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Need the body of a God within 6 weeks!

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Hopefully I'm still allowed to join the 6-week challenge even though I'm a day late (I only got the email notification about it today.)

 Anyway, I'm just posting this thread as the directions on other page told me to do. Am I doing this on a whim? Absolutely, otherwise I'd never do it ;P



1. Dropping to 130 lbs (or lower, if it's not unhealthy) and bulking up my upper body a little

2.1 Eating more vegetables

2.2 Doing more physical activity on non-gym days

2.3 Going swimming at least once a week. (Except for week one. The goal for week one is to obtain swimming clothes that I don't feel uber self-conscious in.)

(Added Oct. 9) 2.4 Doing a stress-busting, brain-clearing activity once per day (either a few minutes of meditation or belly breathing)





4. I'll do this tonight when I get home, because I'm at work right now and have no cam x_x)


Let me know if I'm doing this wrong, or if I should elaborate on some things, or if I'm setting myself up for disappointment. I'll be editing this later fo' sho', if only to add the picture of item #4. I'll give a hint as to what #4 is: it involves cosplay >_>






September 18: added quest 1.2, where weigh-ins are only on Sunday evenings.

A week after September 18: removed quest 1.2.

October 9: Added quest 2.4, where I have to do some kind of relaxation activity every day, because fuck stress.

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I still have no clue how this works, so I'll simply treat this thread as a personal blog about my successes and failures--and probably other random shit--until somone accuses me of being a narcissistic asshole.


Right. Yesterday (September 17th) was my first challenge day. I realize that my main quest is rather hard to track since the scale I have a home isn't very accurate. The fact that I tend to read the lines at an angle that makes it look like I weigh less than I do so that I feel better about myself also does not help accuracy. I'm assuming that I'll only get to judge myself on my main quest at the end of 6 weeks, though, so I should probably stay off the accursed scale entirely.


Let's make a new quest and call it Quest 1.2: Weigh myself no more than once per week. The sad part is that it will likely be more difficult than the main quest.


As for how I'm going to accomplish the main quest, I didn't necessarily eat more vegetables, but I didn't eat any less than usual, either (and I went for fruits every few hours when I saw that I likely wasn't going to have supper until late at night, to prevent epic cravings at 11 PM. It worked. I didn't overeat.) Let's just say Level 2.1 was neutral. Question for the pros: do I actually have to write down all the stuff I eat?


Yesterday was a non-gym day, and I walked and stood way more than usual. I'd say Level 2.2 was a small win. I didn't sit down to obsessively surf Tumblr until about 11 PM, anyway. Level 2.3 didn't get touched, but I have 5 days left. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have added Level 2.3 to the list, because the goal for week one involves shopping, which I hate with the burning fury of a thousand suns. Can I treat "stomping around the mall in utter frustration for several hours" as an off-training day workout? Do I burn extra calories if I frown?


The Thesis side quest, well, ehh...I did a paragraph? Am I posting in my own thread to procrastinate at this moment? You bet! I'm just going to bullshit myself and claim that I'm only writing this post to get my writing juices flowing...


4. Is also a fail, but I looked at my goal picture/note IRL, so I'm still on the hook. Picture coming "soon", just like important patches on D&D Online.



EDIT(s) made to change my original numbering scheme.

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Again with yesterday's (Sept 18) notes:


Did I fail the new quest 1.2? Yep! Twice. It's essentially a habit to step on the scale every time I walk by it. Curses. This might be a tougher mini-quest than I had anticipated! From now on, the only time I'll allow myself to check myself on the scale will be on SUNDAY EVENINGS! This is mostly because my diet tends to go to Hell on weekends, and having my weekly weigh-in at this time should keep me a little more accountable for my weekend actions. It should also give me +1 to willpower when I glance at the bag of chocolate-covered cranberries sitting on the counter.


2.1: Amount of veggies was the same as before. I probably should have made this goal* a little more detailed.

