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Facing the dangers of the fire swamp

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I am a super-noob at these challenges so I'm trying to follow the instructions to the letter. Someone please poke me if I'm doing this wrong.  


In the last couple of weeks I've found out that I have some physical challenges to overcome - bursitis in a shoulder as well as bursitis and a torn labrum in one hip. My doctor said "let pain be your guide" when it comes to working out, so that's what I intend to do. Even though I want to avoid making things worse, I'm not going to let the fact that I have pain stop me from even trying.


Baby step goals for me this time, because I know if I set my goals too high I'll get frustrated and give up. Still, these particular baby steps are important to me.



Main goal

  • To be stronger, leaner and more flexible


Specific sub-goals

  1. Work out at least 3x per week.
  2. Decrease percentage body fat (must be < 27% at end of six weeks).
  3. Touch my toes without bending my knees.


Life goal

  • To climb Mt. St. Helens in June 2014



  • To become fit and healthy before I'm too old.
  • To set a good example for my geeky son.
  • Look sexy for the boyfriend.
  • Tight butt and thigh gap. (Hey, I know it's shallow...I'm okay with that.)



I can't get to the sign-up sheet over my work connection - will have to do that after I get home...I wanted to commit to doing this now though and get my ass moving.


Looking forward to this!  :-)

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Hey DPB!


Baby steps might seem small, but they are the ones that create the momentum. In 6 weeks time these baby steps will have contributed to one great big improvement to your overall fitness.


Best of luck during the 6 week challenge, and make sure to stay uninjured.


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First Challenge


My Support Crew: G-Town Rebels

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Almost 2 weeks into it and going strong.  Technically I've already met my goals because they are pass/fail, but I want to really achieve the hell out of them.


I've been doing The Bar Method Beginner's DVD, which I am really enjoying.  Because of my shoulder and hip issues I'm finding the no-impact approach is working well, although I'm still trying to find the best modifications to not tweak my shoulder.  One of the disadvantages of using a video instead of a class, I suppose, since instructors can offer better assistance with that sort of thing, but I don't feel ready for a class.  I'm digging this right now though so I'm going to stick with it.


Food-wise I still eat way too many carbs and too much cheese (damn you, cheese!!!) so I'm not losing, but I'm not gaining either.  I have 10 pounds to lose to make my goal weight (135) but I'm in no rush.  By far I am more focused on the goals of my main quest:  to become stronger, leaner and more flexible.  So here is where I am right now with my sub-goals:


1.  Work out at least 3x a week -- Yes!  And I can *almost* do a full push-up.  (I feel so lame writing that, but can accept that we all have to start somewhere.)


2.  Decrease my body fat percentage -- I've lost .5% of body fat according to the same tool I used at the beginning.  I've also noticed that I've put on some muscle, it's most noticeable in my calves.


3.  Touch my toes without bending my knees -- I can do this, barely.  It hurts so I don't push it but I'll get there.


I had an MRI and my doctor says I should have surgery on the torn labrum in my hip, which will eventually put a real kink in my plans.  If I could do the surgery before the end of the year I might have enough recovery and strengthening time to do Mt. St. Helens next June, but it seems iffy.  Unfortunately my insurance won't cover it until I've been treated for six months regardless, so that almost definitely rules it out until after the climb.  But I'm thinking...if I can train successfully and climb the mountain without getting the surgery, I will have a better perspective on whether I actually want to do it.


Anyway, the injuries are a real bummer at times but I feel like I'm still moving in the right direction.




P.S. -- My 10 year-old Geekling makes fun of me when I work out.  What a punk.  So I kick it up a notch just to get on his nerves.  ;-)   Seriously though, I'm eager for the day when he feels it's commonplace for mom to be working out.  I think that's when he will feel like fitness is part of our lives.  Maybe that's another good thing about not going to a class -- the kid sees me making an effort, however dorky.

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Great so far. And almost being able to do a full push up is amazing! It takes some people months to get there. You are doing awesome

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