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4th times a charm for honeybunch806


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So this is my fourth challenge and I guess you could say I'm closer to my fitness/weight loss goals.  It's a struggle every day, but I'm still trying as best as I can.  My goals are a little more focused but less in quantity.  I can't really do four goals this time--because I'm doing a Whole30!


Goal 1--Stay true to the course of my Whole30!  It's a challenge everyday and a struggle to stay on course but I'm trying my hardest on this.  I'm currently on day 9 of this Whole30...with the end date being 10/8!  The timeline on their website, http://whole9life.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/, is accurate in describing what I've gone through so far, but it's not accurate as to when I have felt certain things.  It's amazing how you and your body change during this process. 


Goal 2--Workouts.  I've been slacking on my workouts because my energy levels change constantly.  This process has given me a catalyst to kick my caffeine/soda habit, so without those in my system, my body is adjusting and figuring out how to run more efficiently.  With that said, I need to get back into my workouts.  My gym is going back to their fall hours in another week, meaning that my 2 favorite workouts will be back to back on Friday afternoons again!  I'm really looking forward to that!


Goal 3--I know I need a personal goal, but everything feels so generic.  So I'm going to leave it generic--I want to do something that I normally either don't do or am lazy about.  Whether it's walking my dogs more, spending more time with my b/f, cooking more healthy meals, cleaning more, reading more, dealing with the headache of grad school, etc I want to do it.  I want to push myself little by little to do more.  I know it's crazy generic but one must start somewhere. 


Good luck to all!!

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Honeybunch! Still going? Update the RPG Fanatics pages, not seen you in a while!

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment"

- Marcus Aurelius

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Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven't been posting on here.  I'm not big on forums and don't usually think to post updates too often.  I finished my Whole30 yesterday and weighed myself this morning.  I lost about 17lbs in 30 days.  This morning I had a few of the cheat foods that I thought I had wanted during my Whole30, but they're all pretty gross.  Here's a breakdown of what I had--eggs/homefries/baked egg tart things from Whole Foods, a few cookies from WF cookie bar, part of a ham and cheese calzone, a bite of yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and a mini tuna sandwich from WF.  Most of the sweets were way too sweet.  I can already feel myself getting a small headache from the sugar.  Chocolate tastes disgusting too.  The food I liked the best was the tuna sandwich.  The only sweetener in it was honey and it was delicious!  I feel like there really is no going back after doing a Whole30.  These sugary foods are too gross to eat!  I guess that's the best lesson I could have asked for! 

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I told terosx in his thread that it might have been too much too fast.  Hopefully, the headache doesn't last long.  It's say there was something in there that didn't quite agree with you.  Might be the sugar, or maybe gluten?  Maybe the dairy.  I'd stick with Whole 30, the add in one thing at a time so you can see how it reacts with your system.

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So at the end of this challange, I might not have posted much here, but I kept true to most of my goals.  I completed my Whole30 on October 8th.  I worked really hard to keep true to my Whole30 and I did.  I lost 17lbs over the course of the 30 days.  I haven't worked out as much as I think I should but I still try to go to the gym each week.  As for my third goal, I've been playing D2 with my b/f more, which was part of my generic goal.  Also, I feel really proud of myself b/c I've still stayed away from caffiene and 99% of soda.  I had a little Sprite one night after a late movie (we did eat Burger King food but felt disgusting minutes later).  I've also moved ahead with plans for grad school.  I finished my admissions essay, which was heartfelt and meaningful, attended an information session which gave me a fee waiver for the application, and I have one completed letter of recomendation from my store manager.  Now all I have to wait for is 2 more letters and my application is done!  I think I've done really well!  :-)

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