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Here to become a Fit and Fabulous Lilith or Shepard

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I'm new and have been lurking for a couple weeks. I wasn't sure if I was ready until I tried on my cosplay outfit for comic-con and realized that even though it had only been purchased a month prior, it no longer fit. I have always struggled with my weight. Sometimes I feel like I'm winning the battle, but most of the time I give up after not seeing progress fast enough or falling of the wagon. This time is different. I am no longer thinking of this as a temporary struggle before I can get back to my cupcakes. This is a life change and failure is not an option. 


My inspiration is below. I look to my favorite video game gals for support and now I look to Nerd Fitness too! I'm so excited to be here and thank you for reading!



SLC Comic-con

Aalis - Human Ranger

Level: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Stamina: 0 Constitution: 0 Wisdom: 0 Charisma: 0


First Quest

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