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Imma do me some pushups

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Main Quest:

50 Pushups!

I'd be happy with 50, but I'm training for more!



Morning Routine: Establish Morning exercise routine alternating between strength training and running.

Get in bed by 11 so I don't wake up 5 minutes before I have to leave!

Cut out that extra sweet snacking and up my meager protein intake.



Side Quests:

Life: Get my new flat set up with space for excercising (Moving October 1st).

Fitness: Dust off my running shoes and go for a run 3 times a week.



I've managed to lose close on 5Kg's so far by adjusting my diet, with only sporradic exercise sessions. I'm going to try build morning exercise into my weekly routine. There are too many things happening in the afternoons/evenings that interfere with my workout plans.

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Well a month ago when I first joined NF and tried the beginner bodyweight workout I couldn't do one proper pushup. I could only do elevated ones. I've only done sporradic bbww workouts since then,all with elevated pushups. Last time I tried I figured my next set would be big boy pushups, then sickness hit. And considering its 00:45 here right now, the early bed time needs some work!

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I realise I've been neglecting this thread in favour of chatting in the Team's thread so I should probably update this thread at some point :D


I've dropped a pants size and now get up at 6:00 every day. So things are going well.


I've noticed that some days I really struggle to just do 1 basic BBWW circuit and other days I manage three with out an issue, which I find extremely odd.


I've hit the road a couple of times so far, but nowhere near what I originally set out to. This challenge isn't over yet, so I'm going to keep fighting my lazy self and rack up quite a few more KM on my shoes.


I should actually check how close I cant get to my target now.

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Yeah that can mess with your muscles, my gym is pretty close to the same temperature all the time but when I run outside it makes a bigger change. But I really really notice if my protein intake is low or junk food intake is high and/or I didn't get enough sleep. It has a huge impace. Also are you doing them at the same time each day and/or after the same things? If you're doing it at different times of day or after something more intense then you can struggle with it.

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The times have varied. Although I have begun shifting it to a morning work out session its not always in the mornings. My aim this week is to do a 6am workout every morning, whether is strength or going for a run. I'm trying to make my mornings more routine and including my workout in there has been the plan all along.

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Today I had one of those frozen pizzas for dinner for the first time since I've found NF. It was a shocker of a day from missing my workout because a pipe burst at home, to the hour extra commute I had today and other excuses for eating crap etc etc

Up side I realized how horrible this stuff actually tastes compared to some of the fresh food I can make without that much more effort. Highly doubt that would make it into my freezer again!

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