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Strawberry Squatcake - How To Survive A Wedding In One Million Traumatic Steps

Strawberry Squatcake

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YAY PEPPERS!!!  That's so exciting! 


If were in person this is what would happen:



and kudos on the nice goal :)  I'm glad you got a bunch! and I like how you arranged them.


Can I have Phoebe's coat when we reenact? I love that coat. I would wear it with pride!! :)


Love the collage!  Such a great project :)


YAY PEPPERS!!!  I know you've missed them, so it rocks that you didn't have any negative effects from them!


Sigh, lifting.  I have no idea where I am on my weights.  I last lifted once in September, and before that was once in May.  Yikes!  I'm sure I'll be working my way back up to PRs with you and PH.


I love projects like that. They're a little crafty, but more like functional crafting. You don't have to have many skills beyond logic (arranging). So, tons of steps, but lots of opportunities to walk away and come back to it, which is nice. My focus isn't very great. :) So it was a full-weekend thing, but not very labor intensive. And not TOO crafty that it could be a total failure. If it's a possible total failure, I never jump in b/c I hate wasting money and time. 




You, PH and I can do the "reclaim our glory days but not by going back to high school/college" challenge! :) I'm so in! I keep procrastinating lifting. It's so hard to swallow your pride and lift less. Well, and then I get disappointed in myself for letting it go so long. But, there's nothing gained by throwing a pity party. So I'm committing to lifting twice a week. It's a good start!




Also, I'm making chili tonight! Last night I ate about six strips of green pepper. Doesn't sound like much, but I was avoiding tiny dices of any kind of pepper before. So I'd eat them and cringe, and then did a lot of face-feeling. :) That's how I can tell the pimples were coming in, they'd be really painful, even under the skin. 


Eighteen hours later - no reaction! NONE! 


So I'm making chili tonight. I put some beans in salt water to soak today. And some ground beef in the fridge to defrost. I'm goign to let it cook in a crockpot over night and will have chili (WITH PEPPERS!!!!!) tomorrow for lunch. I'm so excited! 



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And we shall call it VICTORY CHILI!!!!  I am so stinkin' excited for you I can't even explain it! 

"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

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I saw this last night. I've watched it three times and can't stop laughing. I feel like this is exactly what a bulk would be like for me. I've never tried to bulk. But I think saying, "Just an excuse to be lazy on your diet" is exactly where I'd go. For three weeks. Then I'd start cutting. And then I'd be like, "This wasn't the plan!" And then I'd end up somewhere in the middle, and nothing would have changed. Hahahaha. Oh, Dom.

I also love how he walks around eating, doing curls.

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2" washers for smaller weight increases

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