and the flower bed. yesterday was so nice doing the flowerbed was a joy and I even did more by replanting some roses that I have grown from cuttings along the driveway.  these 3 things were actually quite a psychological drain on me.  I feel so much better that I don't have to look at them as disasters any more but neat and organized spring boards for more success.


Today started off great with TKD.  All forms once and then reviewed the basic one step techniques.

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That first week sounds like it went awesome! You were only lacking in TKD, which you were sure to get in the first day of this week.


High Fives!


p.s. going to stalk the food making challenge this week for pics of your creations.....hoping...;)


Yes I'm feeling the pressure on the food challenge. I Ned to find a way for the pics though as I have exceeded my allotted upload space or something like that.

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Nice! Did you make it the whole mile?


Yeah, what was the time?

The warm up was around a13 min pace then I cranked it up to a sub 8 min pace for a little more than a 3 rd of a mile and gradually ended up at a 15 min pace.

This week was weak.

TKD 1/3

BWW 1/3 made the class and did some sporadic pull ups dips and push ups.

STRIDE 2/2 got 3.4 in this morning 10:35 pace.

No organizing but the high school culinary team I am mentoring did win the breakfast category of a healthy eating competition.

Also did the first Druid mini quest which actually could be considered part of my organization goal. Got rid of some clothes that have out lived their usefulness.

Not so weak after all.

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See, that's why these check-ins are so useful. We think that we've done weakly, until we force ourselves to look and behold: it's really not that bad.


Also, way to make a mark on a culinary team, man. That's cool. You mentored them into an awesome place, and hopefully have planted the seeds of a legacy. So glad to see.


And as always, there is room to improve. That's what this week is for.

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