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Faervel17 - third time's a charm!


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Sorry guys I couldn't update at the end as we lost our internet service in a wind storm and all I had was my phone for far too long. 


Personal Training went good, I definitely feel that we picked the right person and now we just need to get used to being in a gym setting and get comfortable there. 


Overall I'm happy with how I did in this challenge. I completely failed doing a home workout and I'm actually okay with that as I learned that it just doesn't work well here. I do want to push myself to do a home workout throughout the winter if I can't make it to the gym due to roads or the kids being ill but I don't need it to be a part of our regular lives. 

I am not drinking much much more water each day to the point of having to buy more water bottles, one for home one for workouts and some for the hubby. Very happy with that. 

I have missed very few of my classes and I didn't miss any just because there was a legitimate reason behind each one and I felt like I was missing a piece of myself with each missed class so that's a huge mindshift for me and huge steps into this new lifestyle. 


I also feel that I succeeded in putting down technology more and it was good for a while to have less technology in my life. I did learn that I can't sustain it long term with my job choice so now I need to work on scheduling my technology time better so that we can have quality time together but I can still get all the things I need to done. 

Very happy with this challenge it was my first fully completed challenge I'm very happy with it and my progress. ONTO THE NEXT ONE:)

Level 2 Sprite

STR - 3.5 : DEX - 2.75 : STA - 3.5 : CON - 6.5 : WIS - 11 : CHA - 4



You are good enough NOW! 



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