2.2: Yesterday was a gym day. I went to a HIIT + circuit training group fitness class and, while I thought the breaks were a litle too long between some of the activities, it was generally a good time. It also made me realize that my upper back muscles are not in very good shape. I'm going to make the assumption that this is due to a lifetime of piss-poor posture.

2.3: Did research on how my freshly dyed hair will react to the chlorine in public pools. Now I have to get a swimming cap? Argh. More shopping. Also, the campus's pool has some lap swimming timeslots open from 10 to 10:45 PM. This will be great, because there likely won't be many people there to see that I have no clue what I'm doing.


3.1: Wrote a few paragraphs. Better than yesterday! The intro is close to being done. Hooray! Then figures and references.


Oh right. Picture of goals. I'll get to that XD



*Where the "eat more vegetables" goal is concerned...how should I be keeping track of this? Or how should I be increasing my intake? I often have fruits as snacks, so should I just swap fruits for veggies? I don't necessarily want to force myself to eat vegetables after I already feel full from, say, the fish soup I just had. I also don't want to remove proteins from my meals to fit in more veggies. Halp?

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Sept 19 notes. Jeezas, I need to stop posting these a day later. I know! New quest 1.3: post logs on this thread daily (unless I'm out of town, that is.)


T'was a non-gym day, but I had some tasks to do that day that required standing up and walking around. Twice, and for at least 2 hours at a time. So I wasn't sitting TOO too much. I've noticed that Wednesday's exercise-ball-pass-whateveritscalled exercise had my lower abs feeling a bit sore, so I'll definitely do that one again. And again and again. I did 3 sets of 10 reps (10lbs) of shoulder...exercises? Like when your elbows are at a 90° angle against your sides, and you life your arms to the sides and then bring them back down. Jeezas, I haven't a clue about fitness terminology, do I? I should probably be doing more on off-gym days, but at least I didn't do nothing. To be honest, this week's posts are probably more of an adjustment period where I accustom myself to writing things down. Speaking of which, let's write this weekend's workout plans!


Today's workout will be: BodyAttack @ GoodLife. That class kicks my ass and makes my lungs on fire. ALL. THE. TIME. AND THEN GO SHOPPING FOR SOME DAMNED SHORTS! THIS IS AN ORDER FROM ME TO ME! And a swimming cap too, for I am vain and do not want my hair to lose its color and/or become dry and ugly. </3 chlorine.

Saturday's workout will be: Upper-body something. I utterly fail at chin-ups, so I'll start following the guide on NF. So 3 sets of inverted rows with a 10lb dumbell? I hope I can manage 8 reps.

Sunday's workout will be: Probably running.


This makes me realize that I need some kind of a workout plan. Oh, how I wish "planning" and "cooking" were a part of my vocabulary...


2.1: Had a massive salad for supper. It was filled with beets, quinoa, watermelon cubes, and some green leaf-like things that weren't salad or spinach but tasted great. There were probably spices and herbs in there too. Mom made it, because I can't cook (or even mix) anything to save my life. There was goat cheese on the salad as well, and I also had a grease-filled saussage. Yeah, I know, the saussage was greasy and probably processed all to hell, but before I used to have several saussages and a little salad on the side, and now it's the  other way around (and yes I realize that this sentence was probably loaded with innuendo, but right now I'm too lazy to care lol.) I must also pat myself on the back for not having a 2nd saussage, because they were right there staring me in the face after supper. And in the fridge this morning. I swear, they better not still be there when I get home from the gym tonight.


2.2: ...ehh, just check the beginning of this post. I haven't had enough coffee yet to keep this post in order.


2.3: Diddly squat. But will go shopping tonight. At least for shorts that fit. This makes me sad, because I can usually never find shorts that fit. I will need +1 courage to face the dragons mirrors in the fitting rooms.


Side quest 1.2: did not weigh myself once! Hoorah!


3.1: One more paragraph in the intro, then figures and references. SO CLOSE! Probably way too late but oh well.

