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Gryffudd's Second Challenge


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Finished my first challenge. Still here, so I guess I better do a second one. :)


Main quest: Still to maintain healthiness, keep my blood sugar low, and lose some weight. 

1) I apparently haven't been doing real chin-ups, since my doorframe isn't tall enough for that. With the new outside workout spot, and some decent weather, I'm hoping I can work on those enough to be able to do sets of 3 of them. 
2) My push-ups are kinda pitiful right now. I know I can do better. I aim to be able to do sets of 10 of those. 
3) Edit: I guess I'll go with dropping 6 pounds. I think I can do that and it is one of my main reasons for doing this. 

Life Side-quest: I need to make sure I keep my finances under control, and one of my biggest is food. I'm going to try to track my food costs and keep them under an average of 70 dollars each week. I'm not entirely sure this is realistic, but reducing my costs even a little will help. 

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.


Doing workouts faster may work. I'll have to think on it. I haven't had soda in years and my sleep routine's about as good as it can be, between the school time and the two overnight shifts each week. Headstands were causing some pretty intense pain, even after only 30 seconds, so I'm somewhat wary of going back to them. I need my neck to keep doing what it does. :)


I'll try to get some time to think on it between classes tomorrow. 

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Sorry. Been a bit busy between work and classes. 


My routine right now is some warm-ups (mostly jumping jacks, with a few lunges thrown in), followed by:


1-2 minutes of L-sits - These have been a problem due to the chairs slowly moving out from under me, but I may finally have that fixed. 

3x5 negatives as I try to get up to doing full chin-ups

3x10 vertical rows - I can't seem to make inverted rows work, so I do twice as many of these

3x10 sit-ups

3x10 deep leg step-things

3x5 push-ups

4 planks - 60 seconds each, 1 each side, plus two others I don't know the names of


After that, some stretches, though most of the ones I do don't seem to do all that much. The leg ones are good, though. 


I'm down to 190 pounds, about 10 lower than where I was at the start of the last one. My main goal, I think will be losing more weight. I'd really like to get to 170 if I could. Getting stronger is a distant second. 


I'll try to post on the group thread shortly, now that I managed an evening of getting the homework done before time to sleep. 


I'll try to keep posting an average of what I spent on food, too. It'll help remind me to keep an eye on it. 

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Blarg. Sleep not go well this weekend. Nor did diet. My own fault in both cases. Well, it was also the fault of the two-bite honey nut crispies. :)


I can't be buying them again and stick to a diet. <sigh> They'll be a reward for when I'm done in 5 weeks.


Today I will be getting back on track. No more messing about.


On the up side, school is going very well and the weather is cold enough that I did not sweat too much walking here this morning.

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Today I will be getting back on track. No more messing about.


On the up side, school is going very well and the weather is cold enough that I did not sweat too much walking here this morning.


Good for you getting right back on track.  I agree that not buying tempting food is the best way to handle the problem.  It takes much less willpower to avoid stopping at the store than it does to avoid digging in the pantry.


Sounds like you are getting a good bit of aerobic exercise with walking to school.  I am glad that school is going well.  Do you like your classes?

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Exercised Monday and today. 






3x5 negatives

3x5 push-ups

3x10 vertical rows

3x10 deep-step-things

6x10 sit-ups

4x 60s planks




I dropped the L-sits. It's too difficult keeping the chairs from sliding out from under me. In their place I added 30 sit-ups. I might increase the vertical rows or deep step things too. 


All in all it went pretty okay. Now back to classwork. 

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Good for you doing all those sets!  That sounds like a lot of work. 


I like the idea of using dumbells as hand grips.  My wrists are not happy with me right now.  I'll give that a try.


Thanks. The dumbells I have are hexagonal, so they don't normally try to move away. Sadly the floors here are all smooth tile or hardwood, so the chairs keep slipping out from under. 

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