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Loki's Third Challenge


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Woah, this challenge sneaked up on me. I'll elaborate and fill this in later (doing this from a mobile device while traveling).

Thoughts so far for goals (will be prettied up and codified in the near future):

1) Some form of weight loss/diet goal. Working on a metric. Con/cha.

2) First four weeks of couch to 5k, weeks 3 and 4 repeated. Sta.

3) Dance classes. Because it's hilarious. Dex.

4) Conversation in a foreign language with a native speaker by challenge's end. Thinking French. Wis.

Day 1) Diet was good today, being on the road limits workout though.

Loki Lvl 3 Half-Giant Adventurer [sTR 10 - DEX 6 - STA 5 - CON 9 - WIS 7.5 - CHA 9.5] Introduction Post First Challenge Saga Second Challenge Saga

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