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Turns out that I can't access the NF forums from the home computer. I AM. NOT PLEASED. Will try to figure out what's wrong with it--whenever I click on the community link on the main NF page, it just brings me back to the main NF page. On 3 different browsers. Dafuq?


This weekend's (Saturday and Sunday) progress, or lack thereof:


- Good: did not blow my diet as badly as I usualy do on weekends.

- Bad: drank way too much alcohol. This I normally do on weekends. I always stick with spirits (on the rocks) or red wine (dry) to minimize calories and carbs, though.

- Neutral: excelled at quest 1.2. So much, in fact, that I even forgot to weigh myself Sunday night. I blame the alcohol.


Tonight: more BodyAttack. Tomorrow too.

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The weekly weigh-in was higher than I expected it to be. As in, higher than the week before, even though I've been exercising more and eating healthier things (in smaller amounts). Or at least I think I was eating healthier things? Soda and junk food have been banned from my diet for years, and for the last month I've been VERY good at cutting down on the bread and pasta, as in having it only once a week or less. I've also been eating much less cheese than I used to, and haven't had beer for over a month. So...WTF. Why am I not losing any weight? -_- I'm going to freaking cry if I can't get rid of touching thighs and jiggly ass before the 27th.


Goal time!


1.2: Fail

2.1: Fail

2.2: Fail

2.3: Fail

3.1: Submitted intro. Only about a month late.


I'm not sure if I'll even keep going with this. I'm going away for 3 days starting today, and I'll likely be pressured to eat unhealthy things that I'd really rather not eat. Looking at the above goals list just makes me feel like utter shit. I mean, you'd think something like "eat more vegetables" would be the easiest thing in the book, right?


Will be back in a few days with either renewed confidence (lol, yarite) or one hell of a damage report. I'll bring a list of the hotel room workout, at least. Hopefully I can manage that.

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The trip went better (and quicker!) than planned. Sort of. I didn't lose any weight, but didn't gain any either, which is superb considering that the veggie tray disappeared within one day, and the table was then only littered with cookies, more cookies, date turnovers, cookies, all sorts of junk snack foods, and about 4 bags of chips. I did eat more vegetables on Thursday. Goal 2.1 win! Friday was a fail, though, since there weren't any veggies available. I also did the hotel room workout on Thursday, and only had two drinks on Friday as I was voluntold to be the DD on the way back. Also, caught a cold. Fffffuuuuu.


Did some cheesies and cookies make it past my defenses? Undoubtedly, but I still managed to mostly control myself, and hopefully it wasn't enough trash food to stall my progress too badly. Speaking of the accursed chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies: I had two this morning, at 160 calories each. I went to the gym in the afternoon and did a workout I found on the Internet (rowing machine with other exercises between several bouts of 1-min all-out rowing) and...the machine said I only burned 232 calories. TWO COOKIES WERE 320 CALORIES! To be fair, the things I did in between rowing minutes likely put me over 320, but these numbers definitely put things into perspective. So Even though I might not have made much progress today weight-loss wise, I have at least acquired a mental weapon that can be used against the remainder of the family-pack cookie box.


Quest 2.2: Win!

Quest 2.3: Went to the store that sells swimming and triathlon-related items and...THEY'RE CLOSED. I AM NOT PLEASED.


But yeah, not quitting I guess!

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Turns out that I can't access the NF forums from the home computer. I AM. NOT PLEASED. Will try to figure out what's wrong with it--whenever I click on the community link on the main NF page, it just brings me back to the main NF page. On 3 different browsers. Dafuq?


This weekend's (Saturday and Sunday) progress, or lack thereof:


- Good: did not blow my diet as badly as I usualy do on weekends.

- Bad: drank way too much alcohol. This I normally do on weekends. I always stick with spirits (on the rocks) or red wine (dry) to minimize calories and carbs, though.

- Neutral: excelled at quest 1.2. So much, in fact, that I even forgot to weigh myself Sunday night. I blame the alcohol.


