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Hello fellow rebellion armies,

I'm a skinny-fat Southeast Asian dude weighted at a whooping 60kg and 167cm tall. On level 50, I'd want to be able to be present at any point on earth within 24 hours of prior notice. But that's a really long way to go. Right now I just want to build muscles, lose fats, and take control of my life.

On my first challenge, I was able to gain 4.5kg by consuming 2500kcal every day (before joining the rebellion I was only 55kg). However, as I'm still not rich enough to buy "clean food", I managed to get those calories by eating a lot of stuff, even junk foods. I did consume protein shake and managed to increase my daily dose of protein.

Those, with a HIIT training using 7 Minute Workout program, I got some newbie muscle gains (mostly just on biceps and triceps, also some increase on the chest and thigh if I stare at my body at the mirror long enough).


My belly is getting bigger (fatter) faster than the muscles I gained from exercising. I mean, dude, I didn't want any of this.

So, in this challenge, I want to focus on losing these belly fats, and to gain even more muscles by doing harder exercise (I'm not in a hurry to build huge muscles, no, not yet, maybe not ever).

Current Objective: Keep getting fitter, happier, and leaner.

Goal 1: On the 27th of October, I wanna be able to see some abs on my tummy. Meaning, cutting to 10-12% body fats, but I don't have the tool to measure that accurately, so if abs can be seen, even just a little bit, that's a success.

Goal 2: Do a customized Advanced Body Workout 3 times a week. Increasing the difficulty as needed.

Goal 3: Wake up at 7am every day. Once I able to do this 7 times in a row, try to sleep for at least 8 hours a day, which is important for muscle recovery.

Current Life Goal: Because I'm on my final year of a college degree, at the end of this 6 week challenge, I would like my thesis proposal to have been accepted by my professor.

That's it! Let's go!

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You'll be doing well if you manage to get down to 10-12% in only six weeks! By all means go hard for your goal, but just keep in mind it may turn out harder than you think! Those last couple of percentage points tend to get extra stubborn! :P

Have you seen/read Anthony Mychals blog?


He comes from a back ground of being skinny fat, and has gotten well lean and built a pretty impressive physique! Might be worth checking out? :)

Good luck with the challenge!

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Okay, I might have been too optimistic with my goal, lol. I was planning on doing the leangains intermittent fasting techniques, which worked great on my first day (about 4 days ago) where I lost over 1kg (it might also be attributed to other factors like before/after pooping, different body fluid, etc though which will make it inaccurate). So, that 1kg lost within a day was the reason I overestimated my result lol.


Anyway, I can't thank you enough for that link, Robin! I will read it and I might gonna need to reedit my goals.


ps. The editing part might have to wait till next week though because from tomorrow night until Monday night I'm gonna have a vacation with my mates to Singapore. This has got nothing to do with being fit, but this is relevant to my main goal (fitter, happier) so yay!

Level 2 Baby AssassinSTR 2 | DEX 2 | STA 3INT 3 | WIS 1 | CHA 1First Challenge

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Hey FauziAulia! I updated you thread title with your username to make my work easier. Don't forget to subscribe (and read) if that's not done already to our announcement thread:




Other than that, good luck! I look forward looking for your progress! By the way, have you taken some before/after pics? That would help you to really see  the improvement. 

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How was your trip to sinagpore?  Hope you had a great time and achieved some of the Happier you goal.  Good luck with seeing those abs,  I am cheering for you!! :applouse:

Suck it up today so you don't have to suck it in tomorrow!!



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