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I proudly announce: 

rogaecia's 3rd!

Hello everyone- 

I'm back for my third challenge. 

I have to admit, I cannot believe last week went by so fast. I am dipping a little low energy wise starting out this challenge. My hope is to rev up as the challenge winds down. 

My main quest: 

Shrink my Circumference

Currently my waist measures 38" at the smallest point and 44.5" at my belly button. I haven't been much to complain about particular parts of my body because it all needs work. Lately I have been feeling pretty good about my arms and even my butt- something I never thought would happen! However, my "muffin top" just started recently started to bother me. I tried on some cute tops a little bit ago that were longer and the area around my belly button made the shirts look hilly, yes, as if there were hills under there. :) 

I would like to bring the 38" down to where my belly button is, sometime in the next 6 months. 6.5" is a lot- but I am sure it can be done. 

Side Quest 1:


After much deliberation, I decided that I would aim for the whole 30. I saw a lot of incredible work this last challenge that really motivated me. Also, thanks to incredible Sicil, I have been reading It Starts with Food. The idea of resetting my system is very, very enticing. I plan to formally start the Whole30 on 09/23/13 along with Sicil and also because I have left-over meatballs from last week that contain soy sauce. :) 

The breakdown:

  • Week 1: Pre-Whole30, finish meatballs, no alcohol, no caffeine, no added sugar, no grains or legumes. 
  • Week 2- Week 6: Whole 30

​This quest is pass or fail. Which means: PASS!

Side Quest 2: 


I have been using an app called Lift that induces habit forming. Currently I am working on 9 habits: 

  • Be grateful for something/someone
  • Stop and enjoy life
  • Drink more water
  • Foodist (eating well) 
  • Stretching
  • Exercise
  • Castor Oil Packs
  • Complete bedtime routine (washing face, brushing teeth, etc)
  • Deep breathing exercises

​For this challenge I would like to complete all 9 habits 5 times a week. 

The breakdown: 

  • Grade A: 9 habits/ 5 times a week
  • Grade B: 9 habits/ 4 times a week
  • Grade C: 9 habits/ 3 times a week
  • Grade D: 9 habits/ 2 times a week or less. 

​Life Quest: 

Stay on Budget

I would like to work on staying within my budget this challenge. I have budgeted $50/week on groceries and plan to stay on that for a multitude of reasons. 

The breakdown: 

  • Grade A: 6/6 weeks on budget
  • Grade B: 5/6 weeks on budget
  • Grade C: 4/6 weeks on budget
  • Grade D: 3 or less/6 weeks on budget



Just kidding! 

Although Tyler the Creator is hilarious- my motivations are:

RockNRoll Half-May 2014

Spartan Race-August 2014

Portland Half Marathon- October 2014

and of course: TO LOOK GOOD. 

And be moar healthy. 



[[game on!]]

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Mmm, soy sauce. Mmm, meatballs.


I have all you can eat Korean BBQ booked on the weekend before our Whole30 challenge. I can't wait... ;)


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I'll be cheering you on with your Whole 30, but I'm not that committed yet.  Drastically reducing carbs, wheat, dairy, sugar has been a big enough challenge for me.

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Awesome! I look forward to keeping up with you, welcome back! Having a paleo boss is great! Good luck with Whole 30 it is a toughy but well worth it!

Thank you so much :) :) The whole30 will actually be more like the whole50 for me because my work decided they also wanted to have a 6-week challenge and that starts on October 1st and ends on November 12. I figure I should just keep the momentum going. No looking back >:)

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Whole 30. LET'S ROCK THIS!






Hi rogaecia!  Good luck in the new challenge!

Hi Incantor :) :) Thank you! 


You totally can do the whole 30. You got this!

Thank you, Tonic- I am hoping all will fare well :) 


Welcome back, as usual, you have great and admirable goals.  Like finishing the meatballs before starting Whole 30.  Much better than letting them go to waste.


Good luck!  I am going to be following you!

Thank you so much, legolady! The meatballs were so delicious- but now my stomach is sad for eating them all. :(

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I forgot to mention in my original post that I will not be starting to train in October as originally projected- I have moved it out to the 13th of November. I think it will be alright and will help me stay on the whole 30. Phew!

Day 2- dun dun dunnnnn.

I feel so tired and sleepy. I didn't not realize how sugar dependent I have been. I don't eat a lot of candy, usually, so I never really thought I ate a lot of sugar but I guess it really did help me get through the day. D'oh! 

This morning I did not get up for a run. Instead I grovelled around in bed whining to myself. I decided that I will do two sets of the daily dozen  today after work. UGH! 

Tomorrow I will get up and run- no excuses :D 

Last night I made these delicious treats: 1233577_10151705244721312_1411740071_n.j

and a couple of my friends asked me for the recipe. 

Rogaecia's Lazy Pants Sausage Breakfast Patties: 

1 lb ground pork

1 tsp salt- I used coarse Kosher sea salt

1 tsp ground chipotle- or whatever red ground chile you have

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp dried basil leaves

1 tsp ground black pepper


Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees F

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil

Mix all of the delicious spices with the ground pork

Make patties out of the ground pork- I made five 3" patties

Bake for approximately 15 minutes then flip over and bake for another 10-15 minutes. 

This is the first time I have ever made sausage patties from scratch. They smelled soooooo delicious. I am sure you can also pan fry them on the weekend if you have more time. You can also add and subtract spices per your preference. 

I plan on scrambling some with eggs tomorrow. 


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I keep on thinking, "that's too much pork," then I realize that's the whole point. Sigh. This paleo thing will take some getting used to...


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"You're welcome on my boat. God ain't." - Firefly


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