Tonight: more BodyAttack. Tomorrow too.


Have you tried clearing your cookies?


I had that issue after the forums went down, I deleted them and have no issues now.

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Woooop, sort of stopped posting regularly. Haven't been slacking (too much) with the workouts, though!


First, thanks for the tip, fiOWNya, I'll do that on the home computer as soon as I get hom tonight (I ended up being able to access the forums on the home PC by using incognito mode on a different browser, so yeah, probably has something to do with cookies indeed.)


I've decided to do away with Quest 1.2, as it wasnt being very helpful. Stepping on the scale, say, with heavy clothes on and after supper puts the needle a bit higher than it should be, and although the value is not accurate, I realize now that it keeps me motivated. Something like ERMAHGERD, I'M OVER 135 lbs AGAIN! BETTER NOT HAVE THOSE EXTRA BACON SLICES D: Also, seeing no result after waiting a week between weigh-ins last week was depressing as all hell and nearly made me give up. At least with frequent weigh-ins I can get more of an average.


2.1: Same, maybe a little fail. TONIGHT I WILL GO BUY SOME GODDAMNED VEGETABLES AND CUT THEM UP AND PUT THEM IN A BAG OR A BOWL OR SOMETHING, because I'm tired of not doing well with this quest.


2.2: Win!


2.3: Also win! I finally went to the pool! My front crawl is horrible, but oh well lol. It was actually kind of fun, the major downside being that the chlorine in the pool dries the hell out of my hair and skin. I might go again tonight, but I'm not sure yet. I don't want my hair to be all messed up by the time Halloween cosplay time colls around.


I still need to get better swimming bottoms. I'll stick with my previous bottoms + shorts until my ass gets a little smaller still, though. Did I mention I was extremely self-conscious and vain? :\


3.1: Took a week off from looking at that accursed Word document, just because. Let's ignore 3.1 for now :)

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Yesterday was a spectacular failure. D'oh! Well, okay, maybe not a spectacular failure, but it certainly wasn't a win.


Quest 2.1: Fail. My vegetable intake yesterday at lunch consisted of the slight amount of potatoes holding my salmon patty together, and a tomato. For supper it was the parsley and tomato sauce on top of the pasta. Yeah, my family is on a pasta kick lately. I generally keep away from it, but it's hard to avoid it entirely. Still, I managed to have only a small amount, and lean moose meat. And then? Baileys coffee (d'oh!) and a low-cal beer a few hours after. I hadn't had beer in over a month, though, so rewarding myself with one can of beer-flavored water wasn't the end of the world I guess, especially if it halts further beer cravings.


Quest 2.2: Little workout things I did:


3x10 bent over rows (each arm. Right shoulder still pops -_-)

3x8 push-ups

3x10 arm-sideways-raises-with-elbows-at-90-degrees (whatever they're called)


I was still rather disappointed in myself though. I wanted to go to the pool so bad, but didn't because of the effect it would have had on my hair and skin X( I definitely need to look into swimming shampoos and creams, because I can see myself going to the pool a lot.


Quest 2.3: See above. I went once this week but...want to go again D: (I suppose 2.2 and 2.3 kind of go together. This first challenge will also help me set goals that make more sense in the future.)


Looking on the bright side: I didn't get absolutely shitfaced yesterday like I do on all most other Thursdays. I also can't drink much tonight because I signed up for a beginner's weightlifting seminar for tomorrow, and it will take place in what I like to call "the hangover zone". Also tonight: BodyAttack class @ Goodlife. That class is the best thing in the world. I'm starting to see some results from dropping 5 pounds, too! (was around 140 lbs last month, around 135 now) My tuck jumps are going higher and my star jacks look way better XD Still plateau'ing with the push-ups track, though. FFS.


Going partridge hunting Saturday/Sunday and will be having...pasta :\ So I hope I can shoot a few birds before supper so that I can cook myself some forest chicken instead lol.


