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In which Eilyd works on her balance


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Hey, sorry I didn't check in last week--we had friends over the whole weekend, which was a blast, but it threw off EVERTHING. Food was good. I EVEN MANAGED TO RESIST THE BEST BREAD EVER (Basil-pesto omnomnom). But we haven't been to the gym in over a week. I got 3 work outs in week 5, and this week I got two yoga things, so there's that.


Mostly this week I've been pondering diet and stuff, and also exploring the NF Academy (I didn't get to it the first couple weeks it was out).


I don't feel like I can level up after this challenge, because it's been half-assed and I have not been trying very hard. Mostly it's been a learning experience. So, recap:


My Main Quest: Become Well-Balanced

Goal 1: Win at Workouts

Probably averaged around a C for this one. 6 days a week is just too much, and it gives me an excuse to just do a quick, hardly-meaningful workout when I do go. It's not productive.

Goal 2: Regulate the Routine

A on actually getting out of bed. We didn't manage to carry the 7:00 wake up time over to weekends, but we did get pretty solid during the week. The rest of it...was rather hit and miss. But by and large this one came out ahead.

Goal 3: Destroy Distractions

Ok, so maybe this challenge wasn't as much of a failure as I feel it was, because this one really did happen. Using the Pomodoro Technique and a Chrome extension, Archbishop and I both became more productive.  Frustratingly for me, this has demonstrated that I do in fact have time to do my job and another job...which I'm not planning to let anyone at work know, because that's just asking for trouble.


Life Quest: Talk it up

I got...3 posts over the challenge? Oh well, that's something. I'm progressing.


Diet Quest: Everything in Moderation

This worked great last time to control my food choices, so it's basically the same thing again.

2 Ounces of alcohol per week, This one averaged a C, I think. There were too many occasions to get tipsy with people.

1 Sugary thing per week - This was fairly consistent, so A.

1 Wheat thing per week. HOLY POPSICLES I DID THIS ONE!! I had no meaningful quantities of wheat over the whole challenge. On the rare occasions that I did have wheat, it was a sugary thing, so wheat was not the motivating factor. And I have decided on my reward!  Ready?  It's definitely not badass at all...
I want to get a perm. I used to have curly hair that I loved, but then I started taking a medication that made my hair pin-straight, and it saddened me greatly. I am off the medication, now, so the curl should start to grow back...but it will be more than a year before I can actually see it. So I'm going to reward myself with a perm so that I can have hair that actually reflects my personality again. :) Husband approved, too.


Side Quest (Untracked): Build-Your-Own...Job?

On the marketing sideTwitter gets about +1 like per week, which is impressive. Facebook has gotten more traffic and a couple more likes, so that's also pretty good considering I don't have the resources to really deliver on it. I am proud of this.

On the relationships side, Pitched the idea to the company head. He liked it and said I was "inside his thought process", and I'm fully confident that it will never actually go anywhere. But at least I let him know that I am a Thinking Person who has good ideas.

On the literal job side, Maybe I should not try for this at this company. After the past month of twittering and facebooking, I have found that it is another thing (like accounting) that I understand, can figure out, and am fairly competent at, but that I probably will not enjoy for any length of time. Social media requires a strong desire to be social, and I am an introvert. I don't have any great desire to share ALL THE THOUGHTS and pictures and everything. I will keep helping my company while I work there, but I am going to look for something less social elsewhere, perhaps trying to enter the HR world. If only you could do HR without actually being around anybody...hah. My talents don't seem to mesh well with telecommuting/internet jobs.


After reflection, I guess I didn't fail this challenge. So I'll level...but the only place I feel like I gained points were WIS/CHA. So I'll put a couple points into those.


New things next challenge. I think I'm going back to the rangers, because I've got some exploration to do through diversification. Thank you all for sticking with me!

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I think you didn't fail this challenge! 

Being more productive, new blog posts, and 1 sugary + 1 wheat per week are just awesome :)

And perm is such a great reward XD

I'm also having a hair-related reward for the last challenge, but I have to postpone it because I failed my last challenge haha...

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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