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L33yore :: Getting back on the tracks


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My last challenge was characterized by not quite. I did work on my goals, but not quite. I ate ok, but not quite.


Main Quest:

To be Physically fit – lots of pullups, pushups, squats, running, cycling, eating well, "good" body composition


Main quest Goals:

  1. At PT sessions and perform at home workouts
    1. I am rehabbing my knees. I have two therapist lead sessions each week. I will also be receiving some new home workouts.
    2. Grading:
  2. Walk 2 miles a day
    1. I want to increase my calorie burning and the endurance of lower body.
    2. Record walks in MapMyFitness app
    3. Grading:
  3. Decrease gluten and sugar intake, up veg and meat
    1. I have been a sugar fiend for the last three months. Time to increase my veg intake.
    2. Grading:

Life Goal:

Prepare for and begin the Quest for Authentic Manhood at my church.



To feel like I'm meeting the minimums of life, so that life is more fun.

l33yore :: Human Ranger :: Level 3

STR: 2 DEX: 2 STA: 7 CON: 3 WIS: 5.5 CHA: 3.25

challenges: current 2 1 | intro

a christ follower / a husband and father, too / and i do some work


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