Recipe idea to substitute pasta: broccoli (heated for a few minutes in boiling water) covered with spaghetti sauce. I should try this tonight. I should also stop writing this post because I'm procrastinating on...


Side quest 3.1: Fail x_X

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Weekend was...not too bad! Well, besides the usual amounts of alcohol. I managed to stay away from the pasta and instead poured the spaghetti sauce over some boiled broccoli instead. +1 vegetable intake! A few Doritos made it by my defenses, but I think I kept it at one portion (21 chips?) over the entire weekend. I hope so, anyway. I also had an apple instead of a pastry, and later I had a snack bar (the ones with nuts that are supposedly organic everything) instead of a grease-dripping grilled cheese sandwitch...AND I HAD BEEN CRAVING A GRILLED CHEESE FOR A WEEK! I said no to it, like a fuking BOSS. /fistpump


Today I was lazy, so for my lunch I just grabbed some leftover meat (moose) and broccoli leftovers and half a cucumber. I'm a fan of this raw vegetables diet because it does not involve cooking or effort. I did cave in and eat a cookie, though. Goddamn peanut butter cookies. I should bring a jar of peanut butter to work, and just have a spoonful of that when the craving for PB cookies hits me.


Quest 2.1: Win.

Quest 2.2: N/A, today is a BodyAttack day.

Quest 2.3: Tomorrow.


Yesterday's weigh-in was slightly below the 135lbs line. WOOOO! But the one the day before was slightly above. Either way, the needle hasn't budged much in the past week, but I keep having to pull my yoga pants up at the gym, so I must be getting at least a little thinner.


In other news, I will likely sign up at the gym where the beginners' weightlifting technique seminar I went to was held. It'll be costly, but I'll probably drop pounds faster and get ripped XD The owner of the place also gives people nutrition plans, which is awesome. The only downside to this is that I'll have to cook.

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Not much is new. Quests 2.2 and 2.3 will be taken care of as I'm going to the pool tonight. I also did allright so far with quest 2.1, because I had plenty of broccoli and cucumber left over from yesterday. I need to bring too many vegetables to work more often. Also had quinoa salad.


The scale last night was definitely below 135 lbs. Like between 130 and 135. HELL YEAH! This was a near-nekkid, post gym, empty-stomach weigh-in, but still, MOMENTUM! GOGOGO! Gods don't have jiggly asses!


Orite. I still have to post pics in the first post.


Quest 3.1: did a few paragraphs. I need to go faster...

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#winning at quest 2.1 last night and today so far! Also went swimming for 45 mins last night, so that takes care of quests 2.2 and 2.3.


Halting my progress will be stress and lack of sleep. Thesis writing, deadlines, report grading, Halloween cosplay parts to make...AAAAARG. I never have time to myself anymore X( I'll keep working out, but I'm worried that the 10/10 stress level will make me hang on to fat more. Ffffffuuuuu.


I KNOW!! Quest 2.4: perform relaxation exercises every night. (I might as well make a new quest since 2.2 and 2.3 seem to be going hand-in-hand these days.)


Side quest 3.1: failsauce.

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2.1 yestrday : Average.

2.2 and 2.3 yesterday: Success! Going to the pool also prevented me from getting drunk, because the pool time is late at night.

2.4: Fail. Like, extra fail. No only did I not do any relaxation exercises, I had extra coffee and stayed up way too late X(


3.1: Fail.


The only good thing about this recent stress BS is that I've noticed that, instead of stress eating like I used to, I now do stress workouts. Maybe the stress is actually a blessing? Either way, I hope things calm down soon.


Weigh-in: 132.5 lbs, or close to that. Might actually hit the 130 mark by the 27th! :D I forget what I weighed when I started this challenge. I think somewhere around 137 or 138 lbs?

