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A MadScientist shrinks himself


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Believe it or not, I am still alive, and almost back to normal.  It has just been a very busy week.  My home computer did not even get turned on for a couple of days.  I almost feel like rejoicing over this, since it means I am busy, having fun, and living life, not just sort of existing.


Last Wednesday was fun.  My work group went out to a golf driving range for a mixer to get people from different departments to know each other better.  I am not a golfer, but two of my team members were.  We also figured out the "easy" way to make lots of points.  My team won first place, certainly no thanks to me.  However, I did have a good time.  I didn't find out until Thursday because I left a few minutes early to go to a pilates/yoga class with my wife, followed by some weight lifting.  I found out I was not quite recovered yet, but had a good time.  I also found out I twisted my right elbow a bit with the golf, but that will pass.  My wife and I then had a date dinner at a barbeque place (pork ribs - gooood) and I promptly went off for a one and a half hour music practice with my group.  I came home pretty tired, but with a smile on my face.


Despite being busy, I have stayed on track.  I avoided the chips at the golf event (did have beer ;) ) and only ate a couple of buffalo wings.  I would have had more, but they were dipped in a sweet sauce, and I am trying to avoid sweet things.  Preparing for my dad's birthday party has certainly kept me up to date with music.  I have even managed to go inverted a few times (including at the Wednesday yoga class).


I'm impressed you ate well while sick.  That's an achievement.

Actually, it was not that hard.  I did not feel much like eating for a couple of days.  It was kind of weird to avoid the BRAT diet recommendation when coming off the stomach bug, but it seemed to work.


Hope you're feeling better now - flu is very rough, I'm impressed at what you managed to achieve coming off the back of it! When's your dad's 90th?

Thanks for the vote of confidence!  My dad's birthday is October 23, but we will be celebrating the 26th.  I hope to get a recording of me and my children playing Renaissance Faire style music at the party.  I need to do some backup recording a post it just in case things don't work out.  If only I weren't so particular.  I have not liked anything I have recorded at home, yet.  Stay tuned.

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"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka! (I found it!) but rather, 'hmm... that's funny...'" - Isaac Asimov

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You make me want to play an instrument again ( a long long time ago I played the flute). I hope preparations for the party are going well!

By chance, Mark Sisson had a post today on how much good playing a musical instrument does for you.  Check it out.


As usual, I have had a busy few days.  My weekend was mostly consumed by attending the launch party for Steve Jackson's reboot of Ogre, a game I enjoyed many years ago as an undergraduate at Tulane.  The reboot was announced on Kickstarter in April 2012, and my wife gave it to me for my birthday that year.  I got the present last weekend.  A 28lb box with ten maps and over 1000 counters, many of them 3D chipboard models.  I enjoyed playing, got some additional swag for attending the party, and had a great time.  I even managed to keep my low carb pledge by thinking ahead and bringing snacks and food.


Preparations continue for my dad's party this weekend.  In addition to the music, my family asked me to provide candy.  My homemade candy has been a fixture in my family for over twenty years - long before I went low carb.  I am feeling peggysr's tagline - I have made fifteen pounds of fudge and caramels and have not eaten any.  That will probably change this weekend, but it is a planned indulgence ;).  I still need to make more...


Update from my Sunday tape out.  My waist stubbornly refuses to reduce, even as my weight slowly goes down.  If I squint right, I lost about a tenth of an inch - down to about 36 inches.  But that would be easy to mismeasure.  However, I am in this for the health, not the looks, so I will accept that I feel a lot better since really killing sweet things (including artificial sweeteners) from my diet.


I have a bunch of Boy Scout activities this week, so may or may not have time to update much.  My alarm just went off.  Back to work!

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STR 10 DEX 8.5 STA 11 CON 11 WIS 11 CHA 12

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka! (I found it!) but rather, 'hmm... that's funny...'" - Isaac Asimov

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This week has been one for the record books :nightmare: .  My trip to my parent's house started with a loaded van and a sudden dead battery.  An hour later, the battery is fixed and we are on our way.  The trip was uneventful, and we arrived about and hour and a half later than expected, but still OK.  The day of the party, Saturday, went well through the party.  My children and I did 45min of Renaissance Faire type music (which my brother video taped!  Will try to post it when I get it from him), then I got to visit a lot of folks I had not seen in awhile.  My son needed to be back to school by 9AM Sunday, so we packed ourselves up and headed to Texas A&M to drop him off.  Half an hour after dropping him off, my wife noticed he had left his laptop charger in the car, so we turned around and delivered it to him.  It was Sunday before we got home.


I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday, but things were not to be.  When I turned my wireless router on, the radio had died, so I spent the morning researching routers, then finding one locally and getting it.  As I placed it on my wife's computer, she asked, "Why is my computer chirping at my?"  It had a failed hard drive which very rapidly degraded.  Our local Frys had a decent one on sale, so I sent her off to get it.  Meanwhile, I had a task to replace the digitizer on my daughter's phone.  She had bought a replacement, but never put it on (with reason).  So, I replaced the digitizer, booted up the phone -- and it digitizer did not work.  So I took it apart again, verified all the connections were good, and it still didn't work.  It also had some weird vertical lines that should not have been there and were only visible when I removed the final piece of protective plastic.  So, I had to send her home with a non-working phone.  Not good.


Then I replaced the hard drive on my wife's computer, but kept getting blue screens and boot sequence errors when attempting to install the operating system.  After a fair amount of tinkering, I realized the motherboard was also gone.  It was just the right age to be almost irreplaceable - too new for the local Goodwill computer store to have any, too old to be commercially available.  So we decide to replace the motherboard, processor, and RAM.  After some more research time, I went to the local Frys, which supposedly had everything I needed in stock, and found they only had the motherboard.  They offered to ship the processor in from another store, but had no RAM what was not obscenely priced.  So I went home and ordered RAM from NewEgg.  Which brings us to today...


How Did I Do?


Short Term Quest

  1. Keep carb consumption down to 100g per day or less, subject to 80/20 rule.  STA +2 CON +3
    A - I managed this about 90% of the time.
  2. Drop an inch or more of waist size (currently 36.1"). CHA +2
    F - I got down to 36.0", so 10% of goal.  I am going in the right direction and my habits have definitely improved.
  3. Work on headstands at least four times per week.  I still get dizzy when I try them and I need to get over this. STR +2 DEX +2
    D - I averaged about once a week, so 25%.

Life Quest

  1. Publish some music, somewhere, and let this community know where.  I currently have several projects in the works that could qualify for this. WIS +2 CHA +2
    C - I did not get anything published, but not for lack of trying.  I would guess I got about 50% of the way there.

A big thank you to all who showed up and cheered me on!

Level 8 Human Druid

STR 10 DEX 8.5 STA 11 CON 11 WIS 11 CHA 12

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka! (I found it!) but rather, 'hmm... that's funny...'" - Isaac Asimov

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Congrats!  You made good progress despite a few bumps.  Looking forward to the music video.

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