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Hello everybody. My name is Dave, I just finished my first challenge on NF with good success so I am here for another 6 weeks of hard work.


I recently started Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai (began about mid August) so I thought the Monk guild would suit me. Let's dive into what I have mapped out for the next 6 weeks of my bootcamp.





Lose 3% bodyfat.


This is the same as my previous challenge and I think it's practical and allows me to intergrate healthier habits into my life rather than going full force and burning out. Last challenge I was a little shy of my 3% - I lost about 2.7% fat based on measuring tape and fat calipers. Some of the readings aren't the most reliable but I tried to go hard on myself so that I wasn't cheating (noting a higher/larger reading instead of a smaller figures). I think 3% is totally feasible I just need to be a little more strict with my diet and exercise regime.




1) Lower Alcohol Consmption

  • No more than 1 beverage a day, except one day a week
  • 1 day a week, allowance of no more than 5 beverages
  • On most days I don't even bother drinking my one allowed beverage, it's usually only in social situations with company and friends. On the day I can have 5 drinks I usually space them out largely, a beverage an hour and try to be in control.

2) Gluten Free

  • I have cut back immensely on beer and drinks last challenge and although I wasn't perfect last challenge these habits are starting to stick with me which is great. Now I wanna try gluten free.
  • I believe going gluten free will create a road block between the ease of reaching for a beer or ordering a sub sandwich etc.
  • Plus I have also heard people have felt great after going gluten free so I figured I would try it and see if I notice an improvement.

3) No delievery - Take out/Dining-in only 2x per week

  • These places need to fit my guidelines and be healthy food too.





Follow a daily schedule I will write out the night/day before.

  • This daily schedule is almost more important than my main quest goals!
  • This will allow me to map out my day in advance with a workout routine, meals, other goals (which I have written out on a large list), and to better my professional (career) life.
  • I will create a list for the work week days only, weekends I won't necessarily "take-off" I just won't have penciled in time structures.
  • I expect 90% success with this list. Writing out the times to do certain activities and then assuming completion doesn't always pan out as expected, random things in life interfere. Therefore I have given myself some leeway.




It's cliche I know but inspirational quotes usually help fire me back up when I am struggling, so I will use them as my motivation.


“If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all.†- Michelangelo

“Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt.†- Jose Ortega y Gasset

“There's only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything.†- Vince Lombardi



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Good stuff!

I like the idea of writing out a schedule the day before  :eagerness: 


You sound like you've got the right of it. It's all about those habits. It's about building them up and then letting them make the results that you're aiming for.


Good luck! Let us know how the exclusion diet goes.


Thanks for the words of encouragement Kishi and Hugh!


2nd day on the job. I had a shake and also got the week one sprinting challenge in. Things went well the first day too.


I did an hour of Jiu Jitsu and an hour of Muay Thai. I'm gonna try to double up on both at the gym as they're right after one another on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It wasn't as grueling as last weeks double session was, it was screaming hot out.


I made some cauliflower rice for a dinner dish last night called "Mexican Rice Bowls". They were was awesome. The first time I made cauliflower rice I totally ruined it and it was soggy. This stuff was not soggy wet and had a slight hint of a buttery taste, kind of like bok choy when you cook it up.


Tonight I'm gonna try to get a 30 minute yoga session in. I need to improve flexibility. Anyone have any good yoga routines they like to follow?


I used to do P90X's and it gets the sweat going but I followed another video with my girlfriend and I realized the breathing and movements are way out of sync in P90X. You feel good when it's done but I don't think Tony Horton is the best Yoga teacher, his description of getting into the different poses is lacking and in some cases wrong.

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Welcome to the monastery Electric Wizard! Hope you find the strength you are looking for!


Reducing 2.7% of BF is fantastic! Congrats! And I really like that Schedule goal, schedules and logs are powerful tools.


By the way: Those Mexican Rice Bowls... I approve =P. 

Level: 4 Human Monk

STR: 14 | DEX: 7 | STA: 10.75 | CON: 6.75 | WIS: 13.75 | CHA: 1.75 |


"Effort without results is only self satisfying bunk" - Kain R. Heinlein.


"You can make mistakes, but you are not a failure until you blame others for those mistakes." - John Wooden.


"Misery is comfortable. Happiness takes effort." - David Wong.

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This is a good one to start with, but there's no video attached to it. You'll end up having to do a lot of research on your own.


Kris Fondran's made a pretty excellent program for yoga that I recommend.


Thanks for the link Kishi. It's kind of nice to start out a little slower instead of doing full blown yoga right away. I think one thing that's for sure is I need a yoga block. My legs (mostly hamstrings) just can't stretch quite like I'd like them to yet.


Welcome to the monastery Electric Wizard! Hope you find the strength you are looking for!


Reducing 2.7% of BF is fantastic! Congrats! And I really like that Schedule goal, schedules and logs are powerful tools.


By the way: Those Mexican Rice Bowls... I approve =P. 


Thanks for the words of encouragement Zuel. I'm finding my scheduling hard to stick to thus far but my diet and exercise regime has been going strong. I'm gonna try to lessen the work load of my schedule so it isn't so daunting to do.

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Pretty stoked today, I just ordered my gloves and shin guards for Muay Thai yesterday.

Gloves - http://www.muaythaifactory.com/muay-thai-gloves.asp?ProductID=TKBGSA-BLACK

Shin Guards - http://www.muaythaifactory.com/muay-thai-equipment.asp?ProductID=TKSGPGL-BK-RD


After spending way too much time researching I decided to go with "Top King" gear based on web reviews. They're being sent from Thailand hopefully I see them before Christmas lol. I dropped $150 with shipping, not too bad. I'm gonna be a bit bummed if they don't fit right and have to send them back. It's gonna be awesome to not use the communal gear at the gym though, can't wait.


I also just bought a shock guard single mouth guard, gotta protect them pearly whites. After boiling it and fitting I realized I can't breathe very good through my mouth with it. This lead me to do some research and it seems most people breathe through their nose... hmmm I guess I'm one of those obnoxious mouth breathers haha. I'm gonna try to make an effort to breathe soley through my nose this month. This is gonna be tough especially once my heart rate get's jacked, but apparently you perform less breathing cycles per minute nose breathing compared to mouth breathing, there's just an adjustment period that's difficult.

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