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THIS WEEK IS FREAKING BRUTAL X( As in, I'm busy during ALL the gym/pool times I normally go to. WAT DO!?? I'll probably end up running again and blowing out my calves. Or maybe pool times on Wed and Thursday? Gaaah! It' so close to cosplay time and I don't want any of my hard weight loss work to be undone D: Eh. I might do that rowing machine workout I did one time if I can get to the gym before it closes. If not then...running time?


At least I'm rocking the veggies. And almost rocking the thesis. I'll HAVE to rock the relaxation exercises, mainly because I'll go crazy if I don't -__-



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Did not rock the thesis or relaxation techniques any further. Apparently it's pretty hard to meditate or deep-breathe when your cat is walking all over you and won't GTFO. Lock her out of the room and she starts casting wail of the banshee. And shredding the door.


I got home near 11 PM, and gyms were closed. I did a few leg exercises in my room, but that was about it (stand on left foot, lunge forward with right foot, then backwards with right foot, and that counts as one rep. 15 reps on each side counts as one set, and I did 3 sets.) That mini workout used to hurt like crazy, but yesterday it was rather easy. Hooray progress? The incessant jumping lunges from BodyAttack probably had something to do with it. Still, I found myself wobbling a bit too much. I'm not sure if this is due to poor balance, or the dirty clothes strewn everywhere on the floor of my room. Probably a bit of both.


Did okay with quest 2.1. Quests 2.2 and 2.3 will likely be taken care of tonight.

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Oops! Slacking with the postings! And with my thesis, so the news about quest 3.1 is out of the way.


Friday: BodyAttack, undone by a bottle and a half of wine.

Saturday: went for a run (4.5k ish?), also undone by a bottle and a half of wine.

Sunday: no real workouts, but I was standing for most of the day, and spent several hours attaching around 450 little metal pieces to my Halloween cosplay (the reason I undertook this challenge in the first place) with pliers. Let's just say it was a forearm and grip workout. Wine count: 2 small glasses.


Quests 2.2 and 2.3 were mostly ignored because of all the crap I had to do over the weekend, although I did go for that run on Saturday. Quest 2.1 with the veggies was...okay I guess. I didn't eat as many as I wanted, but I didn't have any less either. I've noticed that I usually go right for the proteins and fats whenever it's available--I can't help it if chicken (white), moose chilli (home-made, healthy) and almonds/nuts taste better than vegetables. BUT! I've been picking up one good habit over the last few weeks: whenever I've caught myself going to the cupboard containing the almonds and nuts, I realized what I was doing and went for a few cherry tomatoes or cucumber pieces instead. Hooray!


ONE WEEK UNTIL COSPLAY TIME! AAAAHHH! And 6 days until the challenge's end! Shit's gon' get real! Last night's weigh-in was too close to 135 for my liking X( It was probably the alcohol, even though I always stick to dry wines. I cannot stand sweet liquor anymore, but that's probably a good thing.


Quest 2.4 was...well, I did a little relaxation exercise this morning?

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Quest 2.1: Neutral

Quest 2.2/2.3: Failsauce yesterday (I'm getting my hair dyed today, so going to the pool this week will probably be a no-go x_x)

Quest 2.4: Did a quick relaxation exercise both Monday and Tuesday mornings. I'll do one right now too, actually...


There XD The minute or two of relaxation seems to be working a little, too. Like, whoa.

I'd add Quest 2.5: get more sleep, but I know I'd be setting myself up for epic failure, especially this week and the next.


Tonight: mini BodyAttack, followed by CXworks. Then hair dye appointment so I can look...more like a God XD


My costume is coming along nicely, too! I'll probably break my bank account for the next little while, but oh well. Not sure I can make the 130lbs mark before the 27th at this point unless I cheat and use the sauna right before weighing in. Oh well. Even if I'm still a few pounds over, I've picked up some good habits while doing this challenge. I might have put on muscle too, which is great but will go against the "lose weight" goal. And you know what...the week's not over. EAT ALL THE VEGGIES, instead of going right for the almonds and peanuts.

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