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Crypto's second challenge! Let's rock!

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So I finished my first six week challenge here with some success! How about that! But no time to sit back and feel all proud of myself and crap, let's get moving. Especially because there are more goals to be reached!


My overall goal is the vague "feel better/stronger" thing and to get back into fencing, but I'm outlining a few challenges that will help me in that direction.


Challenge the first! Just keep running.

I got set back a couple of weeks on my C25K due to conventions I had to work and poor time management with school starting back up. I (re)started week 7 today, and I'm going to finish that up in a couple of weeks. For the remainder of the challenge I will focus on improving my 5k, working on speed and form. It is my goal to get my 5k speed down to 30 minutes, which is what I should be running time-wise in a couple of weeks, it's just making sure I cover all the distance in the allotted time. I may need to reevaluate this one midway and see if I need to push myself harder. I want to get my 5k nice and solid so I can move on to a 5k to 10k training program in the next challenge.


Challenge the second! Let's get some specific strength challenges going.

I had fun with the beginner bodyweight circuit last challenge but once I hit the "good enough" level I didn't really know how to push myself properly. I'm going to keep going with strength training 3 days per week but I'm going to sub out my squats and planks with a couple of those goofy challenges that are always floating around.





I have a feeling that ab challenge is going to utterly wreck me so we'll see and maybe I'll switch to a different one.



This is pretty self-explanatory. Since I started school I've been really bad about eating crap from vending machines or fast food because I can't be bothered to bring it with me. This has got to stop. If I can just make up some big bowls of pasta salad or somesuch and bring a tupperware with me to school I will save myself money, calories, and heartache. Especially on days when I have opera rehearsals and am stuck at school from 8am until 6:30pm (and that's just the physical time on campus, not even counting the hour+ commute I have on the bus each way).


Life Challenge: Yep I still need to learn my quintet.

So for those who read my last challenge, you already know but those who don't: I managed to get cast in a professional production in one of my dream roles this December: Queen of the Night in Mozart's the Magic Flute. Wow, yay, right? Definitely! But I have some seriously fast singing in German to nail down and I've got to get that nice and solid going into rehearsals in November. I'm currently preparing another role that performs sooner but that's with school so we have a lot more rehearsal time and leniency and I'm in general less worried about it. Of course we'll see if I still feel that way closer to performance time. 



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So my challenge has hit an unexpected hiccup in that I just found out that my 18 year old cat who has been a part of my life for 10 years is in full renal failure and we don't know how much time we have left. I'm probably going to drop out of this challenge, keep doing my thing, but with as low pressure as possible because I'm not getting much sleep. It might sound silly because I am talking about a cat but she is seriously the closest thing I have or ever will have to a child and this is actually a hugely stressful time for us.

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