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Wayne_Kent_Seago Challenge #4 - Drop that Dorito, Pick up that apple

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This will be my fourth challenge here and I am looking forward to pushing myself. Last time I committed to couch to 5k and I thought it would be awful, and I really enjoyed the challenge of completing the workouts and pushing myself further than I thought I could. I never considered myself a runner (not sure I do now) but I find myself looking forward to the challenge and losing myself in the runs.


For this challenge I will complete the final week of C25K and then move to a 5K to 10K trainer. Because last challenge I barely did any strength training, I will add 2 body weight workouts in each week to keep my strength up. The biggest focus of this challenge will be my diet and specifically my habit of snacking. A review of my Lose It app shows I am adding a lot of unnecessary calories in snacks - and those snacks are almost all sugary or salty (tootsie rolls, chips etc). I am doing pretty well at mealtime eating balanced meals and very few processed food, but at the office I am "ruining" all of that good work by eating crap. We know you can't outrun your fork, so for this challenge I will turn my attention to that part of my diet.


As before my MAIN GOAL is to reduce my LDL cholesterol from 156 to 130 by Dec. 31st - This was my cholesterol number at my last doctor's visit about a year ago. My doctor said he wold give me a chance to see if I could lower it through diet and exercise and if I couldn't I would have to go on medication. I do not want to be on cholesterol medication! This was about a year ago, and a few months after this visit, I discovered nerd fitness and started my work. I have been a little afraid to go back and get my blood re-checked, but this is not the sort of thing that will go away on its own. So during this challenge, I will get it re-tested and schedule a follow up with my doctor!


My side goal is to complete a 5K before Dec. 31st


So for my 4th challenge, my goals are:


1. Compete final week of C25k, and then begin 5K to 10K training through app 3x per week (STA 4)

A = 16 - 18 runs

B = 13 - 15 runs

C = 10 - 12 runs

D = 7 - 9 runs

F = less than 7 runs


2. Do 3 sets of beginner body weight workouts (with progressively adding to reps each session) 2x per week (STR 2)

A = 11 - 12 workouts

B = 9 - 10 workouts

C = 7 - 8 workouts

D = 5 - 6 workouts

F = less than 5 workouts


3. If I snack, replace sweet/salty snacks with fruit or veggie 6x per week (CON 2)

A = 33 - 36 times

B = 29 - 32 times

C = 25 - 28 times

D = 21 - 24 times

F = less than 21 times


4. Schedule and get blood work re-done and schedule and attend follow up with doctor (WIS 2)

A = Did it

F = Didn't do it


I will post my progress in my battle log here. I can't say enough how much this site and this community have helped me achieve the modest gains that I have enjoyed since starting this journey to a new me. So many encouraging people and such great information posted by Steve. Thanks and lets do this!!


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